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Will try to come up with two characters (antagonists) sheet asap.

@Rockin Strings I think I read it somewhere that this rp only allowed popular/pre-existing works of fictional characters. If thats your question :)

@PKMNB0Y Heyya, I noticed that the RP already has like 20+ characters, I'm interested in joining the rp and wondering if you have room for one more.
@BurningDaisies I'll need a few days before I'm free to post, sorry!
@BurningDaisies Yup, I'm waiting. But I can advance a little bit on my own if you are still busy, no big deal :)
@BurningDaisies take your time, no rush :)
SilverCoffee a.k.a Lord Kalduk

Basically, the Land of Fright Lethe mentioned are similar to Hell or Heaven from where SilverCoffee came from. But SilverCoffee still had little knowledge about The Neverborn that Lethe told him.

"...If it is your desire my Lord Kalduk, then I will offer my heart to you, so you may feast upon on it, drink my blood, and learn everything I know for yourself." Even though Lethe was gripped by her own hesitation, she still managed to finish her sentences. SilverCoffee was perplexed by Lethe. He stood in front of Lethe and the crowd awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

Did she just offer herself to me? What should I do...Accept the sacrifice? But that means I will have to eat her heart and drink her blood...

The situation just turned like one of those exam math questions he took, no matter how he tried to find an correct answer there was just no right answer to it. After a few moment of silence between SilverCoffee and Lethe, he decided to turn down her offer, at least that was what SilverCoffee intend to do.

Out of the blue, the pilgrim crowd started to bow down like what they did when they first met their fake god. "Please accept her offer, Lord Kalduk!" "Please, my lord!" "If she's not enough for you, my lord, I'll gladly sacrifice myself too!". Once again, SilverCoffee was shocked by the "loyalty" the pilgrims has presented. If SilverCoffee was still in his human form, he would've started to sweat all over the place.

"Everyone! Your life is sacred, all of you. Your worth is infinite, just by existing and trusting in me will be enough for me." SilverCoffee could not believe he just said those words, his friends would've died from laughter if they hear what he said. "Nobody is going to kill himself today, not while I'm here alright? I have great plans for you all, so trust me and let's go back to your home." But the truth is totally opposite of what SilverCoffee said earlier, he had no single idea what should he do when they got back to their land.

Lethe did not say a single word after Lord Kalduk's short "pep talk", but instead, she somehow felt like boulders have been lifted off from her shoulder as Lord Kalduk thought that she was still worthy to be alive.

Wait...What if the others managed to see through my disguise as their fake god when we reach the destination..
I don't like cliches happy ending too tbh
But if I'm going to choose, I would just kill her on the spot, since it will be more fun that way, at least for me. :D
fun for me, but maybe not for my character.
Accidental double post. was meant to edit my post.

"When the old turn to new, the chosen one shall answer and bring a destruction of power."
- Lethe, first servant of Tesarion


SilverCoffee walked up towards the altar inside the ruins he discovered earlier, hoping to investigate the stories behind this old ruins and the beast-man sculptures. He touched one of the copper horned sculpture that was covered in a fine layer of dust, examined the detailed carving on the statue. SilverCoffee could not be helped but remember the time when he was playing Yggdrasil with his friends, and they somehow triggered a hidden quest when they were in a forest dungeon. The quest was triggered when one of his friends found and pulled a horn-shaped hidden lever on a statue.

After spending a while inside the old ruins, SilverCoffee thought that it would be best to leave the place and continue his journey to find the nearest civilization. But before he was able to move an inch, an instrumental music filled his mind without any effort. Instrumental beats followed up by a few vocal chanting in the distant which somehow sounded pretty awesome. It could be as quiet as a tiptoe or as loud as a roll of distant thunder. If the beat goes on, all of them might be echoed into SilverCoffee's very soul and awoke his inner spirituality.

SilverCoffee thought that he somehow triggered an event... a boss fight? or a monster horde? SilverCoffee might have to fight for the very first time after he was sent to this new world. He grabbed his battleaxe with both hands, ran back up to the altar where he positioned himself to a higher ground.

A few cloaked pilgrims came into SilverCoffee's line of sight, murmuring while moving very slowly in a few line. All of them were wearing some sort of color painted wooden masks, but it was still easy to know that they were not humans as horns and inhuman features can still be seen. The voices and the instrumental sound came from those who were singing and playing all kinds of the instrument at the back of those lines. Every single one of them was marching slowly towards the center of the ruins but decided to stop what they were doing right after they saw SilverCoffee standing in front of them.

"I-I've the high ground!" SilverCoffee roared. Hopefully, this was more than enough to scare them away.

The music came to a disorganized and as each of them stopped to peer through the fog and discovered an enormous Minotaur standing before their altar. Their awed silence was suddenly broken when the leader of the precession dropped to her knees and bow reverently before SilverCoffee, the tips of her curled horns digging into the ground. The others quickly did the same.

"Our prayers are finally answered!" she proclaimed in a thin, wispy voice.

Just like that, one by one and one after another bowed down in front of SilverCoffee. It took SilverCoffee a second or two for the new information to sink in, even though it was right before his eyes. They should've seen the shock registered on SilverCoffee's bull-face right after they fell to their knees.

"A Lord of Tesarion has returned from the Lands of Fright!"

Somehow life decided to make SilverCoffee a cult god. He had no idea where the Lands of Fright was, or who Lord of Tesarion she's referring to, but SilverCoffee guessed that the beast-man cultists just mistook him for another cult god of theirs. But since he was alone, he would do anything just to prevent any fight, even by posing as one of their cult gods.

"M-Milord... I-I am Lethe, first servant of Tesarion" Her voice was quivering, but her expression was filled with excited anticipation as if she experiencing the happiest moment of her life. "If you have returned, does that mean the Neverborn are finally defeated? Will you lead our people once more?"

"I thanked you for the endless and firm trust you had in me, Lethe. I'm Si..." No, SilverCoffee was not a great name for a god. "Erhhm... I'm Kalduk. Remember my name, as I'm the one that defeated the Neverborn! They are nothing but the past, I will lead you all once more!"

The pilgrims began to shout with full excitement while stomping their feets. With the cheers came fists in the air. The cheers erupted like an auditory volcano. It was all quiet one second and then deafening the next, rising to a crescendo and then falling to a trickle before the same nervous tension commands silence once more.

"Let us go back to your families and home. We have a lot to discuss." SilverCoffee let out a sigh of relief as he looked at the pilgrims all got up and started to walk away from the ruins. Lethe, the beast-woman that self-proclaimed herself as the first servant of Tesarion was still standing beside SilverCoffee, eager for whatever he's going to say next.

"Lethe... I wanted to know, how much do you know about The Lands of Fright, The Lord of Tesarion and the Neverborn." SilverCoffee asked. If he was to pose as one of their lord or god, he should know all of their cultures and religions.
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