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Current Well I am back, sorry people - crazy ex fiance deleted everything and made my life hell...finally settling back in at home...
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Just waiting on replies
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Why is everyone talking about the site going down? Are they shutting it down or is it a server issue?
8 mos ago
Why is everyone talking about the site going down? Are they shutting it down or is it a server issue?
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I'll be online on my phone til I fall asleep


I have a full time job, a serious dating relationship, a social life, and other hobbies besides role playing! So if I don't reply or I go MIA for a few days its just life taking over and me needing to deal with it. I also babysit my younger brother on my days off when my mom has to work, so I am usually on here when I babysit.

As for role playing...

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Pairings added based on Once Upon A Time, still looking!
@Dynamo Frokane sure, please message me!
The Rules ​
I play female characters only, so I’m looking for someone who is comfortable playing male characters that are for the most part dominant.​
Please be eighteen years old or older since I’m in my early twenties.​
I’m looking for people who can write roughly one to four paragraphs per reply with proper spelling.​
I am not the grammar police, accidents happen - so don’t dare grammar police me, please.​
NO GOD MODDING - DO NOT CONTROL MY CHARACTER: small reactions are fine, but just don’t get crazy.​
Replies please AT LEAST once a day, however the more you can reply the better - I am normally fairly active.​
I understand when life gets in the way, but you need to communicate that with me! I am working Monday through Saturday, if we role play - I can give you time frames as well if needed.​
Please check out my F-List for limits and kinks​
I prefer either of description or realistic photos, not a huge fan of anime - but if that’s all you can find, it will work.​
Certain topics do require some knowledge of said topic, research can help with that if you want to take that route.​
Romance is a must for my role plays, however they have other themes mixed in with them.​
Please message me if you are interested in role playing with me!​

About Me
I’m a twenty-two-year-old female, soon to be twenty-three, I work full time, train horses and dogs on the side. I am newly single and have a life outside of role playing – so I can’t always reply. Just because I’m online doesn’t mean I can reply! I only play female characters, so I need my partners to play a male, I am active however. I reply once a day if not more. I really don’t have that much to tell. I do own two dogs and two horses, so I can get caught up with their care – the horses more than the dogs, especially with it being winter and having to do blanket changes as well as set up feed. But that’s what sucks when you don’t own your own property (sigh) but hopefully it won’t be much longer before I can have them in my own back yard!

Ghost Adventures
Zak Bagans – OC Female Psychic
Aaron Goodwin – OC Female Psychic
Billy Tolley – OC Female Psychic

The Outsiders
Soda Pop Curtis – OC Dallas’ Sister
Keith “Two-Bits” Matthews – OC Dallas’ Sister

Assassin’s Creed
Altair – Fellow Assassin’s Sister
Ezio – Fellow Assassin’s Daughter
Connor – Achilles Friends Daughter
Arno – Old Family Friend
Shay – Childhood Friend
Jacob – Female Assassin

Roman Reigns – OC Diva
Dean Ambrose – OC Diva
Seth Rollins – OC Diva

Lord of the Rings
Legolas – Childhood Friend

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Clone Commander/Captain – Female Jedi
Jedi Master – Jedi Apprentice
Jedi – Female Citizen
Jedi – Jedi
Clone Commander/Captain – Female Citizen

Professional Hockey Player – Team Photographer
Professional Hockey Player – Fan
MMA Fighter – Ring Girl
MMA Fighter – Fan
PBR Rookie – PBR Veterans (2 or so years of experience) Girl
PBR Rookie – High School Sweetheart
College Football Star – Cheerleader
College Football Star – Normal Girl
College Baseball Star – Cheerleader
College Baseball Star – Normal Girl

Paranormal Team Lead Investigator – OC Female Psychic
Paranormal Team Member – OC Female Psychic
Vampire Clan Leader – Vampire Loner
Vampire Clan Leader – Lower Clan Members Girl
Vampire Clan Leader – Human
Vampire Clan Leader – Rival Clan Leader
Werewolf Pack Alpha – Werewolf Loner
Werewolf Pack Alpha – Lower Pack Members Girl
Werewolf Pack Alpha – Human
Werewolf Pack Alpha – Rival Pack Leader

Mafia Don's Son – Rival Mafia Don's Daughter
Mafia Don's Son – Right Hand Man's Daughter
Mafia Don's Son – Normal Girl
Mafia Don's Son – Debtee's Daughter
Young Mafia Don – Member's Daughter
Young Mafia Don – Rival Member's Daughter
Mafia Don's Son – Rival Member's Daughter​
Mafia Don's Son – Member's Daughter

Human Princess – Human Prince
Human Princess – Human Knight
Human Princess – Human Ranger
Human Princess – Elf Prince
Human Princess – Elf Knight
Human Princess – Elf Ranger
Elf Princess – Elf Prince
Elf Princess – Elf Knight
Elf Princess – Elf Ranger
Elf Princess – Human Prince
Elf Princess – Human Knight
Elf Princess – Human Ranger
WWII Soldier – High School Sweetheart
Pirate Captain – Saloon Girl
Rancher's Daughter – Rustler
Rancher's Daughter – Young Ranch Foreman

Other Non-Grouped Pairings
Once Upon A Time: Captain Hook – OC Female (From the beginning)
Once Upon A Time: Captain Hook – OC Female (Becoming a pirate)
Once Upon A Time: Captain Hook – OC Female (Pirate)​
@Raging Fenrir kind of yes, but message me and we might be able to figure something out.
Princess - Prince/Young Warrior King
Character A is a soon to be eighteen year old princess, a few days short of her eighteen birthday. Character A’s father had met her mother through an arranged marriage, the pair ruled over the kingdom of Chaswen. The king of Chaswen was a human and came from a long line of humans, however his wife - the queen of Chaswen was a wood elf and she came from a long line of wood elves. The kingdom of Chaswen was blessed with a son, five years later they were blessed with a daughter. However, with the birth of their daughter came tragedy - the queen passed away hours after giving birth to her daughter due to complications. The king never remarries, deciding to raise his two children alone as he rules over the kingdom of Chaswen. The king made sure he raised his children to become the leaders they were meant to be, making sure that his daughter was taken care of by promising her hand in marriage to the prince of the kingdom of Rexroth who was two years older than Character A.
Character B is a twenty year old prince of the kingdom of Rexroth, though the young man prefers to lead his people into battle - when his father was still alive. Character B was an only child, therefore when his father was killed when he turned eighteen years old - the young man must step up to king with the aid of a small group of advisors. Character B’s fathers death put a stop to the young man entering into battle with his men, leaving the closest to battle he can get is tournaments and training with his men. As both Character A and B grew, the two would attend balls together - aware that they were to marry one another after the princess turned eighteen years old. Their father’s made sure to keep the two close, knowing their agreement had been that the two had to remain loyal to one another - staying pure until their marriage. The marriage was to band an alliance between the two kingdoms in preparation for one of the larger kingdoms to attack, banding the kingdoms together would create a kingdom large enough to stand a chance if war broke out.
Character A’s father passed away shortly after Character B’s, however the king of Chaswen put his son in charge until his daughter married. At that point in time, Character A’s brother was supposed to step down and hand the throne - leaving the kingdom of Chaswen behind. Character A’s brother was supposed to leave the kingdom of Chaswen to be with his wife in her kingdom of Miroellan, the two had married when Character A’s brother was eighteen years old. Her brother had left shortly after the wedding to live with his wife, returning to his home kingdom once his father fell ill. Things only seemed to get worse, Character A and B didn’t see each other after her brother took over rule, however letters were exchanged until her fathers death when Character A was sixteen years old - leaving her brother to reign for two years. After her father’s death, her brother even put a stop to the letters exchanged between the two kingdoms - however the one thing he could not stop was the wedding.
Character A’s brother made it clear that his wife was to stay in her home kingdom, but he did not sleep alone - having a different woman in his room every night. Her brother told the kingdom that his wife had passed away, loosing their first born child as well. Yet he still wrote her, promising his loyalty to her and her alone. As Character A’s birthday approaches, her brother requests a festival and a tournament since Character B was set to arrive the night before his sisters birthday. Her brother planned on using the festival and tournament to hide how bad he had let the kingdom fall into a horrible place, he forced the people to pay high, unfair taxes - taking a majority of the kingdoms money for himself, his guards roughed up whomever they pleased. The guards would throw whoever they pleased in jail, threatening the citizens to get money, food, items of value, and even sleeping with a man’s wife. They did whatever it took to take advantage of the citizens, they lived in fear of Character A’s brother and his army.
The citizens did love their young princess, she would defend them against her brothers guards, his army, and her brother even if it put her own safety in danger. The blood between the two of them did not save her, even though the princess was trying to protect her people from the cruel rule of her brother. Character A was often on the receiving end of her brother’s anger, normally leaving bruises littered against the young woman’s body. When Character B arrives, the first couple moments are quite awkward due to the fear inside the both of them that the other wants nothing to do with the other but as Character A shows Character B around the kingdom it becomes clear that her brother is behind the letters stopping. Character B decides that he will put her brother in his place during the tournament, both men being injured during the battle (nothing real serious, just something to kind of scare the spectators). The tournament is set to take place on Character A’s birthday, so Character B dedicates his win to her as a gift.
After her birthday, Character B plans out his proposal to Character A. Character B plans out a special ride out of the kingdom until he found the perfect spot to pop the question to the young princess, when they announce their engagement to her kingdom - it pushes her brother over the edge. As time passes and their wedding draws near, threatening letters begin to arrive - addressed to Character A, threatening her safety if she marries Character B. The young princess ends up kidnapped two nights before the wedding, after a ball in their honor. The day before the wedding Character B sets out to find her, it takes him all day to locate her - deciding to stay in a small town overnight - taking the last room that was available which happens to be a one bed room. They have no other option, so they take it - staying the night and moving out the next morning to return to Chaswen with hours to spare before their wedding. The young couple focused on getting ready for their event, after the ceremony Character B will look into who kidnapped his bride.
But other side notes are that she will be kidnapped when she is pregnant with their child, her brother will be a struggle to get our of the throne, etc.​
My Character

Name – Ashley Marie Prescott
Nickname – Ash
Age – Twenty-one years
Body Build – Slender with womanly curves to drive men crazy
Tattoos (if any) – dream catcher on right ribcage and infinity symbol on left wrist
Piercings (if any) – belly button and ears
Scars (if any) – none

Your Character

Name –
Nickname –
Age –
Body Build –
Tattoos (if any) –
Piercings (if any) –
Scars (if any) –
Photos –
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