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Current Once upon a time, I forgot this account existed. Well, uh... here I am again! Looking forward to some RP and stuff!


A long-time roleplayer with a love of long-term and wacky characters in wacky worlds. A DM of six different campaigns and player of at least 13. A writer with a solid command of the English language and a host of cast members and worlds.

Also am snek. Hiss hiss.

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Hello hello! I am snek. Once upon a time, I was pretty active on here, but when real life took a turn, I kind of... forgot about this. Sorry to all those left behind. Seriously. But! Now I am back, and better than ever, so I thought I'd make a return to my roots! And now it's time for a whole lot of RP!

A bit about me, I've been roleplaying since I was a wee snekling, all the way back in vanilla WoW! I went through my awkward phase, my cringe phase, my extra cringe phase (please don't ask), and now I think I've got a very solid grasp on roleplay as a whole! Forums, games, post-by-posts, and whatever you have, I've probably done at least once! I'm by no means an expert, but I'm confident we can have fun together!

I've always loved telling stories, so learning to roleplay was a passion that grew every day. And now, I write them regularly! I've DM'd for multiple D&D campaigns, most of which did NOT end in a TPK! Let's... not mention the one that did. Totally not my fault, I swear! Even so, we all had fun.

My fondest memories are of roleplaying with friends, and now I hope to make new ones here with all of you! So, come say hello and let's talk play! I'll be waiting~
Hiss hiss hello! Once upon a time, I had a pretty active account here! Then life got busy, and I forgot about it, and basically I went into hibernation. But now I'm back and looking to engage once again! And you, lovely person, look like someone I'd love to play with! So, let's start talking about what we can do and where we can go with this!

And now that that's out of the way, let's get to the good stuff: things I wanna do! Any roles that are underlined are roles that I would like to play, but for the most part, I'm very open to either side!

And that's about it! If I've caught your attention, I hope I'll hear back from you soon! Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!

Interesting character! I hope her fears don't keep her from enjoying the Academy. Please add her to the Characters tab; your application is accepted!

After lengthy consideration of your application and your answers to the questions I asked, I am happy to say that your application has officially been accepted! Please add Eric to the Characters tab!

Combat mechanics are still a WIP. I'm trying to find a way to simplify the existing battle system from the games. I can confirm for certain that it will center around dice rolls and modifiers.


Go for it! What better place to start learning about new Pokemon?

While I can certainly always appreciate the use of Karma as a character, students are not allowed to carry evolved Pokemon. Additionally, your profile is rather bare. I'd suggest reconsidering who you want in your character and how you want to express that, then try again.

I'm impressed! The character sheet is really well done. Please add Kanoa to the Character tab; your application has been accepted!
<Snipped quote by Gliding Snake>

Gotcha. Definitely more inclined to go for that role then.

By all means! Just bear in mind that applications for a Professor position will receive a bit more scrutiny, given they'll be required to write their own material for classes and such. If you're okay with that, I absolutely encourage you to go for it!
Got a bit eager and already got things set up! Apply here!
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