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Let's be real, we all consider free role play a meme. Casual is for the average person. And Advanced is for people with no life.
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When ur rp has 30 posts in 6 days, ur doing something horribly, horribly, wrong
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Felix's fist had impacted with the Dragon just before Zenith had picked him up, how his fist had burned the dragon was one of the reasons the Dragon had screeched. However, before he could follow up with another attack, Zenith had scooped him up and took him within a nearby building. This did not bother Felix, he thought Zenith had simply saved him from a future attack, and that he could go again. Then Zenith started to bark at Felix, normally this would not piss Felix off but this was not normal Felix. Before he could even say something in return, Zenith had already left him on the building. That was the last straw for the boy, he had not only insulted his pride and honor but his resolve as well. He had just put his life on the line to save innocent people, and he was scolding him? "That asshole, he still thinks I'm weak. I'm stronger than most of the guild goddamnit, I'll show him". Felix then screamed at the top of his lungs, his body only getting hotter and hotter.

"Blast: Bishop", the Boy yelled as he propelled past Zenith towards the Dragon. Felix instinctively was going towards the back because that was when he had hit it, and also that was the area of attack which had the least amount of risk. Felix landed on the dragon's feet and began to round around to its side. He then jumped onto its hind legs and used Blast: Bishop again to get an aerial view on it's back. Instead of using of Blast: Boulder which took way too long to charge, he was going to use "Blast: Emperor, the advantages was that it was stronger and faster. The downside would be that he would be left vulnerable since he would expel both his heat and his remaining blast magic. When his spell connected, a minor explosion happened on its back. He had accomplished his goal of landing a damaging attack on the Dragon and proving Zenith wrong, but then the question arose, how was he going to get back to safety. He had put himself in a situation where he couldn't use Bishop to escape, and he couldn't get to his allies before the dragon would counter-attack. The Dragon, however, had noticed the attack while it was regenerating and had given Felix a powerful tail whip. By the time Felix had noticed it was too late, and soon he was sent tumbling into unconsciousness.

After the Dragon had given young Felix a reality check, his regeneration was back underway. But to the sadistic beasts, a misfortune he was getting pelted by all sides from attacks. Lavinia's spell had disoriented that Dragon, and it had even snapped the Dragon's neck, not that that was enough to slay the beast, however. And then Holly's spell had put the Dragon on the floor, and it seemed that the beast ha perished. And then someone had aggravated his wounds and put him into overdrive. The Dragon stood back up and began to screech at an ear-splitting tone. Its regeneration had increased tenfold. It continued to screech, but it looked like a chicken with its head cut off. It could not sense where the FenixTear mages were but he sure as well knew that he was being attacked by them. After his eye had fully regenerated he could feel see that lightning raining down at him. And of course, he went for what he perceived to be the source, a winged white-haired man. And also, he sent a small breath of fire to the teenager riding him.
@Lunarlord34 Of course, after this arc is finished we will be open to applications.

As Felix was just about to use Blast: Bishop to leap of the massive floating leaf, the Dragon had knocked him and the rest of his guildmates off course. He was now hurling towards the ground head first, but this did not really faze Felix because he had been in situations like this before. He turned his body mid-air so that his legs were facing the ground, and then started preparing his legs for the impact of hitting the ground from that high in the sky. The impact when his legs actually did hit the ground, had temporarily stunned him, but he was able to shake it off and focus on the task at hand. Marduk had asked Felix to be patient, and not go gung-ho in the pursuit of glory. And Felix was just about to ignore that advice when he saw the Dragon in his full fearsome glory, no amount of books or folk tales could have prepared him for the sheet terror he was facing right now. Sure he had hunting dangerous beasts in the Wild for years, but how many of them were 50 plus feet tall and could breathe fire?

Marduk's orders lifted the terror from Felix, and he would not have to face the dragon directly, but something told him that even a non-combat role would still be extraordinarily dangerous. Nevertheless, he obeyed Marduk's orders and started finding innocent people all throughout the rubble, carrying them on his back and getting them to safety. Sometimes if the wounds were particularly severe, he would take them to Leon to have their wounds treated. While Felix was quite the selfless person, he couldn't help but shake a feeling of boredom. He knew that fighting that thing was a terrible idea, and he should really just stay back and try to not get himself killed but what was the point of bringing him along if he could not fight as well. Hell, Luke was practically doing the same thing he was doing and he looked like he could easily do the work Felix was doing, while he went and scuffled with dragon alongside his comrades."Stupid Marduk, Luke is already doing the work he is supposed to do, and by the looks of it being more efficient too", the boy who he was carrying replied "Who's Marduk, Who's Luke, mister why do you keep talking to yourself ". Felix scratched his head in embarrassment, clearly forgetting that he was not alone when talking to himself."Don't worry about that, all you need to worry about is getting you to your parents", as Felix continued to run throughout the scarred landscape.

And then the inconceivable happened, the Dragon started to target the civilians he was herding to safety. He was torn between what to do, should he try to go into overdrive, and work harder to save them. Or should he throw caution to the wind and draw the Dragon's attraction to him? He also had a boy younger than him strapped to his back, so he had to get him to his parents safely before anything happens to him.

After he had given the boy back to his parents, his dilemma about what to do had only become more problematic. He had underestimated the roar of the dragon, from his previous vantage point it had looked like it was only one or two city blocks, but it looked like it could cover an entire neighborhood. He really didn't want to let Marduk and his group down, but if he did not draw the attention from himself he would be responsible for many more deaths. "Damn it, what do I do? If I go and draw the attention to myself I'll be committing suicide and put the innocent in an even worse position. However, If I don't do anything to draw attention to myself, he'll just continue his rampage. This is so stressful, I was fine about risking my life, but here my choices affect innocent people. Uh, I wish I never came here at all ". His mental turmoil began to.... generate a certain heat in the boy. The feeling was like akin to drowning in a scalding dark ocean. It was as if, he had lost control of his own body.

The new Felix born from the dark flames that surrounded him, had no such qualms about whether to attack or to defend because he only knew to attack. With the fire of determination in his eyes, he began to sprint from his position towards the dragon. He saw Asher calling for people nearby, to take cover. Felix did not have that option, in his mind, the only move he could make to save innocent lives was to attack with everything he got. "Blast: Boulder!", the boy shouted as a small blue ball of Blast magic began to form around his first. The downside of this spell, however, was that if he even wanted to daze the Dragon he would need to charge it for a considerable amount of time, which is why he began charging in when he began sprinting at the beast. When he had already closed the distance, his spell was fully charged and was ready to dispel. "Take this!", the boy yelled as he launched his attack at the creature.

Can my name be changed to Gittarackur if possible?

Felix was surprised when Zenith has protested him going on the mission, it wasn't that he didn't appreciate his concern, it was just that his concern did not quite make sense to him. He had gone on several missions by himself before, and Zenith had never batted an eye. So the question naturally came to Felix's mind, "How could this be any different", Felix knew that this was a dragon but he never actually fought one, so he did not know how dangerous a dragon truly could be. In his mind, this was just a harder mission which would require all of us, was the risk of death really that high? "Zenith, if all of us are working together no one should get hurt, we can do this". Besides, we have a supportive mage on our team if I somehow get caught it out I should be just fine because Leon can always shield me". Felix's tone was not annoyed or pissed off really, he was just genuinely curious for the reason of why he could not go and help slay the dragon, it would be really good practice for him anyways. He was just about to head out when he heard Ria beginning to defend him.

Not many things pissed Felix off, Ria's maternal instincts were greatly appreciated even if Felix had not ignored them, but Ria had crossed the line, she had insulted his honor and pride. Felix turned to her, his eyes glowing with determination and as he spoke he pumped up his fisty."Ria, I understand you wanting to stand up for me and all, but you have to let me fight my own battles. My dad was just my age when he completed his first deadly quest, and I want to be just like him. All my life, all I ever wanted was to meet him for the first time because I wanted to know what was so great about being a mage that he would go and abandon his own son. But the only way I am ever going to do that is if I stop relying upon others for things like this. Do you really think he became a God of Ishgar, by letting others fight his own battles? Of course not!". After his short speech to Ria, he turned back to Zenith and exclaimed "Besides, why are you getting mad at Holly for? It was Old Man Marduk who decided to bring me along anyway."

He then grabbed his backpack and bolted through the door, his face full of determination ready to prove himself to everybody.

Ria's response did not discourage the boy, many people had their reservations about fighting a kid, not that he could blame them since he wasn't exactly the most powerful mage in Fenixtear. Felix simply sighed in disappointment and prepared to head out to begin his daily training.

And then the inconceivable happened, the guild had miraculously secured a Job. And this was not a small job like clearing out a rat infestation or anything, they were fighting a real live dragon. To say, Felix was excited was a massive understatement the boy was practically jumping around in anticipation. "All right!", Felix exclaimed clearly giddy at the news of getting out of the Tavern. "This is going to be the best mission ever!, as Felix bolted towards the door, heading outside for Grasidia. The boy stopped in his tracks when he heard Marduk's request to work together, Felix was not a team player but any means but even he knew that it would take a team effort to slay an actual dragon."I'm down to team up, it seems to better to do this as a team then run around like headless chickens trying to take it down by our selves."

Then a thought popped into Felix's head,"Gramps after we go and defeat this dragon, can you spar with me? I usually don't ask people this old, but desperate times call for desperate measure". Also, we're ranked the same so I shouldn't get completely destroyed".

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