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Dear Mr Curly,
I have done little travelling lately because I have been so dreadfully weary. Can it be true as the old Ecclesiastes said; that all things lead to weariness? Surely not. Perhaps the opposite is true: that all nothings lead to weariness. I have a peculiar feeling, Curly, that I am worn out from something I haven't yet done and the more I don't do it, the more exhausted I become. How strange. Could it be something I haven't realised? Perhaps it's something I haven't said? Something I haven't finished! It must be very large and true whatever it is and a lively struggle in the doing but I look forward to it immensely. I know I need it. First, however, I must curl up in my chair and sleep deeply with the duck. Perhaps I'll dream of this thing and wake up refreshed and do it. My fond wishes to you Mr. Curly, and to all Curly Flat.
Yours sleepily,
Vasco Pyjama
P.S. Not having breakfast can make you weary. That's for sure!
Michael Leunig. The Curly Pyjama Letters.

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Janius wrapped his arms around Kaleeth as she leaned in. The grief of losing Meesei pressed into his heart, as did the guilt he had hidden over Kaleeth's injury. He wished he could fix it all.

"It hurts," Janius managed to say. "I miss her too."

He breathed long and slow. Then he ran his hand down Kaleeth's arm comfortingly.

"The last time I felt such loss was when I first became a werewolf. When it really sank in, that is. From what I remember, I could see the same in you back when you joined us. What brought me back was what I gained and what I still had. It's a comfort to see our Julan, our pack, and...that I do not need to spend my life without you. Those things are real." Janius smiled. "This picnic today will help that sink in, I think."
Been a rough few weeks but I'm still here. Hopefully I can get a post up by this weekend.
Janius had primarily been making sure Julan was dressed and prepared for their outing while Kaleeth was ruminating. It took him longer than he would have liked to notice that something was wrong. Now, in this which felt like the least frantic moment in days, he pat Julan on his side and said. "You go ahead and see if your brother Rhazii is ready. You know he's a sleepy head."

When Julan took his leave, Janius sighed and walked over to Kaleeth. The crutch she had been walking on stood beside the bed, not yet touched this morning. Janius sat down beside her. "I know that look," he said with a solemn smile. "Something is bothering you. Do you want to talk about it?"
I'm back from my vacation. It'll take a few days to clear jetlag and get things sorted out at home, but I should be in shape to get a post in next week.

Not long to the finish line now.
That sounds good to me!
Hmm, I think I'm happy to leave those scenes alone.

Did you have any particular ideas for a send-off? We could have everyone gather up, character by character, for the victory feast. Or we could have a quieter moment. What do you think?
Hey, I'll be heading out to a three week long vacation next Monday. I might not be available to write, but I think we might only have epilogues left?
The book seemed impossible. Fendros stood reading for a long while. Two chapters later and he sat down at Meesei's desk to read more. The underground lighting and near-silence of the night left him undisturbed until, through his nodding off, the folded note fell to the floor.

Fendros picked it up, read it, and let his head bow forward, soundlessly chuckling to himself. He could suppose Meesei would not have bothered with her warning if she had intended to give him a glimpse into the future. But that there was nothing else she had seen fit to mention was a comfort.

He ran his thumb over the torn page edges still clinging to the binding. It had been quite the tale over these long years. What he did not expect was to feel a little excited anticipation at what might come next.

He faintly heard another packmate waking and preparing for the day when he drifted off to sleep in his chair.
Fendros stopped when he first entered Meesei's room. Through the vestiges of apprehension at rifling through her belongings, he could hear just how silent the room was. Silent and missing Meesei herself.

His eyes welled up more tears. He thought he was done with weeping back with Ahnasha.

He took his time slowly pacing around Meesei's desk and looking over the carefully prepared items without touching them, seemingly out of respect even though he and the pack would have to go through them later.

The book titled Godhunter initially took Fendros to thinking someone had placed it there after his speech to the clans after the battle. He spun to the door with his brow low. Just more silence. As he slowly turned to see the book again, he entertained it as Meesei's doing.

He reached for it, took it, looked at its front and back covers, and sighed uncertainly as he opened it to the first page.
"I just need to check one item in particular," Fendros said, sliding out from their blanket. "I'm not sure I could sleep until I do. You stay and rest, I'll try not to take too long."

Fendros brought his palm gently to Ahnasha's head and gave her a kiss on the temple. Then he stood up with a deep breath, exhaling tiredly between his fingers as he made for the door.

The pack's quarters were especially quiet at this time of night. Fendros couldn't shake the feeling that he should already know which book Meesei was referring to. He put the question down to his mental fog and went with the assumption that he would know when he saw it.
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