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<Snipped quote by Fractured>


*I take off running towards the other direction to try and dispel it*

By the gods, whoever made this places is going to taste dragons fire!

<Snipped quote by Vacare>

*You easily disable the spell near you, but the light of the runes continue moving as long as the frontmost one is active*
Rawest magic bound by form, forsaken by the touch of it’s castor!

Does this mean I get to destroy the dang sigil?
<Snipped quote by Franxx>

Don’t die on us!

You assume that I die at all.
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

<Snipped quote by Nimda>

*Pauses, tracing the twists of the runes*
...It's a canary trap!

<Snipped quote by Franxx>

Hey, get ready to move! This place isn't safe!

<Snipped quote by Fractured>

*I step back in panic*

Wha- What a trap!?

*after hearing that, of course it sends me a panic response blinking back to reality as I tried to get my clear sight again only to curse quietly and stumble away*

You got to be kidding-
*I looked around as I watched through the partway, the white void practically taking me with bated breath as I furrow my brow.*

*the faint echoes of the soul, emanating through the vast space as I watched it flicker through. Slowly standing up, I touch the ground underneath my fingertips, to feel where I am and slowly eye the trail that remained within the area.*
<Snipped quote by Franxx>

*Inspects your body closely*
That’s peculiar! Is that a type of magic?

*after looked around, my body is laying down, breatinf steadily as I looked at the soul near my body*

It's...more of a blessing.

*I muttered, practically in a sleep like state.*
<Snipped quote by Franxx>

So you can move. Good to know.

<Snipped quote by Vacare>

*Walks over to inspect the fountain for cultural markings, engravings, and anomalies*

*I narrowed my eyes as I pulled my tounge out at his response*


*I sat down to take a deep breath and close my eyes, opening them to leap into the eyes of god and look for souls wandering within the area*
<Snipped quote by Franxx>

Can you still move?

No I'd be blind, Gio.
I'd almost trip somewhere and it would mess me up dude.
<Snipped quote by Franxx>

<Snipped quote by Vacare>

In other words, everyone here has special eyes. Got it.

Well yeah, but the bad side Is that I'm practically weak when I'm in it! So whislt I use it, I'm practically blind.
<Snipped quote by Franxx>

Er, meaning what, exactly?

*I opened my lips before thinking quietly, before scratching her cheek.*

Uh well I can see everything and everyone thanks to something called the eyes of god? It's hard to explain but it's practically how I travel around without getting too lost.
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