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5 mos ago
Current Weekends never come soon enough and always leave too soon, but I LOVE them.
5 mos ago
As tired as I usually feel, you'd think I'd be the type to sleep more often.
5 mos ago
No rest for the wicked. ;-; I'll be working until at least 8pm EST almost every night this week.
5 mos ago
Why can't roleplaying be a career?
5 mos ago
Happy Mother's Day! I'll be traveling, so expect few replies today. Sorry!


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^-^; Apologies to all, but upon further reflection, I think I'll pass on this story. But best of luck to you all!
Okay, so, relevant question: Are we allowed to create supervillains as well? Because I would LOVE to play a villain!
Thanks for the mention post. I'll have my CS up by tomorrow night! >_< Sorry for the delay. Double late shifts.
I'm up for this!
A wild Bump appeared!
Hey all. I'm alive again. Sorry for the sudden disappearance, but life decided to get... evil on me. Nevertheless, I'm back now and things have finally cooled down at home, so I figure I can come back for some more fun.

Sorry to say that I'm just gonna go ahead and cancel any in-progress RPs, if only because it's been over a year. But if you liked me, feel free to poke at me again for a redo. If we didn't play but you're interested, then by all means, jump on board!
Thank you to everyone who's posted and PM'd me! I still have a few slots open if anyone else is interested!
Hello hello hello! I'll keep this part short, since you probably wanna get right to the good stuff, but hey! Thanks for reading me! Now that I have your attention, let's jump right in!

Alright, now that all the bureaucracy (that is a heck of a word to try to spell) is out of the way, let's talk about the really good stuff: plots and storylines!

I have plenty more settings and pairings I'd be happy to try, so if you have any ideas, offer them! RP is all about us working together to have fun building an incredible story. Thank you for reading this, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Oh, and uh, ignore the fact that I haven't done anything in three years. I, uh, kind of made this account a long time ago, then got distracted and completely forgot I had this. Eh heh heh... I promise not to do it again, though!
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