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I apologize for disappearing . I lost this account about a year ago. If possible I'd like to reboot my one piece thread . Who do I need to speak with?

The setting takes place 50 years after Luffy becomes the King of the Pirates. He is currently on his deathbed. In the midst of passing away Luffy has one final wish, For someone to own the responsibilities as king and embody the spirit of Gold D. Roger. Over the course of years that have passed Luffy and his crew have amassed a greater fortune than their previous predecessors.

His fortune is to be locked away in a tomb somewhere in the sea. Whoever finds the treasure will become the King of all Pirates succeeding all those before him.

Are you ready for One Piece the Revolution!

I reserve the right deny any abilities or devil fruits found to make characters godmod or Op’ed.

Sn: There are no longer limits on Logia Devil fruit. Just apply for one a hope for the best.
<Snipped quote by Ira>
<Snipped quote by Ira>
I imagine the answer could only be described as— probably/yes? I mean this is an RP about the Cloud Chasers. The concept of rogue mages seems more “later antagonist” territory and not player protagonist territory to me. I may be just a player (like Crimson) at this point in time, but I personally think it would be unwise to contribute a “loner” trope that isn’t part of the guild. There’d be no point in terms of characterization, and it’d just, to me, feel like an excuse to make an edgy character who has nothing to do with either factions and goes around starting trouble for no real sensible reason.

Well I'm more of an antagonist type of writer. I see you guys currently have enough of them "The Librarium" , so I'll just check in later to see if any spots open up
@Leslie Hall Does the character have to be apart of the guild ? Are you accepting rogue mages?
@Ira We are still currently open to new characters, but no Librarium members at the moment.

Ok. Well I should have a character up between today and tomorrow . When we you guys have an opening for the Librarium members?


Feels good to be back friend
Is there room for one more ? I'd like to join the Libarium
Due to inactivity I am sorry to say I'm shutting this down. Maybe in a few months I'll reopen . Sorry guys
V I C E - A D M I R A L S T. L A U R A N T


Marxo’s hand turned a metallic color black as the words haki left the young marines mouth. “ So you want to learn about this?” He raised his left hand to show Anaru the Armament Haki up close. “ Well for starters , there are three types of Haki. Out of the three I can only teach you two.

Marxo began to explain each type of Haki and how they can be used. After explaining he decided to let Anaru decide on which he wanted to work on first.

“So what’ll it be, Armament or Observation ?”

Welp, not much to be done about that.

I guess its a good thing we have the Djinn-13 crew with us.

I'll leave if whether or not we open up the RP to more people up to @Ira.

Thanks for the update though @RyoRyoRyoken

i have no problems with more characters. Honestly I have alot going on so I may not be on as much

2 Days Later

V I C E - A D M I R A L S T. L A U R A N T


Just after the marine meeting with the higher ups.| On a ship headed towards the calmbelt with Anaru and Adrian.

“I’m tired of all your damn mistakes Marxo . You have so many capable men at your disposal , yet you seem to come up empty handed. I’m going to put you on a lesser duty. You’ll be patrolling the calmbelt. You can’t possibly screw that up , can you Marxo?”

The words of the admiral replayed in Marxo’s mind as he looked out to sea from the marine warship. How could he have screwed up so bad? Why did he underestimate his opponent? He turned away from the sea and began to speak to all the men aboard the ship.

“ Now I know . Patrolling is quite boring , but hey at least we will instill justice among these waters. And who knows we might come across the island of women . What’s more . I think I know a perfect place for getting stronger. Men we’ve come across an opportunity we can’t afford to waist. In these months to come, I will transform this squadron into the strongest in all four seas.

He then turned his attention solely on Anaru and Adrian. “ The next time we see the Red Hoods, It will be the last time . Let’s set sail men. Any questions?

The warship unfurled its sails and disappeared into the sunset headed toward the Gates of Justice and the Calm Belt. Aboard it , Marxo, Anaru , and Adrian. This would be the beginning of a cleansing for the marines as well as training . A new adventure awaited the Marines.
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