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Hey there, stranger! I'm Fox and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Uh, here are some things about me.

  • INTP
  • True neutral
  • Awkward penguin
  • Head-over-heels in love with food and bad puns
  • Student by day, evil overlord by night and on the weekends
  • Definitely not standing outside your window with a butcher knife c:

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I'm psyched to meet everyone in IC and learn their secrets xD

Also @Mae will everyone be meeting for the first time when the RP starts? Or will we be allowed to have our characters be traveling with others by then? If it's the latter, I'd love to stick Cas and V with at least one other person, might make for some fun planning and relationship building too ^^

If that's not allowed though, totally understand.

Do my eyes deceive me? Yay, it's the OOC <3

Also I've posted my characters on the chara tab! For some reason, I couldn't center the hiders OTL, so I just got rid of them. I'm a coding peasant, forgive me xD. And my timezone is UTC +8, same as Haru's! As for preferred posting speed, I'd vote for once every three to four days. Imo it's not too slow and not too demanding. I'm down for whatever though as long as we're not constantly stuck in limbo.
Viola Valdis

"I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul."

Viola Valdis • 21 • September 5th • female • Heterosexual • The Old Lands


A sprightly young woman of 5 feet and 6 inches. Viola isn't particularly tall, but she has a tendency to light up a room, to command attention wherever she goes. She doesn't believe that to be the case, but others can attest to her captivating charm. It's not that she's exceptionally pretty - she's more athletic than curvaceous and she keeps her dark hair cut at the shoulders. She's tough and plain, but perhaps it's the constant grin she wears on her face, or that ever-present spark of determination in her eyes, or maybe it's simply the spring in her step and the confidence in the way she moves. Viola constantly aims to be the best she can be, and it shows not only in her actions, but in how she presents herself to the people around her.


Touched by death. A sickly child since birth, Viola was treated like a porcelain princess for the majority of her young life. She detested this and often pushed boundaries to better herself in anyway she could. She was going to die young, she heard her parents, she heard the local healers and priests - her fate had been etched in stone the moment she was born, the stars had granted her a faulty deck of cards and she would have to play with the hand she was dealt for the rest of her supposedly short life.

It was unacceptable.

Stubborn to a fault, Viola is not one to watch things unfold in silence. She takes matters into her own hands and believes that life is, to put it simply, cause and effect. Certain actions lead to certain outcomes, fate is cruel and allowing things to just be, it's utterly foolish.

Viola believes that with hardwork and determination, a person can change the course of their life. It's the reason she strives to be a cut above the rest, to be the best version of herself she can be. An obvious perfectionist who abhors quitters and those with weak willpower, Viola can be relentless when it comes to pushing people onward, however, she also knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom. The young woman isn't heartless, and knows when to spur people on and when to just listen and be there for someone.
Castiel Moor

"Everything is predetermined."

Castiel Moor • 20 • November 1st • Male • "Labels are unnecessary." • The Old Lands


A slender youth of 20 years, Castiel stands at roughly 5 feet and 9 inches, and is an unassuming young man whose boyish face and soft features tend to make him seem younger than he really is. It is easy to miss Castiel when in a crowd. Everything about him is plain and quiet, from the demure look he often wears on his face to his almost listless grey eyes. The most notable things about the boy are his ghostly complexion, his striking white hair, and the ever-present dark circles underneath his eyes.


A staunch believer of Fate, Fortune, The Stars, or whatever else you call it, Castiel believes that everything is predetermined. This belief has made him far more accepting and tolerant of things than most people his age - than most people in general. Mild-mannered and not one to get frazzled easily, Castiel knows how to roll with the punches and finds himself ready to accept even the most absurd of circumstances or the strangest of people.

To him, everything and everyone is a product of the outside forces that affect them. The same can be said about himself. Castiel is aware that one of the reasons he is the way he is, are because of his somewhat strange circumstances - a fortune teller who sees and speaks to spirits, Castiel has seen a lot of strangeness in his young life and this has led him to be somewhat of a misfit.

He's lonely and somewhat awkward, side-effects of spending more time with the dead than the living.
Hope you enjoyed the weekend away, Mae!

Yay @ soon-to-be OOC

*Throws a gif at you guys showing my excitement*

Also looking forward to meeting everyone's charas in IC xD, Humphrey sounds like an absolute sweetheart and Lloyd is a dork ahahaha~

Whoop! I see the sheets <3! It's really late here (3am, don't judge my sleeping habits xD) so I'm going to hit the hay for now. I'll get started on my characters tomorrow ^^! Night all~

Fairy tales, I like the sound of that <3! And I see, thank you for the explanation! And I figured as much, in regards to the character sheets, but I just wanted to be sure. Thank you again! I'm looking forward to creating some characters~

I re-read the opening, and I was wondering :0, are we playing as people who got sent to the gate as payment for the toll? (If we choose to be human). Also people are mentioning characters already, is there a sheet somewhere xD? Or do we wait until the OOC before we start character making? Sorry for the abundance of questions!


oops, looks like I gave the secret away D:

And :0 having people find out whether an OC is supernatural or not in IC, this I LOVE. I'm already getting character ideas~

Surreal fantasy, dark undertones, and mystery *w*

Tentative interest! This RP looks really promising <3
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