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Dear Mr Curly,
I have done little travelling lately because I have been so dreadfully weary. Can it be true as the old Ecclesiastes said; that all things lead to weariness? Surely not. Perhaps the opposite is true: that all nothings lead to weariness. I have a peculiar feeling, Curly, that I am worn out from something I haven't yet done and the more I don't do it, the more exhausted I become. How strange. Could it be something I haven't realised? Perhaps it's something I haven't said? Something I haven't finished! It must be very large and true whatever it is and a lively struggle in the doing but I look forward to it immensely. I know I need it. First, however, I must curl up in my chair and sleep deeply with the duck. Perhaps I'll dream of this thing and wake up refreshed and do it. My fond wishes to you Mr. Curly, and to all Curly Flat.
Yours sleepily,
Vasco Pyjama
P.S. Not having breakfast can make you weary. That's for sure!
Michael Leunig. The Curly Pyjama Letters.

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The hint of a smile came across Lunise's lips. In the moment she left silent after Nytala spoke, she realised just how closely she had been watched over the years. Pircalmo's notions of Nytala keeping an eye on them all suddenly seemed more real.

Nevertheless, it was too profound a thought for the current topic of conversation.

Lunise smile broadened. "You see, Meesei? I told you this was all a ploy to obtain a test subject in you." She tried not to dwell on having made a straightforward joke for once. "Well, if Meesei has anything to do with it, lycanthropes are going to be less hidden in the coming decades. Even if it is from a cloistered place such as this, I hope it served to help them as the times change."
"I see. Quite interesting." Lunise did not sound entirely convinced. She apprehensively narrowed her eyes and showed her teeth. "Perhaps that might be a side project for the future."

While she did not regret satisfying her curiosity, Lunise's discomfort was such that she quickly found a way to steer the conversation away.

"Speaking of expertise and transformation," Lunise said, her face tilting. "Word reached our ears this morning that you had been performing your own research on lycanthropy. Had you taken an interest before I met Meesei or was it incidental?"
Lunise followed Meesei's eyes behind her back. "Oh, my apologies, Zyausak." She gave him a respectful nod. "Please do seek us out later if we do not seek you out first. As I said to mother, any help at all is a gift."

As Zyausak left, Lunise slowly turned back around to Nytala. There was a pause she held with an expression that had something to say, but not a word emerged before Zyausak closed the door behind him.

"Okay." Lunise resumed, suddenly sounding determined. "Now that I shan't be mortified in front of a particularly ancient and wise mage, I need you, mother, to fulfil my...purely academic interest, if you would." Her shoulders slumped and her brow knitted up. "How on Nirn is a woman meant to conceive a child without a man? And before you answer, know that father has filled me in a number of times on what Hist sap can do to a willing Argonian body and I dare say such a method is rather more drastic than may be necessary."
A soft warmness emanated from Lunise's smile all the way from Meesei's answer to Nytala's mention of children. At that point, Lunise gave Nytala a pleading look. "Mother," she said, barely maintaining her calm. "That area of magic is not my expertise, so do not take this as dismissal, but I hope you will not mind if we focus on the more pressing issues first." She looked at Meesei. "Beside that, I am already stepmother to a talented and lovely young woman in Sabine. We shall have to tell you more about Meesei's family, mother."
Lunise lowered her eyes with a small smile while they laughed. "Hence my efforts to avoid fluster," she mentioned, letting go of Nytala's hand.

Unfortunately, Lunise was at a loss for words again regarding a marriage date. Her wide eyes shifted between Nytala and Meesei, mouth open yet speechless. She let out a small sigh. "I am afraid I do not know. There are many unanswered questions just with the event itself. The date is one detail. We would have to find some way to perform the ceremony in secret. There is father to think about-"

She stopped, closed her eyes and mouth, and let the rest of her breath out through her nose.

Collected and calm, Lunise turned to Meesei and opened her eyes. "Is your schedule clear exactly two months from the day of the invasion, Meesei?" Her eyes darted down and up as her tone stumbled over what she thought should be more formal. "Would to become my wife on that day?"
Lunise appeared less affected by Nytala's words than she had expected. She gave Meesei a quick glance before looking to Nytala with a raised brow. "As it" She suddenly realised she did not know how to explain it. She took a breath. "Meesei has expressed to no uncertain terms while we have been here...that she wished us to be together in such a way that, I think you will find, is more or less equivalent to making the title of daughter-in-law..." She nervously took another breath. "...appropriate."

Lunise finally settled into a smile, though she tried to quickly interrupt the moment out of late-onset bashfulness. "But I see no reason not to forgive you, mother! Any help with Meesei's soul at all is more than starting with nothing. We would be grateful no matter the substance. And..." She held Nytala's hand in both of hers, holding it up. "Mother, I came here for the purpose of meeting you again. That has not changed and I want to make good use of every moment we will have over these coming days."
Lunise stood up in turn and faced Nytala. "These were matters to be resolved at one time or another," she added. "The offer was made generously in the first place. The sentiment is not lost, even if the outcome was...yes, somewhat stressful." She clasped her hands behind her back. "I shall take Inelwen's behaviour with a grain of salt. It is hardly the first time I have negotiated with one as passionate as her. I only wish we could inspect the progress she has made already on Meesei's soul, rather than see the work dropped altogether."
Lunise averted her eyes from Nytala when Taryenar and Marcaano stood up to leave. She was not sure what other business she and Meesei had at the table, but a swiftly growing sympathy to Nytala's disappointment grew in her mind. The lack of following words from Nytala only made it more apparent.

"Do not think me insincere when I say this, mother," Lunise said, looking at the top of the table. "I understand Inelwen may not be the only one who feels their plans have been unexpectedly complicated. I wish I did not have to disappoint you."
Grateful for Marcaano and Zyausak's input, Lunise brought up a hand to touch Meesei's. Her vindicated feeling was momentarily replaced by the strangeness of showing even that small amount of affection towards Meesei in front of strangers.

"If we may know," Lunise said. "What are the specific memories you are looking for?"
Lunise was just as surprised as the rest of the table. She looked up at Meesei with her eyes wide, but quickly recovered, releasing her breath and looking back to Inelwen with a frown. "Very well," Lunise said, gesturing to Inelwen with a flat hand. "Now is your chance to inform Meesei, if you feel she has not been fairly briefed."
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