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Sorry I havent been around for a while. Had a family issue and as of right now im terribly sick, but i am going to be finishing the post I've had started for nearly 2 weeks now. I'm about to pass out, but had to let you guys know I'm still here and wanting to do this if you all are.

Thanks Dutchess for kicking things off without me. I honestly appreciate the effort. (: I'll also reply to your questions tomorrow. I'm a little too tired to write out a lengthy reply. See you alone then, hopefully.

Location: Home -> Abandoned House

It had taken some time, but Declan finally made it home. He opened the door and quickly ran through the house on the tips of his toes (as if that would help ), running into the bathroom to drop all his wet things into the tub so they wouldn't leak all over the wood flooring in his room. Declan pulled his shirt and hoodie up over his head, as well as stripping his soaked pants off. A glance in the mirror forced his eyes away from his own, growling to himself. He was never one to look in the mirror, dispite his good looks, but especially since he was infected. He could never get past the fact he had a monster lying just under the surface. He tossed his soaked clothes into the tub beside his bags and stepped out of the bathroom only to find his mom standing in the hallway with her hands on her hips, Declan yelling out 'MOM!' before retreating back into the bathroom for cover. His mom raised an eyebrow, looking from the open door to her son.

"You bring a girl home?" Declan's face scrunched up in confusion, somewhat dumbfounded. "Um,, for one. Two, why are you home?" Mrs. O'Connor smirked slightly, shaking her head at her son. "Meeting was cut short today. Boss had a family emergency." Declan nodded, then turned beet red with his mother's next words. "I'm doing laundry. Leave your stuff in the tub and I'll come back up to get it. Take a towel, and leave your underoos, kay?" Declan rolled his eyes but muttered 'Yes mom.' loud enough for her to hear and be satisfied. He watched her walk down the hall and out of sight before doing as he was told, stripping bare and leaving his boxers inside the tub, using his towel on the back of the door to cover himself as he made his way to his room.

Declan pulled the last piece of clothing on, looking at the time on his phone. He'd only been home a good 10 minutes. A text came in from his mom, then.

тaĸe тнe нorѕeѕ oυт ιғ yoυ're plannιng тo go ѕoмewнere. aт leaѕт тaĸe вrago. нe'ѕ done noтнιng вυт pace тнe laѕт ғew dayѕ.

Declan pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing heavily. Really? He shook his head and stuffed his phone into his pocket, walking out of the house and back out into the rain towards the stables where Sen and Brago were kept. Once inside, he unlatched Brago's door and led him out, grabbing a rope for a halter and lead, fastening it to his horse before hopping onto his bare back and gently kicking his sides to push the horse forward and out intothe rain. 'Here we go,' he thought to himself. Declan lead Brago off towards the abandoned house, putting him through his paces on the way there.

Once Declan could see the house in his sights, he pulled back on Brago's rein and slowed him to a walk, sliding off his back with a splat! onto the muddy ground. He could see the cars all around the place. 3 of them, to be exact. The decorative van, Miranda's car, and the P.I.'s car? Why was he here? Declan narrowed his eyebrows at the house, tying Brago to a tree a good 15 yards from the place, slowly approaching.
@Noxxis you don't have to. Thats just how im going to do it. (:
Had shit go down at my house last night. Was barely able to get the 0th post up. Stay tuned for my post, unless someone wants to go first. That'd be fine by me, ig you guys wanna get the ball rolling.
I plan to start out at home just after the World Cup, then maybe a bit of Train time, and finally the night prior to the drawing, then the drawing of the names itself.
@Nallore @Noxxis @Dutchess Sarah

Quidditch World Cup Finals

The stadium built for the 422nd World Cup took a Ministry of Magic task force a year to construct and held roughly one-hundred thousand spectators.

In the final game, Ireland, having defeated Peru in the semi-finals, played against Bulgaria. In the end, Bulgarian Seeker managed to catch the Snitch and salvage Bulgarian dignity, although Ireland still managed to win the game, overall.

The events of the final match were overshadowed by the attack of Death Eaters on Muggles, leading to a riot afterwards. The Death Eaters fled after the Dark Mark was cast into the sky, but not before they had tortured and levitated several Muggles.

Tri-Wizard Tournament History

The Triwizard Tournament was established approximately seven-hundred years ago as a friendly competition between the wizarding schools the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, and the Durmstrang Institute. Held every five years, the competition would be hosted by each school in turn, the judges for the Tournament comprising the headmasters or headmistresses of the schools.

There have been at least 125 editions of the Tournament: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has 63 wins, and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic has 62.

Due to the risks involved in overcoming the extremely dangerous tasks, and an increasing number of deaths, the Tournament was eventually discontinued at some point in or after the 1790s. Multiple attempts have been made to revive the Tournament, but none succeeded until this school year, where it is being held at Hogwarts Castle.

1792 Tri-Wizard Tournament

The Triwizard Tournament was held in 1792, and one of the tasks involved catching a cockatrice. However, the beast went on a rampage and injured three of the judges, the Heads of Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. The event was recorded in the book Hogwarts, A History, indicating that the 1792 Tournament was possibly held at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

A Revival of the Tournament

Barty Crouch Sr, Head of the Ministry of Magic's Department of International Magical Cooperation, in conjunction with Ludo Bagman, Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports, worked with their opposite numbers in other countries to revive the Tournament. However, due to the dangerous nature of the Tournament, it was decided that some changes were to be made to the rules, with the main one being that no student under the age of seventeen being allowed to enter or compete.

Hogwarts '94 || News of the Tournament

On 1 September, Headmaster Albus Dumbledore announced to the school that they would be playing host to the Triwizard Tournament. As it were, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons have since dropped from the Tournament, it was now up to Hogwarts alone to continue the Tournament. Preparations were made for the arrival of the judges and any additional people who'd be joining in to watch the Tournament unfold, including an extra-thorough cleaning of the castle and it's grounds.

On 30 October, a feast to wish the future champions good fortune was held in the Great Hall, where Professor Dumbledore introduced the other Tournament judges — Bartemius Crouch Sr. and Ludo Bagman — to the assembled students. After explaining the rules of the Tournament, Dumbledore unveiled both the Goblet of Fire and the Triwizard Cup. Students would have until the start of the Hallowe'en Feast the following day to enter their names. In agreement with the new rules regarding underage students entering the Tournament, Dumbledore drew an Age Line around the Goblet of Fire.

The following day, 31 October, the school was abuzz with rumours and speculation over who would enter the Tournament. All of the Gryffindor delegation entered, as well as the Ravenclaws, Slytherins and so, presumably, did all the Hufflepuff students. Among the entrants were Angelina Johnson from Gryffindor, Cedric Diggory from Hufflepuff and Cassius Warrington from Slytherin. A couple of nameless students from Gryffindor attempted to bypass the Age Line by using an Ageing Potion but were repulsed by the Age Line and grew long white beards. S. Fawcett of Ravenclaw, and Summers of Hufflepuff suffered the same misfortune.

Naming of the Champions

All the students filed into the Great Hall for a dinner feast as the headmaster took his place directly in the center. For years he had been known to put on a grandiose speech, but here, his flair for the dramatic seemed to reach its zenith.

"Sit down. Please." Dumbledore's words were softly spoken but held a very stern tone. Everyone listened immediately, finding a seat in their designated rows as quickly as possible.

"Now the moment, we've all been waiting for. The Champion Selection!" The aged wizard walked up the aisle of students and made his way to the ancient, magical cup which sat atop his lecture podium. Fire simmered from its wooden rim and brightened as all the torches around the hall dimmed with wave of Dumbledore’s hand.

"There may be four Chosen, but in the end, only one will go down in history. Only one will hoist this chalice of champions. This vessel of victory. The Tri-Wizard Cup!" With no further hesitation, on the long table where the professors all sat, Barty Crouch released the shining blue cup from beneath the cloth it was concealed beneath.

He turned towards the Goblet, placing both hands on either side of it a moment before stepping away. The Goblet’s blue flames crackled into a dark red hue. The headmaster held a strong, but withered hand out as a jet of fire exploded from the goblet. A burnt piece of gold parchment drifted between his fingers, squinting at it as he read the name aloud.

"Our first tournament champion, from Hufflepuff.." Of course, hold for the dramatic pause. "Maddison Morley!" He waited for her to approach before shaking her hand.

The noise dimmed and, eventually, the last Hufflepuff cheer died down. The flames darkened once more, and the tension in the hall was palpable. Nonetheless, three more names must be drawn. The goblet shot forth another blackened piece of parchment. Green.

"Our Slytherin Champion, is Jacob Lee!" The Slytherins cast a huge uproar, practically deafening the Hufflepuff students who sat to the tables beside them. The Headmaster shook the boy's hand firmly before turning back to the cup.

It seemed as though the goblet knew, or it was one for dramatic pauses just like Dumbledore, but it seemed to wait till the applauses and shouting died down again before shooting out another parchment paper. Red.

"Gryffindor's Tournament Champion, is Kaitlyn Smith!" The surrounding Gryffindors were overcome with a great applause. Again, Dumbledore waited for the girl to approach, giving her a friendly smile and a tender shake of his hand before returning his attention to the cup.

The fourth and final piece shot out of the cup with great pizazz. There was only one House left to pick from. Ravenclaw. The blue parchment fell into Dumbledore's hand, looking over the name as he gazed out into the crowd for a few moments before calling out the named student. "Our fourth, and final champion, reigning from Ravenclaw... Noella Kingsley!"
@Noxxis almost thought of switching my character over to a boy just because of that xD

Okay, I got a late start to my day. Alarm didnt go off and my Daughter slept in till almost noon, and so did I xP I'll be starting to make the 0th IC post in an hour or so, then I'll make my own post. I gotta clean out my old rat cage for a feeder my dad bought for his snake that she didnt eat. I feel bad for the poor thing being stuck in a box, so ima tend to him first before I come back to this. Sorry for the delay, guys!

I am going to be posting tonight or tomorrow. I have tomorrow off, and if I can get to bed by a decent hour tonight, I can wake up early and spend the morning making a huge starting post while my daughter still sleeps. Prayyyyyy she goes to bed when I need her to xD

@Dutchess Sarah

You can go ahead and post your character in the other tab, love. You never had to submit it for inspection. I'm not picky about how it's done with a small group RP ^^


I will also be posting for our 1x1 tomorrow. :] Glad you were able to join me in this adventure, as well, my friend!
@Nallore Was in the process of posting, and apparently, you beat me to it. xD I'll fix it in a little while before the night is over to include Oli's interaction with him, and add Taylor to the mix, as well. Just wanted to get something up

Location: The Cafe -> Home
Interactions: Finley Alestair { @FantasyChic } ; Olivia Johnson { @Nallore }

Declan looked around at the group as they were slowly making their way to the front, mentally growling at the numbers of people going. Mind you, he had no issue with helping find Riley. His hang-up was the small village going to go look, not to mention whoever else might be there with the same lead as Oli and Finn. Declan pulled his phone out then and text his cousin real quick. Even though she was working, he knew she'd get it eventually. Declan turned his attention back to the group, specifically to Heather for a response, but got nothing. Maybe he hadn't been loud enough. He shrugged it off and turned to Oli when she responded back, grinning practically from ear to ear. "Oh, what big eyes he has. And what big teeth, my dear!" he said in a teasing tone. Turning to Finn, he gently hooked his arm through hers and pulled her off to the side, whispering so only she could hear.

"I gotta take my shit home, and I'm gonna take a much.. faster way to the house." he half-smiled, thinking about the Twilight books of Taylor's that he'd read over the past summer and how Bella had ridden on Jacob's back to get away from Victoria. Declan touched Finn's arm and added, "I'm already wet as a dog, darlin'. I'll meet you there, kay?" Declan turned and looked over at Olivia, calling over to her, "I'll catch up. Gotta drop some stuff off at home, and maybe get a change of clothes, or something. Can't get into anyone's car like this." He gestured down to his soaked clothes at the word. He then turned away and grabbed his bags from the front of the restaurant and pushed his way out the doors, hoisting his bag over his shoulder as he set off towards home into the pouring rain.
Sweet (: looking forward to it!
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