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Whatever anxieties about Meesei's experiment were overwhelmed by her gesture. Sabine looked at the ring in astonishment. She glanced up at Meesei, hesitating. It didn't feel right to have the ring if she wasn't champion. "...Okay," she said reluctantly. She reached out and took the little bone ring before holding it close between the fingers of both her hands. She was nervous about even dropping it.

"So I just transform? Like normal?" Sabine said. She gazed into the eyes of the carved wolf head on the band.

Even if Meesei didn't answer, Sabine knew that there was no special technique to it. She stood up, put on the ring, and started to undress. "Do you need me to do anything while transformed?"

Fendros clenched his jaw to hold back his own empathy. Even hints of Ri'vashi becoming emotional after almost always seeing her professional and stony was powerful.

For a moment, Fendros looked away at the ground to think. He closed his eyes and sighed through his nose. When he opened them to look at Ri'vashi's face again, he brought his hand to her tensed arm. "Look, if we get through this war, there'll be a day after," he said with more sympathy than before. "When that day comes, short of Meesei pulling rank or the gods striking me down, I promise Do'rhajul will meet his just end if he yet lives. And after all these years, that day may come sooner rather than later."

Fendros craned his head down to make sure of Ri'vashi. "Are you going to be okay?"
Detta didn't much mind the different levels of banality amongst her friends' observations. However, the squirrel incident did divert her. Any attempts to hold in her laughter were thwarted by Valerio's attempt to salvage his dignity.

>Survival 18: Divine is a relative term for describing rotisserie squirrels.

Her lungs couldn't laugh forever. Detta took a breath and spoke. "It sounds's'if you're the expert on that dish, Valerio. I think I'll leave it in your capable hands."

Rather than ask the obvious question of what darkness Rusalka was referring to, Detta took her axe out and leaned on it, letting the masked one go ahead. While Detta could see in the dark better than her friends, the darkness that scouts preferred was not the kind that included heavy armour.

"Very well, just make noise if need help," Detta added.
Sabine may have been Meesei's peer in magical skill, but what she described was hard for Sabine to fully fathom. Teaching something with an apparently animal intelligence something as abstract as magic sounded impossible.

She had to stare with her mouth half-open to even think about what Meesei had in mind. "Um," Sabine breathed an uneasy laugh. "What is it that you want to do?"

Fendros locked his eyes sternly at Ri'vashi's face and spoke over last word. "I know, Ri'vashi. We have been fighting this war, too." It wasn't the first time Fendros had to speak so seriously to someone who loomed over him, though until now it was just transformed lycans. Not a military commander or a peer. "Do'rhajul will answer for his crimes in the end. I am not suggesting that he won't. But you know the stakes, you know what we know about Vile's plans. If it comes down to the choice of winning this war with vital information or killing Do'rhajul in righteous wrath, you know what our dead kin would prefer. It may not come down to that but you have to accept the possibility."
Sabine did not respond for a moment. She tilted her head at Meesei, curious. She wrapped her arms around one lifted knee. "It sounds like your are becoming one person. Joining your mind with your beast like that. Do you could turn that way physically? Almost..." Sabine tried to find the words. "It sounds like you could become like a hybrid instead of one and the other. I wonder if you might get caught halfway between transforming and stay that way."

It was difficult to tell whether Sabine was concerned about the possibility or not.

"I see. Thank you." Just as Fendros began to reflect on Rhazii's capabilities, Ri'vashi's request turned his eyes to her, and then to Ahnasha. Rhazii would need a moment to cool off anyway, he thought. Ri'vashi deserved to know what they did.

"As far as we know, he is still in High Rock with his team. They used a powerful magic to escape and we do not know where, exactly. As for having you along..." He took a deep breath in and out as well. He looked at the top of Ahnasha's scar on her front, over to the thinner patch of fur on Rhazii's head, and back to Ri'vashi. "Ahna and I understand why, we do. However, we would have to consult the rest of our pack and we need time to recover from our injuries. Also, we-"

Fendros cut himself off and glanced around. He stepped closer to Ri'vashi and lowered his voice. "We have found information that sheds new light on his motives. He..." Fendros paused. He wanted to be careful with his wording given Ri'vashi's grief. "He, or at least parts of his team, have been fighting under false pretences. If we do kill any of them -- if -- it will not be before attempting to subvert the lies they have been told. Justice, you may find in the end. Vengeance..." He shook his head lightly. "None of us can guarantee."
Sabine listened on. She neither had an objection nor did she appear confused. However, the question of gathering everyone up made her reluctant. She rubbed her shoulder with her hand and blinked away. "Maybe not tonight. I am very tired and still a bit shaken." She glanced at Meesei. "Could we do tomorrow night? I would like to just be in your company tonight. And Lunise and Karl are busy so it would be easier for them, probably."

Sabine did not expect there to be a problem. The topic brought a similar question to her head as she was asked. "How are you and Lunise? Have you seen each other since we met her outside of Sentinel?"

Rhazii opened his palms forward in objection. "Then what happened earlier today!? I saw you get shot in the chest, mother! Aunt Kaleeth came back unconscious! You were ambushed and Julan and I couldn't do anything."

"You would have died, Rhazii," Fendros said firmly.

Rhazii pointed with his free hand. "You could have died!"

"Rhazii, that's enough! It is not up to you whether you go to battle or not. You are not ready."

"That's stupid!-"

"That is the truth!"

Fendros had reached the end of his tether. So had Rhazii. In spite of the reasoning, his face twisted into bared teeth and pinned ears. He threw his waster flat onto the stone floor. It cracked and bounced as the wood split. He was stomping away before it was still.

"Rhazii! Stop right there!" Fendros shouted.

Rhazii did not stop or turn around. He instead yelled back in a voice that was clearly breaking into held-back tears. "Get lost!"

Fendros exhaled sharply. His face softened. He addressed Ri'vashi in as polite a voice as he could give. "I am so sorry for wrapping you into this, Ri'vashi. We did not intend for things to get out of hand. Thank you for your patience with our son, but..." He looked at Rhazii's back. Rhazii found some stairs to sit upon and bury his face in his hands with. "...We had better take it from here."

The remaining soldiers had already dispersed to return to their drills.
While Sabine could perform telekinesis just as well, she opted to carry a seat up to the fireplace next to Meesei. It was a habit she had from alchemy labs, where a careful hand was always the better option. She brought her feet up to sit cross-legged on the chair and smiled a little wider.

Sabine leaned back and answered Meesei's question with her eyes to the ceiling. "Well. Quite well. Being able to visit him while on missions helps a lot. He does not like that I can be away for long periods but he understands." Sabine giggled. "I feel the same way."

An outward breath made Sabine sink a little further into her seat.

"I am glad that I am with him," Sabine added. "Just now, he saw that I was uncomfortable. I told him what had happened. And I cried. I was not nervous to cry. I am a grown woman now, so I do not normally cry about these things. Not in front of others unless it is you, Ariel, or sometimes someone from the pack. But...he held me. He just held me and comforted me." Sabine returned Meesei's eye contact and shifted tone. "Karl is not a prodigy. He is good at Dwemer archaeology. But his occupation and skills are not why I like him. I like him because we can know each others feelings."

Sabine paused to look into the fire. Something wistful passed over her mind. She turned to Meesei again. "I think you would like him if you could speak with him more. Perhaps we can have a meal together some time."

Rhazii struggled to his feet again. "Yes. I want to get better." He glanced up at Ahnasha, then to Ri'vashi, then looked to the ground. "Mother says...mother says I can help the pack fight if I am good enough to beat you, Ri'vashi."

Fendros put one hand on his hip and the other up to pinch the bridge of his nose. "There is more to it than that-"

"-There is not!" Rhazii raised his voice. "That's what you said, wasn't it? Well, I have to get better soon or else you might fight Do'Rhajul again!"

At that point, Fendros realised Rhazii's thoughts. He had to take a deep breath to stop himself from losing his patience. That Rhazii was making a scene in front of all these strangers was not helping.

The soldiers themselves were unsure what to make of the family drama in front of them. A few shuffled away to continue their own training now that the sparring was done. Others were looking at each other nervously.
question: is theyre any other lunar/astronomical god in this rp rn?

The closest I can say is @Vec's character, Ull'yang. Cosmic flaming gas balls are his jam.
Meesei could hear shuffling feet before a set of raps on the door. It opened after a moment to reveal Sabine's face looking in. She caught Meesei's eye and smiled. As she stepped into the room and closed the door behind her, Meesei noticed that she was less tense and pale than she was in the infirmary. She walked up to Meesei to give her a quick hug.

"Hello. I am sorry if I kept you waiting," Sabine said. She had not kept Meesei waiting very long at all.

Rhazii was only halfway through getting up before Ri'vashi struck. He barely managed to turn his waster in time to parry, yet the wooden slide stopped with the point roughly prodding his upper arm. He let out a small yell of pain before attempting a counterattack. He was clearly sluggish and tired. To his credit, Rhazii's cut to Ri'vashi's arm was made with proper footwork and covered his defences. He showed a better technique than Fendros had seen before today. However, even an amateur fighter had the time to defend against it.

One of the soldiers surreptitiously spoke up to Fendros and Ahnasha. "Uh, Ahnasha and Fendros, right?" He pointed to them both. Neither of them knew the soldier's name, but few soldiers in the clan didn't know them. "That's your son, isn't it? He's been sparring for at least an hour straight now. He won't take breaks or give up." The soldier winced as Rhazii was struck back once again. "You have an impressive boy, don't get me wrong, this point he's just getting beaten to a pulp."

That was enough for Fendros. He stepped forward before Rhazii could get to his feet again. "Excuse me, Ri'vashi." He held up a hand as he stepped between the two. "Rhazii, what do you think you're doing?"

Rhazii closed his mouth and avoided eye contact. Even though he was breathing heavily from the activity, his brow betrayed some quiet anger. His voice was surprisingly subdued. "I'm training, father. Let me continue."
Without a word, Fendros brought his hand up behind Ahnasha's head and ran a hand over one of her ears on their way out. He had been wearing a strong face since the battle ended. Inside was someone in need of just as much comfort as Ahnasha.

Janius nodded to Kaleeth. "Of course." He smiled and squeezed her shoulder before looking to Julan. "What about you, boy? How are you holding up? Feel like getting something to eat with me?"

At Meesei's answer, Sabine's lips broadened into a smile and she nodded. "I would love to. I will go and visit Karl to let him know I am okay while you find Saras."

While there were few words between Ahnasha and Fendros, they eventually separated to the point of hand-holding for the sake of convenience. Several sets of eyes amongst the clan regarded Ahnasha's fresh bandages with worry, though they were not accosted.

The sounds of clacking wasters predictably came from a square where many militia drills were held. When Ahnasha and Fendros rounded the corner, they saw a little more than they bargained for. A small group of warriors stood around the singular source of the wooden melee, all watching whatever was going on. Only Ri'vashi's head was clear from over the top of the crowd as she towered over them. An angered shout recognisable as Rhazii's voice precluded another exchange that lasted only two hits before Rhazii grunted in pain and sounded like he stumbled to the ground.

"Azura, how long has he been at it?" Fendros commented. He picked up his pace to a brisk walk. The crowd looked over their shoulders and parted to let him and Ahnasha through. Where normally they would be goading and encouraging, they were all quiet, dubious, and unsure what to do.

They saw Rhazii on one knee, completely out of breath, and trying to push himself up from the ground by the point of his wooden sword. Innumerable scrapes and bruises peeked out from his fur wherever he was not clothed. Ri'vashi, in contrast, was unharmed and holding a stiff guard with her wooden sword raised.
Janius held Julan a little closer for a moment. "I can agree with that," he said.

"You're right about Rhazii," Fendros said. He took a deep, slow breath and stood up. "We had better go find him. If he went where I think he's going, he'll be with trustworthy company, but he might end up hurting himself." Fendros looked over to Ahnasha and her healer. "Are you well enough to come with me, Ahna?"

Sabine took the empty flask from Kaleeth and put it aside, then finding a seat once more. "Meesei, do you need any help healing?" she asked.
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