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Tavern -- Alesia and Adrian
Interactions: @BladeSS4 Bakuto @KiltmanBagz Hertha
This was a collab with @Noodles.

“I just have one question. Is it true that you choose to take treasure from empty tombs and ancient ruins rather than steal from innocents?” Adrian asked, his expression becoming serious. “That’s what I’ve heard through the grapevine, anyway.”

“Tsk…” Alesia let out an audible click from that question of that man of the neatly ironed suit. Just what had those newspapers written about her? Somehow she became known as a pirate who didn’t steal anything…. “That might be true, but we are pirates, not saints. But I don’t kill people who don’t try to kill me.”

Adrian’s face morphed into a grin. “Excellent. You said you were recruiting, right? Count me in. The name’s Adrian Hex. I’ve been looking for a crew that’s a bit more on the ethical side than most. But trust me, I’m not exactly a saint myself.”

“Right, we are also splitting the plunder, so you can take your cut of the treasury,” Alesia opened the treasure box, inside it reveals stolen jewelries and bundles of cash. “Should you want to join us on the voyage of the Grand Line, I’m suggesting a 10 million split for each of the crew.”

An 80-million Beri pile...not bad for someone heading straight from the East Blue. he thought to himself. Still, even if it’s not quite an equal share, ten million Beris is certainly an upgrade...and I’d rather be on her good side. Besides, maybe they’re saving up for a new ship or something. Or a few more crew members. And I see she’s hunting for the One Piece. It’s certainly in-character, if nothing else.

“I’m fine with that,” Adrian said, after a moment’s thought. “And thanks,” he said to Bakuto.

“Our ship, the White Pearl, will set sail by dusk. Sure its a bit hasty, but like what Bakuto said, I won’t be taking any risks with that old marine at our tails,” Alesia announced. She wasn’t surprised to see people rejecting the share of the plunder. Some people wouldn’t like to find themselves with too much money in their wallets, she thought. Her eyes shifted towards the table of the Fortune Teller. Flint? She wasn’t sure on why her first mate would go wasting money on such things. Older people tend to be more…superstitious....

“After entering the Grand Line, we’ll buy a new ship,” Leaning against the back of the chair, she continued,“ I’ll procure some supplies and navigational tools for the oncoming voyage.”

Hey, so maybe I'm just inattentive, but I can't find a CS skeleton anywhere. Did you make one?
As they approached the observatory, Juze's pace quickened. His wound hurt something fierce. He'd never been injured this seriously before, but he had to deal with the pain. He could feel another power inside the observatory. It was another one of those aliens.

But as made to walk through the revolving door, Wu stopped, holding his shoulder and groaning in pain.

"What's wrong?" Juze asked, rushing to his aid.

"Ugh..." Wu groaned.

"Talk to me, Master!"

Wu looked down in shame. "It's my arthritis. I can't fight that thing like this! You go on ahead!"

"Are you serious...?" Juze said, putting a hand to his forehead in disbelief. "Go help the civilians or something. I'm dealing with the murderous alien on the loose where my parents work."

With that, he pushed his way through the revolving door.

It was utter chaos inside. Bodies lay on the ground, with visible claw marks and body parts ripped off. Some were half-melted from acid sprays. Others were blasted apart by an energy beam.

"Oh God..." Juze said, before throwing up on the floor. His vision swam. The trauma of his injury, mixed with the murder of so many people, was getting to him.

He got to his knees, putting a hand to his face. Of course, Wu wasn't around to hear his plight, or feel his emotional trauma. He couldn't call him: He'd left his phone at the dojo. He wasn't going to bother him telepathically about this, either. Not when he was busy getting the civilians to safety.

He was spoiled, he knew it. But not enough that he couldn't learn to suppress it.

He heard screaming from the floors above. He needed to move, or his parents would die.

He didn't want to. His legs felt like solid lead. But he needed to.

He needed to.

COME ON! MOVE! MOVE DAMN YOU! he screamed in his own mind. He forced himself up, inch by inch, until he was back on his feet.

That was a start.

He pushed himself forward, one foot at a time.

He had killed one of these monsters, he could do it again.

He started running. And then sprinting. He made it to the stairs. He started flying up the stairs diagonally. Faster. Faster. Faster still.

Until eventually, he caught sight of that little green bastard holding his mother by the collar on the top floor, next to the telescope. His father was trying to smash its head in with one of the nearby computers, to no avail.

He screamed. It was something between rage and panic. He flew. He crashed into the Saibaman, and the next instant he was out the window, holding it by its remaining arm over the town. He had collided into it fast enough that the force of his impact had ripped the arm it was grabbing his mother with clean off. It was probably still stuck to her lab coat, spurting purple blood everywhere, just like this thing's stump was doing to his nice, clean gi.

This thing was going to die, because he wasn't going to give it a chance to survive. Not after everything it did to his town. And what it would've done to his parents.

Its mouth opened, and it fired a green ki beam directly into his face. The rage had increased his power, however. It only left mild burns. He, on the other hand, had jabbed his thumb directly into its left eye while it was distracted with that blast. It shrieked in pain.

He lifted it up as it writhed, bit, and kicked at at him, ignoring the pain of its eye and delivering shallow cuts in several places but too panicked to think of using its acid.

He broke its spine over his knee. It screamed again, this time so injured that its attempts to claw him was more like the pathetic scratching of an unruly cat that had been picked up by its owner against its will.

But it managed to get a good grip on his arm, which then tightened like a vise. It began, against all logic, to laugh.

But Juze wasn't going to let it explode this time. He knew its tricks. Taking some rock from the ground below in an instant, it swam up through the air, enveloping his fist. He grabbed its head and crushed it like a grape, splattering him with purple goop as its eyeballs bounced off his face. He let the corpse fall.

And only then did he realize what he had done. Everything went black.

When he woke up, he was in a hospital bed, with fresh bandages on his cuts and his parents looking over him.
Holy fuck I can't believe I didn't notice this. I was looking for a freeform, writing-intensive mecha game for a long, long time. I'm gonna start working on my character as soon as I can.


Current character concept: A team of scientists manage to recreate a deceased human brain (from someone who donated their body to science, of course) in an atomic-level computer simulation for the first time, effectively resurrecting the dead by cloning the dead man (note that the original person is still dead. This is just a perfect copy). However, what the scientists didn't realize is that the dead man was a former BAAA combatant, and was very interested in returning to his sport of choice. He'd interact in the physical world with an android-like body, but would swap to a remotely-controlled mech for arena combat.

Also a Discord would be amazing. I'd make it myself if you wanted.
Adrian was annoyed. He was constantly on the run from the Marines, but his island-hopping journey had led him to, of all places, Loguetown. A place with a good pirate culture due to its proximity to the Grand Line, but a horrible World Government infestation.

Many pirates had been caught here. He'd been lucky that his weapons were concealable; he could hide them under his clothing. Or failing that, in the bag he carried on him.

He had a ship he used to get here: A small yacht, stolen from a well-to-do individual on the last island he was on. He always liked to steal a different boat from each place he escaped from, when things got hairy. The Marines on the next island wouldn't recognize the boat that pulled in, and with a careful application of disguises, he could pass as its owner. So here he was, disguised as a rich tourist to the site of Gol. D. Roger's execution. But of course, such a ruse wouldn't work forever.

Still, the One Piece was beyond the Grand Line. There were lots of pirates here as a result. The Marines wouldn't be looking for him if there were a thousand other criminals passing through every day.

Criminal. He hated that word now, oh so very much. It was a word that the World Government could use to label anyone it didn't like as a threat to be neutralized, by any means necessary. Sure, he was no saint. But he was a damn sight better than the countless bloodthirsty pirates that plagued the East Blue alone, and he didn't deserve to be treated like them for standing up to oppression! He was a rebel, not a crook! But of course, to a totalitarian regime, there was no distinction.

But, alas, this was the world he lived in, and so here he was, getting breakfast from a deserted, seedy bar in the middle of the morning on an island full of Marines who would try to arrest him on sight.

But then he overheard something from another table.

“Ahem… ‘Alesia’ is quite a common name. We’re just ‘treasure hunters’, and those damned marines are the ones who attacked us first,” Alesia dragged a chair from the nearby table, “But the Scarlet Pirates is recruiting, and we’re still deciding on how to split our spoils. I’m thinking of an even split of 10 million, and the reserves will go to a new ship after we reach the Grand Line. The Reverse Mountain is a bit troublesome to cross…”

Alesia? That captain Alesia? The new kid on the block that prioritized finding treasure over theft and murder? Well, this was an interesting development!

He'd known that he would need protection for a while now. There was only so much even the equivalent of a mid-to-high-tier CP9 agent could do on their own to evade capture by an entire planet of Marines. He had been running and fighting with no end goal. There was no place safe from a government that owned the world. You couldn't get out of their jurisdiction, you couldn't seek asylum, you couldn't do jack. So to get away from them, the best place to hide was among the criminal population. Unfortunately, that tended to surround you with pirates the majority of the time.

But Alesia was different. At least, so far. She primarily sought after treasure that didn't belong to anyone (such as the One Piece), and she had directly attacked a Marine ship. And evidently, she won.

If he was going to get protection from the Marines, an end goal, and a permanent place to sleep and store more belongings than could fit in a knapsack, here was his only chance.

He finished up his food, paid his tab, and approached her with a jovial expression on his face. An expression that wasn't actually forced, for once. His emotions were showing due to the seriousness of this opportunity.

"Hello there, Captain. Do you mind if I sit here? I have something to ask you."

Did Juze and Wu have a difficult enough time fighting them?

Location: Dead Zone Intersection --> Other Dead Zone Intersection
Word Count: 519
EXP: (16/30) + 1 = (17/30)

Remembering something, he turned back briefly, grabbing the downed Smoker spirit (as the green gas had cleared), and shoved it in the Luggage.

Then Donnie paled as the carnage ended and he noted that Gene had gotten covered in some kind of foul green goop. It instantly reminded him of the Plague of Undeath. The Scourge would use Blight gas as a bioweapon, releasing the foul green gas to infect anyone unfortunate enough to breathe it in. Any who died would be revived as a mindless undead, serving the Lich King.

Of course, Gene was bathed in a liquid, not a gas, and it resembled vomit more than anything else. But still, he wouldn't have been surprised if it harbored whatever plague was animating these corpses. "Gene!" he said as he flew near the brawler, "That stuff might not just be diseased, it might make you one of them if left alone long enough! Trust me, I know from experience!"

Blazermate began calling to Gene so she could heal him, and Donnie said, "Good thinking. It could keep the infection at bay. Since this whole mixed-worlds thing wrecked my memory, I've been remembering some of the spells I lost. If I get lucky enough to remember my Detox spell in time, I should be able to cure it. Keep your healing beam on him until then."

Then they neared the four gentlemen with strange fashion sense who were fighting what looked like a huge, swollen zombie. It walked on all fours, and it resembled one of the Scourge's Abominations. And yet, it seemed even stupider than those. At least the Abominations were stitched together from several corpses, including their brains. And yet they could use melee weapons like meat cleavers and hooks! They could even talk, albeit like a brain-damaged kobold!

Whatever this thing was, it traded brains for even more strength and durability. A trade that seemed to be working out for it if these four couldn't kill it with all the injuries they had piled onto it.

In any event, he couldn't get close. He stuck to pelting it with Chi Bursts from his mount, safely out of reach.

That was before the thing picked up a car and threw it at him with unexpected accuracy. At full power, Donnie would have dodged it easily. But he was slower than he used to be. He got hit in the right arm, the impact completely shattering all of the bones and bending it at an unnatural angle. Yelling in pain, he cast Vivify frantically, until the arm knitted itself back together. Taking a deep breath, he inspected the armor. Thankfully, it had held up due to its magic, but it hadn't protected him from the blunt force trauma.

He needed to take this thing seriously.

He ascended a good eighty feet, to the very edge of Chi Burst's 40-yard range, to give himself precious seconds in the event he needed to dodge another improvised projectile. In-between letting his stamina recharge, he continued firing Chi Bursts down at the creature. Would this zombie just keel over and die already!?

Oh crap, I forgot to add my sheet to this tab. I'm used to storing all my sheets in the OOC thread. Here it is.

The master waited. Five minutes. Then ten. The energy source got closer...and then seemed to veer off in another direction. He did some quick calculations in his head to figure out where it was going. It was heading to Kiwi Town!

His blood ran cold. Kiwi Town was Juze's hometown. He had been there to visit some relatives when he had witnessed Juze's kidnapping and stopped it. The rest was history.


* * *

Juze felt the power source shift direction as well, and when his master yelled for him, he ran to the edge of the mountain path only too quickly.

The dojo was a humble wooden building, situated along a gravel path that cut through the grasses that grew on the mountain at this time of year. More importantly, it overlooked a cliff, giving them an excellent view of the surrounding countryside. Kiwi Town wasn't that far from the mountain, visible in the far distance.

It would be a long drive, and a longer walk. But it would be a quick fly. Juze had been worried about something like this ever since he started training to use his ki, but he had never imagined his town would be attacked. He would defer to what his master said.

" you want me to go with you?" Juze said, with fear and worry in his voice.

Wo closed his eyes again. When he opened them, he said, "Yes. I taught you your techniques so that you could use them to defend yourself from ki-using attackers, but many of them will want to harm others. Your training in the Falcon School is incomplete, but that does not mean you should not use what I taught you to protect your--"

Juze started flying ahead, still wearing his Falcon School gi.

Wu spluttered with disbelief as he started flying, shouting, "WHY YOU...! DON'T LEAVE WHEN SOMEONE IS TALKING!"

"Sorry," Juze said back, laughing despite the seriousness of the situation. "It's an emergency!"

Wu grumbled a bit about "kids these days," but didn't say more than that, and they soon neared the town.

They were greeted with a screeching sound, as two small green aliens with what looked like exposed brains for heads stopped attacking the nearby townspeople and flew towards them at top speed.

They weren't friendly. The one on the left attacked Wu, leaving Juze to fight the rightmost one.

The Saibaman struck at Juze with a claw, which Juze managed to duck, only for it to knee him in his exposed face. As Juze saw stars, the Saibaman got on top of him and tried to swipe and strike his face repeatedly. Juze caught both of its arms and, whirling in midair, threw it into the sky.

Using the wind to increase his speed beyond even a normal afterimage, he rapidly caught up and kicked it in where its spine likely was.

The Saibaman wasn't without a trick up its sleeve though. It turned around, recovering from the strike, and its head split open, spraying acid. Juze managed to dodge the initial acid spray, but this was actually what the Saibaman wanted. It sliced Juze across the chest with a claw, creating a gash across his pectorals, before it elbowed him in the exposed, bleeding wound.

Juze was sent tumbling, screaming in pain.

Wu, still engaged in his own battle and winning handily at the moment, tried to rush to his aid, but the injured Saibaman he was fighting appeared in front of him, blocking his progress.

Juze managed to stop his tumbling, but the Saibaman was rushing straight towards him, intent on finishing him off. But it left itself open for a ranged counterattack.

"FLAME SPHERE!" Juze yelled, throwing his hands forward with his fingers curled as he released a white-hot fireball from his hands. The Saibaman desperately tried to dodge the flaming projectile, but its right leg was hit by the blast, setting it on fire. The flame rapidly spread to encompass its entire body, engulfing the alien in flames as it screamed in that horrible screechy voice.

Then the flaming creature began moving towards him. Rapidly. While still screaming. Juze desperately recalled the Flame Sphere, still intact, as he shot upwards. This battle was above the town, and he couldn't risk the Flame Sphere's explosion injuring anyone below. And he wasn't sure the alien would burn to death before it got to him.

He only got about a thousand feet up before the alien began getting too close for comfort. He had to kill it now.

So, he did what he needed to do. "To all scientists around the world searching for extraterrestrial life..." he said, as he screwed his eyes shut, "I'm sorry for this!"

The rapidly-moving Flame Sphere collided with the burning Saibaman, resulting in a gigantic explosion. When the dust cleared, the alien was completely disintegrated, with barely anything left to note that it had once been there.

That explosion was a bit too big to come from just one Flame Sphere... Juze thought to himself. Then, he realized something.

"OH CRAP!" he yelled as he flew downwards to deal with the other Saibaman.

* * *

Master Wu had done a lot better than his student, easily overpowering his opponent. A rock-covered fist slammed into the alien's face as Wu prepared to finish it off...only for it to start laughing?

It only took a moment before the alien gained an unspeakable amount of speed and wrapped itself around his chest, binding his arms in place. He tried to break free, but it was too strong. He tried to headbutt it, but its short height didn't allow him to make contact.

It screeched again, then wore a diabolical grin. What was it going to do to him? He had to think of something fast, before he found out what it was!

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM!" a voice called.

Wu barely had time to look up before Juze's rock-covered fists began to mercilessly pummel the alien's body, to the point where it didn't even have the presence of mind to activate its self-destruct and end this nonsense. His fists slammed into it, again and again, for almost three solid minutes.

By the time he was done, the alien's head was unrecognizable, and had the consistency of Play-Doh. What passed for the bones in its chest were shattered, and its organs were smashed. The rock-armor on Juze's hands were covered in purple blood.

Only then did it finally release its grip, and fall hundreds of feet to the street below as onlookers observed in horror.

"It was going to explode," Juze said as he breathed heavily.

Soon, the cameras started flashing, as people caught sight of the local hero and that astronomer's kid floating in the sky.

Juze dispelled the rock-armor and put his hands on his knees, panting after pushing himself so hard. Wu put a hand on Juze's back. "You did well. You saved thousands of lives today, as well as my own. What do you say we get your injuries looked at, and, maybe then we can go back to training?"

Juze responded through his exhaustion, "Not an option. I sense more of them, around the world. We're going to need to deal with that."

Wu said, "There's more than just us capable of dealing with them. Don't you sense the other energy sources? You're bleeding from the chest, don't push yourself."

Juze smiled. "Maybe, but we do know their capabilities now. We should find my parents, they can get this info to the right people, and maybe then the government can coordinate a defense."

"Good thinking," Wu said as they descended, a purpose set.
Master Wu's foot collided with the side of Juze's face for what felt like the fifteenth time that afternoon, sending him flying a hundred feet through the open air. He managed to recover before he hit a nearby mountain, stopping his momentum by flying in the opposite direction briefly. But no sooner had he gotten his bearings before the old man was in front of him, having used the wind to dramatically enhance his speed. Juze barely blocked the punch, but Wu was faster still, vanishing and attacking from another direction with a kick to Juze's back, sending him upwards slightly. Then, Wu appeared above him and struck at his abdomen, which sent Juze down to the Earth...only for the master to be dragged along for the ride. The cause quickly became apparent as they hurtled downwards: Juze had intentionally wrapped his calves around Wu's right leg, and with some mid-air maneuvering, Juze was able to let go at a specific time and deal a heavy blow to the chest, sending Wu to the ground and leaving a small crater.

"'ve done well!" Wu said, as he pulled himself out of the depression he'd created with the force of his fall. "You managed to catch me off-guard, and reversed the flow of battle to boot!" He looked at the sun in the sky. "It's about lunchtime. What do you say we go to the nearby village and get some ramen to celebrate?"

"Sounds good to me!" Juze said as he descended to the ground. They both started to walk off down the mountain path when Juze stilled. " you feel that?"

Wu stopped, and closed his eyes. "Hmm...I sense that power as well. It feels...not of this world."

"...Can we investigate?" Juze said, perhaps a bit too giddily.

"No, not yet." Wu said quickly as he opened his eyes, realizing the implications of his previous statement. "It may be hostile, and I don't want you risking your life needlessly, especially if it's as strong as it feels."



"I think it's getting closer."

"Skip the ramen, go inside and let me handle this!"

"Master, it's an alien. I need to be here, and it doesn't feel that strong."

Wu looked like he was about to pop a blood vessel. "Aren't you more cautious than this most of the time?! Go inside and hide your energy! If you really must, go find a place to view it and take notes! Maybe record it or something. It's broadcasting its energy and rushing straight towards us, I don't think this will be the peaceful first contact you think it will!"

"...Yes, master," Juze said, looking crestfallen as he suppressed his power level to a minuscule amount. He began to walk away.

"If it proves too much for me to handle on my own," Wu said as Juze walked back towards the dojo, "Then you can help me, within reason. If it's strong enough that both of us can't deal with it, then just run."

"Yes, master!" Juze said, much more enthusiastically, as he ran into the dojo and quickly tried to find a hiding place that would let him observe the battle from there. It didn't matter, of course: Feeling their energies would be almost as useful as a direct view.

Master Wu Lin, in turn, stood outside, waiting tensely for the threat to get close.
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