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I'm back from a break. Couldn't stay away for too long

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If anyone knows what I'm talking about, I was going to say he makes me think of Anomander Rake: the space version.

Sulk just reminds me of Vegeta lol
@Dead Cruiser just throwin this out here, but Sulk reminds me a lot of dragon ball z for some reason
Reyna Smith

Reyna nearly fell straight on her ass when the boy kickd at her shins, but she kept what little composure she had. She liked his attitude but felt like his nonchalant act was a little bullshit. Nobody in this town has been so relaxed since Olivia was murdered.

"Shouldn't you be in daycare or prison or somethin'?"

Reyna scuffed and began following him inside. "I got community service for my last offense, thanks." 24 whole hours of it. She was considering forging a document or bribing somebody, but she couldn't risk giving out the money. "Aren't you supposed to be at uh--a Yu-Gi-Oh convention or something?" She really knew nothing about vape culture, but she just assumed they were all grown up hipsters that were secretly weaboos. She pushed past Sawyer and started down an aisle, the clerk glaring at her. She hadn't hit Dixie Thrift yet, and no initial plan to, but the way the employee was looking at her made her feel like she had to prove her delinquency. Reyna looked back at Sawyer. "Feel like doing something fun today or nah?" She asked with a suggestive wink.
Name: Sakaal Ravrak

Race: A primitive form of the general elf species, but unlike the common race, who are usually pale-skinned and have smooth complexions, these have adapted and acquired more melatonin to better fit the sun of their planet, Tsar. It is unknown how this branch of elf emerged, as their planet has been under many environmental protection laws and is under the Primordial Stages Act Arc Luminous made some years ago, meaning no foreign creature of intelligence can legally enter the planet's atmosphere and interfere with their affairs. They are a developing race, but very slow compared to others at their stage. Mostly a hunter-gatherer society harbored within the massive forests of their planet, they are ignorant to the outside universe and its squabbles. Any space battles or explosions they may see in their atmosphere they write off as the gods' will or doing. They worship the Three Night Sisters, minor deities that favor the people they preside over. Magic is considered forbidden except on a minor level, as they believe any form of casting spells forsakes their Sisters and disrespects their powers. Usage of magical items or plants thought to be gifted to them by the Sisters is okay and often encouraged. They are generally a united race, with no factions or governments, just friendly tribes scattered across the globe.

Age: 29 in human years; extremely young for an elf, but rather old for her society

Gender: Female


Homeworld: Thola is a dense jungle planet with a few oceans staining its surface. It is known to the general public only by its stance under the Primordial Stages Act, but to smugglers and swashbucklers, its a midway planet that is conveniently filled with exotic animals and planets to snatch before moving on to the next planet. These aliens are thought to be demons combating the Sisters, trying to become gods themselves, with their servants of magic and machine by their sides. Thola suits the crude elves well, providing them with an abundant food source, yet many predatory species are a constant threat to the survival of the tribe.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Role: Ship Surgeon/Doctor

Skills: Sakaal was born with innate magic, magic too strong for her tribe to understand or even acknowledge beyond the fact that she has always been particularly good with healing herbs. They believe she was blessed by the Third Sister, goddess of fire and sickness, and holds great favor in her eyes, as just about any patient who has come into Sakaal's care will "escape their funeral pyre." It was almost as if Sakaal' presence had an effect on the diseased and sickly. She has also been trained in combat, though it is nothing compared to the more advanced species in the universe, so she tends to not battle much, preferring the sidelines and the injured.

History: Sakaal was young and lost whenever she first encountered foreigners. She had always been warned away from the "demons" of outerspace, but since she was under the impression she was touched by the Third Sister herself, she believed she could approach them and leave unscathed. She greeted them with typical Tholaian ferocity, demanding they leave her planet immediately. The smugglers found it rather funny, but were not harsh to the girl. The gifted her a few trinkets from other worlds in exchange for her name and a few healing oils. Sakaal realized that these men could not be demons, that there must be people beyond her tribe. She kept her new friends a secret and visited them often as she grew older. She slowly developed a rudimentary understanding of their language, so they began telling her stories of the other worlds, of how fantastical and beautiful they were. She soon began dreaming of leaving with the smugglers, escaping and exploring new places and meeting new people. Sakaal felt as if she were betraying Third Sister, but as her healing abilities flourished, she took it as a sign that Third Sister had no intent to punish her for being in contact with Others.

When she was 13, the merchants had a real doctor with them one day. His name was Mathias and he was about 20 at the time, just out of college and ready to reap the universe. He was a pretty boy, some type of humanoid with pale skin and silver eyes, and the young girl was drawn to his white beauty. He had originally intended that to be his only visit to the planet, but the prospect of teaching a youthful and talented endemic fascinated him, so he kept returning to teach her new and brilliant spells. She took to them well, her power flourishing under his instruction. At 16, she was close to college-entry level skills. The elf had trouble hiding her growing powers as time went on; more people died that she could've saved if she had used her forbidden art to save them, but she knew she was risking her own life and safety just by learning it. Impressed by her progress, Mathias gave her a mobile translator earpiece, a device (as long as in working use) that would translate all speech into her mother tongue. Sakaal was thrilled by it, but didn't quite understand the implications that came with it. Mathias wanted her to come away with him and help cure the broken universe, for her to be his interstellar companion. When she was 18, he began trying to persuade her to leave her people, to come with him. She was reluctant, as her healing skills had proven to be extremely helpful to her tribe and their survival. The jungle was becoming harsher and thicker, something she believed was her fault. First and Second Sister must've found out about her magic, they must be punishing the tribe for her sin. Her mother died from an odd animal attack when she was 19, leaving her heartbroken and mourning. Mathias took advantage of her grief and told her that the Sisters would be appeased if she left, that if she removed herself from the bloodline maybe her father would live to reproduce again and save his family name. Vulnerable and impressionable, Sakaal left with Mathias and the band of smugglers, not even taking the time to say goodbye to her father or her friends.

They traveled the domain of Arc Luminous for many years; Mathias taught Sakaal as much as he could about what planets they visited and their people; he mostly kept her aboard the ship, fearing she might try to escape or find a way back to her planet, as he had grown to love her and meant to propose a binding union to her soon. The elf had no idea she had technically been kidnapped; she believed every word out of Mathias's mouth as if it came from Third Sister herself. When Mathias asked for her hand in marriage, she accepted. Deep down, she knew her mother and father would be ashamed of her. While they had no knowledge of other species, they tended to marry within their own tribe, often to cousins or even siblings. To wed such a foreigner was a crime in Thola, but she swallowed her guilt and became Mathias's wife.

With Sakaal now secured in marriage, Mathias was more lenient about her travels. She began accompanying him on mission trips and stood by him when confronting pirates or overlords. This introduced her to the more sinister part of the "underground" (so to speak). She witnessed murder and thievery, treated many rape and mutilation cases when giving aid to Crux Tenebre territories. The elf began thinking the profession was too dangerous for her and her husband, as she was scared she could become pregnant soon. One day when cooperating with a pirate captain, Sakaal recognized him as one of the original smugglers she met as a child. Overjoyed to see him again, Sakaal asked if he had been to Thola lately, how her people were. Before her old friend could respond, Mathias dragged her away, claiming the man had the intent to poison and kill her. In reality, he didn't want her to know the state of her world. He had kept tabs on it and word was that the Crux empire was closing in on it and its natural resources. He knew that if she found out, she would want to return to defend her tribe.

Suspicious of her husband's actions, Sakaal began snooping around his things whenever he was not aboard their ship. She eventually found papers, reports, tall tales of the Crux encroaching upon Thola. Sakaal realized Mathias had kept these things from her, that he had betrayed her. Heartbroken, she snuck away from her husband in an attempt to get back to her people. By the time she arrived on Thola, it was too late. The jungles burned and the panthers screeched and her people cried. She fled the carnage, finding herself at the nearest port. She stumbled upon an advertisement of a ship looking for a doctor. She took the job, unknowingly becoming a pirate herself. She's been with the crew for only a month or two now.

Personality: She's soothing in nature like almost every healer must be, but she finds almost nobody trustworthy anymore. The deceit and lies from her husband have made her weary of anybody who claims to be all-knowing or of higher intelligence. She can be talkative and finds everything more peaceful when she has a patient to work on.

Other: She may or may not be pregnant

@Dead Cruiser Done!

Joel stared at the new arrivals, examining their bodies for any obvious abrasions or mutilations. "The bathroom's that way," Joel indicated to the door next to the window. "And I'm glad the nurses aren't in here. Won't stop pestering me with questions in all honesty."

The girl glanced at the patient sitting by the window silently, taking in the earthy and balmy air. "What's your name?" She asked.

Abigail frowned and began preparing tea. "A lot of people lose it in the bloodlines, but it calls to the surface eventually. I can tell you have some ancestry of a sort. Your mother dabble in anything? Maybe an aunt or grandma?"
Abigail frowned. She had sensed a touch of magic in the girl ever since she laid eyes on her. "Magic is more for the common folk, you'll find, Kali," she noted as she stood and walked to the medicine cabinet, pulling out a few bottles with tiny bulbs in them. "I don't know where you come from, but magic around here is not welcome, whether you are royal or not." She walked back, forcing a few of the black spheres into the girl's hands. "Eat this. You'll feel better. Where are you from, anyway?"


Abigail had been outside tending to her garden in the early morning when she sensed a touch of life in the house. She immediately stood and walked inside, finding the girl awake and alive on her bed. "Thank goodness, you're awake," she murmured to herself as she moved to examine her, running her hands over the girl's forehead and neck without permission. "We fellow magicfolk gotta look out for each other, don'tcha think? My name's Abigail."
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