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“Ulysses! I thought you’d never dare to show your sorry hide here again!” Nicholas felt like smashing his head in with the bottle. But that would be to ruin a perfectly good bottle of bourbon. Ulysses then mentioned the king. “Oh gods! The king!” Nicholas promptly turned around and started running towards the castle. But he stopped after just a few steps. “No, no… Mr. Reizo is most likely taking care of them and they will be here any minute.” He sat down on the harbour and took a swig from his bottle.
@ladyanglaise Yep, I was thinking that too. How about that Ulysses was captain of one of the vessels in Nicholas's fleet but he mutinied and abandoned the fleet during a battle? And they both had a sort of rivalry that led up to the mutiny.

Nicholas was sitting in his house by the harbour. It was a fine and sunny day and he was enjoying some wine while reading the newspaper. But the day wasn't going to be fine for much longer as loud bang followed by hysterical screams broke the silence. “Why must these peasants cause such a ruckus?” He stepped out on the balcony to see what was going on. The city was in flames and the townspeople were in a panic. “Ah, bloody hell! Where’s the bourbon?!” He exclaimed as he walked inside to pick up his weapons. A servant came running with a bottle of bourbon and a shot glass. “Here it is sir!” He said panting. “Not that bourbon, you buffoon! Or, well actually….” He filled the glass and emptied it in one swig, he then grabbed the bottle and rushed out to the harbour.

There he was met by the sight of his ship sailing out to the horizon. Someone had hijacked it. He looked around frantically for another ship when he heard a scream from what seemed to be the only ship that hadn’t left the port yet. He could probably take command of it and use it to evacuate as many civilians as possible. He boarded the ship and approached the man that shouted. “I am Admiral Nicholas Blackwell and I am taking command of your shi-wait… I know you.”

Is there room for another one? If so, here's my CS.

Alright! Just gotta come up with something...

In The tales of Calradia 18 May 2017 16:35 Forum: Free Roleplay
Yep. OOC first and char tab once it's accepted. But he looks good. He's accepted!
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