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Writing something and then re-reading it until I hate it is going to kill me.
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Anyone else dislocate two fingers while swimming today?



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Location: Outside of the Greasy Spoon > Johnny's Hotel Room
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Sid immediately found himself filled with mild regret. Why had he asked about why this stranger needed a weapon? Why did he feel the need to butt-in like that? Was it to feel included? A change of pace?! All of that could have been done another time, another place, where weapons weren't involved and he couldn't feel his ancestors rolling in their graves and shaking their heads at him in their obvious disapproval of his actions and choices.

"Sure thing." Without complaint or protest, he slipped on the helmet. It was kind of uncomfortable, as he had never really worn biking helmets. He was a bit shocked though at how kind this stranger just offered. It was suspicious as all hell, but honestly, it sure wasn't the weirdest thing that had ever happened to him during his travels. It was nine-thousand times better than getting approached by a prostitute or someone attempting to mug him; all of which had happened several times in several different places, unfortunately.

Huffing softly, he buckled the borrowed helmet and hopped onto the back of the bike. He wasn't entirely sure where to put his hands, so he made sure his backpack was secure on his back and simply grabbed onto the guy so he was sure he wouldn't go flying head-first if they came to an abrupt halt. As they sped by on the bike, he caught sight of some other people on the street- some homeless looking man and a woman. Without giving it any thought he raised a hand slightly to give them a small wave, but it seems to have gone largely ignored as they zoomed by. The rest of the trip was smooth and easy sailing.

When they got to the hotel, he quickly hopped off the bike and followed the guy into his hotel room. He tugged off the helmet and set it on the cheap dresser all hotel rooms seemed to have, fixing his hair a bit with a small smirk. "Nice to meet you, Johnny, my name is Syberus! But you can just call me Sid, its a lot easier to remember."

Moving to sit down on a small stool, he loosely crossed his arms over his chest, leaning back with a small contemplative look on his face. "You tryin' to kill that thing? I mean... I've been here for a few days already. I, uh, have been going around hiking in a lot of different places. I think your therapist picked a bad spot to go, they've had curfew nearly every night I've been here."

Location: Nowhere, USA > Outside of the Greasy Spoon
Interactions: @Jasper19 @BenG85

Finishing his food after it was brought, Sid kept himself occupied with his carefully borrowed newspaper. There wasn't anything too interesting to be found within, the comic section was alright, the advertisements were for some other smaller local businesses, and everything else was fairly basic. Nothing really stood out to him. So instead of looking at it for much longer, he folded it neatly back up and slid it back into its previous place at the nearby table. Pulling out his phone he began to scroll through some article about some old time-honored traditional meals in the south.

He was sure it was going to be another boring evening, especially after curfew hit. At least until the old man came in and started to make a scene. Nothing had really been going on before, so when the deputy-sheriff-person got up to settle it, Sid couldn't help but take notice. Even after the two had gone out, he couldn't help the curiosity he felt. He'd promised his Elisi he would not bother with this kind of thing, wouldn't even stick his nose into it! If he ever heard anything on it, he was to leave immediately.

Unfortunately, the moment he watched some blond guy pay and rush after the man and the deputy, he found himself standing up in a hurry to follow after them. He grabbed his bag and paid quickly before rushing out after them, suddenly fearing he would loose them easily. His fear was for naught; they hadn't gotten very far. In fact, he showed up just in time to hear the tail end of whatever the young looking stranger was saying.

"Why do you need a weapon?" He asked, gently gripping onto one of his backpack straps as he stared forward.

Location: Nowhere, USA > The Greasy Spoon

"Absolutely starving." Sid announced loudly as he entered the Greasy Spoon, wiping the sweat from his forehead. He was greeted with a few stares, mostly from the locals; he greeted them with a small wave and a bow of his head before quickly made a b-line to an open seat. He slid his bag off of his shoulder and let it rest by his feet, quickly threading his foot through the straps so no one would go wandering away with it if he wasn't paying attention. Thankfully he wasn't waiting long, a waiter quickly approaching him for his order.

"The usual?" The man asked, causing Sid to awkwardly rub the back of his head. He'd been here nearly a week and had eaten here nearly every single time. This waiter had dealt with him nearly each visit. Look, it wasn't his fault he wasn't a huge fan of having a variety of foods daily. He liked what he liked and it was usually what he wanted.

But under the slight scrutiny of being called out- "No, I think I'll try something a bit different... uh." Grabbing a menu off the table, he scanned over it quickly. "Cheeseburger, a bunch of fries... side of toast, wait, this comes with three sides? No extra cost?"

"No extra cost."

"Great! A side of toast, two scrambled eggs, and some lightly grilled mixed veggies." After rattling off his order, him and the waiter shared some quick chit-chat before the man went on his way. Taking the chance, he looked around and spotted a newspaper. Sneakily- but not really- he reached over and pulled it from another tables chair, the chattering couple not noticing. Flipping the paper around, he huffed softly as he glanced at the front page. The whole town had a bit of a gloom over it, so much gossip. He hadn't paid much attention to the whole thing outside of being warned about going out on the trails that went farther into the woods, but apparently it had turned out to be quite a big deal.

Instead of lingering on the headline news, he skimmed a few pages until he found the comic section.
I am finally home. jebus. 24hr shifts right off the bat is murder. Anyway, working on a post right now! Might be a bit because I still need to eat and shower n' stuff, but it is in the works.

Totally down for a discord thing, too.
Just a heads up, will have a post out sometime later today/early tomorrow! Got called back into work finally and they're already running me into the ground.
Definitely ready whenever! =)
A little late because of my jacked up fingers.

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