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@BurningDaisies Yup. Mine's correct. xD
My character is going south from the ex guild hall, maybe encounter a few humanoid peasents in the forest north of Dragonic Kingdom. After that he might got some information about so called "Beastman" and he'll far east toward Beastman Country to find answers.
My character is just going to wander alone to a village or some sort. If any GM's are creating a major plot maybe my character will "notice" and attempt to "follow the plot line" when he's in a civilization. So that way my character can still have a chance to interact with other players.

SilverCoffee noticed that the whole place was somehow teleported into a new world. The eerie darkness of that night would never escape SilverCoffee's memory. Even that he visited many countries for the past few years this was one of the best views he saw in his exploring days. It felt like a pitch-black curtain has draped over the sky, and there were those twisted, warped shapes that the stars made against the blackness. The milky speckles twirled and danced along the sky in various patterns, tugging at the corners of SilverCoffee's lips in a way that almost made him smile. The mountains around the guild hall were pristine and white, even the dark green of the pine trees was mostly coated in the white snow. SilverCoffee could just stand there watching it all in, listening to the silence that hangs so thickly in the frigid air.

But it was still hard to shove aside the worries corrupting his mind after all he was trapped in a world that he had no clue of. What will happen to him when he dies? Will there be any civilization in this "new world"? What about the powers or abilities of his "character"?

SilverCoffee hoped that the players will have some sort of answer about what all of this was about. Maybe at least a theory will still be enough. SilverCoffee walked slowly towards the indoor of the guild hall as he was still not used to this big and heavy Minotaur body, not to mention that there was that equipment he was carrying and wielding. He was able to walk steadily after only a few seconds of adaptation to his new body.

When SilverCoffee reached the guild hall, he thought that he will find the answer that he needed. But instead of an answer, he finds chaos and more confusion. Some of them inside the guild hall tried to flee from the scene, while some of them were busy fighting off a beholder. SilverCoffee was puzzled by everything that he saw as he felt like that there were twenty things going on simultaneously in his mind.

Right before SilverCoffee snapped out from the confusion and tried to go in and help, the whole place somehow started to collapse. The lights swung violently from the ceiling. Cracks appeared from the ground beneath. Fear and panic ensued as the ground shook up and down as if the entire place suddenly fell from the sky and struck the earth with a mighty impact. All of them scrambled up to their feet but most immediately lost balance and were reduced to crawling as they fled outdoors.

Well, it seems like the only choice SilverCoffee have at the moment was to go and explore the new world to find the answer.
Alright, thanks for the answer. TaroAndSelia & IceHeart! Making things up, my cup of tea.

@baraquiel I died when I read the urge to pee part. xD
@IceHeart, quick question. Did the new world map show every village or town/city that existed? Or theres still lots of place of interest uncharted on the map? Since I was hoping that my character can go and explore around the area while interact with a few npcs. Also what's the current time when we were all teleported into a new world, I assume it was around midnight when the incident happened.

"Farewell SilverCoffee...Now our enemies rest." A blue-skinned Shaman Troll shook SilverCoffee's hand and logout, disappeared after a few seconds. The last few guild members of the guild Royal_Food_Court(RFC) has gathered at Apocalypse Now just like the rest of the last few remaining players who wished to stay until the very last moment in the game Yggdrasil. Although the guild RFC already had its gathering a few hours ago at its own guild area, SilverCoffee and a few friends decided to stay until the server closed down as a respect for the game which brings a lot of good memories into his life. The endless hours of grinding and looting, participating raids or exploring new area whenever a new expansion was announced, he will cherish those memories forever.

It was the last minute before the server will shut down forever. All of SilverCoffee's friends and guild members were already gone after bidding farewell to each other, which left SilverCoffee sitting on a dining chair alone at the moment. He decided to get up and walked slowly towards the balcony of the guild hall. Surprisingly, nobody was outside when SilverCoffee stepped outside. The only things he saw and heard were the fireworks. "I thank all of you who decided to celebrate tonight and have stayed for these final moments! May the times we spent her never be forgotten! May our legends live on and our craziness never cease! Behold! The Apocalypse has come!"

"This is it." SilverCoffee thought. He closed his eyes, expecting for the end to come. But instead, SilverCoffee felt a loud ring in his head. Next, came the rising panic, the dizzy feeling and the need to get low to the ground. When SilverCoffee somehow managed to wake it's all over, the world has moved on around him. SilverCoffee got up as if he had just taken a nap on the concrete like the tramps. He turned his sight back to the players inside the guild hall. Everyone has similar reactions.

The server was supposed to be gone by now... Why are we still here? SilverCoffee looked confused and shocked at the same time. The sparks in his brain desperately trying to connect the dots but instead just causing a short circuit. The world around him looks so real as if he was There were the smell and the weight of the armours and weapons that were warping around his body. The cold winds that blew across his face. These things never felt so real in his entire gaming life.

"Don't tell me that I'm trapped in Yggdrasil." SilverCoffee seems very puzzled by the whole incident.

Supreme @IceHeart,
is it too late to hop in? I'm pretty interested since I liked the novel/anime very much.

Also, since I've some free time I already finished my sheets. But still its ok if you say no. xD

Opps, I'm going to edit those mistakes out asap.
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