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Failing a Vibe Check is worse than death, CMV
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Let's be real, we all consider free role play a meme. Casual is for the average person. And Advanced is for people with no life.
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When ur rp has 30 posts in 6 days, ur doing something horribly, horribly, wrong
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My current mood in a nutshell:…


My name is Gittarackur, also known as Darkod974, also known as Dark, also known as Kadinksy, also known as Resident Dumbass and a plethora of other names.

-I like history
-Especially love HXH
-Kind of a dick
- Really fucking dumb

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Felix Wrexflin

Felix blinked before taking the time to adjust to his surroundings. He rubbed his eyes and considered laying back down but decided against in fear of the wrath of his guild master. The boy paused for a second, before getting ready for the day and running down to the first floor. Once he got onto the first floor, his first move was to head towards Ria and challenge her to a duel. "Hey Ria, remember last time when I asked you to fight me but you said later? Well, guess What? This is later and now I'm asking you to train with me by letting me fight you."

Before Ria could respond, Felix decided to head over to where all the commotion is and take a sit. He rose an eyebrow at Zenith's sister but elected to keep his mouth shut. He turned to Gwen before rolling his eyes. "Gwen this is getting old, please put your clothes back on and when did you get swords?"
Y'all still accepting?
@Aeolian Stop trying to introduce new plotlines
Karling Estate

Karlomane Karling, the patriarch of the Karling family was feeling unusually nervous on this fine morning. Maybe it was his urgent meeting he had with Obsidian Kite, or maybe it was the fact that two of his best guards were going to be leaving the estate to collect the mages from FenixTear who would be guarding the estate. No that's not it, the true reason as to why Karlomane Karling was so nervous was because he was going to be leaving the estate without his son Karl. Now let's get this perfectly straight, Karlomane was by no means a helicopter parent, in fact, he gave Karl a great deal of freedom to do what he wanted. He was worried about leaving because of the rather.....enigmatic nature of the estate he and his son resided in. Now normally, even leaving the house would not be a big issue because he would bring his son along, and the house would have no victims to play with. Obsidian Kite, however, requested to speak with him alone for some strange reason. While he was a powerful man, he was not foolish enough to contest the will of a guild of Obsidian Kite who had the full backing of the magic council.

While Karlomane was pacing in the stairway leading up to the front door, two of his Koi Fish Guild mages had asked him why Dove and Otto were preparing to leave. Karlomane cursed Otto, for it was his responsibility to brief the mages daily, every morning before Karlomane would wake up. "It's none of your concern, now go back to your posts and be sure to stay on high alert for the next couple of days"."But why?, the taller of the two mages inquired, "it's Otto's responsibility to brief us, and if we don't know the information we need, we can't protect your property correctly".

Now, Karlomane was starting to get angry at Otto's ineptitude when it came to simple things like this, he's a mercenary for crying out loud, he should be able to understand the value of the little things."Otto and Dove are going to fetch some mages to keep the house, so you're going to have to go on high alert". When the Koi Fish Tatoo mages started to walk away, he made a point to remind them of the most important rule"Remember, under no circumstances are you to interact with no one coming from this house besides me and Otto, and never enter it". The mages gave him a dismissing wave, making his already irritable mood worse."Dove and Otto, you better come back by noon or I'll put both of back into the street where Vermin like you belong", as he yelled into the sky.


@Anza@hatakekuro@Sanguine Rose

On this fine morning in Crocus, a peculiar man was getting ready to chucking a machine through a guild's window. You see, Avedis doesn't like direct contact with other people so he prefers to send his items through unconventional means. In his tracksuit on a nearby rooftop, Avedis readied his aim and launched the ANP straight through the guild window and into the main lobby, now Avedis had to get the fuck out of Crocus lest Torys turn his face into a canoe full of ground hamburger meat for breaking her window. The ANP, however, had landed into the main hall, right next to a white-haired man who seemed to be exhausted from working so much. Always the generous machine, he offered the white-haired Man a drink, "Hello sir, would you like some Abernerra brand Iced Tea?". When The ANP saw other people who looked like they could use a drink or a snack, it went past its usual procedure of waiting for a response and simply created the drink from thin air.

The curious little machine then walked over to a female mage and a black-haired mage with golden eyes, their conversation seemed to be escalating so he was going to try and deescalate it, with a friendly drink. He turned the little dial on the left side on his body where his heart should be and went from normal to the fine setting. He put out his right hand and suddenly two cocktails appear, "Would any of you took like an alcoholic beverage? Abernerra brand alcohal is famous across all of Ishgar you know, and it's stop quality too!" . The curious machine handed one to the mage who appeared to be a rather unattractive looking female, and another to the mage would black hair and golden eyes. He saw a flier in the black-haired mages hand and jumped up to read the piece of paper in the mages hand. It said something about escorting an ANP made by someone called Avedis, wait, he was the ANP, and his master was Avedis! Guys, I'm the one from the mission, you guys are escorting me!"
@Aeolian Ok , move to char Tab

@Sanguine Rose
You took the last S, hope you're happy

@Guy0fV4lor I wouldn't mind him getting bumped to A tier
@BladeSS4 well since the first arc is practically over we're now accepting
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