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Why is everyone talking about the site going down? Are they shutting it down or is it a server issue?
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Why is everyone talking about the site going down? Are they shutting it down or is it a server issue?
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I'll be online on my phone til I fall asleep
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I have a full time job, a serious dating relationship, a social life, and other hobbies besides role playing! So if I don't reply or I go MIA for a few days its just life taking over and me needing to deal with it. I also babysit my younger brother on my days off when my mom has to work, so I am usually on here when I babysit.

As for role playing...

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My Character

Name – Ashley Marie Prescott
Nickname – Ash
Age – Twenty-one years
Body Build – Slender with womanly curves to drive men crazy
Tattoos (if any) – dream catcher on right ribcage and infinity symbol on left wrist
Piercings (if any) – belly button and ears
Scars (if any) – none

Your Character

Name –
Nickname –
Age –
Body Build –
Tattoos (if any) –
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Photos –
The small city of Beaufort, South Carolina was buzzing – clearly excited that their small town had managed to make it onto a stop for something big such as the PBR. Normally a circuit such as the PBR would stop at one of the larger cities in the area, forcing residents of smaller towns to travel to the show. Yet this year they were lucky enough to be included, the town had been buzzing for a good month to prepare. The shop owners were busy making sure to their family owned store look just as professional as the big box stores, making sure they had enough stock to last through the crowd that would surely flood their city. The local radio station was giving away tickets with a chance to win back stage passes to be behind the chutes, a chance to meet the riders and all that fun stuff.

The staff at the local fair grounds were busier than anyone else in town, trying to make sure the arena was disked up – the panels and chutes were in good working order. The week prior they had gone through and replaced needed boards, repainted and replaced the announcing equipment in the announcers’ booth. They were out there at least fourteen hours a day working, trying to make their small town compete with the looks of the bigger towns while keeping their small-town charm. They were hoping that somehow, they would be able to convince the PBR that coming to town wasn’t a mistake and that they needed to continue to come to small towns such as their own, the arena crew only stopped working when the animals were dropped off the night before the show.

Time had passed rather quickly the first night of the show, the day passed in a blur for Ash – she had decided to pass time by helping the staff that oversaw the upkeep all year around by helping them direct the PBR staff on where everything was and how to get there. She had planned ahead, bringing a spare set of clothes with her that she changed into before the event started. Once she changed, she left her curly brunette hair down around her shoulders, a black tank top, a dark pair a tight fitting bootcut jeans and black cowboy boots. She had done her make-up, figuring since she was single there was nothing wrong with looking nice and having fun. Her clothing fit her slender body rather well, showing off the curves of her hips and her breasts – yet she wasn’t too bothered by the lingering eyes.

She was in fact quite used to it, it had been something she had gone through in high school – given she had dated the same guy from seventh grade all the way up till about a year ago and he had chased those lingering eyes away every chance he got. Ash still wasn’t sure why they had broken up after so many years together, the only thing she could really think of is he hit it big – signed a deal with the PBR and didn’t want to be with some little small-town girl. She hadn’t dated since that break up, in fact – she wasn’t even interested. It had been a year for everything to do with men, whether it be dating or sex. He had been the first guy she slept with and the last, she wouldn’t admit it to just anyone – only her closest friend that she still had some of the things he bought her, that she missed him.

But still to this day, she didn’t know why he ended things – she still had hurt from it, she was still upset by it. But she wasn’t going to let some chance encounter that he could possibly be here ruin her night or her weekend since she managed to somehow win a back-stage pass for the entire weekend though they would be in town for the next week before they packed up and shipped out to the next town, plus for all she knew – her ex landed himself some little buckle bunny who was only interested in him if he won. Yet it still felt strange coming to an event like this without him, all throughout high school and after high school when he rode at the fair or other amateur events – she would be there supporting him win or lose, even hospital trips. Fake ring engagement ring and all so she could ride with him.

Ash sighed softly and paused, hearing a cat whistle that was clearly targeting her before someone put there arm against the gate next to her to stop her from moving any further. “Well hey there pretty little thing.” A man’s voice spoke, clearly faking a country accent as she rolled her eyes – glancing toward the younger man who stood next to her. “What’s a pretty little thing like you doing back here all alone, hm? Looking to have a good time tonight? I’d sure love to have a pretty little thing like you on my arm, make all the other guys jealous and me one lucky man.” He added, flashing her a quick smile as he looked her up and down, letting out a long whistle once more. This guy was just saying all the wrong things and working his way into getting slapped in her book, yet slapping him would get her throne out.

“This ‘pretty little thing’ has a name and I ain’t interested in your fake little country boy act, believe me – I dated a country boy. I can tell a fake accent from a real one, the one I have is real. So, I would strongly suggest you back off.” Ash pointed out, keeping her voice as low as she could while still getting her point across. Yet the man didn’t seem to take the hint, only inching closer to her with a stupid smile on his face. She was trying so hard not to hit him, for the first time in a long time sexual advances were making her uncomfortable – but everyone seemed too busy to notice anything going on. The young woman sighed, biting her lip a moment as she crossed her arms – meeting the man’s eyes a moment as she raised an eyebrow. “Fake isn’t my type.” She muttered, coldly.

She could only hope that would get her point across to him, yet he only looked over his shoulder quickly to see if anyone was making their way toward him. “Where’s your cowboy then, hm? Doesn’t seem like he’s too worried about you if he ain’t around. Especially dressed like this and back here, you just scream single and ready for a fun night. So how about ya let me show ya a good night, how’s that sound?” He asked, dropping the accent he’d been faking. Yet he still wasn’t backing down and his comments just made her cringe. Was he that desperate to get laid tonight? It honestly struck a cord within her, Jason normally wouldn’t let a conversation get this far before stepping between her and the other guy – hell, he’d have stepped in the instant this guy called her a pretty little thing.

“Is it really that hard to just leave me the hell alone? I’m not interested, okay? Stop wasting your time, okay? It’s not working, plus it’s not really any of your business if I’m single or not. And if I’m not…I’m pretty sure, whoever I’m dating would be more than happy to handle things.” She muttered, watching the man carefully as he chuckled, glancing toward the chutes as the buzzer went off. Ash took her chance to try and try to move away while he was distracted, yet he was quick to catch her by the arm and pull her back to where she once stood. She bit her lip once more, pulling her arm away from him as she glared at him, “Don’t touch me.” She snapped, watching the man as he smiled once more, cocking his head to the side as he looked her up and down once more.

“Awe, ain’t that cute – ya know, it ain’t too hard to tell your single.” He muttered, leaning closer to her.
The Plot

High school wasn't that long ago, maybe a few years if your lucky and sometimes high school rivalries never really die down – especially when your from a small country town. Even in a small town, big dreams can grow – they can make you or break you. Now growing up in a small town, everyone knows your name and secrets are hard to keep, if you do make it big - It's even harder to forget your name. The PBR is where you want to be if you want to become a professional bull or Bronc rider, it's the biggest name in the sport. It should just bring a smile to your face when you get to return to your home town when your on the professional circuit, traveling all over North America. It doesn't give you much time to start any sort of relationship with anyone because you don't have time to get to know them. But it gives you plenty of time to think of your mistakes – like the girl you left behind that you'd dated since seventh grade all the way til when you ended things right before you left. Returning home brings mixed emotions, but after a night out on the town you find a number with no name on your hand. No harm in seeing who you'd hit it off with right? What better place to meet than the old family owned diner, a place you took you’re ex on your first date. Well, low and behold it’s your ex – the one you never lost feelings for. Yet she is still upset that you ended things before you left, you hadn't offered her to go with you. It hurts you to know you caused her that type of pain – the type you were trying to stop from causing her. With some convincing will she take you back? Or will one of the other cowboys steal your girl away from you? Do you have what it takes to win her back into your arms in such a limited amount of time?

Requirements for Male

Possessive over female character
Dominant in and out of the bedroom
A show off to impress the female character
Doesn’t like other guys talking/flirting/looking at female character
Will get into a fight with other guys over female character
Romantic toward female character
Sweet and caring toward female character


Must be able to play males
Must be able to reply with at least one paragraph (eight sentences)
Needs to be at least one post a day unless otherwise noted
Must have a character sheet and knowledge on the topic - PLEASE
You must be approved before posting on the IC!
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