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Current To this day, I maintain that Teldryn Sero, Illia, and Uthgerd the Unbroken are three of Skyrim’s most underwritten and “veiled” characters.


”It is no nation we inhabit, but a language.”
-Emil Cioran

I have an actual skull atop my personal bookcase.

The Fine Arts, Philosophy, Linguistics, Poetry, Architecture, History, Cultures, all of these are passions of mine to study.


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Banned by spell of mortality.
Bump. Will add a few more in the next week or two.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Hello fellow role player, come join with me as we dive into the wonderful universe of Star Wars! An avid lover of the franchise since youth, I’ve partook in many Star Wars role plays since my earliest days at the keyboard. Lately (mostly due to extended withdrawal) I have held a deep craving for some 1x1 RP action of the Star Wars kind. Below you will find a small layout of me as an RP partner; my writing style, preferences, online frequency and etcetera. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you in my PM notifications! ^_^


While I’ve only been a part of this guild for nearly a year, I’ve been text-based role playing for eleven years now. It all started with some of those older text-based PC adventure games from the eighties and nineties. I later found my way into “written” role playing via Facebook and small forums, and soon after I joined RP specific sites such as RP Nation and Black Dahlia Roleplay. And now, here I be!

Regarding my writing, typically I write anywhere from two to six paragraphs. The amount I write just really just depends on situation, character exchange and whatnot. Though I typically aim for at least four paragraphs. Overall I would describe my writing skill as being from “middle range casual” to “low advanced”.

As per my online frequency, I’m typically online everyday. Recently I did take a rather lengthy break, but I’m back now and eager for new role plays and new writing partners. I log on at various times throughout the day, and typically I post at least once a day. What with the effects of the coronavirus and me not working at this time, I have plenty of spare time on my hand for working on posts and communicating with my partners. So no worries there!

I typically prefer to remain onsite when it comes to role playing. Be that via PM or the forums! Either works great for me! While not a fan of it, I am open to off-site chatting if my partner so wishes.

If you have any questions or require clarity don’t hesitate to ask! :D Now, to my ideas...

You (or your avatar) are a member of a distant alien species that has finally breached the solar system. Using advanced cloaking and shapeshifting technology you breach Earths exterior and infiltrate the home world of these “humans”. You feverishly conduct six Earth-months worth of studies ranging through societal, geological, biological, ecological, political, militarsitic, technological, linguistic, and so forth.

Based on this six months of secretive study and observation, in a maximum of one paragraph, what have you to report back to your overlords?
I presume I’m clear to post my fellow in the character section?
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