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Castiel Moor

Group 2
Location: On the ground, beside Farran || Action: Questioning the Creature || Mood: Alarmed

Interacting with Melanie @Mae,Farran @Tenma Tendo, and Lloyd @SilverDawn

Everything hurt, despite escaping the sudden torrent, Castiel couldn't escape gravity and the ground was just as hard as he remembered. He remained lying there beside Just Farran for a brief moment before he picked himself up to listen to Llyod Llewyn's diplomatic endeavors. "You broke your elbow?" He interrupted, forgetting his manners. Castiel's voice was calm, but there was a hint of alarm on his frowning face. "Are you alright? We need to get that looked at—" And then the strange creature mentioned a witch and the words died in his throat.

The ghost he'd met earlier had mentioned something similar - a witch and a crooked house, a room she wished she could have found.

His stomach tightened into a knot before his gaze flitted from Melanie and Farran to Lloyd and the strange creature. He wasn't quite sure about what the strange humanoid was saying but he managed to understand bits and pieces and it was enough for him to know that this was the same witch the ghostly girl had told him about. "This witch from the crooked house, how do we avoid her?" He asked. "And... do you know anything about her?" He gestured vividly with his his hands. "Something about the many rooms she keeps?"

Questions, his head was full of questions.

Viola Valdis

Group 3
Location: Some Misty Place || Action: Leaving a tea party in Nightmareland || Mood: Wary

Interacting with Alexis and Oxe @PaddieCake

The chairs obliged and allowed Alexis to hop down. Seeing the girl safely back on solid ground, Viola let out a sigh of relief. She didn't think the chairs and teacups were particularly dangerous on their own but they were abnormal and strange, and she'd been steeling herself for the worst. Thankfully that wasn't the case, and she watched as Alexis ran past her and was quickly scooped up onto Oxe's back.

I saw a clear path.

The amusement and mirth the child had displayed earlier had turned into something different. "Great job, Alexis." Viola encouraged, though deep down, she was wondering if the girl had seen something frightening and otherworldly. "Let's get out of here then." With that said she followed after the duo, making sure to keep an eye on the chair that circled around Oxe just in case it tried to do something funny. As they walked through the mist, she kept a steady hand on the hilt of her blade. Bad things happened when one wasn't careful, she'd learned that the hard way many years ago and Viola wasn't about to make the same mistake.
This looks pretty interesting xD, I'm a big fan of slice-of-life RPs with extraordinary twists as well so color me interested. *Throws in tentative interest* And as for preferences, anime face claims are my jam.

Long time no see, Genkai!
Castiel Moor

Group 2
Location: On top of the carriage || Action: Trying to think up a plan || Mood: Hesitant

Interacting with Melanie @Mae,Farran @Tenma Tendo, and Lloyd @SilverDawn

The one called Lloyd Llewyn had saved the girl and Castiel couldn't help but smile at the unexpected turn of events. Water spilled out of the gap the man had created in the wall and for a few peaceful moments - they were safe. "Great job," he mumbled beneath his breath but the awe and thankfulness were short lived and before they could gather their bearings, they were faced with another odd obstacle.

A giant, humanoid-like creature appeared from behind the fallen wall. It bellowed loudly. Friend or Foe? Castiel didn't know, but for now, it seemed like the thing was less dangerous than it appeared it be. Judging by the tone of its voice, he deduced it might even have been excited. It was around that time that Just Farran fell to the ground with a thud, Castiel winced on behalf of his fallen comrade.

"Just Farran?" He hissed from atop the train. "Are you okay?"

The worry was short-lived and the young man turned his gaze to the strange humanoid. It wasn't charging at them, in fact, it was simply asking a question. "That would be us. We're sorry if this wall was of use to you." He spoke. "We're a little lost. Our train broke down and water started filling the tunnel. You wouldn't happen to know where we are, would you?" Perhaps asking the strange creature was unorthodox but they didn't know anything really, so what was the harm in asking?

Viola Valdis

Group 3
Location: Some Misty Place || Action: Forced to attend a tea party in Nightmareland || Mood: Still Very Concerned

Interacting with Alexis and Oxe @PaddieCake

The chairs were being friendly enough. They ceased attacking the man and instead brought him an oblong shaped object. "What's that?" She asked him rather quietly as she eyed the group of chairs with distrust. Something felt off, ever since she'd found herself in this strange misty place, but things were growing hazier and Viola couldn't understand why her insides were churning or why her stomach felt like it had tightened itself into a knot.

Years in the military had taught her to be cautious - events from her childhood had taught her the dangers of the unknown. And yet for the life of her it felt like those hard-earned years of training were slipping through her fingers like sand. "We should take the girl and go." Her voice sounded more insistent, but it one strained their ears enough, they'd detect a hint of worry and uncertainty.

"Alexis, can you get down?" Viola called out. Ignoring the teacups that danced toward her side of the table, she approached the magical stack of chairs. Asking had worked last time, perhaps it would work again. "Will you please put her down? We're very late for an important date, you see. We don't have any time for these shenanigans." The longer they stayed the more she felt this was all she'd ever known.
Castiel Moor

Group 2
Location: On top of the carriage || Action: Trying to assist his companions || Mood: Alarmed

Interacting with Melanie @Mae,Farran @Tenma Tendo, and Lloyd @SilverDawn

Water filled the tunnel at an alarming pace, and Castiel stood alone, on top of the carriage they'd ridden in only a few minutes ago. Just Farran and Lloyd Llewyn were gone, along with the pink-haired girl whose name he'd never even gotten to hear. A minute ago they'd introduced themselves to him, and now, they were drowning. Cas wasn't easy to faze, but the ridiculous turn of events left him gaping at the tide. It was only when a spray of water crashed into the carriage's side, toppling him over in the process, that he was snapped out of his thoughts.

He had to assist them.

Quickly, Castiel pulled open his bag and pulled out the spool of rope he'd tucked inside. He leaped to his feet and scanned the water for signs of his companions. He caught sight of Just Farran struggling against the water, and Lloyd was there too, but the pink-haired girl was nowhere in sight. His insides tightened into a knot, if she'd been pulled under water... there would be no way of helping her. For now, he would have to focus on those he could save. And then he saw the sparks racing across the water and he froze in an act of self-preservation. Once the sparks had subsided, he gathered his courage. "Just Farran! Lloyd Llewyn!" He yelled in hopes of getting their attention. "I'm going to throw this into the water! Please try and reach it! And if you can, please find the girl!" Moments after yelling, Cas tossed the opposite end of his rope into the raging waters below and prayed for the best possible outcome to this horrible turn of events.

A dice had been cast, and it were as if the Gods above were frowning upon them.

Viola Valdis

Group 3
Location: Some Misty Place || Action: Forced to attend a tea party in Nightmareland || Mood: Very Concerned

Interacting with Alexis and Oxe @PaddieCake

A look of concern wormed its way onto Viola's face when magical chairs suddenly lifted them off the ground. Teacups followed shortly after and things grew even more bizarre than they already were. This wasn't normal, then again, normal wasn't something you expected beyond The Gate at World's End. Still, chairs that forced people to attend tea parties wasn't one of the things she thought she'd encounter. Monsters, spirits, demons, she'd prepared herself for that.

For this - she was completely taken off-guard. It didn't help that one of the passengers she'd met was being beaten by a piece of furniture. Her eyebrows furrowed together in worry, and out of reflex, her left hand reached for the blade she wore by her side. She held her hand steady, wondering if the best option would be to play along and avoid angering whatever spirits controlled the chairs.

She was set on doing just that, but Oxe was receiving a pummeling from his chair, and she wasn't about to just stand by and do nothing - wasn't about to allow a little girl to watch her friend get beaten black and blue. The young woman leaped off her own chair and made her way towards Oxe. Unsheating her blade with expert ease, she moved to block the following blow. The chair continued its assault and what followed was a comical exchange between the woman and the supernatural entity, mostly this consisted of Viola waving her sword around in attempt to ward off the chair's frenzied and uncoordinated attacks.

"Stop this right now!" She commanded in the same voice she used when she was barking orders to newly-minted soldiers. "It's horrendously rude to hit your guests! If you want us to enjoy some tea, then you ought to play nice!" Viola's grip on her blade's hilt tightened. She was fully expecting some form of backlash - for the chairs to gang up on her or for the teapots to start shattering into a painful spray of glass, but much to her amazement, the chair stopped its assault and pulled back.

She kept her defensive stance for a second then two then three, when it was clear that the chair wasn't going to go ballistic over her retort, she strode towards Oxe and looked him over for injuries. "Are you alright?" She didn't say outright that they had to leave, in case it would upset the entity, but she implied it heavily in the way she was looking from Alexis to the foggy nothingness that awaited them.
Castiel Moor

Group 2
Location: Standing with everyone else || Action: Suggesting they investigate || Mood: Curious

Interacting with Melanie @Mae,Farran @Tenma Tendo, and Lloyd @SilverDawn

A masked man appeared from the shadows, and Castiel would have been more wary if it weren't for his enthusiastic greeting. What kind of murderer screamed out their greetings. The most dangerous things, he believed, were the ones that struck from the shadows - the ones that remained hidden until it was far too late to do anything. "A lantern. That will be most useful considering our current circumstances." Venturing out into the darkness by himself would have been suicide, especially since a spirit had warned him. But now that they had numbers on their side and a light source of some sort, Castiel considered the probability of venturing away from the train.

"Yes," he was mostly speaking to himself. "We might be able to figure things out with this." It was only then that he noticed the child's distress. He clamped a hand on Farran's shoulder and did what his grandfather used to whenever he was feeling anxious, he gave the boy's shoulder a comforting squeeze then clapped him on the back. Castiel did it somewhat awkwardly - he had always been on the receiving end of these gestures after all. He'd never tried to comfort anyone before because they mostly avoided him. When that was said and done his gaze flitted from the rather calm woman to the mysterious masked man. "Sorry. I forget my manners and talk to myself sometimes. I'm Castiel, but you can call me Cas if you'd like. Might I ask for your names? I have an idea I'd like to propose, since you have that light... we might be able investigate somewhat and try to figure out why we're stuck here. I have a bad feeling about staying in one place for too long." He didn't tell them about the spirit who'd appeared to him, he made it a point not to tell people about his rather odd ability because it usually never led to anything good.

"It'll be safer if we go together," he added, hoping they'd at least consider.

Viola Valdis

Group 3
Location: Some Misty Place || Action: Suggesting they work together || Mood: Uncertain

Interacting with Alexis and Oxe @PaddieCake

They were passengers, just like her. Or at least, that was what the little girl claimed they were. Viola wasn't the sort to be hesitant, but anything could happen beyond the gate and she'd made a promise to her parents. She'd overcome whatever was thrown her way and make it back home. Thinking about it left an ache in her chest so she stopped and mustered up a smile.

"I see, I'm glad I ran into you both. It'll be easier to find our way out of the fog if we work as a group." She noticed the tall man walking off and eyed his actions curiously, figuring that he wasn't up to anything fishy, she let go of her sword's hilt and nodded at the little girl. She was so young, and yet, she was chosen to pay the toll as well? Viola wanted to scoff at the unfairness of it all but she kept her calm and kept up the strained smile she wore on her face. "It's nice to meet you, let's go follow your friend. It wouldn't be wise to split up in the fog." Viola held out her hand so Alexis could hold onto it if she wanted to then made her way towards the tall man.

It was then that she saw the tables. Curiouser and curiouser. "A tea party here? Talk about ominous. We should leave, if we linger for too long, we might run into whoever set this up and I doubt they'd be passengers like ourselves."
Castiel Moor

Group 2
Location: Outside Melanie's Compartment || Action: Talking to a strange ghost girl before meeting up with Melanie and Farran || Mood:Worried

Interacting with Melanie @Mae and Farran @Tenma Tendo

Castiel had grown accustomed to solitude, but he had never felt as lonely as he did on the trip to World's End. The young man had barely moved a muscle since he'd boarded the train but it was the most emotionally-drained he'd felt since his grandfather's death, so he sat quietly in his seat and occasionally fumbled with his Tarot Cards in an attempt to pass the time. It did little to numb the growing fear in his chest, so he closed his eyes in search of sleep. Eventually, darkness claimed him and chased away his insecurities and worries.

He awoke later to the same darkness and a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Cold sweat dotted his forehead as a multitude of voices rang hotly in his ears - there one moment then gone the next, a familiar presence on the forefront of his mind that was both there and not.

The train had stopped, but was this really their destination? Castiel pulled himself to his feet, reaching clumsily for his rucksack before he ambled toward the carriage door. It was no longer locked. Cautiously, he exited the train and surveyed his surroundings. A tunnel, a sealed exit, stairs that descended to darkness - more voices. "Is anyone there?" He called out.

The voices grew louder, loud enough to hurt. Castiel had gone through this time and time again. It was always startling when it happened, but by now, it was second nature to him. Please, show yourself. I'll listen to what you have to say."

Silence - a luminescent girl who was surely no older than 16 - whispers of a wicked witch.

Things straight out of a fairy tale, things Castiel knew to be true. Thank you for speaking to me. I'll hold your warning close to my heart. He allowed her to finish speaking before he resumed. It was never wise to ignore the words of a dead person, he knew from experience. "These rooms, what do you mean... wait, I have more questions for you." Before he could ask, she disappeared. He was, once again, alone. At least, until he heard the loud wailing of a child.


The voice was enough to snap him back to his senses, and he waded through the darkness in hopes of reaching it. "Hello? Are you another passenger? Please calm down, I'm here to assist you. He followed the voice until he was close enough to see a frazzled boy bowing at something - err, someone. He noticed her shortly after he'd noticed the boy, neon-pink hair and an outfit that told him he wasn't from the Old Country. "Hello," introductions had never been Castiel's strong point. "I take it you're both as clueless as I am, but this isn't the station, is it? Are you by any chance, the other passengers?" The young man spun around and cupped his hands over his mouth. "Is anybody else out there?"

Viola Valdis

Group 3
Location: Some Misty Place || Action: Meeting up with Oxe and Alexis, wandering near Humphrey and Crusz|| Mood:Hesitant

Interacting with Alexis and Oxe @PaddieCake

Someone was singing.

In the foggy emptiness, Viola didn't know whether such an act was reassuring or downright eerie. It was foggy and she was alone. That was the only thing she was certain of - that, and the fact that she'd been chosen to pay the toll Beyond the Gate at World's End. Surreal was the only word she could think of to describe the predicament she'd found herself in.

Then again, her life had always been a series of trails to overcome. This was merely another one of them.

She'd survive and go home to her family. The young woman repeated the thought over and over in her head, had etched it into the depths of her mind like a holy prayer. "I'm not afraid," her lips trembled as she said the words, but the mere act of saying it egged her on. Viola continued to walk through the haze, calling out every now and then as she progressed through the empty whiteness.

And then she caught sight of a child, perched on a tall man's shoulders. She approached them, one hand resting casually on the hilt of her blade. One could never be too cautious beyond the gate. "You two," she called out. "Passengers from the train?"
Gonna work on a post now ^^! It shouldn't interfere with Orpheus' since we're in dif groups. Just leaving this here so I don't accidentally snipe someone or vice versa.
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