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4 mos ago
Current Finally back, this semester was extremely rough on me. I even had to annul it.
11 mos ago
I'm back again after the holidays, I'm sorry to everyone that had to wait for me.
12 mos ago
Would anyone be up for a Steampunk Westeros RP after the events of the series are just another part of history?


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Bump. I've changed and added some things.

Okay, my sort of villian is ready.


I'm aiming for somewhat of a villian...

Same here.
I’ll throw my interest in the pond. I might not have enough time in the future but if I don’t, I’ll tell you straight away.

The Second Team

<A Cyberpunk RP>

A group of Mercenaries take the best contract of their lives, of course something had to go terribly wrong…


“You all see what you have done?!”

They were the first team, the ones who did the jobs everyone thought impossible with ease. What they have now is you. The second best, the ones they discarded even before that fateful choice, that is what you are, the second best… But you don’t know it. That’s the latest lie, but likely not the last.

The first team, they were promised a life of riches and boundless pleasure should they complete the mission. That was not a lie. They were told it was impossible to accomplish, that their first missions, their training missions, the easiest ones they ever undertook, would be to their most difficult missions yet like their hardest yet would be to this mission. That was not a lie. They were told they would be employed by the second most powerful person in the largest megacorporation on Earth. That was not fully a lie.

The completed the assignment. They secured the package. That was not fully a lie. They had the information they needed to work. The package wasn’t alive. That was a lie. It wasn’t intelligent. That was a lie. It wasn’t self-aware. That was lie. It wasn’t human… Was that a lie?

Now you must clean up after them; it is a simple clean up mission. Simple enough you completed it. That was a lie. You were there to destroy the evidence. That was lie. One of you was missing then, one of you was disposed of…

Take the VIPs and exit the planet. Leave everything behind. Burn every trace of your existence and you’ll be free and rich. Now, it is time you take the last step of this assignment. That is lie.

A lie…

- 0 -

Welcome to “The Second Team”. This is a small group Cyberpunk RP that has the premise of you taking the role of a mercenary of extreme skill to perform one last task for the second most powerful person on Earth, the one and only Alexandria Vapaus, vice-president of an hyperconglomerate of many multiplanetary megacorporations. This shall not be an easy task and thus the reward is enough for you to renounce to everything else, leave everything else behind and focus only on this assignment so you can then reconstruct your life however you wish to. But there are of course many problems apart from the fact that this is to be the hardest mission you’ve ever tried in your entire lives. The secretiveness is paramount, and thus you only know what you need to know. Being the massively intelligent person you are, you shall sleep with one eye open… And perhaps a mini nuclear device inside your body ready to detonate whenever you wish.

What have you left behind, what you are willing to sacrifice, your resolve and what you care about are things that all shall be tested when you try to take Miss Vapaus out of Earth’s EEZ and legal jurisdiction.

Actions have consequences and it’s very likely that some characters may die or worse because of them, people your character cares about. Said characters will be risking far more than what they bargained for and they put their full deck of cards on the table. Even then, innocents will be hurt, and your moral compass will be knocked sideways, backwards, inside out and be smashed headfirst into the floor.

What you say about your character, its dreams, hopes, what it left behind taking this mission, what it believes in, all will affect the paths of the characters and their outcomes. Are you ready to make the hardest choices?
I’m interested though I might have no time in the future, we’ll have to see.
I'm interested.
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