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Dear Mr Curly,
I have done little travelling lately because I have been so dreadfully weary. Can it be true as the old Ecclesiastes said; that all things lead to weariness? Surely not. Perhaps the opposite is true: that all nothings lead to weariness. I have a peculiar feeling, Curly, that I am worn out from something I haven't yet done and the more I don't do it, the more exhausted I become. How strange. Could it be something I haven't realised? Perhaps it's something I haven't said? Something I haven't finished! It must be very large and true whatever it is and a lively struggle in the doing but I look forward to it immensely. I know I need it. First, however, I must curl up in my chair and sleep deeply with the duck. Perhaps I'll dream of this thing and wake up refreshed and do it. My fond wishes to you Mr. Curly, and to all Curly Flat.
Yours sleepily,
Vasco Pyjama
P.S. Not having breakfast can make you weary. That's for sure!
Michael Leunig. The Curly Pyjama Letters.

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"I will try to find the time, if I can," Sabine said with a little regret. "I have never forgotten how much fun it was when I was younger..." She ran a hand over her knuckles and spoke more seriously. "But things have changed since then. Especially recently. You will find out with the announcements during the feast."

Ciinriel's embrace just as quickly turned Sabine's mood positive again. "Ciinriel!" She brought her arms around Ciinriel's head to return the hug. Sabine still stood taller than the Bosmer girl, but... "You have grown! I remember when you spoke even less than I used to." They pulled away and Sabine ran her hands down Ciinriel's upper arms, grinning. "I am glad you are here! And you are looking lovely. It looks like much has happened for you as well, since last we met."
@pandapolio Regarding Amon, I don't have an awful lot to say beyond what BBeast mentioned.

The character is starting out fine so far. However, make sure you indicate to us GMs that you have an idea of the direction Amon will go once he steps out of his first post. You don't have to tell us what the plan is, just that you have a rough idea in the first place.

The reason we ask this is basically for two reasons.

1. It makes you more likely to stick around after your creation post. Quite a few players have dropped out after their character creation, citing not knowing what to do. This is a very open-world RP where you could write a few posts without interacting with any other player characters. Choosing what to do can be overwhelming if you don't keep the self-driven nature of the RP in mind.

2. It makes you consider the character in more depth. More often than not, fantasy gods are just considered to be static forces of nature. These can be cool to make an RP around at face value but you quickly run into the problem of them not changing at all. Contrary to that, the gods in this universe are complex individuals with goals and motivations, just like any other set of main characters in a good story. You don't have to make a full psychoanalysis of your character or anything like that. You just have to indicate to us that he's not just a faceless boogeyman monster. It's more fun, trust me.

Anyway, keep plugging away at the details and let us know when you've got the next version ready! We're happy to have you with us :)
I'm mostly regretful that the culture borrowing old British Island languages' phonetics were the ones that got to name everything first.

Also, I'll provide feedback on Amon either soon or in several hours, depending on of I get this other thing done at home. There are a few details to fill out but you've got the beginnings of demigod there, Panda.
La'khay's appearance took less time for Sabine to recognise than her voice and enthusiasm.

Sabine laughed and embraced La'khay firmly. "Thank you! I am so glad to see you, La'khay. It has been too long." She slid free and looked over her old friend's various bodily modifications. "You look amazing. Did La'tahne do all this for you? Is she here as well?"

Not forgetting even though they were intercepted, Sabine gave Ciinriel a warm smile and a wave. She would hug her in a moment, too, after saying hello to La'khay.
<Snipped quote by Muttonhawk>



ed: the Prime Vosh's soul reincarnated into an aardvark named Snorple and is currently in the employment of Dabbles. I'm declaring this canon by executive GM action.

I've been pronouncing it softly. And I've been pronouncing Achozaal's 'ch' hard.

Blame English loaning from Latin loaning from Ancient Greek. Something was bound to go wrong along the way.
The Chiral Chuckers

I had the Greek hard ch 'chi' syllable in my head through that entire title, so I first read that as 'The Chiral Cuckers.'

Just wanted to share that.

Edit: Ninja'd by Termite, grrrr
I hate Chiral Phi.
What would happen if someone took the kernel and chucked it into the Gap?

Kho, have you ever heard of a Klein bottle?
@pandapolio It's completely optional, dude. I started Conata off as a kid because it suited her story but it was a lot of work. You do what you think is most appropriate for your character.
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