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"Grimhilde? She's that crazy hag that tried to murder her step-daughter, right?" Nils said. "Don't know much about her but I hear she has some kinda magic mirror." suddenly realised what he had said. Dammit! Why did I say that? He thought to himself as some weird grimace stretched across his face. Seemed like he had botched all of his chances with her. "Umm... anyone know what time it is?" He asked trying to change the subject. "I don't wanna hang here all day."

Nope. I wanna keep this pretty grounded in reality. So no magic or fantasy races.
There is no honour amongst thieves.

We're burglars, cut-throaths, pickpockets and murderers. We'd sooner stab you in the back than shake your hand. Yet somehow, against all odds, we've become organised. Not because we trust eachother nor because we respect eachother. Not even because we fear eachother. But because we know we can make more money as a team. You're going to be part of our team now. We don't need you to trust us or like us. We just need you to shut up and do as we say. If you can do that you'll go far. If not? Then the only place you'll end up is six feet under the ground.

In this rp we'll be playing members of the thieves guild in the city of Luthias. (I'll give more info about the city if I get some interest.) We're going to be shaking down merchants, picking pockets, burglarizing manors, bribing guardsmen and "taking care" of the guilds enemies. And with little bit of luck we'll be ruling the city from the shadows.
@The Valkyrie

Nils was quietly laughing at his own joke when a girl with pale skin and long, black hair appeared as if out of nowhere. Wow, she’s pretty hot… Nils thought to himself when she started talking. “Sounds like something my mother would say...” Her mother… Who could her mother be? The pale skin and black hair made her look like Snow White’s daughter but that didn’t really sound like something she’d say. “Your mom’s some kinda… Actress?” Nils asked not expecting a serious answer. “I’m Nils. What’s your name?”

Don't worry about it. I won't pull any deus ex machinas out of my pockets.

I also wonder if we're allowed to have multiple characters. Both will be kahjiit but one of them will be an alfiq so she won't be able to talk (or open doors...) and she'll be more of a side character.
No, no, nothing like that. Just cool stuff like jumping higher, running faster and walking on water.

I'm thinking of making an alchemist type character but I was wondering how you are going to deal with alchemy. Are we only allowed to use potion effects found in Skyrim or can we use effects from other games in the series?
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