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@DoomFlavored Alright awesome, well over the next few days I’ll read everything that’s been posted so I can really get into it ☺️
Hey, are you guys still accepting?
Definetely wanna make a character if it's still open :))
@HaleyTheRandom May I create a Guild character and reserve that Dark character for later use if it becomes available ?

  • Name: Drocrast La'Lruze
  • Age: 20
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance:
  • Personality: Drocrast likes to keep to himself, as he has been his all life. With people avoiding him like the plague, he learnt to love the solitary. Using his time to train in all skills, from hand to hand, swordplay to magic use. He became quite adept at many of these skills, however his speech towards others is quite terrible.
  • Abilities: Drocrast's mana pool seems to be quite vast, however he doesn't always rely on his magic. His affinity is 'Shadow' and this allows him to manipulate the shadows to his will. From hiding in darkness, to making the shadows attack his targets.
  • Skills: Drocrast is quite skilled at all things stealth, from sneaking to lock picking. He was also quite skilled at cooking, something not many people know, and could almost be considered world class.
  • Assets: Drocrast always carries around two swords on his back, as well as two curved daggers on his hip, either side.

@VitaVitaAR Well I can start working on a character now if that's okay?
I'm definitely interested, let me know if this is a go ahead :p
I'm interested and will start working on a character if you'll let me :P
im interested in both :)
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