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I have a test on Monday so I would post after that.
Might be too soon to ask this but is the quest list arranged according to difficulty?

@Dynamo Frokane

That's exactly the response I was going for.

Underrated games:
Children of zodiarcs- I like card games generally and this game combine it with RPG element without being a big mess.
Fire emblem- Basically the GBA entries are less popular compare to 3DS games(which are awesome too). The story is simple but fit well into the gameplay and combat system. I don't think that it's the BEST franchise but it definitely deserves more love.

Overrated games:
Skyrim- This game make me realize that open world genre is really not my thing. Even with mods I still couldn't get myself into playing it for more than a week. Maybe I lack the creativity to play this RPG or whatsoever. And morrowind just isn't from my era so I couldn't feel the "groundbreaking" thing.

Witcher 3- Keep your fork away pls people. I am not saying that this is a bad game, but the player base itself overbloated this game to the extend where if I say I didn't like this game, I must be "sux gamer","casual and need to git gud". The dialogue is exhausting. I don't want to know the sad story of that monster I was hunting, not every tom dick and harry need to give me sobbing or inspiring story to keep me immerse. And the combat system is not as smooth as it should be.

Don't know where to put: My all time favourite, my guilty pleasure, my true love, the only game franchise that I always go back and replay and replay: Dynasty Warriors. I am not kidding when I say that I would take this game over any other AAA games. This game is legit my addiction. Its online MMORPG is one of the best combat system I've ever play and enjoy the most. SWTOR, Guild Wars or world of warcraft does not even come close to this franchise for me.

I am in. Will start to work on the CS.
How is the battle scene going to be like: self-explain or like D&D(Dice and stats involved)?
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