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So basically that means that you can choose even to be a colonial?

Just one problem with that . . .


@BlackBishop: In all seriousness, Bishop, I'm getting a Traveller vibe from this. For once, there seems to be prime real estate for a space/planet-hopper RP that has legitimate danger and requires some brainpower to last a while in. I find scifi to be at its peak when it treats space the way it is--a vast, empty frontier that hasn't been fully explored. If it even CAN be. This is one of the few RPs that I can say has more than my average level of interest. The struggle with joining this RP remains. Good on you so far, effort. A good effort.

@Starboard Watch: Pick your rate; pick your fate. Am I right?
This IS right up my alley (really wanting a proper survival experience), but how does selection work? Seems it's not entirely first come, first served. Interest does exist though. Sci-Fi and survival are two genres I find interest in. Especially when you throw in some good old exploration and adventure.
Hm. Caught here. On one hand, I've been looking for a military/guns and survival RP (a very niche muse which means results are rarer than diamonds); the other hand, it doesn't seem to be going the way of either of those things. I guess I can say tentative interest? Will observe and see how things unfold before I give the yes or no.
Years ago there was a space fleet RP that never got off the ground. I'm wondering if anyone here would be interested in that kind of RP. Mainly looking for a group of 2-3 max to start with and see how things go, then opening up for more sign-ups once everything is set. If interested post and we'll get to planning.
Human only characters?
While I can't guarantee what the situation will be in a few months, I don't mind having a spectator around if that's what you'd like to do. If I invite you to the Discord server, you could listen into the voice chat while we plan and play. Does that sound good?

That sounds perfect! Send a private link when you feel comfortable.
Could I participate in the future once I get voice capabilities? Near future. Like a few months future, not "someday" future. Also, would I be allowed to observe the session so that when I'm approved for your group (or any) I'm more knowledgeable, and thus need less hand-holding?
Two questions.

1) Do you mind a supernoob? Haven't rolled any dice in my life.
2) Would I still be invited if I don't have voice chat capabilities at this time?
Hello. I'm slowly returning to being active on this site, and so what better way to commemorate this than an official 1x1 thread.


A Kingdom Hearts or Persona AU RP. I actually have an entire worldbuilding set-up for either of these. I will add more cravings here as they come up, but as of right now I'm focusing on these two. If you like the idea of those fandoms for a RP please either post in this thread or send me a private message.

Good luck hunting.

For IC content (the actual roleplay), I prefer to use Google Docs, forums, or email (order from most preferred to least). For OOC, we can use anything, but I prefer discord or some other instant messaging medium.

I'll add more as it becomes relevant. Still rusty!
Maybe I should go with a more standard character sheet. Doing it in a more IC way such as the above will result in me getting carried away, accidentally stepping on the toes of the lore and worldbuilding in the process. It is wise for me to remain safe and stick to the basics. No?
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