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Short but sweet. Again, no crossover elements present, though this time because it was a complete rush-job. I got an extension for Black Friday, but then an opportunity to spend time with an RL family member ended up eating up the entire day and I was left with a grand total of two and a half hours to finish it. It only got done because Lugubrious thankfully offered me credit for everything I wrote before 2 AM. I should have worked on it earlier in the month, but I had writer's block for most of it and ended up pontificating over whether to scrap the entire thing or not and start fresh.

Anyway, here it is. A measly 644 words.

@Majoras End

Um...don't take this the wrong way, but I'm actually REALLY worried about the implications of bringing a character like Frisk into...literally any roleplay.

Mainly, Determination. Saving and Loading are real forces of nature in Undertale. Most of these characters we're playing are based on some combination of game mechanics and narrative/lore stuff, sure, but Determination, in Undertale, is functionally like time-travel. Sans even says during your fight with him that when you save and load, you're jumping timelines.

Think about what that means for everyone else. Yes, you could probably be permanently eliminated by being killed at a save point (if such things exist, I'd have to ask @Lugubrious) in such a way that you revive unto death infinitely, so I'm not calling you INVINCIBLE, but when you save and load, what you're doing is forcing everyone in the world to replay their actions until you get the desired result.

Frisk IS about dodging, sure, but they're also about saving and loading. Try, try again and all that. And I'm not sure that having a character that has Save Scumming as part of their M.O. is really a good idea. Even if you remove that, you're still dealing with a character that's a complete glass cannon and is either completely overpowered, a complete pacifist, or is a bit of the best of both worlds if you go the neutral route but you should probably take that into account beforehand.

Again, I don't want to backseat-drive. Do whatever you want, if you can make it work. But I'm really concerned about Frisk.
@Majoras End

I personally would like to see Joker, as I've been waiting to run into him for a while and it would be pretty neat to have him as a PC. That said, I don't want to backseat-drive. Pick whoever you feel like playing.

Location: Police Station Roof

Word Count: 408

EXP: (30/40) + 1 = 31/40

"A simple spear charge? Really? I've seen better," Donnie mocked as he jumped up and over the charging Acceptances with a front flip and landed on the back of one of the centaur-like pegasi, riding it like a horse against its will. It bucked and tried to force him off, but he managed to stay on. He charged his hands full of chi and his fists into its golden spine, one after another, shattering the gold that encased its back and revealing the nightmarish flesh within. He then jammed his right hand into the open wound and, in a first in this battle, slashed at it with his right handblade, cutting something important, before it managed to strike him in the face with the butt-end of its lance.

Donnie saw stars as the Acceptance finally bucked him off of it, sending him up into the air and crashing back to Earth, the Acceptance standing above him. It attempted a coup de grace with its lance, but Donnie managed to catch it in both hands as he cracked a smile and pushed it back.

While the Acceptance was preoccupied with this, Donnie kicked at its forelegs with a sweep, tripping it over. It babbled something in a language he didn't understand from the mouth in its chest. He understood the sentiment, though. Something something patience my child, something something divine fury. He'd heard it before, and from the mouth of something actually worth worshipping.

It had dropped its lance in the confusion, and Donnie was quick to pick it up. Their positions now reversed, he wasted no time jamming the lance all the way through its side, skewering it, before finishing it off with a chi-enhanced boot directly what passed for its face.

It sprayed blood from its open wound and disappeared into light. Its weapon, however, stayed.

So Donnie picked up the lance and hurled it like a javelin from an arm with quite a lot of chi dumped straight into it, hurling it at a speed not unlike a high-caliber bullet, straight at the Cachet he had wounded earlier, followed by running right for it with a Rising Sun Kick aimed directly to its already-wounded face. if it landed, he'd follow up with a ferocious combo of hand and leg strikes while watching out for that blade. Hopefully, this finally killed the golden nightmare. He was getting tired of dealing with these self-righteous horrors already.

Adrian "Shadow" Hex

Well, this was what he had signed up for. A pirate's life for him, huh? He disliked pirates. Somewhat intensely in fact. But he had always been willing to compromise his ethics. He had killed for a living for the past few years, and then the whole thing came crashing down after he left. One man and his little daggers couldn't fix the world. He'd known it now for so long.

Besides, more likely than not the riches on that ship were going in some World Noble's pocket. Better they go in his hands than some fat despot's paws.

He stood on deck, pulling out one of his daggers and getting ready to resolve this without fighting if he could.

Then they started talking.

Prince Bayonnes? Scum of Benniad? What were they on about? Had the crew just stumbled across a conspiracy of some kind? He'd never operated in a place called Benniad. And he had no idea who these so-called Ravens were.

It sounded juicy, but it also sounded like something way in over their heads. Still, it could be interesting.

He decided to get into the intimidation game. He took out a long metal dart, speaking at a loud volume to be heard from the other ship.

"I'm afraid I have no idea who this 'Prince Bayonnes' is, nor do I care. Hand over all your treasure or a hundred of these darts go through your hull and out the other side at the speed of sound."


It all happened so fast. The Saiyan charged at him in a rage that made Juze's blood run cold. He put up his arms to defend himself in a high guard, but was saved by the blue fellow...who promptly sacrificed himself to rip off Korun's tail.

He'd never seen anything so brutal in his entire life. Korun executed the man.

...That was it. He hated the concept of it. But he was not going to show mercy unless they outright surrendered.

Korun was quickly backed up by incoming alien fighters, the other two who had been on the ground.

Juze's face twisted into something cold and angry. He was just focusing on the battle now, with tranquil fury.

He put out an arm in front of him, the coldness of his expression belying what would happen next, as the air in front of him rapidly began to heat up. His ki coalesced into a brilliant ball of flame-like plasma that crackled and twisted.

"Flame Sphere!"

The ball went out towards his the bigger of the two Saiyans, the one he didn't know was named Jagen, and he would make it home in on him until it got near enough to explode. Of course, if he could make contact and set him on fire, that would be nice too.

He didn't want to kill a child if he could help it.
I was waiting on your response to Chev, actually. I wasn't going to post based on actions that could have potentially been edited away. Now that you've given him the all-clear, I can actually get to work.

Word Count:756

(28/40) + 2 = 30/40

Donnie took stock of the battlefield. It was pandemonium. But the beings atop the building caught his attention.

These...things. Donnie could feel the magic radiating off of those golden-winged beings like a palpable thing. They did not read as what they should have pinged as.

The greater universe in which Azeroth resided, known to Azerothians as the Great Dark Beyond, was defined by two opposing forces: The Light and the Void. The Light was an ethereal force, an endless sea of thrumming life energy, that existed beyond the boundaries of reality. It, like chi, could be found in all things, as it was the life-force that made creatures tick. Light proper cannot directly exist in the universe outside of living things, but it could be harnessed as holy magic.

Donnie--or rather, Donovan--was raised in Stormwind for the first twelve years of his life. Stormwind's defining religion was the Church of the Light. It was the thing he had grown up praying to and worshipping, and he had venerated those trained priests and paladins who could harness its power as authority figures.

He had met the Naaru. He had fought alongside Lighforged Dranei. He knew paladins personally. He had seen them obliterate demons, undead, and the spawn of the Old Gods in holy fire. He had seen them heal the sick and revive the dead, just like he could. Even as someone who could not control Light, he was aware of its power and its role in the world. He respected it and held in great esteem those who used it to help others.

But these...things. These beings that dressed up in a shining golden shell, decorated with gaudy yet sinister spikes, metallic wings, and shining jewels, with unnatural, alabaster faces to cap it all off...clearly, they were meant to be holy. But they made a mockery of the Light.

This flying machine was clearly meant as relief for the "police" station. And they just destroyed it before he could get near.

He was on his Disc, racing to help those inside. He had been trying to protect the innocent. And these allegedly-holy beings had just trashed it, probably killing everyone inside as it crashed into the beleaguered "police" station.

He shook. He could feel the negative forces threatening to take over.


He had lost control against the Ent. But he was the Grand Master of the Order of the Broken Temple. He was to lead by example. It was fine to feel anger. But only insofar as it was useful. The sha had been an excellent example of how negativity could consume you. Sometimes literally.

So he clamped down on it. Took a deep breath. Closed his eyes. When he opened them, they were determined, and intently focused. His path was clear.

Whatever these things were, they were going to pay for their crimes.

He ignored the ground battle. Blazermate had single-handedly neutralized the majority of the undead force, and the defenders were hurling enough lead at the zombies that were left to make life hell for a melee fighter.

So, he hopped on the Disc and rocketed towards the big one, the one he didn't know was called a Cachet.

While passing by, he snapped out his right leg and spun, his foot making contact with the Cachet's left cheek in a perfectly-executed Blackout kick that knocked it back to the edge of the roof as something flew off of it. A lance of pain stabbed through his arm as he passed by though. It had manifested some kind of blade and slashed at him, leaving a nasty wound.

But the panel clattered to the ground, revealing a wriggling mass of flesh underneath the marble-like shell. Disgusting.

"Funny," he said, dismounting the Disc and slipping its orb into his Luggage before desummoning it, his voice dripping with enmity, "Where I come from, holy beings don't need to wear masks."

Then, he leaped into the fray once more. He didn't use the Fists this time. He wouldn't be holding back.

He charged towards the Cachet, both hands charged with chi that he attempted to shove into the angel's face--a dual Tiger Palm. When you get to be a grandmaster, you learn to improvise techniques. Then, he rolled back, the roll turning into a backflip as he landed on the other side of the roof, gathering energy into his hands as he fired off a Chi Burst. At its current trajectory, it would go through Banjo, two Compassions, and the Cachet, hurting enemies and healing allies, including himself. He'd rather heal at these things' expense than waste time casting Vivify.
Yeah, I'm still here. I'm going to get a post up soon enough. I guess I've just been having issues figuring out what I should do, tactically-speaking.

So how are we going to handle this? Collab? Post edit? New post? Because we can't respond directly as we're waiting on interaction.

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