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I finally got around to watching A Silent Voice. Very nice to see some deaf culture representation in anime.
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*Downing a bottle of cab merlot whilst filling out mental illness quizzes on buzzbeed* COMING OUT OF MY CAGE AND I'VE BEEN DOING JUST FINE
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Lurking around for now but can't roleplay until I sort out some affairs. Hmu if you wanna chat though!

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Plutus took one look at Cody’s extended hand, his eyes widening at the sight of a Guild Mark. Ignoring the handshake, Plutus latched onto Cody’s wrist and began frantically waving the poor man’s arm around; all the while shouting at his companion.
He’s got a mark! Which Guild is this from Bayard! Tell me! Quick!” Plutus’ grip was surprisingly firm for such a young lad, keeping himself stuck to Cody until Bayard walked over and took a look.

Phoenix Wing. I’d recognise that mark anywhere.” Bayard looked up at the boy who had introduce himself as Cody, and then the other unnamed mage and his golden armour. If they were Phoenix Wing mages, then they must be the real deal. That Guild had a reputation of producing powerful mages. Bayard clasped his hand with Cody’s, giving it a firm shake.

Bayard.” He refrained from mentioning his last name. The Lux family was renowned across the country, and he didn’t want the affiliation. Meanwhile, Plutus offered his own handshake to the golden hero.
Plutus Ishtar! I’ve come all the way from Isvan to explore this beautiful country of heroes and magic!And to find Fay, he wanted to say – but perhaps that could wait until the Dark Mages were dealt with.

Once the other man introduced himself, the group stood amidst the trees with naught but the sounds of the blue jay’s song to fill the void. Awaiting instruction, Bayard spoke up.
So, since we’ve kind of crashed your little party here – just tell the kid and I what needs to be done and we’ll make it happen.” Bayard grinned, a hint of confidence in his voice. Plutus shared in his partners pride. The pair of them had been quite successful so far in their heroic ventures – even if Bayard tried to pretend the lifestyle didn’t suit him. Plutus eagerly pounded his fists together.
"You won't be disappointed, friends!" Bayard rolled his eyes at the kids callous use of such a term. Friends. They barely knew each other. The older mage even threatened them if they turned out to be anything less than what they said they were. A fair call, but it still pissed Bayard off. He didn't take kindly to threats. Now wasn't the time to go making waves though. So he sat quietly, awaiting their next move to be decided.

Plutus had often been told, on numerous occasions, by his older companion that he was an awful judge of character. Naïve and reckless, Bayard had called him. Despite the sting of those words, deep down the boy knew there was some truth to them. Despite that, the young lad instinctually relaxed his stance once the pair of strangers made their intentions clear and offered to help them on their way. He knew in his gut they were telling the truth.

Bayard was not as easily convinced. He wasted no time in retrieving his weapon, keeping one hand on the hilt while he eyed off the armour-clad mage and his younger friend with suspicion. Plutus thought perhaps it best to err on the side of caution with his friend, maintaining a relaxed stance but keeping his distance from the pair.

Guild business, you say?” Bayard repeated after the older mage with a scrutinizing raised brow. “Which guild would that be?

I’ve never seen a Guild before.” Plutus remarked quietly, his eyes widened in awe as he tried to scan the pair for a recognisable mark. The thought was quite romantic. Brave heroes banded together under a single flag, rescuing damsels in distress and slaying mighty beasts. These two were after a group of Dark Wizards. The young lad could barely contain his excitement, disregarding everything Bayard had tried to teach him about treading lightly. Bounding up to the two wizards, he clasped his hands together and stared up at the golden hero.

We can help! Bayard here is a wizard, and so am I! I’m still training but I won’t get in the way! I’ve always dreamed of being a real hero like you Guild wizards. Oh, please let us come along with you I promise you won’t regret it!” The words gushed from his mouth in an excited stream, only just barely comprehendible.

Bayard was stunned, his forehead planted firmly in his palm while a low groan escaped his lips.

Ignore him. Just show us the way forward and we’ll leave you be.” Bayard shot his companion an annoyed scowl, which Plutus returned whilst crossing his arms over his chest as a spoilt child would.

I want to help them, Bayard!” He spun around, ignoring Bayard and resuming his overzealous bombardment.

Stepping forward, Bayard grasped the back of Plutus’ scale mail and practically peeled him off the wizards.

We are not going with them.” Plutus winced at the finality of his tone. Bayard was a stubborn grouch, but the way he spoke in that moment was so commanding and, dare he say it, protective? . At first it unnerved him, but that fear quickly boiled over into anger.

Don’t tell me what I can or can’t do! They’re going after people who might know where Fay is! You promised to help me find her!” Plutus stuck his finger into Bayard’s chest with an accusative gaze. The older mage sighed, defeated by the reminder of that damned promise. Every bone in his body was telling him they should just move on and let these wizards do their job. Yet it was the rowdy punk’s eerily contagious sense of duty that, once again, lead Bayard diving head first into unnecessary risks.

Staring up at the two wizards, Bayard nudged Plutus forward before addressing them.
The kid wants to help. He’s looking for someone. If it ain’t too much trouble, why not let us tag along for a bit?” Bayard wasn’t certain they would accept the offer; but he was damned sure Plutus wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Minfilia sat alone in the cafeteria, occupying a table of six all on her own with her back to the others. Of course, fellow students had tried to approach her. Typically, young men. Their advances were met with a polite, yet firm rejection.
I wish to eat alone.” It was the truth, yet Minfilia had other motives. Her chair was positioned in such a way that she had her back to her peers, but was able to view them just enough out of the corner of her eyes. Occasionally she would pretend to readjust her hair, turning her head just enough to spy a proper glance. In front of her, a notebook lay open with a list of names. Ones she had heard earlier this evening in the courtyard while mages were introducing themselves to each other.

Minfilia had been present at the time, but made herself quite scarce amongst all the formalities. Instead her time was spent observing a rather large gathering of new mages, centred around the golden-haired pawn of the Noila family. Aaron Starag, she believed his name to be. His was the first written on the list. Both for her own personal intrigue in his abilities and because the boy seemed fond of his own name. Written next to his name were two more words.

Light Aspected. Aaron had foolishly displayed his abilities for all of Noila’s mages to see. Whether the demonstration was educational or pure bravado, or perhaps both, was unknown to Minfilia; but it mattered not. What mattered was the young Mage gathering enough intelligence to report back to Amaris with. No doubt knowing the abilities of her peers would help Minfilia and her Lady better prepare themselves against these potential foes over the years. Particularly where the Mages of Nobles were concerned. Discerning who they were was a top priority for Minfilia. The task was made even simpler by the invitation to Lord Varis’ gathering before dawn.

There were other names written aside from Aarons, but no other affinities recorded. Though she had heard a whisper through the grapevine about a spar between Aaron and a girl named Lilie. Minfilia had little interest in such affairs normally, but she would attend nonetheless. The perfect opportunity to spy the Aaron boy’s combat prowess as well as this other Mage’s.

While she continued to observe, Minfilia kept an eye out for Lady Amaris, hoping to reconvene with her before the break was finished.

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It wasn’t until the moon hung high in the star speckled darkness that Dominique Astorio saw fit to attend his orientation. His tardiness, while ignored by most, was painfully obvious to those of Noble descent. He could see the looks on their faces, the hushed whispers to their comrades.

Of course, the Astorio brute was late. Make believe voices rang through his mind.
He didn’t even have the decency to arrive promptly to the ceremony.

They were just words, and no less ones he had fabricated himself, but it was enough to cause Dominique’s muscles to tense with frustration. He shot the next person to walk past him a wretched scowl; startling the poor mage boy into a brisk pace as to put as much distance between himself and the vampire.

Wandering into the cafeteria, Dominique’s mind wandered to Cassandra. The way she had stood up to him this morning – stifling his words with such callous disregard for his authority. Or rather, lack thereof. He couldn’t kid himself any longer. Cassandra owed him no respect or loyalty – it was he who was reliant on her. Surely, the human mage couldn’t care less if he was to die of thirst. And sure enough, the thirst was already tickling at his throat. Soon enough it would ravish his mind and he would be forced to beg the girl for sustenance.

Perish the thought! Dominique Astorio bends the knee to no mage! Though as he sat in the cafeteria, watching the other Vampires sit with their newfound partners, the crushing reality of his situation began to bear down on him like the deepest depths of the sea. He needed Cassandra. He didn’t have to like her, nor she him, but he at least needed her to think she was his equal. He grimaced at the notion. If his father caught him treating her in such a way, even if it was a façade, he’d be flogged in the Noila courtyard for all to see. Yet, Bayard Astorio had never attended the academy. He’d never had to rely on a Mage as a partner, rather than a servant. He could not possibly understand the burden Dominique had to bare, nor the sacrifice of his honour as an Astorio he would need to endure.

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Dominique had begun to make his way towards the exit when he was stopped in his tracks by something unexpected. Could this have been back talk? For a moment there was silence, the Noble trying to remember the last time a human ever spoke to him in such a tone. Never. He turned around to face Cassandra, a nasty scowl plastered across his face.

W-what… I… how dare-” Words eluded him. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt so humiliated. The nerve of this worthless pest. He took a menacing step towards Cassandra, snarling like a wild beast. His every impulse told him to put this scum in her place, but the words of his father rang through his head. One misstep and he was good as dead.

Cassandra didn’t seem the least bit perturbed by his display, and her confidence in the face of the world’s greatest predator denoted an inner strength. Her level-headedness only served to frustrate Dominique more. Was he actually envious of this human? Preposterous. The mere thought was laughable! Yet he couldn’t escape the feeling that Cassandra was not someone to trifle with.

Whatever,” Dominique conceded, spinning around on his heels and making his way to the busses leading to the dorms.
For your sake, you better live up to that claim.


Dominique had been restless since meeting Cassandra. His ego had taken a heavy blow and he wasn’t sure how to deal with it. If it were his father, her insubordination would have cost her dearly. Perhaps she would have been disemboweled in front of the other servants to be made an example of. That was the difference here; Cassandra wasn’t his servant. He’d never met a human before who wasn’t at his beck and call. How could the Princess expect him to see her as an equal?

Dominique rose from his bed, stumbling into the bathroom to get ready for the new day. Orientation. What a pain. After showering and changing he made his way into the common room. He groaned. The room reeked of her.

To me at once, dog!” He bellowed, demanding the filthy cretin’s presence. He had let the words escape him last night, but he would ensure that her disobedience would not go unpunished. Servant or partner, Dominique refused to let her get the better of him. When she eventually made her way into the common area, the Noble laid into her with unrelenting vitriol.

"You humiliated me last night! I don't care if you intend to serve me or not, but I will not tolerate being made a fool of by the likes of you. Consider yourself lucky that I'm supposed to be on my best behaviour here - or else you would have been dead the second you decided to open your filthy trap and speak against me." He approached her and jabbed his finger into her chest. "You won't obey me? Fine, enjoy your freedom to roll around in your filth like the swine you are. But make no mistake; we are not equal. We never will be. If you won't do as you're told, then I have no use for you." Dominique shoved past her and made his way to finish sorting out his things. The very thought of having to share this space with such an insolent flea was sickening. He had already begun thinking of the ways he could convince the Princess to further separate their lodgings. Perhaps a dog house for the stray?

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Minfilia could feel her cheeks flush red the moment Amaris’ lips touched her skin. An invigorating chill danced along her spine and the air around her felt as if it was frozen in time. Her chest felt warm – her heart fluttered with a sensation she could not describe. To stand before the Countess as a mere human and be treated equal left the young mage speechless. The Marivaldi house was known for their fairness and respect of their mage counterparts, this much she knew. Yet there was something different with Amaris. A sincerity and kindness that Minfilia had not thought possible from someone whose heart no longer beat.

In the comfort of privacy, Minfilia may have been left speechless by the gesture. Though she had already blundered once tonight, letting herself be overwhelmed by the picturesque beauty of her mistress. She would not make the same mistake twice.

Lady Marivaldi, you flatter me. Then, as your companion, it is my wish to see to your every need. Please understand; I do this of my own volition and not out of servitude.” Minfilia stubbornly declared, letting her hand drop down by her side once Amaris released it from her tender grasp. When her lady spoke of her father, Viktor, Minfilia couldn’t help but beam with pride. It was comforting to know that her relations had put her in good standing with the nobles.

I have a lot to live up to. It is my hope that in the coming years, I will be able to exceed my father’s legacy as a mage.” Minfilia’s eyes glistened with determination. She was nothing if not driven. Even if Amaris was simply to be a means to an end, she had no doubt maintaining a positive relationship with her mistress would only aid her in reaching her goal.

When Amaris offered to wait for Minfilia to tie up any loose ends, the young lady simply shook her head and held up her hand in protest.
Now that I have made your acquaintance, I have no business here. If you wish to retire to the dorms, then I will happily oblige.” In truth, Minfilia was starting to feel drowsy. Many a yawn had been stifled this evening. She wasn’t sure how long she would be able to maintain such a regal persona while exhaustion crept up on her. She gestured for Amaris to lead the way, following suit towards the dorms.


The trip to the dorms was relatively quiet. Amaris wished for Minfilia to speak freely about herself, but she didn’t have much to say. Mostly she spoke of Berlin and all the little pleasures of home she would miss. Any prodding on the vampire’s part for more personal details was quickly met with a convenient Segway into another topic. Soon, there was nothing but silence. A quiet request on Minfilia’s part to cease discussion on such matters. Who she was wasn’t important – it was who she was going to be.

Upon arriving at the Marivaldi dorm and retrieving their keys from the mail, Minfilia took a moment to inspect their living quarters. Needless to say, the Noila’s had outdone themselves in both comfort and style. The young mage stepped out onto the patio, admiring the gorgeous view of the woods. Under the moonlight, the dark canopy of the forest held a certain whimsy and charm to it.

Turning back towards the living area, Minfilia began to remove the flowers from her hair as well as wipe her make up away with a moist towelette she had procured from her ensuite. The braids in her hair began to unravel themselves, letting the golden locks fall gently into place. Minfilia had her schedule open on the dining table, sighing at such a late start. It seemed a normal sleep schedule would be a thing of the past for her now. Shame. She really did enjoy being out in the sun. Perhaps Amaris wouldn’t mind her going on a few excursions a couple times a week. Though that was not a question for tonight. Minfilia was tired.

If there is nothing else, I wish to retire.” She spoke concisely, offering a gentle wave before disappearing into her quarters as the light of dawn began to creep over the horizon.


Minfilia was up at dusk, engaged in her rigorous and involved hair care routine. Her brush soared through the golden sea of hair while she gently ran her fingers through it to check for any knots. Since reawakening to her powers, Minfilia found she was able to will her hair into neatness – but she still preferred her morning ritual. She frowned. It was an evening ritual now.

She quickly dressed herself and headed for the kitchen, where she would prepare a bowl of cut up fruit to snack on for breakfast. Such an odd sensation – eating breakfast at such an hour. Though what else would be more suitable after one has just woken up?

On the table, Minfilia had he schedule opened up. She hadn’t made the effort to meet anyone at the opening ceremony, so she didn’t really recognise the names of any of the other mages. Though one did stand out to her. Aaron Starag. The boy she shared Affinity Mastery with in the morning. Of course, she didn’t know him personally, but his family name was known by most. Servants of the Noila lineage. Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to be on friendly terms with such a person.

Despite her eagerness to begin her journey at Noila, she couldn’t help but feel nervous. There was nothing else more intimidating than the first day of school. Except the undead masters who walked among her in the halls.

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Idle chatter buzzed all throughout the courtyard, droning alongside the distant melody of a string quartet. Minfilia admired the entertainment from a distance, seated alongside the fountain at the centre of the courtyard. The piece was marvellous, a true testament of fine craftsmanship. Ivory marble came to life under the moonlight, creating a well-lit spectacle that drew the gaze as soon as one entered the courtyard. It was dressed in hand woven wreathes of white roses, yellow geraniums and lavender for the event. Minfilia, always one to appreciate the finer beauties in life, had chosen to sit and admire the floral arrangements.

Minfilia had also dressed up for the occasion. Adorned in a silver, strapless gown with a silken shawl draped elegantly around her bare shoulders. Matching gloves reached up to her elbows, a corsage of silver roses wrapped around her left wrist. Pinned to her shawl was a small brooch of a blue jay. A parting gift from her father. The young lady’s hair had been neatly braided and allowed to drape over her left shoulder and down to her waist. Adorned throughout the braids were the same roses as her corsage. Under the light of the night sky, her hair possessed a most wonderous gleam. She watched her own reflection in the water fountain, entranced by the ripples distorting her visage as rose petals gently fell to the surface.

The music had petered out to a stifling silence, the courtyard hushed with the arrival of Princess Ryner. Standing from her position, Minfilia gazed upon her magnificence. Power emanated from the princess. It was intoxicating to the young mage. They were from separate worlds, with too many years between them to count. And yet, Minfilia saw herself in the princess. Or rather, she saw who she desired to become. That was why she was here at Noila Academy. This place, and the vampire she would be groomed to serve, would be nothing but stepping stones to something much greater.

Speaking of her mysterious vampire partner, Minfilia gazed down to the envelope in her hand as the princess concluded her welcoming speech. Bodies began to shuffle around the courtyard as the partners became acquainted with each other. Some were far more accommodating to the arrangements than others. Minfilia was in no rush, so she took her preferred seat by the fountain and crossed one leg over the other. Her hands delicately unsealed the envelope, revealing a photo and name of her partner.

Amaris Marivaldi.” Minfilia’s lips curled into a smile. A noble. Perfect. Amaris was, as expected, an absolutely stunning mistress. Minfilia couldn’t help but feel a little envious at the flawless complexion and gorgeous locks of black hair. As far as she was concerned, being paired with a noble from the Marivaldi bloodline was a stroke of pure luck. She had heard rumours of their more diplomatic nature, treating Mage’s with respect and as equals. Perhaps this Amaris lady would share such an open-minded disposition?

Minfilia’s smile faded. She shook her head. That was irrelevant. No matter how kind her partner might be – she wasn’t here to make friends. Besides, it would be naïve to assume someone’s personality based on their family name. Being the daughter of an esteemed and well-respected mage, Minfilia knew that all too well.

After a few minutes had passed and the partners began to set off, Minfilia decided it was time to search for Amaris. She stood up, making her way across the courtyard with the photo of her future companion in hand. Thankfully, it wasn’t hard to pick her out among the dwindling crowd. The photo really did not do her justice. Minfilia found herself practically gawking at the undead beauty.

P-pardon my intrusion.” Minfilia stuttered, clearing her throat and regaining her composure with a deep breath.
You are Amaris Marivaldi, are you not?” This time her voice was clearer, though she could still feel her hand shaking a little. Delicately crossing one foot in front of the other, Minfilia held her arms out with the palms of her hands facing the ground. With a simple bow of her head, she knelt into a formal curtsey.

My name is Minfilia von Reinhertz. From this night, I am at your service.” Minfilia rose, her tone assured and regal. She believed that first impressions set the course of an entire relationship – especially so tonight, where the rest of her life would be decided.

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The two guards at the foot of the stairs leading up to Noila Academy had only just began to relax their stoic postures with the realisation that the ceremony was well under way. The light from the lanterns created a warm glow at the top of the steps, the distant voice of Princess Ryner’s speech reaching even all the way down to them. So, when one final horse drawn carriage began making its way up the path, the guards were understandably confused. Late arrivals at such an event were unheard of – social suicide among the elite upper crust who had nothing better to do than bicker amongst themselves about such things. Whoever had the audacity to do such a thing would be off to a bad start at the academy.

The carriage came to a halt in front of the guards. The servant who held the reigns made their way around to open the door and lower the steps. After a few moments, a tall man slick, oiled hair and a trimmed, grey beard exited the carriage. He looked to be about in his fifties, but built very well despite appearances. Though on closer inspection, one would find his face lacked any distinguishing wrinkles or blemishes that would be a tell-tale sign of middle age. Dressed in a finely tailored black suit with a single red rose pinned to his lapel, the beast of a man clearly had fine taste. The guards, recognising him as Bayard Astorio, quickly straightened up and resumed their post.

Bayard stepped forward, handing a slip of paper with his son’s hand-written admission to the event in hand. Signed personally by the princess herself; proof of its authenticity. The guards stepped aside, one preparing the envelope which had ‘Dominique Astorio’ elegantly printed on it. Bayard took it from his hand, turning back to the carriage with a scowl.

You’ve tried my patience enough this evening, boy. To me, at once.” He growled. His very presence was suffocating. Another figure slowly made their way from the carriage. Dominique possessed the same towering height as his father, but none of the brawn. In contrast, he was actually quite lanky and awkward looking. His hair had been haphazardly combed, clear signs of a struggle to get the lad to sit still. He wore a red, button up top with the first few buttons left open to reveal an amulet engraved with the Astorio insignia against his chest. He had matching cufflinks, and a chain bracelet on his right wrist. He wore black trousers, secured with a brown leather belt that sported a silver buckle. He held a matching jacket over his slouched shoulders. His lazy posture coupled with a permanent scowl made it quite clear he was not in the mood to be paraded around at some party.

Fearful of drawing more of his father’s ire, Dominique did as he was told and approached the guards. Bayard shoved his son’s envelope into his chest, jabbing his finger where the boy’s heart was.
I’m warning you, boy. You do anything more to tarnish my name and I will personally present Lord Peiron with your head on a silver platter.” Bayard Astorio did not make idle threats. Even through the cold stillness of undeath, Dominique was shaken to the core.
Yes sir.” He spoke through grit teeth, imagining how satisfying it would be to bite out his father’s jugular. He snatched the envelope away before making his way up the steps in large strides. He didn’t bother to look back, knowing not to expect some bittersweet farewell.

Upon reaching the top of the steps, the princess had only just concluded her speech. People began opening their envelopes. Vampires eagerly searched for their partners while the Mages prayed to whatever deity they believed in for a benevolent master. Dominique tore open the top of his envelope, staring at the picture of his Mage with a disgusted grimace.

Cassandra Roth. From the picture alone, Dominique felt disappointment. She didn’t look like much. He had hoped his pet would have a fiercer look about them. The idea of sicking his mage on people like a rabid mutt was most amusing. This Cassandra girl looked like she couldn’t hurt a fly. He groaned, tightening his fist around the picture until he’d screwed it up into a ball. Dropping it at his feet he began to look for some refreshments.

Dominique approached a waiter serving champagne flutes of a red, viscous blend. Before he could reach them however, he noticed a familiar looking young woman beginning to approach him. He stared at her for a moment, not having studied his picture well enough to recognise her as Cassandra Roth. Albeit dressed far differently from her photo.
Oh, it’s you.” He sighed. What a ridiculous get up. Dominique, barely paying attention to his mage, tapped the waiter on the shoulder and grabbed a glass from his tray. With his spare hand, he callously threw his jacket over Cassandra and began to walk away.
I’m not in the mood for partying tonight.” He swirled his drink a little in his hand, taking a hefty swig that nearly downed the entire contents. Tonight’s selection was especially well fortified. Princess Ryner really went all out.
Hurry up and escort me to my quarters.” He stared back at Cassandra expectantly, his voice growing more agitated. He’d hoped this one wasn’t as daft as she looked. Just his luck to be paired with a simpleton.

Bah. I kept the backstory vague as the idea I was originally going for is being used, so I haven't had a chance to fully explore a new one. But I didn't want to withhold posting a character any longer so.

@Scribe of Thoth Great minds, eh? I was thinking of going with 'Steel' as my Mage's aspect. I've got back ups though so I'd rather use one of them instead of overlapping.

EDIT: I was planning to base them off of my current Pathfinder character, which is a White
-haired Witch. Prehensile 'Steel' hair. I may or may not be a Millia Rage fan *cough*
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