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2 mos ago
Current Medieval romance role play anyone?
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2 mos ago
So damn sorry, I moved in with my boyfriend and money was really tight for a bit. So we just got wifi. So I'm back to role play once again!
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2 mos ago
So sorry everyone! I moved and that killed all money for internet...until now! So I'm back!
5 mos ago
Just loving my medieval role plays right now
5 mos ago
Head is killing me... :(


I have a full time job, a serious dating relationship, a social life, and other hobbies besides role playing! So if I don't reply or I go MIA for a few days its just life taking over and me needing to deal with it. I also babysit my younger brother on my days off when my mom has to work, so I am usually on here when I babysit.

As for role playing...

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The Rules

I play female characters only, so I’m looking for someone who is comfortable playing male characters that are for the most part dominant.
Please be eighteen years old or older since I’m in my early twenties.
I’m looking for people who can write roughly one to four paragraphs per reply with proper spelling.
I am not the grammar police, accidents happen - so don’t dare grammar police me, please.
DO NOT CONTROL MY CHARACTER - certain small reactions are fine, but just don’t get crazy.
Replies please AT LEAST once a day, however the more you can reply the better - I am normally fairly active.
I understand when life gets in the way, but you need to communicate that with me! I am working Monday through Saturday, if we role play - I can give you time frames as well if needed.
I really have a very small amounts of limits, but I will let you know what they are - it normally varies on the pairing.
I prefer either of description or realistic photos, not a huge fan of anime - but if that’s all you can find, it will work.
Certain topics do require some knowledge of said topic, research can help with that if you want to take that route.
Romance is a must for my role plays, however they have other themes mixed in with them.
Please message me if you are interested in role playing with me!
The Pairings & Plots

So the pairings and plots will be added in slowly using hiders to save some room and confusion.

The princess paused a moment as the prince practically asked her uncle to meet this fiance of hers, her uncle seemed to get rather annoyed as he seemed to try to think on his feet of who would dare to marry his niece. “I’m afraid that he is not currently here, I believe he went to get something’s for their wedding.” He pointed out, seeming rather unsure of his own words. The princess rolled her eyes, wanting to get as far from his uncle as possible as quickly as possible. Why did he have to do this? From what she knew of Keratia, they could easily defeat her kingdoms army and take over the ruling.

The princess glared at her uncle, he was such a liar - he was no ruler of hers or her kingdom. “And if he does not meet your standards? What business is this of yours? It’s not like you are going to marry her yourself, are you?” Her uncle muttered, his tone rather cold as someone suddenly called for him. It was another man, a lot larger than her uncle that made his way toward the group - placing himself between the prince and princess and the king. She felt the prince reach out and take her hand in his own as he pulled her along to follow beside him, unaware of where she was being led.

She followed the man, curious as to where he was leading her and why. She looked over at him, studying him a moment at his question of her uncle. At this point she noticed his red eyes, remembering her father mentioning something about only the royal family having red eyes when it came to Keratia. “To be quite honest that is a rather large understatement about him. He is much more than a mess, and in all honestly - the sooner he is no longer king…the better.” She commented, brushing her bangs out of her face with her free hand. She didn’t see why she couldn’t speak the truth around this man, he wanted the truth after all.
@Lucius Cypher If there is anything I need to add or change, please just let me know!

The young woman was rather shocked as the armored man moved between herself and her uncle, not that her uncle was stupid enough to lay his hands on her in public. It was easy to anger him and he did not settle down as time passed, his anger usually only seemed to grow the longer he waited to punish whoever he could take his anger out on. Her uncle didn’t at all seem pleased that the man was standing up for him, slowly straightening his shoulders as he quickly tried to puff his chest up. The princess rolled her eyes, watching her uncle as he attempted to make himself look tougher than he actual was.

It was rather amusing for the princess to watch, aware that her uncle stood no chance against the younger man that had moved in front of her. Her uncle however paused a moment as the man declared himself royalty before he carefully removed his helmet, the princess moved herself to stand next to him - glancing over at him with a raised eyebrow a moment before her eyes moved back to land on her uncle. The man now seemed like he’d seen a ghost when he studied the man, clearly knowing who he was and the mistake he just made. “Oh, the Prince of Keratia has come to visit - I’m guessing for the tournament?” He muttered.

“I certainly hope not to just see my rebellious niece.” He muttered, not seeming at all happy with the fact that his niece found the prince before he himself had. The princess however wasn’t very fazed by it, she knew a bit about the kingdom of Keratia - but clearly not as much as her uncle apparently had. She was however surprised to see that her uncle wasn’t doing his best to try to marry her off to this prince, but maybe her uncle figured out that if she were to marry someone else - she could turn around and have her then husband attack him and take over her old kingdom, which wouldn’t really be too bad of an idea.

But if that was what he was trying to prevent, the young princess knew what his plan was - he would do his best to force her to marry him so he could become the rightful ruler. Her uncle didn’t seem the least bit pleased when the man next to her pointed out that he wanted to keep her in his sight before he asked if it would be a problem, her uncle cleared his throat - flashing a rather quick smile. “I’m afraid that the princess’ fiance would not be too happy about that, maybe even to the point of calling the wedding off in fear that his future bride isn’t pure as she should be.” He commented, watching the two of them.

The princess couldn’t stop the smile on her lips as she held in a chuckle, glaring over at her uncle. “Oh, now don’t you dare start any of that! I am not engaged nor even being courted, I would watch exactly what lies you throw out. Your not really the best at keep track of them all, there is no problem whatsoever with it.” She pointed out, crossing her arms over her chest as her uncle only grew in anger. He didn't seem to like his niece talking back to him the way she just had, he never liked it.
@Thinslayer your fine
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