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Current I'm back again after the holidays, I'm sorry to everyone that had to wait for me.
7 mos ago
Would anyone be up for a Steampunk Westeros RP after the events of the series are just another part of history?


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I'll be working on a character, hopefully it will be ready on Sunday.
Consider me interested.
As far I know, yes.
Oh, I won't presume that my decision is final. After all, of all of this great work, @Blubaron45 made by far (far, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar) the most part and I just offered some help when everything was mostly said and done, but I don't think we should turn our back on anyone before seeing what that person can offer. ;3
@Traps, we still do. Feel yourself at home.
@Blubaron45, I'm ready.


Goodness yes! I have awaited from an RP of this type since I joined RPG.
FoxFire’s 1x1 Interest Check

Hello there, thanks for being here to listen, or in this case read. ;)

Some things about me and how they concern the RPs:

In no particular order of importance:

  • I’m male, but have no problem playing characters of either gender. I could try to give a go to characters of different gender denominations than the traditional ones, but I don’t believe I can do them justice and therefore I’m reluctant to try except they are a fantasy creation. What I’m trying to say is that I would have no problem with playing a hermaphrodite fantasy creature but I would have with a gender dysphoria-heavy character.
  • I’m 21 years old and I need all my partners to be +18 as I do not like for the screen to fade to black in any moment that might be important, be it sex, violence or other mature themes. That isn’t to say that there would be the need for all the RPs to be extremely violent or pornographic in every case. Some might, some might even have those things as driving forces, but there is no need for it in every case, nor likely in most cases.
  • I’m a university student, I have a life outside of the guild and I respect that all of you have one too. Your life comes first in every case and so does mine, but please take care to inform me of any prolonged absences.
  • English isn’t my mother tongue, however, I learned it by reading and writing and would consider myself very proficient on it except for the orthography sometimes. I won’t demand perfection, life knows how much that has taken from me when I demanded it from myself, but as long as you are understandable and try to maintain a good level that is intentioned towards writing, as opposed to chatting, I don’t think I would mind even a good number of mistakes.
  • On the other hand, if you speak Spanish, it is as if you had a backstage pass with me. (In my dreams of becoming a superstar. C’mon, you all have or had had them too! XD).
  • I like writing long posts but that is not a need for all of the RPs nor in all cases in the same RP, we can have posts of varying lengths but at the end of the day I wish for effort. No one-liners.
  • I’m a tolerant person that has been in the shoes of simply being unable to answer for months and knowing I won’t be and I won’t reset you for abandoning an RP except in the case you don’t inform me. Still, I don’t believe that is a justification for not being able to ever RP with someone again, however, I respect that decision from others.
  • I like to think that I’m a sociable person, so don’t hesitate to chat with me about whatever you wish in the OOC, from what happened in your day to your philosophical positions towards life passing through your musical tastes and everything in between. I love to meet new people.
  • I don’t believe that, at least for me, romance is enough to push a story forward. It can be a nucleus of plot, but alone it cannot sustain a story. For me. This is all for me, I don’t think that that is an absolute, there are perfectly good books and RPs based around romance. Give me a romantic comedy and I’ll probably fall asleep, give it to me in a post-apocalyptic setting or something of the sort and I will be a very different story for me.
  • I love complex backgrounds and settings. The more complex the merrier for me.
  • For these prompts I wish to use PMs.

Ideas floating around…

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