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Hello everyone. My handle is Genon, and I have two years of roleplaying experience on other sites, coupled with a few years of IRC games with my real-life friends. I mainly frequent the Sufficient Velocity/Spacebattles.com duumvirate (more SV these days than Spacebattles unfortunately), and due to an influx of poor writers beginning to infest the former, I started looking to expand my horizons in the event that the site is taken over by FF.net-tier writers. I was also on RPNation for some time, but ended up leaving after the site became similarly infested with one-liner posters who have no idea how basic writing works and created infantile roleplays filled with typos.

As for my actual roleplaying preferences, I tend to gravitate heavily towards anime-based roleplaying, particularly group combat games. I'm a big fan of the Dragon Ball franchise, and in addition to that franchise, I'm interested in games based on One Piece, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (if anyone here can dare to balance the damn thing), and Fairy Tail. I'm also a fan of crossovers, particularly megacrossovers. I tend to like fairly dark and mature games, regardless of the franchise, though I can also enjoy lighter-hearted games.

As for writing skill, length, grammar, etc, I tend to heavily favor games with multi-paragraph or novella-length posts (though I vacillate between the two lengths depending on the situation), and I have a low tolerance for grammatical errors of every stripe. I acknowledge that I tend to slip up occasionally and make a few mistakes myself, but I tend to go back and fix them even when I know no-one will look at them. I'm weird like that.

Speaking of weird, one of my biggest flaws as a roleplayer is that I am very oversensitive to criticism and my own mistakes. If I fuck up even once, or get into an IC argument with another friendly character, I'll wind up having flashbacks of it for days and end up having to take a break from the game for a while. I'm also a high-functioning autist and may not understand some social context that I really should know. Also...don't ask me to do romance. I don't ship my characters, nor am I particularly good at or like writing romance. I also tend to be a slow poster, having a lot on my plate while also having a tendency to procrastinate.

I am an avid fan of video games, action movies, fanfiction, quests (a hybrid between a novel and a play-by-post game in which the readers vote on the actions of the protagonist, possibly with dice rolls involved. It's an SV/SB thing.), anime (though not obsessively), various types of metal (including some really, really silly bands like Alestorm), jazz (particularly complex stuff like McCoy Tyner's work), progressive anything, and remixes of video game and anime music.

I am also exclusively a player. I have never GMed and don't intend to. Also, bear with any awkward coding errors/missed posts for a bit; I'm used to boards running on the XenForo forum software, which provided real-time notifications and a rich text editor for posting. This whole code-exclusive, old-school alerts system is new to me.

Now let's have some fun!
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