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Current Happy b-day, me... ;T
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Rained all day, no eclipse. T^T
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A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar. The bartender looks between the two and it finally sets in how his life is a joke.
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I honestly don't care what people think of me as long as a mutual respect can be reached to the extent of having fun with RP. :3
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Losing sleep. All I can think of is a big stinky sandwich from Subway. Sweet onion on italian herbs/cheese, pepperjack, all veggies except cucumber and tomato. Toasted and a dash of salad vinigarette.



Running off of the central timezone, my availability has varied over the course of the summer due to work. Hours of availability are sporadic but I endeavor to be active and announce timeframes when not, as to keep from inconveniencing those which absences would. Yeah, it looks like I don't post much; life and lack of interest, the RPG snafu from almost three years are mostly to blame for that. As such, my taste in group rp is fickle and I apologize in advance. Simply put, I rp because I genuinely enjoy the stories.
I am likely one of the last to leave a dying thread, as my interest is an investment that will take more than chains and pickaxes to pry the roots from a thread's corpse.
I tend to have a dual-perspective rp style cycling between first and third person. It can get confusing, although I am taking advantage of the new colored text in order to better distinguish the two for your viewing pleasure. ;3
However, recently, I'm working my way out of such habits and looking to other posting styles to give posts more flow.

I mostly find interest in...
- Fantasy/medieval
- SciFi/Futuristic
- (post)Apocalypse scenarios (rarely)
- Most combinations of anything on this list
- Usually F/MxM romance or at least sexually-ambiguous characters, but may do others from time to time.

Not a fan of...
- Free rp
- Most Anime Fandoms/historical/arena/slice-of-life/school

Curious regarding...
- Steampunk/nation

I am currently in the middle of~
Iron Rose Adventurers
Revenant (Sci-fi adventure)
Welcome to Wonderland (Post canon) ((Like joining dead RPs?))
The Sanctuary
The Marauders
The Hole: 1940's magic/noir/anthro
The Far Away Land
Tales From The Hole
The Endless Halls dark fantasy
Some non-fantasy space thread?
Witch Hunter - Aldergard
Transcendent: Darkness Rising (A Sci-Fi Roleplay)
The Bloody Embrace: An institution for young killers
Swords And Sorcery: The 5th Province
Forest of Secrets
Demons & Dragons - Act 2
Defenders of Lesavvo's Tomb

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Eyes squeezed shut, Ahnci winced from the smelly doggo tongue smearing the bloody slime on his face before being promptly tackled off. Slowly opening an eye, he sat up and shuddered before drawing a small cloth from a pocket and dabbing a bit of liquid from a flask on it and proceeding to clean off his face. Silently finishing the process with his fingers, he tossed the now soiled rag over his shoulder and pulled his hood back down. "Iz...okay" Ahnci replied to the apology, unsure how to feel about what had transpired other than being marginally grossed out. The heavy cloak was likely stained, though Ahnci hardly respected its tatters beyond how it didn't smell quite as bad, before.
Senses willed him to just ditch it at this point, having grown accustomed to an otherwise clean lifestyle, but its sentimental value was still worth something.

The large green figure who both owned and rescued him from their beast 'Kitty' introduced themselves to the congregation and offered a hand to help him up. At about that point, Ahnci realized he'd been sitting on the floor still stunned, though he quizzically eyed Korgath's hand. The expression was foreign and seemed as though they were gesturing to him, causing the chimera to instinctively recoil for a moment before noticing how he stopped as if waiting for something.
While Korgath's words were warm with the implication of some kind of alliance, Ahnci numbly but curiously stared at him and followed their eyes to the wolf by the hearth. Kitty's wagging tail made Ahnci's cloak shift around his back and under the hood, ears quirking to a side with an accompanying flick of his own tail. "Ah. She seems nice. Not very talkative, zough" he commented, a statement which could have easily seemed like a joke of some sort.

Having failed to understand Korgath's offered hand, the cloaked chimera eased themselves back up on their own accord and took the hand in the process, giving it a shake in greeting. "Ehn iz a pleasure to meet you, Kor-gath" testing the name, Ahnci spoke up along with a rehearsed toothy smile which looked familiarly forced before introducing himself. "My name iz Ahnciel-" he began before Korgath's words clicked and the smile melted to a genuine look of interest at the mention of food, "...A meal sounds...good...I-I have coins if need be!"
Ahnci's voice held a barely contained desperation, bringing up the coins even though the orc offered to cover it as if to incentivize the promise of sustenance. Even so, he was composed and focused like a dog eyeing a treat, though he hadn't the slightest clue what the guild hall even served.

Unable to turn down the invitation of a hot drink, Kaeci helped himself soon after Harriet. "Iz...ehr, infiltration? Human warfare iz facinatink...but zehr iz rules, ah?" he asked, confused about the extent of common perception as he was still alive and found this detail to be an interesting note. The excuse he'd been giving was that he was likely cheating in some respect, somehow apparently oblivious to his advantages as his tools were simply biology and instinct rather than technology.

Kaeci took his coffee black with a fairly large amount of sugar, seeing little point to creamer which merely dulled the bite of the roast. "I haf pets ouf a sort. Zehy are contained, zough hungry I vould imagine" he mused, having left Exctheis in its terrarium; a smaller setup than its food, though it didn't move around much, Kaeci decorated it anyway for 'morale'. "Vill be okay for now, zough~" he chirped, finishing stirring his drink and holding it close for a long black forked tongue to lap at the cup's contents. He recoiled, what seemed like a section of his face lifting and contorting into a grotesque spider-like sneer that lightly clicked in its twitching motions. "Geh...iz hot" he mused, spiked ripples of brilliant amber contrastingly mixed with a sickly mint green hue washing across his face and neck before dissipating.
Kaeci's face softly reset to the otherwise aesthetically pleasingly crafted ruse, the lines on his face and chin that separated plates and split mandibles neatly settling.
Ahnciel's eyes narrowed from how the expression that flickered across Maya's expression, about to shut down his request before it sank in how he'd used the lack of information on the location as leverage. Perhaps a dirty tactic, holding someone else's goods ransom, it did not entirely matter since Ahnci would have gone with in sheer spite of a human's orders. He hadn't killed for his freedom just to be bossed around so simply.
The plan seemed to be working, save for the order being given to the stuck-up looking woman to ensure his safety much to her displeasure. The receptionist's shifting of pronouns was quickly dismissed since he frankly didn't care what she thought he was as long as she didn't pry into irrelevant business. His main focus was on the eyes of the woman he'd gathered was named 'Leonore' and how they betrayed her air of professionalism by whispering insidious layers of flippancy. In all honesty, the less than noble nature of a human hardly surprised Ahnciel, however, with what he heard of the 'heroes of the Iron Rose' from townsfolk he nearly had a heartattack just speaking to, he couldn't help but be disappointed.

Regardless of Leonore's status, he didn't trust her for an instant.

None of these errant suspicions and gripes really mattered so long as the guild could manage at least a small handful of humans who took their job seriously. With that, it was out of Ahnciel's hands and he finally had a moment to breathe and take in the guild hall. There was little in his memory that he could compare the architecture to, being essentially held prisoner in a mansion's kitchen and cellars. The major familiarity was the haunting allure of cooked food that warmly pervaded the air, reminding him of the weakness in his frame and the difficulty in recalling when he'd had more than a few bites.
Then came an oppressive stench of blood that seemed to surround him. Pupils sharpening from the damning stink of murder, Ahnci's hand trembled against the hilt of his sheathed blade in the cloak. Faces of the duke and his son blinked into existence only long enough for the chimera to be broken from the trance-like daydream by reflexively jumping with an audible "Bwagh!" from the abrupt attention to his rear.

With a growl, Ahnci swung around to come face-to-face with the beast with a measure of surprise. Its muzzle was awash of blood and dog slobber, the connection quickly made with the huge bone it had set aside to accost him. Ahnci sighed with a small measure of relief, unfamiliar with wolves and only really understanding its behavior being something akin to interest. His annoyance with being spooked simmered as it circled him, though it quickly melted to a mild confusion. "H-hey! Vhat are you-?" he began with small dancing footsteps away to avoid tripping over Kitty who pursued him in the motion until he stood his ground to catch its comparatively massive head with both hands to stop it. "Stop zeis. Iz rude, you should know!" Ahnci softly growled, smooshing the big doggo-face while scolding as if it could understand him. "My name is Ahnciel, ehn I expect an apology for startling-hu-HUAH!" he began to continue with wasting his time until Kitty nuzzled into him, promptly pushing him over and smearing bloody drool all over his cloak.
Though he cared little for the state of the cloak, he was quick to express, "Agh! Iz gross!" Ahnci wailed, squirming and arms flailing in attempts to push Kitty away so he could retreat.
The mistake could have easily been made, and Ahnciel in his paranoia was hardly keen on correcting the receptionist who refered to them as ma'am. In another land, surrounded by people who hopefully had no connection to the faded and worn crest on the tapestry cloak, he still toiled in worry over every set of eyes that fell upon him. Ears folded back and tail curving around his legs, all that stood out from the cloak with his shaded face and the glint of metal adornments on his boots' toes and heels. Ideally, he looked like a nobody...or at least someone trying to look like a nobody. This was poorly done, however, as he'd waited until nearly half way into the hall before actually pulling his hood back up after it'd been blown off from running.

Still, he was at a loss for words since there didn't seem to be much hope of persuading the woman to bend the rules even with the promise of every coin to his name, for what it was worth. Ahnci 'hrm'd and hummed softly, pacing in thought and almost even considering going back to the shore by himself until the doors of the hall swung open. In paraded a squad of seasoned-looking individuals and their stock of horrific corpses.
'Monsters' was about as detailed as Ahnci could tell by looking, having little experience with the bestiary of his homeland, if he could call it that, let alone this strange new place. When seeking similar help for the matter which was almost perceivably dismissed by the guild secretary, townsfolk suggested taking the matter to the guild. Not only did they seem to know about monsters, the returning group appeared proficient at slaying them as well. Perfect!

In his enthusiasm, Ahnci almost made to speak up his proposal until getting chills from the first adventurer who nearly pushed him aside in her assertion to reach the receptionist. The cloaked creature flinched from the slam of palm and paper, urging him to back away and simply let their business transpire. His heart sank, the thought having not occurred to him that there was other work going on than his petty re-theft of choice ship cargo from a craft he was a stowaway on, details he neglected to mention when explaining the situation to the receptionist.
Yuel's shout and approach compelled Ahnci to retreat back a few more steps as not to get in the growing group's way. They all seemed acquainted and human, and crowds were hardly what the homunculus wished to be in the middle of in spite of knowing he was hardly done here...especially as the receptionist began reading off the new quests.

Certain his request was the final addition, and cemented by having it given to the uppity lady, his enthusiasm was rekindled by the order to begin recruiting.
"Ah- I Insist zeht I accompany you for zee requisitioning ouf zeh cargo!" Ahnci chirped, probably a bit louder than he would have liked, but determined to be heard. While he had never fought a monster in the literal sense-, "I haf...personal investment in a stocked article" he explained, a tad on the flowery side of prose but hopefully still understandable. As he spoke up, Ahnci regained a lost step closer to the group though still remaining out of immediate arm's reach.

-I should have read the post-
Well, if it means anything, the alchemist that pulled it off is probably super murdered by their own creations by now...not to mention having originated in some distant land. Aspirations and that kind of stuff. I know nothing about plans.
Still running it by Silver, but they gave me the ok on the race. >_<
I'm certain there are ways I could have made this a better read. There wasn't much to say as far as history goes without putting it in first person, but don't worry, I type in third-person. >_<
Hope the magic works...
Aaaand the backstory kinda teases on something I was talking to SilverDawn about regarding being one of the first quest-givers, assuming it pads out. Of course, I'm willing to change anything to better fit.

Blah blah blah
Definitely interested.

Kinda curious about magic as well as races.
Probably would make a cleric or some kind of rougish caster.
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