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8 mos ago
Current I've been watching Gundam Build Fighter and now I want a mecha RP or learn how to do arena stuff for Mechas. Damn it, my cravings are all over the place.
9 mos ago
It's been ten months? Huh, college had me busier than I thought.


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<Snipped quote by Vacare>

Lily: That kind of spell borders on a taboo.
-Is this just imaging, or can you actually change the past?

This is just imaging... But, I'm using the same basis for a time spell... If I had been careless, I would've sent us back in time.
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

Lily: Neat spell.

Not neat, there are consequences with messing with time. This is right up towards the boundary. It's hard to control, one slip and I could accidentally set this world on an entirely different path.

*The image then stops at the desired point in time*


*A ghosted image of hooded figure casting a curse on the bear*
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

Lily: If we kill someone, they deserved it anyway.
-We’re just going to ask for assistance in a difficult quest anyway.

Yup. Anyways, we'll have to investigate this separately. Noct, get word to the King.

*Noct flies up and away, I then touch the ground*


*A blue glowing magic circle in the shape of a clock covers the field and shows what happened in this place back in time. Blurs of what had happened go back in reverse. The images are transparent and ghost like as the events rewind*
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

Lily: That’s a pretty big exception, dontcha think?
-I’ll trust that you won’t—SideSlash could blacklist you for that anyway. When is this siege supposed to be?

Dunno... And the big exception is if you guys do something that even I can't agree with like... Kill innocent people? Or something? But I don't have to worry about that from you two. At least, I don't think I do.
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

Lily: *Drops the magic ritual*
Oh. Well if you want to be like that.
Veil will stick to his word.

I'd never break a vow. Not unless there was a good reason for me to do so.
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

Lily: Great, I'll get started. Initializing contract—
*A series of magic circles winds down my arm and ends with a rotating inscription, and I hold my hand out to you*
Please place your hand against the seal.

*I place my hand against the seal*

A gentleman's agreement aye?
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

Lily: How about this! We help you fight off whatever's declaring war, and you help us out on one job of our choosing, 90/10 split.


*I shrug*

Ah what the hell, sure why not?
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

Lily: Bahahahaha! As if that’ll ever happen!
-*Rolls my eyes*
The only long-term contracts I have are with this worthless spirit, and we both see how well that turned out.

Hahaha! Well, think of this as an indefinite favor. You can just call me up whenever. As long as I'm not busy with something important of course.
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

Protection from this threat or indefinite protection?

Well I'm offering my indefinite service. You'll have all my skill sets at your disposal. It even goes as far as babysitting if you finally find yourself a suitable partner and start a family and such.

*I look at Gio with a cheeky smirk*
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

That depends on how likely it is to get us killed.
Lily: We can probably strike a deal!

Alright then, how about this: In exchange for helping me protect what little we have, I will join you in any adventure you deem that you might need me in, along with a 70/30 split of all rewards in favor of you of course.
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