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Hey, I'm interested, but the Discord link isn't working for me. Do you know why?
In Neo Sorairo 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

At the moment we are only accepting Linker characters. If you're interested in apping that, the Discord link can be extended to you.

I'm thinking of a few character ideas. However, I'm having some difficulty figuring out my Psychic Drive. Send me the link.
In Neo Sorairo 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hi, I'm interested in joining. Apparently there's a Discord? For the life of me, I can't find a link anywhere. Is it invite-only?
Back in New York, Jack had been a night owl, but since he joined MAX FIRE he had learned to adjust a more morning-focused schedule. He wasn't crazy enough to get up at 5AM every day like Victor, but it was still an improvement over spending weekends and breaks waking up at 1PM. Thus, when Jack's alarm rang, he woke up and immediately set about his routine. While some part of him continued to wake up and marvel at the fact that he was going to fight giant monsters today, and the next day, and the next, those thoughts were dashed as he headed to the lounge.

He had spent a good portion of last night at a local arcade, playing some rounds of Galaga, 1943, Final Fight, After Burner, the works. But he also remembered that Corinne had gone to the SAME arcade that SAME night. Apparently there was a Pac-Man contest there. Jack was one of the few people in the world who wasn't really a fan of Pac-Man. He was more of a shooter, beat 'em up, or platformer guy.

Which was why, as he headed down to the lounge, he was flabbergasted to see Corinne not only still in the clothes he had seen her in last night, not only being obscenely loud, but also holding the trophy from the Pac-Man competition. He had left before the contest kicked into high gear (partly to get away from Corinne, because he KNEW that if he revealed his presence to her there, without any other teammates to back him up, he'd regret whatever followed), but he didn't imagine that she'd WIN THE WHOLE THING! Hell, had she even SLEPT since then?! That said, he found her antics sort of endearing at the same time. Perhaps a bit unprofessional, but it wasn't like they were on giant monster duty yet. She could take some time to cut loose. He just hoped that she didn't pop a blood vessel with how high-strung she was.

But whatever. Time for food. Jack eagerly got in line, and when it was his turn to pick, he piled his plate high with calories. Three pancakes with syrup and butter, a spinach/cheese/mushroom omelette, homefries, two beef sausages, a cup of coffee, and a glass of water. This was an ordinary breakfast for him.

He saw Victor and Michel parked at the same table, and decided to head over there. Then he noticed Michel was in a straitjacket. He knew the world was at stake, but the idea of child soldiers still rubbed him the wrong way. Still, it wasn't like complaining to the higher-ups would get him anywhere, and, well, Prometheon was already built. It wasn't like he could just undo that.

So he decided to stay friendly. "Hey guys," he said to the pair as he sat down across from Victor, with his plate piled high with food. He looked to Michel and asked, "Another test?" As was usual, he fidgeted from time to time over the course of the conversation. This time, his feet were shifting under the table, as if unsure where they should go.

<Snipped quote by Genon>

Goku doesn't exist

...Oh. You mentioned that we were replacing the Z-Fighters, but I wasn't sure if that applied to OG Dragonball. I probably should have confirmed that ahead of time. In any event, who destroyed the RRA if that's the case? Who killed King Piccolo? Did someone else accomplish all of Goku's feats?
WIP sheet up.

Name: Johnathan Talbot, aka Android X9
Age: It's been three years since he was brought online. He's mentally 19 or 20.
Sex: Non-reproducing, but programmed to identify as male.
Race: Android
Appearance: [Pics or descriptions are fine]
Power Level: 750
Abilities: Experimental Infinite Energy Reactor
Transformations: N/A
Techniques: [4 is the max at the moment]

The Red Ribbon Army has been a thing of the past for quite some time, brought down by a lone interloper. Of its infamous Androids, Androids 1-7 were scrapped as failures, and 8 became a hero, but few know the story of Android 9. The truth is, Android 9 was never completed, but a very early version, Android X9, was. X9, the "X" standing for "experimental," was a testbed for bleeding-edge technologies that were supposed to find their way into the completed Android 9. As a result, it resembled less an Android and more a Terminator-style endoskeleton, and an incomplete one at that. Wires spilled out everywhere, limbs barely functioned, and its programming was the definition of bare-bones. It was principally meant to test the then-unproven Infinite Energy Reactor, an invention that would have turned the tide of the war in the RRA's favor if it had managed to get to the front lines.

But, as Goku rampaged throughout Muscle Tower, one scientist had doubts about his cause. He knew the way the wind was blowing, and at this point was going to take an out from under Commander Red's thumb like a lifeline. Dr. Daniel Talbot, who was working on the Android 9 project, decided to take x9 and its precious Infinite Energy Reactor and run. He loaded the whole machine onto a spare truck, stealing the keys from a worker in the chaos, and, after turning himself in, sought an audience with the King of Earth to gain his clemency. He explained his vision for X9: a defender of Earth, using the Infinite Energy Reactor for good to stop another Red Ribbon Army in its tracks. He was given a pardon on the condition that he follow through on his promise and use X9 to help others. Dr. Talbot was given a lab, a budget, and a team, and told to get to work on overhauling the machine.

After two long years of development and research to reproduce and improve upon what Android 9 would have been, the completed Android X9 was presented to the King. But the King, while impressed with X9's combat ability, was frustrated with X9's social limitations. "A savior should be charismatic, not emotionless!" he exclaimed, and ordered Dr. Talbot to prioritize its personality. Desperation drove Dr. Talbot to eventually replicate the conditions that had caused the much-maligned Android 8 to develop sapience, and once successful, adopted X9 as his own son. John Talbot was born, and in a mere three years of social development, was ready to be the world's champion.

Other: [this section is for any other piece of information that you feel is relevant to the character]
Hey, does this still exist? It looks like no-one gave this thread any attention, but I'm a Dragon Ball addict, so I was curious.

In hindsight, posting in the character tab was not a good idea. Here you go.

Name: Leon D'Encant, The Freezing Blade
Age: 25
Birthday: February 21

Leon D'Encant was, of course, born in Encant, a Fiorean town known for its elite marksmen, who had provided deadly troops to the armies of Fiore in centuries past. These "Musketeers," trained in the arts of the rapier, parrying dagger, pistol, and rifle, were known to be men of honor and pride. Cutting dashing figures, they were respected warriors, using their Requip techniques to great effect against the enemies of the Royal Household. As they were loyal to the Royal Family for centuries, when Zeref resurfaced and Wizards became stigmatized, the Musketeers were a notable exception, allowed to continue their work and even being put to use hunting down unauthorized Wizards.

A young Leon, wide-eyed and naive, sought to join Legion's Gate, the great Requip school where the best Musketeers were trained. At the age of eighteen, he was accepted and began his training in the Musketeer's arts. Two years later, he graduated. However, in time he had grown disillusioned with Musketeer society in general. He had been lured in with tales of crack shots shooting Dark Wizards between the eyes from half a mile away, of dashing rogues dueling S-Class threats by themselves with a smile on their face, all while never allowing an innocent to come to harm or, worse, betray their personal code of honor.

Instead he found a once-great force of warriors in sharp decline. Old mottos were forgotten in the name of excess. The Musketeers had grown lazy and corrupt after over a century of being the most privileged wizards around. Though they were capable Wizards, they rarely fought, instead preferring to use their large degree of autonomy to skim money meant for other corps and divert it to themselves, living large while other branches starved, fought, and bled. Leon was disgusted enough by this that, having never gotten to participate in a single action, he handed in his resignation and left as soon as he got the opportunity.

If the Musketeers would not do anything useful with their lives, then Leon D'Encant would. He took up bounty hunting, and, after a rough start, proved quite good at it. But, years into his bounty hunting career, he made a rookie mistake. Picking off too many members of the Lifetakers, a notorious criminal organization, got their undivided attention. Not only was he a marked man, but the Lifetakers had ties to Gorgon Head, a full-fledged, if minor Dark Guild. This was far, far too much heat for even an experienced loner like Leon to survive for long, and he knew it. So he went to the biggest Light Guild in Fiore, Phoenix Wing, and signed up. Of course, you don't just sign up for a Light Guild just for protection. You've got to earn your keep and make a commitment to the guild ethos, and Leon is trying to do that. Besides, doing something other than tracking down and capturing/killing the worst criminals imaginable is a nice change of pace.

Personality: Leon is, on duty, a professional and a stoic, to the point where he might be a stick in the mud. However, while he may groan at the antics of his fellow guild members, he's nonetheless a good-natured person at the Guild Hall. Just...give him some time to loosen up first.
Guild and guild mark location: Phoenix Wing, abdomen

Three Strengths:
1. Consummate Professional: Through years of hunting the scum of the earth, Leon has become an experienced veteran of the bounty hunting world, and has the demeanor to back it up. He is serious, to the point, and dedicated to his craft. It takes a lot to shake him.
2. Self-Reliant: Being part of a guild is a team effort, but Leon has spent years as a lone wolf. He's needed to tend to his own wounds, maintain his own camps, hunt his own game, and track his own targets. This means that, if separated from his team for whatever reason, he's no worse for it.
3. Elite Combat Skill: Leon may not be the greatest wizard ever in terms of raw power, but he is skilled. He was trained to an elite level by one of the finest magic schools in Fiore, and his training was intended to help him serve as one of the Royal Family's crack troops. Against a superior opponent, he will often leverage his superb fencing abilities to allow him to hold his own even when spectacularly outgunned.

Three Weaknesses:
1. Marked: Leon has not just an entire criminal syndicate, but also their Gorgon Head buddies hunting him down. It's only a matter of time before his past catches up to him, and when it does, things will get nasty.
2. Finesse-based Fighter: Leon is not overly strong or durable by Wizard standards. He's more durable than most, due to his A-class power, but he is reliant on finesse and reflexes rather than brute force to defeat an opponent. This makes him significantly more fragile and easier to mission-kill than peer fighters should an opponent manage to hit him.
3. Fish Out of Water: Leon has spent years living alone, traveling from town to town, hunting down and killing complete strangers to put food on the table. This naturally means that the freewheeling nature of guild life is a challenge for him to adapt to.
Greatest Love: The thrill of the chase.
Motivation: To get the Lifetakers and Gorgon Head off his back.

Additional Details:

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