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The rats were slowly making their way through the sewers. Their destination was the mansion. Qrikbit was in the lead, Sleek in the middle and Snikkit in the back grumbling about why Qrikbit always had to be the leader. They had been walking for about a day but they were finally here. “Stop-stop!” Qrikbit yelled as he held up his arm in the air. “We are here-here.” Qrikbit dropped the sack he was carrying and started to unpack it. A few books about sorcery and some foul smelling potions. “Good-good! Time to murder-kill the foul things!” Snikkit screamed. Qrikbit turned to Snikkit and said: “Stupid-stupid, Snikkit! You cannot murder-kill everyone now. We must use tact and cunning-smarts.” Snikkit mumbled something nasty under his breath and started to unpack his things. Mostly weapons. Suddenly, Snikkit dropped one of them on his foot. He cursed and slammed his fist into one of the pipes in the sewers. A loud ringing noise, that most likely would be carried to the mansion via the pipes, could be heard. “Dumb-dumb, Snikkit! What if the foul things above heard you? I’m going-walking to the entrance to see if anyone is coming down-down.” Qrikbit said. Snikkit grabbed his weapons and started to follow Qrikbit but Sleek stopped him. "Qrikbit knows best-most. Should listen to him.”
Mhm, Kai is probably just going to be lookout, since he's the new guy.

@Raptra Well, as I've said before, the first post will be about us planning a heist. I was thinking that we're going to break into a warehouse that just recieved a shipment of silk or something like that. The problem is that, and this may come as a surprise to some of you, I've never planned a heist. I'm just having trouble coming up with what our plan is going to be.
@Letmehaveone2 I'm actually working on a trio of villians right now. They are almost finished.
Yeah, this is still happening. I'm just having trouble with writing the opening post.
@FalkiThomas Alright, I'm up for it!
Huzzah, Sneaky goblins! Count me in!
@FalkiThomas Well, I don't suppose there'll be room for sneaky goblins. But if there is then I'm in.
Name and Title: Field Marshal His Grace Jacques Barthet the Duke of Carmachié

Gender: Male

Age: 47

Married: Never had the time.

Bio: Jacques was always a wild child. Playing games of war and violence with the boys in his family’s household. He paid little attention to his lessons in philosophy and literature but he loved those in riding and fencing. As he grew older he took less and less to violent games and more to women and alcohol. His parents, of course, did not approve of this so they sent him of to the military academy so that he could learn some discipline. And this he did. He learned every skill a military man might need. Strategy, illustration (to create sketch maps and diagrams), surveying, horsemanship and weapon handling. But he was also instilled with patriotic ideals of fighting for one's king and country.

When his education was done a more disciplined, yet still young and naive, Jacques left for the wars. Ready to fight and die for his country. He was commissioned as an officer of a cavalry regiment and things went very well for him. He won many victories. However, the horrors of war soon became apparent to him and his romanticised view of it slowly faded away. As he rose up the ranks he became more and more bitter. One of his greatest victories was at the battle of Carmachié where Jacques was severely out numbered. He won by feigning a retreat and luring the enemy into a nearby village where he ambushed and destroyed them. This gained him the title of duke of Carmachié and the position of field marshal.

Personality: Stern, bitter and strict. Jacques is a military man through and through. He values strength and discipline above everything else. He is a stoic man who shows little emotion and rarely smiles.

Opinion of the King and the other Nobles: He had great respect for Horhest II. Less so for his son. Jacques is not a very cultured man and sees the king as weak. He sees no benefit to the kingdom in building museums and opera houses and thinks that more resources should be spent on ending the war.

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