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Current You ever wonder if your life is just someone else’s poorly written slice-of-life RP?
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Not a fan of the post counter, honestly. It doesn't account for PMs, so I look way lazy.
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Would you believe I'm not dead? I wouldn't. And I was THERE.
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Weekends never come soon enough and always leave too soon, but I LOVE them.
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As tired as I usually feel, you'd think I'd be the type to sleep more often.


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You just made the magic version of a friggin Perception Filter didn't you?

...Well, um, yes... but not intentionally. XD
Posted my character! Please do let me know what you think.

Name: Meredith Alettin
Age: 19

One spell: Sight Trick - This rather simple spell forms a unique barrier around the caster. While it does not make them invisible, it can cause the minds of others to simply overlook the caster; they can see the caster, but they fail to truly notice them. It does not cloak sounds and smells, and those who are alert can usually see through it.

Subjects: Demonology, Ward/Barrier Magic, Summoning

Biography: Growing up, Meredith was always an odd child. Her family lived close enough to the wilds that monsters were a fairly common occurrence for her town, though none were ever threatening enough to do more than injure a careless guard or two. However, for reasons even she can't quite pick out, Meredith found them fascinating. She would often sneak out to search for new and exciting monsters near her home, sometimes befriending younger ones and - more often than not - requiring rescue from the more dangerous ones. Still, her excitement never waivered, and eventually, her constant attention to monsters provided her some impressive insights into their ways. When she was finally old enough, she applied to Arzel to study their Demonology courses, and was very happy to show her few monster friends her acceptance letter.
According to her, they licked her face, then ate the paper.

Items: She keeps an assortment of tools on her person, the most obvious being her journal. The pages are full of notes and sketches (usually doodles, as she's no artist) of monsters and their habits. She also carries a few smaller books for leisure reading, a compass, a small bag of snacks, and - for reasons no one really understands - a single left sock.
Also interest!
^-^; Apologies to all, but upon further reflection, I think I'll pass on this story. But best of luck to you all!
Okay, so, relevant question: Are we allowed to create supervillains as well? Because I would LOVE to play a villain!
Thanks for the mention post. I'll have my CS up by tomorrow night! >_< Sorry for the delay. Double late shifts.
I'm up for this!
A wild Bump appeared!
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