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Everyone heard Julan's question, though the most pronounced reaction was Rhazii bringing his thumb and forefinger to his closed eyes and mumbling "Oh gods."

From what Lunise had told her previously, Meesei knew that Altmer society, particularly government, had a strange attitude towards couples of the same gender. While it was not persecuted, there was still a certain shame with not bringing the ever-valued elf children into the world from a coupling. As a result, Lunise's ears and neck flushed red for just long enough to be noticeable around her high-chinned scowl.

Lunise's pause was ended when her flush began to recede. She spoke evenly and eloquently. "We are partners, Kaj-Julan. Whether we can be is a question better suited for your mother and father to answer." Lunise's lips formed a tight smile, clearly unamused.

Everyone was quiet once they picked up on the tension of Lunise's turn of mood. Janius was paused in his mouthful, switching his wide eyes from Lunise to Meesei to see if she had anything to add.

He didn't mind talking to Julan about the matter, though he did not want to call him out and embarrass him on the spot.
"I do not know about all of that," Sabine said. Meesei's suggestions were valid, though the extra hurdles put pressure on Sabine. "If it catches light, it would always cast a shadow. Even if the regular portal is made invisible somehow."

Regardless, their conversation would continue as the next course was brought out.

Lunise was curious about the soup. She lightly stirred and spooned at the flakes of fish. Her slow first taste made her lift her eyebrows a touch. "Hmm." She swallowed and spoke. "Fish is not usually used in this dish, Ahnasha. At least not in Rimmen. Due to the closest main water body being in the Empire, fish is not a common sight in traditional foods." She pointed her spoon into the bowl. "Though, it suits the flavour, ultimately. I shall have to suggest this to the chefs I do know cook such dishes."

"It's good," Janius concurred.
Factory Manager, in his spare time he is a failed inventor.
Chronic perfectionism, paranoid personality disorder, unrealistic expectations of self and others.
Keeps his promises, at least.
He gets annoyed with all his college friends coming over to his white-painted house full of poorly paid servants.
Paying child support to the fruits of an accidental homebrew cloning experiment with Ilunabar.
Has a beer with Teknall on Fridays.
Recently went out of the state to visit his estranged sister Jvan who just survived a bad crystal meth bender. They resolved their differences and she plans to pick up her art career after she gets out of rehab.

Bloody hell, this is starting to sound like a Weather Man-esque drama flick.

Hell, Toun could easily be acted by Nicolas Cage.
"Alright," Rhazii said dubiously. "I get all that, it's just...what happened in Thorn?"

Fendros picked up where Ahnasha left it. Rhazii's curiosity was not something he wanted to leave unquenched with regards to narcotics. "We were at a festival with a lot of different foods, including Khajiit foods. This was...I think before you were born, Rhazii, but while your mother was carrying you."

Rhazii's ears were pert in attention.

"I had already told Ahna that I was none-too-tolerant of moon sugar," Fendros continued. "Due to an accidental mix-up, I ate part of a pastry a bit like that one." Fendros pointed to the treat Ahnasha had waved in front of him. "It made me very sick and stressed. Ahna, I'm told, kindly took me back to the inn and I had to miss the rest of the day's festivities."

"How much did you take?" Rhazii asked.

"Only a couple of mouthfuls."

"Just as well," Janius added through the latter end of a mouthful of food. "Plenty of non-Khajiit take moon sugar to get used to skooma and it ruins their lives. I doubt we would have let Fendros get addicted, but...well, it's potent stuff, Rhazii. Stay away from it if you want to stay sane and well."

"Yes, uncle," Rhazii didn't hesitate to answer, curling his lips.

On the other side of the campfire, Lunise listened on and looked to Sabine with a slow, realising nod. "I can only assume that a foundation in alchemy would provide a different perspective on traditional magic."

Sabine spoke more confidently than before. "Most of my experimentation time has either been in testing new ingredients or researching the enemy's gas weapons. But I have idea recently. I do not know if it could work. I would have to find some rare reagents to even try." Sabine turned her eyes down and pushed her hair above her brow to the side of her head. "The spell to open portals. You need too much magicka and control to do it with alchemy. But transporting...light, as in Ayleid constructs of light, could be done. If you opened up that type of portal to go one way to you it would be like looking through a window to the portal destination." Sabine leaned her head to one side, stretching. "It is only an idea, though."
Pathfinder PvP? I'm not sure the system lends itself to that too well Looks like I'll have to build around the Anti-Tarrasque Spell!

A short adventure could be interesting, if we all got along well enough to be a coherent party (although I suspect the drama will be half the fun). Not really sure about that homebrew class if we'll all be taking it, though. At that point, a lot of the game is stripped away. It really depends on the kind of adventure you had in mind.
@Dawnscroll The last time I played Pathfinder that started at epic tier, I spent two solid weeks building...*deep breath*... a worm that walks, cthonic, advanced, elf Majus (Kensai) 20, attack of opportunity fiend that used wolf style, flamboyant arcana, greater trip, combat patrol, and a dwarven long-hammer. He has about 27 attacks of opportunity per round and just about anything provoked.

His name was Giuseppe, the Pasta that Walks. He was the herald of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He even had a helmet that made his worm body look like living, writhing, golden spaghetti.

He was probably scarier than I could ever build Toun to be in Pathfinder. Granted, the build rules for Giuseppe were 'equivalent level 25 character, you can use just about anything.'

That said, if it were at a less silly starting level than the gods in the bestiaries and we had enough players, it might be a fun aside.

@Scarifar Pathfinder is a tabletop roleplaying game derived from D&D 3.5 except a tad less broken at face value. I've played and GMed it for a few years now. It's a lot of fun, but it's an easy to learn/hard to master set of rules.
Fendros, Janius, and Sabine all shared in the laughter. However, when Fendros had the pastry waved in front of his face, his blue-grey skin ever-so-slightly paled. "Mmm, I don't think I need a swarm of insects in my bed tonight, thank Ahna," Fendros said, covering his mouth.

"I don't understand," Rhazii said. "I know you don't take moon sugar, father, but is there a story behind it? It doesn't sound like something funny. Did you eat it in bed and attract ants or something?"

"Uh, not exactly, Rhazii." Fendros rubbed behind his ear. His eyes turned up to Ahnasha. "Perhaps you'd better explain that time in Thorn, Ahna. You were more lucid at the time."

Lunise's eyes lit up at Meesei's comment. She looked to her face and raised an eyebrow. "From how you explained it to me, folding three times was to ensure safety, was it not? You had to ensure that your destination was displacable air."

Sabine softly answered. "Only if you are bringing someone from the far side of the portal. For travelling one way from your origin to destination you only require two folds. One forward and one back." She smiled to Meesei. "Meesei had been using a technique she had learned about which did not make explicit mention of it."

A tiny tilt of her head expressed at least an indication that Lunise was impressed. "Meesei did make mention of your talents, Sabine. I can see they were not unfounded. Innovation and improvement are hallmarks of quality mages."

It was an irrefutably kind remark. Sabine was at first frozen, trying to figure out what part of it inevitably had Lunise's usual underhanded derision. Finding none, she spread a warm smile and shrank over her food. "Thank you."

"Although..." Lunise turned her head back to Meesei again. "I remember you making specific mention of her affinity for alchemy."
I know, I'm just poking fun mate. I see a command line interface and my brain goes 'software jokes, ahoy!'
@BBeast Security through wishful thinking.
@BBeast You know Vestec is going to punch > new_task(Type="; DROP TABLE *",NULL,NULL) into the first nexus he sees, right?

I hope Teknall programs like an engineer and not a physicist. (No offence).

EDIT: No, wait, it would be > new_task(Type="craft",Target=watermelon,Quantity=LONG_MAX)
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