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1 mo ago
Current Internet went down! Working on data until it's fixed!!!
3 mos ago
My thoughts go to those in London x Stay safe everyone.
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My name is Beatrice :) I'm 19 years old and I'm from the United Kingdom.

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The person above had a male icon on their profile - but you're correct, they could be lying. It's just what I'm comfortable with, and I wasn't implying it was a logical rule (it also has nothing to do with writing ability). It's silly, but it's a rule all the same. I'd prefer that we didn't discuss it on my thread.
Sorry, I only RP with females at the moment!
(Had some interest, so it's closed for now :) )
Closed for now
I only roleplay with females - sorry
Closed for now
Closed for now
Closed for now.
Oops, better close this until my schedule clears up! :-)
I'd be up for a doubling omegaverse mxm rp! :)
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