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I have acquired nails. Responses will be a little slower as I get used to the new length. Bear with me please.
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[@Raddum] Hey now, lets not...jump the gun.
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Are we doing puns now? Because I got a good one! They should put more chromosomes in advertising. 'Cause ya know, Sex cells. ;3c
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Just realized it's my one year anniversary for the creation of the account. Thanks for the memories and here's to many more!


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Aerwyna had decided on a ‘cold cut’ sandwich. She wasn’t in the mood to cook, mainly because she was a bit hungrier than previously thought. She was finishing up said sandwich when her phone vibrated again. She grabbed it and read the message.

Ok! I will most likely be free to meet! May I ask why the sudden invitation? Do you need a few questions answered?”

She then set her phone down and started to inhale her sandwich. Hm, Black Forest ham wasn’t among her favorites, but her hunger possibly made it taste a bit better that morning.
Aerwyna has decided to eat before she bathed this morning, mainly so if Cinnead wished to talk more, he wouldn’t have to wait an hour or 2 before she left the bathroom. The tub reminded her of home...and she got nostalgic about it easily.

As she was checking what she had as options, her phone vibrated again. She grabbed her phone and raised her eyebrows. Cinnead the shy requesting an outing? Why, something must’ve happened.

Maybe I’ll to double check with my mate and be sure. Is there a specific time you wish to meet? Did she ever tell Cinnead about her mate? She supposed he’d find out now. It’s not like he would even be interested but she preferred to be open, just so there would be no misunderstandings.
Anna had then ran on a bit of an autopilot moments after getting into the parking lot to her own apartment.

She was dating a dragon. The very creature she’d only hear when it was guarding a damsel in distress or a companion of a variety. Never in her dreams would she have imagined that she would see, be up close to, touch, kiss..! And now they were together. She supposed the whole damsel in distress thing gave way to somewhat darker ideas now that she was with Cin. She snapped out of it for a moment and just scurried inside. She had bigger fish to fry at the moment than thinking of what could just be weird stereotypes. Besides, Cin was quite reserved for someone who could breathe fire at will.

One could even say that she expected him to be a...hothead. She laughed at her own stupid pun. The rest of the night was dedicated to misty studying and making a few lizard related puns whenever she got distracted or was on break.


The next morning, a few cities over from where the newly mated couple resided, another dragon grunted in annoyance and slight longing as she felt the space next to her in bed as empty. Her mate had snuck out for work. How dare he.

She made sure to send feelings of annoyance promptly through their bond. After a few minutes, he sent back a bit of happiness and she rolled her eyes. They’d see each other later but she still wanted to see him now as well. She sat up and started stretching when her phone started to chime. She grabbed it and looked at the notification. Cinnead? She smiled and started to type back her response.

I have been well! It is nice to hear from you, Cinnead. How have you been?
No problem! I forgot to respond to this, so I think we're even.

Anna could tell by the face he pulled that he had before he even said it. She held back a giggle as she thought about the idea of soda from the perspective of someone who didn’t know what it was. It would be rather...interesting and unlikeable. Good thing he tried, it crossed one thing off the list.

She felt like she could see the cogs in his brain turning as he quickly went from confusion to shaky understanding, but one that he seemingly liked before reciprocating the gesture. She winked and started pulling away to head back to her own apartment.
Anna chuckled at his gesture, squeezing a little in return. It seemed he was a touchy type of lover, if a bit reserved at times. Her mate was an enigma, but one she was going to crack. “That, and they’d probably have other types of drinks available.” She chuckled. “Have you tried soda? I think you have?” She was a bit bummed that they arrived at the parking lot, wanting to talk a bit longer. But she had studying to do and she shouldn’t try to use Cin to procrastinate.

She blushed a little when he kissed her, trying to stop her smile from growing. “Ah, thank you! Have a good night Cin.” She waved back and blew a kiss. Wait, did he know that gesture?
“Nah, it’s ok. You have your own errands you may need to run and I have a few myself for tomorrow. As for the coffee, we can try it with lunch tomorrow? We can head to a deli or something so you can get some sort of ultimate meat lover’s sandwich.” It was at this time she realized how much Cin hadn’t known. Ok, they’d have a lot to do for dates and things for the next few months. Nothing she couldn’t handle.
“Hey! You weren’t supposed to answer!” She laughed. “Besides, it could also be an excuse for me to pick you up in the morning and maybe grab coffee if we’re early enough. Have you ever tried that by the way?” She buckled herself in and started the engine, making the somewhat short trip towards the campus.
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