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When you wanna put a idea but its crap and no one wants to rp with me ever.

You willing to rp a girl?
@Fugitive I'm pretty sure this isn't meant to be ERP chief.

Unless you have something relevant to say buzz off

It’s that time of year again! And I don’t mean Christmas. Halloween! All Hallows’ Eve! And it’s time for a good few scares. Below, you will see a listing of several different Halloween themed Roleplay concepts I have concocted. And below that an “About Me” tab that will tell you a little about myself; i.e writing habits, tendencies, preferences, and etcetera. Thank you for your time, and I hope to meet some great writing partners to commence forthwith these concepts!

Happy Halloween!


I have been text-based role playing for a good decade now, and can write from low casual to high advanced. I am comfortable playing both male and female roles, including romances. I do not typically write smut, I keep any potential sexual scenes in my writings “edited for television”. Not HBO that is.

On average I write anywhere from one to four paragraphs per post. It all depends on the setting, characters, and events. I reply every single day, and my reply frequency can be anything from one to four posts a day. It all depends. That said I am very understanding of others’ schedules and RL needs and demands, so no worries about me rushing you as a partner.

For now that is all I can think of. Please PM me if your interested in RP’ing and-or have any questions about me or my concepts. Thank you for your time and Happy Halloween!

I'd like to rp but idk about any of these plots
Hi guys! So, before I even start writing this, this is gonna be a mega-shitshow of a request thread considering I’m not even particularly sure of where or how to start plotting what I had in mind. You’ve been warned!

What I do know is that I’m looking for someone who’s seen the new movie ‘Joker’ to play as Arthur Fleck in a story I’ve had in mind for a few days now. What’s to come from this story? Like I said, I have no idea. Do I really want to give it a try? Hell yes I do.

So, for what I had in mind so far is explore ‘Joker’s mentality, inner thoughts, mannerisms and all of that, though this time ‘round he has a romantic interest: my character. I want to see how he’d be while having my character around to try to keep him grounded and somewhat sane in the midst of a revolution. The roleplay could take place before shit hits the fan or in the midst of it all (which I think would be most fun.) It will be a pretty dark-themed roleplay as was the film and his life, but we can explore their relationship in a number of different ways. Does he kidnap her and force her to love him? Is he semi-abusive? Is she scared of him? Or is she head over heels with a man she tries to protect with the best of her ability? The possibilities are endless, and my plot so far is so vague we can definitely take this down many different routes and have plenty of fun with it.

If you’re interested and wanna discuss further with me then don’t hesitate to send me a message! This is something I’m really craving at the moment. :)

Thank you!

This would be such a good rp to do except I only rp my oc 😭 and I doubt you would wanna rp with him but hes his own sort of depraved.
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