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Sabine was less obstructed by emotion in answering. She nodded at first. She was hushed and gained momentum as she spoke on.

"Hircine favours the hunter," she began. "The greater the quarry, the greater the risk to yourself, the greater your reward. Amongst lycans, not all worship Hircine but respect is given to those that hunt dangerous prey. In this war, my pack has hunted so much dangerous prey that the prestige lost its worth to us. But we had not killed a dragon before. Ahnasha will be impressed. She hunts for the sake of challenging herself."

Sabine raised her face. A sobering thought made her lips relax into a frown. "I have never been the mightiest in my pack. It could be strange if I come back after slaying a dragon. I might look more powerful than I want people to think I am." She cast her eyes down. "Maybe you and Rhajul should take full credit for the kill instead."
If our concern is people abusing the system to gain more power, I have a fairly robust and simple solution. Cap the amount by which a Holy Site can be upgraded/repaired to 2x the original cost, measured against when the Holy Site was first built. This prevents the exponential growth scenario, isn't too overpowered so as to not encourage it too much, while still allowing people some room to renovate existing Holy Sites and repair them whenever necessary.

That works pretty well, actually. I'd be happy to have that instated.
@Frettzo No worries, brother. Congratulations on the job!

Thanks for letting us know. We'll be here whenever you drop by to goof around with us.
Reasons I am aiming to become an engineer and not a scientist...

@BBeast Right mate, you're lucky you got me one and a half weeks after my statistical machine learning exam. Otherwise I would glaze over at that.

For large y, this approaches 2, as for the repayment time of a new Holy Site.

I'm going to assume this is the crunch of what you're trying to demonstrate.

And if I have interpreted it correctly, you have demonstrated that destroying and rebuilding holy sites gets close to being as beneficial as building new holy sites if the upgrade is big enough compared to the original cost. But it is capped at the benefit of a fresh holy site. Is that right?

If that's the case, recycling old, cheap, deflated holy sites might become a viable strategy if there's no turn restriction on rebuilding. I don't know if that's so good of a precedent to set. I mean, the existing system isn't the most robust thing in the world, but I don't want important places that may have story lore to be encouraged to be wrecked for the sake of might points.

Now, I have been travelling today, so I neither have the energy nor my own computer to better test out alternatives. I would like you, if you are willing, to experiment with the convergence you found. My immediate thought is to put a cap on how much you can rebuild a holy site into, proportional to its original cost (such as x2 original cost but that's a kinda stingy example) and also prevent a holy site from being rebuilt more than once every 1(?) turn(s?).

Doing it that way could ensure that wrecking and rebuilding never gets close enough to the breaking-even of building a fresh holy site to be worth the trouble. Or at least something like that idea could. Have a brainstorm. The end goal ought to be that destroying your own holy sites should not be beneficial to you in terms of net might.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, speak up! I could be talking fatigue-enduced crap at this point. Give your opinions.

I'm going to sleep now.
Sabine at least looked as though she was regarding Yerig's thoughts. Some part of her resisted or drowned out certain reasonings in her mind. It was dulling, in a way. She breathed in and looked across to Yerig.

"We will get the axe first," she said. "I can carry on. I have suffered worse before and survived."

Nevermind the fact that her previous recovery was assisted by a ritual with the Hist.
There we go! Now, I'm traveling to visit relatives over the next week, but I'll post replies when I can.
Ah, right, sorry.

I'll edit in a different response in a few hours. I'm about to board a plane.
Sabine shook her head. "I do not think you understand. I am not the first in my pack to get captured. Fendros and Ahnasha were taken once. By someone very cruel. They did not talk about what happened but I eavesdropped once. It made me feel sick. But they took many years to recover. They had nightmares, during the night and the day."

The wood of the staff creaked as Sabine wrung it. "It has not happened to me yet. It might not. I do not know why. I have not been sleeping much, maybe that it why. My pack would not want me risking myself either way."
I would err on the side of simplicity and treat repairing a destroyed holy site in all ways the same as creating a new holy site.

The rules left the question open on whether repairing is different to building from scratch. However, granted that the might investment works the same way between building and repairing, there's a precedent for all the other mechanics to follow a similar pattern.

Of course, if we want to lay down a new ruling as errata, I'd be willing to hear cases. It might be fairer to relax or remove the timer when repairing holy sites. I mean, that's the best case I can think of for repairing existing holy sites being its own mechanic.
Sabine closed her eyes in silent frustration. Being called merciful, powerful, enlightened, brave, and all else was grating on her. It was not just because she knew Yerig and Do'rhajul feared her, but also the entire reason they were here without support.

"Please, stop using those words," Sabine said, lifting an open hand from her cloak. She allowed her eyes to open with a worry in her brow. "I am not...I..." Her shoulders fell as she let out a breath. "It was my fault I was caught and..." She trailed off rather than repeat what followed. "I do not know what is going to happen when I return home. I do not know how my pack will react. I am ashamed that I was caught. I am ashamed that I could have ruined our plan. But they will not say anything like that. Not if I tell them what happened." Sabine's voice quivered as she continued. "But they might think I cannot fight or should not fight."

Sabine's reasoning was not based completely on reality, whether Yerig knew or could deduce such a contrary state. However, this time she was not consciously lying or omitting. Her hands were now clutching her staff tightly and her breathing had the same shiver as her voice.
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