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”It is no nation we inhabit, but a language.”
-Emil Cioran

I have an actual skull atop my personal bookcase.

The Fine Arts, Philosophy, Linguistics, Poetry, Architecture, History, Cultures, all of these are passions of mine to study.

The millennial generations’ utter disregard for history, culture, and tradition makes me weep for the future.

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Banned because I’ve never escaped from anywhere. I ate them before they could get me.
Banned for being... for... being... ahhhh...
Banned for being the last person to post.
I'm up for heist shenanigans. Although I'm a bit confused on what exact role the other person would take. As the leader I assume your partner would have some agency over the jobs the crew takes but then how do you plan to move the story along the path you have? Assuming you have a story planned out. Or is it more of a, plan as we go sort of deal?

The leader selects the jobs, chooses which plan to take (the hacker cooks up an A, B, or C plan basis), and is over all the crew moderator and director of operations. The hacker also serves as a networker and picks out a list of jobs/targets. The hacker role is the most directly involved with the leader, and the getaway specialist/driver also acts as his chauffeur of sorts when on “business”. The gunmen are usually just brought in for heavy heists or whenever heavy flak is to be expected.

The primary storyline alternates between heist scores and a particularly corrupt FBI agent. I’ll admit the length of the storyline is still WIP, but the presiding and consistent antagonist is a corrupt Bureau man. He offers protection and keeps the feds from sniffing out the quintet while scamming help and score cuts out of them in return.

I can explain more if needed.

Some score locales I have in mind are a major bank, a jewelry store, a museum, a casino, and a major federal reserve (the end game ‘big one’).
Banned for saying “banned”.

Banned for being named “Foster”.
Banned because “You again!”
Banned because I’m an eagle poacher. I also poach hawks.
@Whoami@Hellion@Ghost Shadow@Rockin Strings@La Fleur@pugbutter@Skull@Not Fishing

I’ve thought this over and here’s what we’ll do...

I’ve reposted the original intro from last November. @Whoami, I still want your arc to be apart of the RP, but I agree with Hellion. As an intro; too heavy. And that was my mistake. Your post/arc is more suited for in-depth story basis.

I’m thinking we give people a chance to connect and intro their characters.

At this point, things are scattered. This is my last big push for this RP. That said, if we still can’t make it work, I’ll pursue another concept I have stowed away. I’d really like this to get underway. But I won’t keep forcing it.

(If that sounded petty or salty my apologies. Not my intention.)
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