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The flight was mostly uneventful for Juze--until someone started shouting into Negi's earpiece. The sound of the wind muffled the speech significantly, but he could still make out enough to get the picture.

"God, I can hear him from here. I didn't expect our enemies to be so loud and obnoxious," Juze piped up. Then he heard what Negi said in response. "Wait, Negi, did you just say the guy on the other end is [i]10?[/1] Does this faction we're fighting use child soldiers or do you just mature very fast?"

When Tabaga arrived, he passively observed. This was Negi's business, not his, though a new ally would be welcome. Normally he'd be over the moon at meeting two sapient aliens in one day, but after the incident with the Saibamen, he wasn't in the mood. Nearly getting your town razed will do that.
I think me, at this point. I'll try to get a post out today.

Location: Charnel Lane, Dead Zone
Word Count: 294
EXP: (11/40) + 1 = 12/40

Donnie swore. This wasn't a normal Treant-type monster. This was something else. That gas was preventing the flame from taking. He'd have to do this the old-fashioned way.

Then a pink mass shot straight towards him. Luckily, he was capable of avoiding the worst of it with a quick movement of the Disc, but he had been taken off-guard, and had breathed in a small amount of the gas as it soared by him.

He rapidly broke out into a violent coughing fit, unable to really move the Disc while hacking and wheezing. Thankfully, he had long-since learned to cast Detox whenever this happened. He was instantly cured, and rushed to Nero's aid.

He rapidly flew by, stopped, cast Detox on the demon hunter, and then flew back to deal with the Ent.

Obviously, if you hit the Ent too hard in one spot, it would release that gas. But what about its weakpoint? He could cure himself, so he might as well try it.

So, if he could get close enough, he parked the Disc next to the Ent's back. He got into a fighting stance, and then unleashed a full combo. Rapid-fire Tiger Palms and generic chi strikes to the upper back, followed by a Blackout Kick at full strength, a Rising Sun Kick to finish it off, and then he'd rapidly get the hell out of dodge before either the gas came out or he got splattered by the angry Ent's fist.

The key thing to figure out was, could he get away with bludgeoning damage without triggering the effect? Obviously, cutting too deep with a blade would hit the gas reservoir and spit out the infection, but maybe if he smashed the wood from the outside, it wouldn't do that?

Word Count: 335
Level up! Donnie has reached Level 4. He gains Detox, a basic antidote/cure spell that instantly eliminates all diseases and poisons from the target. If he was a Mistweaver, it would remove magical effects, like curses, too. Requires very little energy, and can basically be spammed.
EXP: (10/40) + 1 = 11/40

As Donnie walked out of the van, carrying the Disc over his shoulder with his weapons sheathed, he observed the threat before him. A towering treant, obviously somehow cursed. It was a gnarled, twisted thing, with what looked like tentacles of wood stemming from what passed for its face. Like a wooden version of one of the Faceless Ones.

This was more like it.

It slammed the ground, causing a shockwave to rush right for him. On instinct, Donnie got on his trusty frisbee and ascended above the shockwave, before moving to engage.

He stood in the air, about thirty feet above the creature's head, before, almost on old instincts, summoning up the luggage and pulling out a bottle of something he had honestly forgotten he had. Booze. A fine bottle of it too. He'd almost regret throwing it away like this. But that was the point. It was Darkmoon Special Reserve, the signature brand of the Darkmoon Faire, which was only open on the first week of each month. While it was therefore one of the harder alcohols to get, it had a reputation (to the point of infamy, even) as one of the most potent alcoholic beverages ever made, on par with Nethergarde Bitter or Loch Modan Lager. This would work excellently for what he had in mind.

He tore off the cork on the bottle with chi-enhanced strength, then poured the whole bottle into the open air, right on the Ent's head. It flowed down onto its shoulders and back in limited quantities, though a lot of it went wide and spread to the rest of its body. It would have to do.

He then activated the next step of his (admittedly simple) master plan: Produce a book of matches, strike one of them, and drop the lit match directly on the Ent's head.

Then, if the tower of wood successfully became little more than an angry, flailing, overgrown bonfire, run like hell. Figuratively speaking, of course. He would be flying.

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You don't gotta shame its rude.

Frankly, I'm not even sure ERP is allowed on this site. I'd have to check the rules.
I like mechas. However, I don't like anthros. Not sure how to reconcile the two here. I suppose I can just try making an anthro and see how it goes, but it's not really my thing to begin with...
I'm pretty sure we're all waiting on Double at this point, but I could be wrong.
I'd like to get on line as well.
Uh, guys? I was kinda curious and did my own research (which admittedly wasn't very good or in-depth because he's from a mobile game that lacks easily-accessible character bios on the greater Internet). Apparently Euden is 17 years old. How old is Din (in her current incarnation, not as an immortal Goddess)? Because, um...yeah.
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