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Current Sliced Bread is the best thing since Betty White
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I finally got around to watching A Silent Voice. Very nice to see some deaf culture representation in anime.
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My room is so empty! All of my furniture sans bed and wardrobe have been moved to the new place. Not long now :)
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*Downing a bottle of cab merlot whilst filling out mental illness quizzes on buzzbeed* COMING OUT OF MY CAGE AND I'VE BEEN DOING JUST FINE
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Lurking around for now but can't roleplay until I sort out some affairs. Hmu if you wanna chat though!

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With the atmospheric disruptor repaired, and the Captain’s meeting coming to an end, most of the crew left the barracks to continue their duties. Mona was among the few who remained behind. She stood over the Captain’s map, two of her archive interfaces floating at her side. One showcased a map of Suphlatus, with the coordinates of Banksia Central highlighted. The other displayed a set of schematics detailing the control tower and its security routes. Her fingers slid across the holographic screen, rotating the structure of the tower and zooming in on a certain location.

Alex groaned on the ground beside her, a few unlucky pirates tasked with cleaning up their trusty doctor’s mess and putting him to bed.
Tsk” Mona clicked her tongue, shaking her head in disapproval at the drunkard.
Looks like the three of us are going to Banskia – are either of you familiar with it? What's the plan?” Sania, eager to be of service, approached Mona along with Huangdi. Seeing her team members brought a smile to her face. Mona very rarely got to work on away missions with the other Guild members. Then again, that was probably for the best; she isn’t the best team player.

I think we're supposed to protect Mona while she tampers the devices. The Librarium are bound to notice instantly that something is wrong.” Mona nodded her head towards the young Prince, waving her already outstretched hand to the front of her body in a crescent motion. The screens she had brought up followed the motion, opening up in front of the other two.

I don’t need to be inside the building to hack their basic systems, but cutting them off is a bit more,” Mona spread her fingers open, zooming further in on an image that resembled a maze of flowing lights. “Complex.

She pointed at specific circuits, highlighting them with her magic.
The Librarium recently developed special Archive Barricades to stop nasty little parasites like me self from taking a peek at their juicier secrets.” She almost looked proud to wear such a demeaning title. Glad to be a thorn in the Librarium’s side more like. “I can get you guys past their security, but I won’t be able to touch their comms until those barricades are dealt with. Based on these schematics, I’d say there’s about two. One in the eastern and northern maintenance tunnels.

Mona closed down her Archive screens, but not before beginning a data transfer to Huangdi and Sania.
There ya go! Well, I’m going to see Cap’n and make the final arrangements. Meet me at the hangar for departure in about an hour.” Never missing a beat, Mona packed up the documents on the table and rolling them into a neat scroll. Tucking it under her arm, she turned to leave the barracks. During her ascent up the steps onto the deck, she quickly doubled back to offer one final wave. The excitement about tomorrow’s mission was apparent, even despite her normal, serious demeanor.

The pair approached closer to Bayard and Plutus’ hiding spot, the former growing more anxious with the sound of each foot step growing nearer. Plutus peaked through the bushes, able to identify the strangers a little clearer. One of them men appeared to be clad in armor of brilliant gold.
Get back,” Bayard pulled back his younger companion with a harsh whisper. “They could be bandits.
Plutus scampered back a little, his hands clenched firmly around the shaft of his glaive. He gave Bayard a quizzical glance.

What kind of bandit wears golden armor?” He saw the Light Mage’s eyebrows raise in curiosity. Something was amiss about these travelers. Bayard hoped they would pass them by, but it seems the armored fellow was more perceptive than he’d thought.

"Come out of hiding or I'm coming in after you. And I promise that's a fight you'll lose."
Shit Bayard reached his hand back to grab the hilt of his blade when a second voice spoke out.
"It would be in your best interests to do as he says." Bayard felt magic radiating from this man. Wizards.
Cocky bastards, Bayard grit his teeth. If they were wizards then the odds of fighting them off was going to be slim. He looked back to Plutus, who was now sitting in a crouched position with his glaive at the ready. The eager smirk plastered across his face was nauseating.

Plutus’ fingers were twitching. While his senses were not as honed as Bayard’s, he could tell when another wizard was nearby. The first thing that crossed his mind was dark wizards. Or rather, the first thing he considered was the opportunity to do as any other hero would and take on these villains head on. He was just waiting for the go ahead from his friend.

Plutus knew the way these guys were talking would surely peeve off Bayard. So when his hot-headed friend eased his grip from the hilt of his greatsword, Plutus was taken back. Bayard removed the sword and laid it out on the ground before him.

Cool your jets; we’re unarmed.” Bayard rose from his kneeling position, standing but a few meters from the unknown pair. He looked back down at Plutus and nodded towards his weapon. The younger mage was skeptical at first, but followed suit in laying down his arms. He jumped up besides Bayard and lifted his arms above his head in a comical fashion.

Parlay!” Plutus shouted. A few birds fled the treetops at the loud outburst, which was then followed by a stifled silence.

That’s pirates you numbskull.” Bayard rolled his eyes, taking a cautious step forward. There was something about the armor clad mage that irked him, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Bayard sighed, swallowing his pride and addressing the pair with his usual, disgruntled tone.

Look, if it’s money you want we ain’t got any. We’re just travelling through the forest. Don’t want no trouble.” He slowly lowered his arms back down to his side, a gesture Plutus awkwardly copied. In truth, the younger boy found himself fascinated with the pair, more so than wary. What reason would a pair of wizards have for being out in these woods? Maybe they were vagabonds just like he was.

The surface of a shallow creek glistened with the morning sun, the gentle rolling of the rapids downstream in harmony with the drone of insects and croak of a wisely toad. Perched upon an exposed rock amidst the stream, the amphibian gazed into the wild shrubbery across the stream in contemplation. A gentle rustle caught its attention. With a wary croak, the creature shuffled to the water’s edge and dived beneath the surface just as a sharp squeal prefaced the sudden arrival of a wild hare.

The hare burst from the shrubbery, skipping across the stream in a panic. A young man followed suit, dressed in a short sleeved, navy coat with a fur collar. In his hands he clutched a glaive with a star shaped blade, the shaft elegantly inscribed with the mantras of the boy’s homeland. When running through the creek, his boot caught on the rock the toad had previously sat upon and sent him planting face first into the water.

Lifting his head, he watched the hare scamper off into the dense woodland. His stomach growled. With a long groan, Plutus let himself collapse back into the stream.


Moron!” Bayard socked Plutus, who was positioned in a groveling kneel, with a heavy bonk on the top of his head. The younger mage clutched the sore spot on his head and winced, blubbering out an excuse.
The lil’ guy was too quick for me, Bayard! He had a home field advantage.” Plutus had secretly hoped he wouldn’t catch the rabbit, since the idea of slaughtering the fuzzy friend for lunch made his stomach turn. Bayard expected as much.

We wouldn’t need to hunt for food if you didn’t turn down the reward for our last gig.” Bayard scolded, picking the kid up by the scruff of his neck and to his feet. Plutus folded his arms and pouted.
Real heroes don’t work for money.” He muttered, averting his gaze from the older mage. Bayard opened his mouth to argue, but instead settled for a disgruntled sigh. The kid had heart, he’d give him that. Yet passion doesn’t fill an empty stomach. The pair had made somewhat of a name for themselves as vigilantes – much to the disdain of the Rune Knights. They weren’t appreciative of wizards who worked outside the guilds and by extension, the council.

Plutus' naïve, fairy tale view of heroism was what drove him; often leading to some of his most surprising acts of courage. It also meant his skewed view of reality was a constant annoyance to the more cynical Bayard. The light mage reached into his rucksack and removed a bread roll, breaking it in two and offering the bigger half to his downtrodden companion. Plutus face lit up, clutching the food in his hands with glee before going in for the bite. Yet just before his jaw was about to enclose around the aromatic, firm crust, he shot Bayard an accusative look.

You paid for this bread didn’t you?” When Bayard said nothing, the boy had his answer. Shoving it back into the older mage’s hand, Plutus turned away and began to pack away their camp.
Fine, go hungry then!” Bayard spat, turning away and continuing his own preparations.


The two were walking through the forest silently, both smoldering at each other with occasional glances. When Plutus couldn’t take it any longer, he walked straight ahead whilst shoving past Bayard with an annoyed grunt.
You shouldn’t steal. People have a hard enough time getting by without losing their profits to low-life thieves.” He shot a look back at his companion on ‘low-life thieves’. That was the last straw. Bayard clenched his fists, stepping closer to Plutus with longer strides and spinning him around with a firm grip on his shoulder. Reaching down to his collar, he lifted the kid closer to him while menacingly staring down at him with a scowl.

Listen here you little,” Bayard paused, staring around him for a moment before quickly shoving Plutus into a nearby shrubbery. He crouched behind the bushes as well, making sure to move as little as possible.
What gives-” Plutus began, before Bayard clasped a hand around his mouth. He peered over the bushes, pointing through the foliage into the woods. It was hard for the boy to discern at first, but he would soon enough make out the silhouettes of two figures. The pair watched, hoping the unknown duo would pass them by.
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In all his years as captain, Ragnar had never once heard the barracks fall completely silent. Even his own authority had failed to achieve such a feat. Yet as Adelyn stood amidst the crowd, the thud of the book she’d just lobbed at the captain’s head managed to accomplish what Ragnar couldn’t. The crew stared, mouths agape with shock, between the young noble and the captain who had so callously insulted everything she knew.

Then Adelyn’s own insults began. They poured from her mouth like a broken dam, mercilessly washing away any and all Chasers who drew her ire. A young pirate snickered as the lady next to him copped a savage remark that left her speechless.
Hah! She got you good!” He jaunted, though his laughter was quickly silenced when the scorned pirate sent him flying through the crowd with a brutal right hook.

He wasn’t the only one.
What’d you say, ya harpy screwing shite?!
Put ‘em up, ye sorry excuse fer a pirate!
How’d you like to taste your own teeth?

In an instant, the barracks came to life with a series of battle cries, gunshots and jeers. Punches were thrown, weapons drawn and spell circles summoned. The captain, who had been standing quietly throughout the whole ordeal, turned back around just in time to watch Adelyn slip away from the carnage. He let his crew go for a moment before taking a deep breath and clasping his hands together. His eyes were closed, building an intense concentration of power throughout his muscles. He began to spread his arms wide just as his eyes opened; his gaze fierce.

Echo Clap!” He bellowed, his hands pounding together as a roar of thunder. The wave of magic that radiated from him shook the entirety of the ship. The pirates inside the barracks toppled over each other, unable to maintain solid footing due to the captain’s Quake Magic.

Mona found herself shoving Alex off of her with a frustrated grunt. The drunken doctor was looking quite pale, his eyes widening with the realization of what was to come. He attempted to clasp his hand over his mouth, but that did little to stop him from emptying his guts over the floor.
Alex, that’s disgusting!” Mona squealed, clambering away from the putrid stench as best as she could. She found herself next to Huangdi. He had asked her something before the brawl had broken out, but now wasn’t the best time to offer a response.

Meanwhile, Silver Claw and Amara remained standing. Before the captain’s spell toppled over the young girl, the other pirate had quickly stabilized her by wrapping his arm around her waist and digging the claws on his free hand into the side of the ship. Once the rumbling had stopped, he quickly released his grip and rolled his eyes at the groaning mess of pirates that lay before him.

Let’s hope you’re more useful than this lot.” Silver Claw said, addressing Amara directly. Once everyone had stood up on their feet, Ragnar cleared his throat.
You all have your assignments. Rest up. Tomorrow’s mission is important.” The captain made no comment regarding Adelyn’s assault, turning back around and continuing his path to his quarters.
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So which characters are heading out on missions not related to Tenrou? I'll need to excuse to introduce Bayard and Plutus.

Another streak of lightning set the sky ablaze, giving Mona a quick glimpse of her comrade’s faces. Sania was worrying as she usually did, but still eager to be of any help. Ezekiel’s face was calm, eyes locked on the contraption with the focus of a true artisan. Lazulin’s eyes radiated magic power, glowing in a most eerie fashion that persisted even once the rest of him had faded back into the shadows of night. The deafening crash followed soon after, shaking Mona to the core. Her heart thumped rapidly, sensing the ever growing intensity of the storm closing in on them.

“Let's have Sania do it. Charge the lacrima, I mean. Her magic seems to match the energy of this storm near perfectly-“ Mona didn’t catch the rest of Lazulin’s plan, a gale of fierce winds whistling in her ears. What she did hear sounded promising.

“Laz, you legend! What an idea!” Mona began to praise her friend, but was interrupted by Ezekiel who had seemed to come across some revelation when examining the machine.
“That's a good idea an' all, but I think I found tha problem.” Ezekiel explained the issue, revealing it to be a lot simpler than Mona had expected. Sure did make her feel dumb that she couldn’t notice an out of place screw. She knelt down beside the disruptor and sure enough, lodged between the main gears, was the aforementioned copper screw.

Mona cursed like a sailor, though her vulgarity was cut off by another clap of thunder. Reaching in to the machine, she gave the bugger a little twist and yanked it with a frustrated grunt. The atmospheric disrupter sputtered and coughed like a dying animal before whirring back to life with a soft purr. Standing up, Mona couldn’t contain her excitement at the prospect of not being torn to pieces by a vicious wet season storm. She gave Ezekiel a big squeeze and then a friendly punch in the arm.

“Bloody hells! Wish you’d shown up sooner, gear-brain.” She jaunted, giving a polite nod to the three of them for their assistance. After a few moments of running, the disruptor shot a beam of energy up into the sky. It soared above the ships mast a few feet before dispersing; cascading around the ship in a perfect sphere of tessellating blue hexagons. When the sphere connected underneath the ship, it flashed a bright white before fading away. Mona removed her hood and held out her arms. She couldn’t feel a single drop fall onto her. She saw another bright flash of lightning scar the night sky, but there was no thunder to be heard.

One of the other crew members approached the group. He was a brute of a man, his size rivalling that of Captain Ragnars. He wore a fur pelt around his waist with a pair of scimitars holstered to his hips. His exposed body was covered head to toe in orange fur with black stripes and his face was more feline than human. He wore an eyepatch over his left eye, but the intense gaze from his glowing, yellow eye was enough to send a shiver down your spine.

“’bout time ya worthless knaves did something right. Was beginning to question if yer was even worth ya salt, I was. Get to the barracks, now. Cap’n’s orders.” And with that, Silver Claw headed off in the opposite direction; no doubt to gather up anyone else not present for Captain Ragnar’s address.
“S’pose we better head down there. I don’t want to end up on Silver Claw’s shit list.” Mona suggested. She wasn’t one to back down, but Silver’s reputation as an elite Cloud Chaser and horrifically brutal fighter was known to all across the Free Skies. Definitely someone you would want to have on your side.

Down in the barracks, Captain Ragnar watched as the last few crew members made their way into the room and crammed themselves in like sardines. Silver Claw arrived shortly after the last stragglers, giving him the signal that everyone was present. Slowly, he rose from his seat and cleared his throat.

“Chasers,” he began, his voice deep and powerful in such a way that demanded other’s attention. “The Librarium are preparing to send another shipment of food into the city-state of Keter. Food they have stolen from the good people of Pandora!” He pounded his fist into the table, sending a few empty pints toppling over.

“It sickens me to the core, thinking of those indulgent nobles stuffing their faces at their pompous parties while those who work day and night to feed their gluttony starve!” His words were met with a few outbursts from the crowd.
“Death to the Librarium!”
“I’ll rip their guts out!” He rose a single hand, restoring silence.
“That food belongs to the people! It comes down to us, protectors of the Free Skies, to take back what is rightfully theirs. Crow’s sources have informed us that the food is being transported via freight train along the Banskie Skyline, route fourteen. When it reaches Suphlatus, it will be transferred to one of Keter’s direct lines. Those trains are far too fast for the Chaser to keep up with and are heavily guarded to boot. Our best chance is to intercept the cargo before it reaches Suphlatus.”

Murmers began to rise among the crowd, the faces of sky pirates lighting up with eager, toothy grins. One young lass rose her make-shift prosthetic arm into the air.
“We’re pullin’ off a heist ya mangy currs!” She roared, and the room lit up again with cheers and merry shanties. The captain joined his crew in the uproar, smashing back another pile of ale while he slung an arm around a drunken Alex. His voice cut through the riot, silencing the rowdy lot.

“These Skies belong to no man! We’ll make sure the Librarium remembers that when we hit ‘em where it hurts tomorrow!” He rose another pint, watching as the crew followed suit with their own drinks. They drank together, sharing this moment and relishing in what it truly meant to be a Sky Pirate. When the crew began to settle, Ragnar sat down and began to move around various pawns on his sky map.

“We’ll be splitting into three squads. Team one will be responsible for infiltrating the Sky Train via gliders. You’ll need to get on board, take out any Knights and bring the train to a halt. Team two will be protecting team one’s approach with their own gliders, making sure they deal with any Librarium resistance. Finally, team three will be heading off tonight to Banskia Central Station. If this mission is to succeed, team three will need to infiltrate the control tower and shut down their comms. Team one and two can’t move out until we’re sure the Knights can’t call for reinforcements.”

There was a buzz of excitement in the air. It had been some time since the crew had undertaken an operation of this magnitude. Ragnar pulled out a last from under the map, beginning to read off the names of the various squads. First was team one,
“… Laz, Adelyn…”

Then the second,

“… Ezekiel, Amara, Silver Claw…”

And finally, the third team that was to depart tonight.

“… Huangdi, Mona and Sania.”

There were a few pirates disappointed that they weren’t being sent to Banskia Central. It was one of the finest stations among the Hierarchical Realms with the most expansive network of Sky Routes. But more interesting was the Banksia Bazaar, a marketplace teeming with black market dealings and wondrous treasures. What so many wouldn’t give to get a chance to trade at such a renowned network of merchants.

“The rest of you will stay behind and tend to the ship with me. Alex, you take a few into sick bay with ya and be ready to help the wounded. Team three, meet me in the landing docks in one hour.” And with that, Captain Ragnar stood up from the table and made his way through the crowd, returning to his chambers while the excitement of tomorrows mission still lingered in the air.

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