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Current During my presentation, I thought that I wasn't making any sense & decided to cut it short. But my peer and lecturer commented that I did very well except for the abruptly ended conclusion. SMH & FML.
9 mos ago
Gonna prepare some tissues for tonight's Grey's Anatomy Binge Watching Time.
9 mos ago
TIL USA mcDonald ice cream machine are not always working
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9 mos ago
Another unproductive week coming to an end !!!


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Sorry guys, i am not able to post at least until this Friday after I submit all my assignments and test on wednesday as well
He was just peeking at Grandmother from the corner of his left eye. She feels so powerful that he can't decide whether he wants to challenge her in a duel or stay away from her. He gave a slight nod to her and get back to his own business. Novus did not bother to interact with other demons, he is here to fight not socialize. Although that's what most demons indulge in these days. He was still trying to get used to his human form by clenching and relieving his fists repeatedly. It's been a while since the last time he visited human realm and he clearly does not missed it. "How can humans ever walk or kill anyone with these tiny limbs, I feel weak just by pretending to be one of them." He did not know how long they were going to wait in this forest or what they were even waiting for. He closed his eyes to activate his empathy skill to see if there were any threat nearby. He had done so every 5 minutes since his arrival, almost as if he wanted danger to happen. As he continued to try his empathy skill, he sensed that someone were getting close. "Speaking of killing, this might be my opportunity" It seems that he is not the only one who noticed the unknown strangers. A trace of smile appeared at the corner of his lips, his arms seemed to be resting at sides but his hands were ready to hold the weapon as soon as he manifests it. He was so sure that some sort of massacre is gonna happens.
Writing personality for digimon is harder than I thought.

I have actually done it offline but couldn't find the time to post.Currently on a trip. If the hotel wifi is good then will post it by tmr. (It's 8.30pm now)
@Huggo Look forward to what you'll do. Impress me. :P

I'll try my best. Wizardmon to Dynasmon line was one of my choices at the beginning so I look forward to RP it!!

EDIT: @Demon Shinobi which form would the digimon stay as most of the time?

Your character looks great! Just be sure to fill out that little section for his wolf form appearance (It doesn't have to be long, a sentence or two should suffice) and you can move him to the CS tab.

We will begin roleplaying Friday, but I will try my best to make sure you can still jump in when you return, thanks for notifying me.

I am on the phone now so I just put the link of the image or else it would be too big to show it here. I will try to write post at night if I finish my tasks early.
I am going on a trip tomorrow for 3 days so might not be able to post on my phone. If that's not ok then just drop me.

@CanidaeThe CS is not nearly done yet. I just got that idea as I was reading through the introduction and need confirmation before working on it. It'll probably take me a day and another to deal with BBCoding
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