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Sure, feel free to PM me the link or whatever.

@Stern Algorithm
Alright, I'm still waiting on @Dawnrider and/or @Lmpkio.

So I've had this in my subscribed threads for a while, but I've been a bit nervous about joining. I wanted to ask you a question first before I applied.

How much do I need to know of the source material to do well in this game? I've watched the anime somewhat, but I only got up to the Buggy's Revenge arc before I lost steam, and there is a lot of material in One Piece to get through.
@Stern Algorithm @Dawnrider @Lugubrious

I think that's everyone involved in the Sweet Tooth fight, not counting the GM. I was thinking we could collab out our part of the encounter, as I think it would make things quicker, more efficient, and more cinematic. I can set up a Google Doc if you guys want.

Also, I'm not sure what part of the battle @Lmpkio is going for (and he's confirmed on the Discord that he's still interested and actively working on a post) so I'm tagging him to see if he wants in.

Word Count: 764
Level 2 - (4/20) + 2 = 6/20 EXP
Location: Random Scrubland

In spite of Donnie missing most of his shots, those cars clearly weren't equipped to go up against all of the firepower his allies had brought to bear. He cracked a grin as the two remaining cars turned tail and drove away...only to grimace as three new cars arrived on the scene. Some sort of demented ice-cream truck out of a goblin's worst nightmares, a buggy of some kind, and an absolutely brutal-looking...what the hell even was that thing? He'd honestly never seen a car with wheels that big.

He didn't get to think more than that before he was cut off by a hail of high-caliber bullets heading his way. "Shit!" he yelled, swerving out of the firing path, barely dodging the tightly-grouped burst of fire.

Unfortunately, he also heard the loud cracking and splintering of wood nearby. Craning his neck to the flying doll, he could tell that Geno hadn't been so lucky. Thinking fast, he cast Vivify thrice in rapid succession. Donnie's hands flashed with a magical light for each cast. The signature green mist emerged around Geno's body, the wood around the three bullets' entry and exit wounds regrowing rapidly before completely closing, the internal damage completely repaired as Donnie's body felt a bit drained from that.

Geno's body may have been made of dead wood, but at the very least it was organic. Unlike holy healing, chi healing had worked on the likes of free-willed undead before. A wooden puppet would probably heal just the same: If Vivify could heal dead flesh, it could heal dead plant matter too. The main downside was that a Windwalker's chi magic was cast from the body's stamina, not from its Mana like most magic. And Donnie wasn't exactly as spry as he normally was. After the ten Chi Bursts and three Vivifies, he was already feeling his heart pound, and sweat run down his brow. He would need to conserve his strength if at all possible, and use his abilities in bursts.

He gritted his teeth as he gunned the Disc to its top speed, fully on-guard as he planned his next move at a breakneck pace. He and Geno were high-priority targets for that guy on the turret, and whoever was at the controls of that thing was good. They had led Donnie properly, compensating for both the Disc's velocity and the velocity of the monster truck. They probably would've scored at least one direct hit if Donnie was a little less agile, and with his armor's magic sealed, he didn't want to test its durability if he could help it.

He glanced below, seeing the ice-cream truck fire some kind of demonic fireball at Bowser as Linkle detonated it prematurely. There. That guy at the wheel was his best chance. If he could get onto the ice-cream truck's body, the other vehicles would have to risk hitting their ally to take him out. And if he could get the driver into melee range, he wouldn't be able to drive either, let alone aim.

Of course, this plan assumed that this bunch of killers would care about their ally. But he had to take that risk.

Descending to near ground level, Donnie came up alongside the ice-cream truck and unloaded five more Chi Bursts (a bit more slowly than previously to conserve his strength) into the driver's side door of Sweet Tooth, getting a good look at the driver inside. A large, burly man wearing a deranged-looking clown mask, its features twisted into a demented grin. And the man's head was on fire, but he didn't seem to care. And judging by the truck's weapons, the man probably had a talent for the demonic.

And besides that, the man seemed to radiate an aura of sadism, murder, and death. Donnie could practically feel the clown's sheer killing intent from here. And this...thing was going to turn that murderous intent on his allies.

In response to such a foul creature, Donnie could only mete out the punishment that the clown probably had coming by this point. If the Chi Bursts made contact (which would probably blow off the door), he'd make to bodily grab the clown and throw him out of the vehicle, opening him up for more punishment and depriving the clown of his main asset. Of course, there was the chance that the truck might swerve to hit him, which was why Donnie had made sure to fly about twenty feet away from it to its left, giving him more time to dodge.

@Genon I'm sorry but I'm with SimpleWriter on this. Some machine-like body parts would be fine, but a full on android just doesn't fit the MHA setting. Also, the reverse engineering thing would likely be really tricky IC. Sound of Silence without the strength/speed aspect would be fine though, if you're willing to redo the backstory.

@OwO I like it, glad for you all the shitposting paid off xD Accepted as far as I'm concerned, just check with SimpleWriter if you haven't already.

@Indra I second the spice idea, instead of a mix of fire and spices. Like a pepper spray effect, which would actually be really useful but not as flashy as fire, so he gets laughed at a lot and has to rise above it. That'd give him a reason to act high and mighty.

Of course, like you said, going with a classic fire Quirk is also an option. It's probably quite a common Quirk as it's a very basic one.

@JrVader I have to say the CS needs more fleshing out. As for the Quirk, hardlight is fine but it needs more restrictions. First of all, in what way does overuse harm his body? Maybe it could cause him pain or fatigue, or it could have a similar drawback to Yaoyorozu's Quirk and drain nutrients. Secondly, nuclear explosions are frankly waaaaay too strong whatever the cost, so please limit his creations in terms of size and power.

Also, the sample post is written like a typical background section. Sample posts in this are meant to be examples of writing style and skill, as well as insights into characters from their point of view.

Let us know if/when you expand on the application, and we'll look over it again.

@Pudding Intriguing character! As long as the Quirk is somewhat like Tomoyami's Dark Shadow rather than any kind of actual spirit possession, it sounds good. And the mystery aspect is interesting, though I recommend PMing SimpleWriter and me with details about the backstory, just to make sure it's all ok.

That and got to say a sample post is needed. Also, while being wounded from having her hair cut is a suitable weakness, instead of becoming nigh-indestructible, maybe it should be tougher than normal hair but a strike from a sharp enough blade would still slice through it. That'd balance things out more.


The thing is, I actually based the Android Quirk off of something from the anime. In the audience at the UA Sports Festival, I remember there being two robots sitting next to each other. I figured they were heroes of some kind, since so many pro heroes were in the audience. I'm pretty sure they even get some dialogue at some point, commenting on the fight.

Of course, those robots were closer to tin-can types than androids, sort of like the robots used for the UA entrance exam. But I hadn't seen any other sapient robots up to that point, so I figured that their appearance was a Mutant-Type Quirk. From there, why not make an android Quirk?

In any event, Sound of Silence was something I was reluctant to use in its original form. Yes, venting the absorbed sound would make for a pretty good offensive move, but sound is hard to direct, and if it's loud enough to stop a rampaging villain, it's probably loud enough to cause collateral damage. And I frankly didn't want to play such an indiscriminately destructive hero, hence why I gave it a strength and speed boost instead.

I'm not really sure what to do here, but I can probably make something closer to cybernetics, like Iida and Jiro's Quirks.

Level 2 - (1/20) + 3 = 4/20
Location: Peach's Castle --> Random Desert
Word Count: 1,487

New Power Acquired!
Vivify: Donnie has remembered a basic healing spell. By releasing healing jade mists, he can cause wounds to rapidly heal. Think of it like Cure Moderate Wounds from Dungeons and Dragons.

Donnie woke up the following morning in one of the castle's many guest rooms, depressingly sober. He honestly had expected this castle to have at least some choice wines in the cellar. Princess Peach was a crown princess for the gods' sake! Instead, he had ended up trying to explain what alcohol he wanted to the Toad before shortly realizing that his waiter didn't even know what booze was. By the Four Celestials, that had been embarrassing. All he wanted was a good drink and he had ended up barreling straight into bizarre alternate-universe values. He even recalled the Toad being mystified at why someone would bother with such a dangerous beverage.

So first Galeem had shredded his universe to pieces and made it part of some demented cosmic tapestry. Then he had placed everyone from the worlds in said tapestry under mind control for some unknown purpose.

But worst of all, Galeem had dumped him in a world without booze. And that was unforgivable.

He sprung out of bed with his typical energy, finding his armor cleaned up from yesterday's fight with Merkava and the scraps he'd occasionally gotten into under Galeem's control. The unsightly singe was gone, for one.

He had an issue though. Sitting down in a nearby chair, he pulled up the right leg of the pajamas he had in the Madman's Luggage, only to find that the ankle bite that the black giant's minion had given him hadn't healed. And it was not only still purple, but sore. This would be annoying.

On instinct, he made to fire a Chi Burst at it, before realizing that it would probably blast a hole in the floor. For a reason he didn't understand, however, he raised both hands to cast a spell. His hands glowed, and green mist emerged around his right ankle, soothing the pain for a moment...but as the mists cleared, he noticed that the wound hadn't regenerated. This could prove more troublesome than he thought...

Wait, did he just cast Vivify? That was right, he did! He remembered that Mistweaver spell like it was the back of his hand! Donnie sprang to his feet, the strange wound forgotten about for the time being as he paced back and forth around the room in excitement. So it seemed that as time passed he would remember more spells! Would he remember how to resurrect people again? Split himself into three spirits to take on multiple targets? Redirect damage back to a target? Hit a pressure point with lethal results?

...Come to think of it, he had already remembered intermediate-level cooking skills since last night! This was a very good sign. The wound could be investigated later. Good news in Galeem's mad world was hard to come by.

Breakfast was fairly typical honestly. Eggs, bacon, etc. The castle's cuisine couldn't be more Stormwind-esque if it tried. Still, he was born in Stormwind, and eating it reminded him a bit of home.

A home that he rather despised for much of his life (at least until Anduin came to power, and even then he still detested Jaina Proudmore and the fact that her newfound racism could spread far and wide from the mind of someone in such a high place), but it wasn't like the Horde was a whole lot better. The Forsaken society had more skeletons in its closet than the amount of actual skeletons roaming the Tirisfal wilderness.

He sat through Peach's presentation...which was honestly quite disturbing. Crushing Spirits to turn them into weapons? Binding people's souls to yourself? This sounded like the things that the necromancers in Scholomance would've tried back in the day. Before they were all wiped out, of course. Hell, Frostmourne was a weapon powered by the souls of the dead, and that cursed piece of junk had caused unimaginable death and destruction once the Lich King got his hands on it.

Still, desperate times called for desperate measures. And thinking back to the fight with the black giant, he did recognize that some beings deserved such a fate. Hell, his entire career had consisted of taking down one monster after another. If he met Merkava again...

No. It wasn't worth thinking about right now. At his full power he could annihilate that giant. Once his memories came back, he'd come out on top for sure.

On that note, he went back to his food.

And a few hours later, he was outside the castle in full armor once again, rummaging through the luggage's many pockets and trying to figure out what mount to use. A war-tiger, especially weighed down by heavy armor, wouldn't be fast enough to keep up with a gas-powered machine, so the kitty was out. The Dwarven flying machine was too high-maintenance. The Champion's Treadblade was cool and all but he'd rather fly. Mimiron's Head, as a Titan-forged flying machine of sorts, was advanced enough to fit the bill...but then there was the Disc of The Red Cloud, which would be easier for hit-and-run tactics. What to do...?


And that was Bowser shouting louder than than a megaphone. Well, he was fast enough. But scouting was more a rogue's thing. Still, not many people here could fly so it would certainly help.

"Give me a sec!" the monk called back from across the convoy. "I need to choose my mount!"

Okay, so for scouting he needed a mount that was silent, and would work in combat so that he could defend himself easily when seen. The Disc of the Red Cloud fit the bill.

But as he made to pull out its orb...

First, there was a honking sound. Then, he heard Bowser shout at the top of his lungs (he didn't think it was possible for him to get any louder then he normally was, but he somehow did), "MOUNT UP ALREADY YOU MOOKS, OR GET LEFT BEHIND!" Then the sound of tires squealing.

Donnie looked up, seeing Bowser away. He immediately summoned the Disc, closed and dismissed his luggage, and tore off after him, rapidly catching up.

Peach was thankfully incredibly dainty (aside from her apparent affinity for large firearms) and quite humble. Bowser was anything but. He so wanted to call the guy out, but questioning the authority of a king was a bad idea, even if that king was an idiot who took the risk of leaving men behind because he got impatient.

So he settled for shooting him a dirty look as he shot by instead.

Over the course of his journey, he attempted to scout the terrain ahead aboard the Disc, and he'd come back every now and then to warn his allies about upcoming hazards and such, potentially coming across the heavily-armed cars and warning the party in advance.

However, one way or another the party came across the cars. The ramshackle vehicles reminded him of something an enterprising goblin mechanic would build in order to fool a particularly stupid customer, but somehow even shittier than that. And goblin engineering was a low bar to pass, since goblins were infamous for giving absolutely no shits about the quality of their products. In fact, he was pretty sure that a few of them actively tried to get their merchandise to explode for seemingly no reason, just because they found it funny. Moral of the story: Don't buy from goblins. EVER.

Where was he? Oh right, dealing with these punks. His eyes widened as he saw what the enemy drivers were trying to do. They were going to ram the karts! There was no way they'd survive an impact from something that size!

Thinking fast, he made to light up any car he could hit with rapid-fire Chi Bursts, using the Disc to move unpredictably and hopefully avoid taking too much enemy fire as he did so. He was sure that the occupants had guns too, and if there was a passenger in there, they wouldn't hesitate to fire on him.

Mounted combat, and especially flying mounted combat, weren't Donnie's forte. He was mainly an infantry unit in all honesty. So it was expected when most of his Chi Bursts missed. Of ten, only three hit their target. The first managed to destroy one of the cars' chainguns, and with the second shot, he killed the front passenger on that side. He could tell because his corpse tumbled out of the car shortly afterwards, likely kicked out by a driver who didn't want a dead body to distract him. A lucky hit from the third Chi Burst managed to blow off another car's back-left tire, leaving the rest of the axle just hanging out. The car immediately took a major hit to its handling as a result, but wasn't taken out yet.
@SimpleWriter @LuckyBlackCat

Hey. apologies for going silent. I had a completely different Quirk idea and I was hesitant to undo my progress. It would also require me to redo my whole backstory, at least to a degree, so I was on the fence about pulling the trigger. But here it is.

Quirk Name: Android
Quirk Type: Mutant
Quirk Description: Alex's body may look normal on the surface, but beyond a layer of semi-realistic fake flesh, he's completely mechanical. Strangely enough, his body grows normally with age due to a telescoping internal structure, hence why he isn't still a baby (as robots normally don't grow). This comes with numerous advantages, but also numerous weaknesses. While Alex has the superhuman strength, shorter reaction times, tireless endurance, higher running speed, enhanced durability, and superhuman processing power of a robot, this doesn't mean his Quirk-generated structure is compatible with other computers right out of the starting gate. He runs on his own operating system, with his own internals and unique hardware. As a result, while his basic mechanical structure can be repaired by anyone with a basic knowledge of robotics, in order to outright replace or upgrade a part, the machinist must basically reverse-engineer him first, making it much more difficult for him to get the services he needs. However, he can be modified to rectify some of these problems, such as by giving him additional protocols or a USB port to interface with otherwise incompatible machines, but these modifications are simply not there yet. Of note: Alex can actually eat or drink like normal people, as his body atomizes food for fuel via a plasma arc, much like real-life plasma gasification plants. However, when he burns the syngas produced via this method, he must release the built-up exhaust once an internal canister fills up, much like how most creatures must expel waste. He usually goes outside to do this. His body is also capable of internally self-repairing moderate damage, much like how a human can heal broken bones, but he must consume large quantities of metal and/or plastic and/or rubber to do this, and the process is only slightly faster than similar healing would be in a human. Alex also has a power plug for charging off of electricity if food is unavailable or for convenience's sake. The main strength of the Android Quirk is actually not its superhuman abilities, but its robotic nature: Once it is reverse-engineered and compatibility with modern systems is obtained, any amount of internal weaponry, enhancements, and defense systems can be installed, within reason. After all, his powerplant and processor can only handle so many components at once.

Level 1 - 5/10 EXP (+3 = 8/10 EXP)
Difficulty Level 1


Level 1 - (8/10) + 3 = 11/10 LEVEL UP!
Location: Peach's Castle Exterior → Entrance Hall → Kitchen Word Count: 2,552

As the monk entered the castle, he noticed how posh it was. To be honest, he figured whoever owned it must have a massive ego of some kind. Who else would stick a giant stained-glass portrait of their face right above the front door for all to see, and coordinate the roof color to match their dress? He’d been inside castles before, particularly Stormwind’s, and the Wrynn family usually didn’t go nearly that far with decoration.

Then again, that could be because the Wrynn family usually put functionality and defense above looking pretty, and perhaps if times were more peaceful (read: With all of humanity not confined to a mere two kingdoms or so), he would have seen the same amount of excess from his own king.

Speaking of which, he really hoped that Anduin was still alive. Though even if he was still around, he’d be under Galeem’s control. The boy didn’t deserve a fate like what Donnie had endured not five minutes ago. And if he was brainwashed, Donnie was going to free the poor kid, no matter what.

He opened the double doors and entered, seeing a rather grand-looking entrance hall--as expected given the rich decoration and massive lawn outside (seriously, where were the defenses? Either the queen of the castle was a terrible leader or her kingdom must’ve been incredibly peaceful before all this), he was greeted by a strange furry creature and a mechanical-looking girl (some kind of robot? He’d never really seen one as human-looking as that before), who greeted him in broken Common (or whatever language these people spoke. For all he knew, Galeem could have shoved a translator spell in everyone’s heads so that his troops could understand one another), and ran off with the furry creature before he even managed to get out a greeting.

Well, they were in a rush, he thought to himself as the two fled. With that, he found himself alone in the entrance hall.

There were a few guards around, of course. Some kind of gnome-like species with mushrooms growing on top of their heads. He walked up to one of them and asked, “Excuse me, do you know where the feast is happening?”

The Toad cheerfully gave him directions, but laughed when Donnie asked his next question.

“Thanks, but...are those mushrooms hats of some kind or…?”

“No, it’s real. We’re all Toads. As in, ‘Toadstool.’ The princess is the only one who doesn’t look like us!”

“I see. Thank you for your time.”

With that, he went on his way, wondering if this “Princess” was adopted or something. He wasn’t concerned about the lack of a queen though. He just assumed she hadn’t gotten married yet so she hadn’t officially ascended to the throne. Some kingdoms had saved the coronation for after marriage historically, with the eldest son or daughter serving taking on the responsibilities of the monarch, but without the title. Politics were weird like that.

In any event, onto the feast! He began to make his way towards the kitchens, following the Toad’s advice to the best of his ability, though this castle was still pretty huge and almost maze-like with the amount of doors it had.

With a resounding *THUD!* the door to the kitchen opened, Gene walking through the doorway with a half eaten apple in hand. He'd finished his dinner, if one could call a fruit bowl dinner, and figured he'd look around a bit before heading back to the kitchen for desert. For the most part, the hallways were populated by those weird mushroom things who were all standing at attention. They would have surprised him, but after his latest misadventure, nothing could surprise him. In the course of two days, he fought a fat Mexican demon, a gorilla luchador, a midget Sentai team, a giant fly monster, and, oh yeah, the actual Devil. And then he wound up in a strange new land and met a bunch of strange new people.

Apparently, they all had been sucked right out of their worlds by some dude named Galeem, and now it was either band together and fight back or die. To be honest, he was kinda sorta a little irked that he was dragged into another quest to save to the world. Only this time, the stakes were much, much higher. Like, universe higher, nay, multiverse higher. He was starting to miss the days when all he had to worry about was getting dinner and a place to sleep for the night. Of course, that all went out the window when he met Olivia...

Oh crap, Olivia! He had almost forgotten about her! That psycho chick was probably here too, maybe even under Galeem's control like he was. He was really hoping he could find her and save her. Maybe once they set out tomorrow they'd run into her, much as she was a pain in the ass he wanted to make sure she was alright at least. Hopefully, she wouldn't be under Angra's control... Oh no, Angra was probably out there too! Crap, he wouldn't be able to fight Angra without the other God Hand!

"Okay, deep breaths, deep breaths..." Why'd he have to remember all this crap when he was supposed to just unwind and relax? Just... This was stuff for future Gene to worry about, right now he was just gonna chill out and take a look around. He looked at the apple in his hand, laughing slightly when he noticed that in his stress he had started eating the core. He tossed it behind him, the remains of the fruit bouncing off a toad's head and onto the floor.

He turned the corner, and almost bumped right into another guy. His reflexes kicked in, making him sidestep out of the way with a quiet "nice" escaping his lips at the smooth dodge. Taking the guy in, Gene noted the armor he wore, raising an eyebrow at the gaudy wolf - or is that a tiger? - helmet he was wearing. But the thing that caught his eye the most were the blades at his side. They didn't look like daggers or something like that, more like weapons someone would use to make their punches stronger... Maybe he should look into getting something like that.

"Well, you're late to the party. Just show up or something?" he asked the stranger, though his eyes never left the weapons at his side.

Donnie would have dodged himself had the muscular man not sidestepped. “Why thank you,” Donnie said in response to the compliment (what else could “Nice!” mean?) as he turned to Gene.

He noted that the man was staring at the Fists. “I was just freed myself. I’m looking for the feast. Don’t tell me it’s already over?”

Gene tore his eyes from the blades at the man's words, looking up at his face. With a grin, he shook head and responded, "Nah, it's still happening. Just down the hall, second door on your right. Bunch of people in there, so I hope you aren't the socially awkward type." He paused, looking at the handblades again, before looking back up at the guy. "I was gonna take a look around the castle, but I figure it'd be best if I stick around with you. Y'know, help the newbie out a bit." He conveniently left out the fact that before this guy came along, he himself was the newest member of this motley crew.

Donnie looked at him flatly, the eyes under his helmet clearly showing he had sensed Gene’s bullshit. “I know you’re just here for the handblades, I can see it in your body language.”

His expression lightened up soon after though. “Fortunately, I’m an enthusiast of all kinds of monster-slaying implements, so I can give you the rundown if you want.”

Gene's eyes widened, and he gave a nervous grin in response to the man's accusation. Shit, he'd figured him out!

"Uh, n-no I'm not, I'm just... Admiring..." He sighed, his nervous grin morphing into a slightly less nervous smile at the other man's words. "... Well, they are pretty cool. Think you could give me that rundown while I show you the way to the kitchen? I'd love to hear about those beautiful blades... And maybe find out how I can get my own." He added the last part without even thinking about it.

With that, the two began walking towards the kitchen. Donnie began his explanation. “Okay, so to make a long story short, these handblades, called the Fists of the Heavens, are kinda legendary. They’re powered by magic taken directly from the Elemental Plane of Air, and the spirit that it was stolen from poured way too much power into these things to be safely handled by most people. The guy who made them accidentally killed himself and leveled his entire city when he tried to pick them up, and when an actual air spirit tried to use them, it slowly drove him insane. I am the only person in history to safely wield these things, and that’s because my warrior-monk training gave me enough spiritual discipline to keep them under control.” he said as he took them out, the blades glinting and the internal vortex on full display.

“Unfortunately, Galeem sealed them when he dumped us in this weird place, so you...well, you might not accidentally summon a hurricane and level the castle if you wield them, but I’d rather not risk it. And they’re one-of-a-kind. You’re not gonna find them anywhere else, but if my world shows up here you’ll probably find something even better anyway. There’s at least a dozen equal weapons i could name, and I’m sure there’s some even better stuff on Azeroth that wasn’t found yet.” With that, he put them away.

Gene's normal grin widened even more at Donnie's words. Even better weapons out there? Oh man, he almost wanted to leave the castle now to go looking. Still, he kept his composure... Mostly.

"Well, I'll be sure to keep on the lookout then! Still, I'd be willing to try those out sometime... I'm sure I could handle 'em. After all, this bad boy right here..." He patted his right bicep, the Deistic Brace shaking slightly with a metallic *clank* as he did so. "... Is packing the power of a God! That's why they call me the God Hand!"

Donnie looked at the man’s arm with interest. “Interesting. What can it do? And what kind of God does it get its power from?” His world was polytheistic to say the very least, so its power really depended on what kind of god the God Hand was deriving its abilities from. It could be something like a Wild God, which were powerful but not very high on the totem pole, or it could be something more like a Titan, which could create and destroy worlds. Which got him very interested in its origin.

Gene looked at the other man curiously. What kind of God? Isn't there only the one? "Uh, it just takes power from... The God. Like, the one above all? Created the universe and all that? I dunno how it draws that power. All I know is that I lost my arm, got this sweet new one, and once I rip this off," he patted the Deistic Brace, "I can attack harder and faster, and I'm completely immune to damage... For a short amount of time that is. It can get a bit overwhelming if I don't clap this brace back on in time."

“Ah, we don’t really have one of those over in my world. Instead, we’ve got several different pantheons stacked on top of each other and all myths are true. You’ve got Wild Gods--manifestations of nature for a given area--you’ve got Titans, which are the souls of planets and tend to create machine worlds, you’ve got the Old Gods, which are basically pure evil and should be driven off at all costs, and then there are the Four Elemental Lords, and so on and so forth. I actually had just killed a mad Titan not ten minutes before Galeem ruined it all, and I had to die several times to pull it off. Long story, I can tell you later over a drink.”

As he was saying this, he opened the door to the kitchen, seeing...well, the machine-girl from earlier hadn’t lied. This place really was a ragtag bunch of misfits. He was sure these people were all capable, and probably famous in their own worlds, but they were as varied as they come.

Still though, he had spent time with everyone from undead to fish-people, this was nothing new. So he casually sat down at an empty seat at the table and piled his plate high with food t before he started chowing down. It seemed kinda like standard Stormwind fare, albeit the kind of fare at Stormwind Castle. Royal chefs knew how to make food. For that matter, he looked around at any Toads who were working the nearby cooking implements, if they still were. He was a bit curious how it was made, but he also felt like this would jog his memory for some strange reason….

Gene had fallen silent as they walked through the door and into the kitchen, and he followed the other man to his seat. Taking a seat next to the man not long after he had sat down, Gene grabbed the nearest dessert, a banana split sundae, and looked around. He noticed that the midget mushrooms were still cooking regular food for those who had arrived late, which was good because the guy next to him looked like he needed a good meal.

With a grin, Gene turned back to his fruity ice cream treat, and began to chow down. The bowl was empty in fifteen seconds flat, and Gene leaned back in his chair with a contented sigh of satisfaction. He turned to the monk next to him and, as if realizing something, smacked himself on the forehead. "Huh, man, I was so caught up talking to you I nearly forgot. What's your name? I'm Gene."

The monk grinned. “Call me Donnie.” With that, he went back to practically inhaling a lobster bisque soup before systematically demolishing a giant turkey leg. An observer that didn’t know any better might think that Donnie hadn’t eaten for days.

Gene nodded at the man, Donnie, and smiled. Much as he hated to admit it, he wasn't exactly getting to know the others, so it was good to have a friend among them all. After a moment more, he remembered Donnie's words, about how he'd explain his final fight before Galeem brought them all here over drinks. Hell, maybe they could swap stories; Gene probably didn't have as many as Donnie, but in the last two days he had gotten enough to last him a whole lifetime.

So, with a clap of his hands, he waved to the mushroom guys. "Hey, get us some drinks over here! My throat's parched!" The Toads moved fast, bringing the two of them mugs of what looked like... Fruit juice? Nevertheless, Gene chugged it down, and looked at the now empty mug in curiosity. "... Uh, you got anything stronger?"


Thanks for the feedback. What do you think would the most appropriate timeframe? I'm personally leaning towards an hour as his maximum time limit, since he was also intended to be kind of a stealthy hero. The boost in speed makes him kind of a ninja when he's not directly fighting, but I had the idea of making him vacillate between a stealth role and having a sonic weapon for stopping villains non-lethally (or riot control). He's going to have a music shtick too. The main reason it was so long was because with his super-speed, I envisioned him as spending long periods in the field with his silence field up, staying out of sight, tailing criminals and eavesdropping on secret meetings and stuff.

However, I didn't want to reduce the time limit without an exact figure from you.

Oh, I actually didn't see this. Hadn't refreshed the page yet, and I ended up fixing it on my own. Thanks for the advice though!
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