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I have acquired nails. Responses will be a little slower as I get used to the new length. Bear with me please.
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[@Raddum] Hey now, lets not...jump the gun.
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Are we doing puns now? Because I got a good one! They should put more chromosomes in advertising. 'Cause ya know, Sex cells. ;3c
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Just realized it's my one year anniversary for the creation of the account. Thanks for the memories and here's to many more!


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“Some people believe that the government watches you through those lenses.” She joked, laughing a little. “All I do need you to do right now though, is smile and look into the lens, tempting as it is to watch ourselves.” She explained making sure he was visible on the screen.

“I don’t think I need flash, so...I’ll take a few on the count of 3.” She thought out loud. “1....2...3!” She took a small burst of photos with a smile for said photo.
Anna gave him space to put on his shirt, only reacting when he started to gently rub his chin on top of her head after pulling her close. Even then, it was just a change of facial expression to closed eyes and a smile before she questioned if he knew what a selfie was. As expected, he didn’t. She noticed his slowed down pace for speaking and decided that she’d leave soon, they could always meet up tomorrow.

“A selfie is when you take a picture of yourself or you and someone else, in this case.” She explained briefly as she set up the camera to take a picture of them. “I want one for my home screen.”
Not at all. Let me know if I made reference so I can change it as well!

What accent will he have?
She nodded quickly, getting off of him so he could position himself and show off his mark. Anna then maneuvered herself so her own mark was visible next to it, ending up somewhat leaning on his back. She snapped a few pictures with her phone before getting off of him and letting him know she got the photo.

She looked over the photos after she sat back next to him, showing him the shot she believed was best. “I got it!” She chuckled, content that she managed to get a good picture without necessarily seeing it.

“Now for a selfie!” She declared, pausing after a moment to look at him. “Do you know what a selfie is?”
Yes! Definitely. We could finish off this moment and then do the skip?
IC? Maybe we could timeskip to the next few nights and my dragon contacts Cin or he remembers her.
Then I’ll do that!
I’d say fins but she could use them to glide if she needed to. But also wouldn’t be able to glide all that far either.
Good question. I’m thinking a black girl from the Caribbean(Haiti to be exact) to then also be a sea dragon.

Anna pretended to gasp. “Such treacherous choices!” She made sure to sound scandalized, giggling shortly afterward. He then went to change and she was left to entertain herself while her boyfriend was away. She got out her phone and checked her Instagram. Let’s see, friend 1 was now engaged, friend 2 got a new puppy!

She started looking through the small set of photos that her friend posted. It was a tiny little poodle!! So adorable!!!! She had been looking up more puppy pictures when she felt a sudden oncoming of intense joy. It was weird because she felt it and didn’t feel it at the same time? She didn’t have much time to ponder it before Cin came rushing back over to her. Huh, his eyes were gold again.

She was only able to note that before he pulled her into a passionate kiss. She happily returned it, assuming he was just happy to be with her right now. If so, it was a sweet gesture. She felt him come closer and pull her in even more as they kissed, finally pulling away and guiding her hand to the beginnings of his back. She was curious and looked for herself. She saw the mark and then understood after a second of staring like he did.

She squealed and just pulled him into another kiss. “We match!” She laughed after they broke apart. “Let’s take a picture of them together! For memories!” She suggested, glee filling her mind.
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