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When you say introduction post, do you mean a character sheet or do you just want me to hop right in!

Edit: I would also like to know a bit more about the setting. I like the map, but how much my character know about the world? Is Magic common? Are non-humans common?

Hey, forget all of this. I have decided to quit RPG. Sorry
Melody had instructed the elder of her two Lady's Maids, Haanya, to send Kengetar down to the lake's edge when he and his men finished their work on the trail; she had had some of her things taken to the bank to make her comfortable for a bath and evening of relaxation away from the camp.

She'd expected the work to extend all the way to sunset, though, possibly even lasting until tomorrow or even the day after that. She'd had no idea that Kengetar's workers would clear the trail so unbelievably soon and break for the day.

Because of this, when Haanya led the Sedent down the slope trail to the lake -- not realizing the mistake she was making -- Melody, Frandy, Elbara, and a dozen other women of either Yallan or Sedent origin were still bathing in the lake; they were all naked and in depths that exposed little of their bodies, all of them, or some measure in between; and more than just bathing, they were singing and laughing and playing and splashing and generally having a good time, with little evidence of the differences and recent history between the women of the two enemy Tribes.

Melody had, of course, expected that the women would be finished with their bathing, dressed, and either back to their duties if they had any or relaxing on the blankets spread on the grassy shore, drinking wine and eating a variety of foods already on the blankets.

That, of course, wasn't how things turned out. Haanya had only directed Kengetar to the path, as opposed to leading him there as instructed; her old slave feet and back hurt, and she hadn't wanted to descend the slope, let alone ascend it afterward. Thus, when Kengetar took the last little bend in the trail and the forest parted to reveal the lake, it revealed far more to him than had been intended.

Not by any reason at all, Melody was the first to see Kengetar step out on the rise over the little bulge in the lake in which the fun was being had. She stared up at him for a long moment without any effort to hide herself from him; the Sedent had already seen her curvy, tattooed, and scarred body in the full, so it wasn't like he was seeing anything new about her. She did, however, begin a slow walk through the knee-high water to retrieve her robe and slip it around her, for appearances sake.

Suddenly, one of the other naked women shrieked, then pointed at the barbarian. The reaction by the others was varied: some ran for their own clothing, some dropped downward into the water, hiding their womanly curves; others used their hands and arms to hide their breasts and groins as best they could; and still others simply stood there in the water, either staring at the handsome, fit warrior as if in invitation to him to take in all he could or continuing to splash water on their bodies to rinse away the suds from the expensive soap that Melody had offered one and all.

From the shore upon which she'd arrived, Melody couldn't help but notice that Elbara did nothing to hide herself from Kengetar. The Yallan Lady had come to the conclusion that there was some sort of history between the two Sedents. She contemplated asking Elbara for clarification of the glances the two often shared, but so far she hadn't done so.

When Kengetar looked her way, Melody gestured him to join her on the dozen or so pillows laid out upon a blanket that also featured food and drink.
I think this sounds fun! I'd be interested in giving it a shot at least.

Wonderful! Right now, I'm away from my computer and I don't want to do this on my phone.

But if you want, you can go to the IC thread (the link is in my post above) and write an introductory post for your character: male or female, doesn't matter; prospective warrior, wizard, thief, archer, etc. also doesn't matter, though in the long run I think you will want at least 3 characters; human, though, as the other races won't come into the story for a few RP days or weeks.

Or if you have more questions first, feel free to send them to me.
It was after 4am before Neighborhood Watch Captain Kimmie Dolan showed up at the Tram Terminal, accompanied by a new face. She introduced Carlton Grimes to Officer Naomi Wilde, explaining, "He was the only one at the fire station."

"I'm sorry, Hondo," the big, buff, Black fireman apologized. "There's panic everywhere. The three on shift with me split to check on their families. I've never seen anything like that before. None of us have ever seen anything like this before." He expressed the same feeling others had about the Blackout being caused by an EMP weapon, then explained, "None of the equipment was functional, so the guys -- and gal, sorry -- didn't see any reason for sticking around and leaving their families sitting in the dark scared to death. I mean, have you seen the fires? Those were jets fallin' out of the sky." Some automatic gunfire off in the far distance preceded Carlton's comment, "And have you heard the gunfire? What the fuck?"

The three -- Hondo, Carlton, and Kimmie -- chatted about the situation a moment before Naomi pointed to a long, heavy metal bar in the fire fighter's hand. With a touch of humor she asked, "So, I take it that's our key to this door?"

Carlton answered the question by stepping up to the barrier, ramming the wedge end of the bar in between the two matching doors, and pulling back. With a great grunt, he forced one of the doors to pop free. He tossed the bar aside with a loud, metal on blacktop clanging, and waved a welcoming hand toward the opening. "Ladies first."

"Oh, hell, no," Naomi said. She gestured Hondo forward instead, saying, "Brawn before beauty."

There was laughter, and -- seeing Hondo snatch up his own -- Naomi offered her bodega lantern to Carlton, telling him, "You're next. I'll guard the rear."


Almost a football length above the East River, the initial general panic of the passengers in the stationary Tram Car had faded and only a few of the 15 people on board were still verbally expressing their fear or anger. On their chairs near the Manhattan, front end of the Car, the Hendersons were all holding each other tightly against another concern: the growing cold. The heaters in the Tram weren't working any more than were the lights or emergency phone, and people were beginning to feel the feels like temperature which -- in the past 5 hours and up here in a wind that was beginning to strengthen -- had dropped to the low 40s.

"I can see people down there," a guy near the Roosevelt Island, back end of the car said. Answering another person's question, he added, "I dunno, I can't tell if they're working to get us out of here or not. Maybe they're just standing around."

"Laughing at us," someone said, leading to some back-and-forth comments between passengers who did or didn't find such conversation humorous. The same person who'd made the joke said, "I'm more concerned about that!"

He pointed off toward the Rockefeller University Building, which by now was nearly fully engulfed in a still growing conflagration. Viola studied the flames a moment, then quietly asked someone near her who'd agreed with the worried comment, "Why should we be worried about that?"

The man just beyond her son pointed not to the Rockefeller but to the building beside it. "One building sets the next on fire, then the next, then the next ... and before you know it, it's right out there--"

He pointed directly ahead, toward the Manhattan Terminal of the Tram, finishing, "--melting the cables that're keeping us up in the air."

In her arms, Angela began crying again, signaling that she'd awoken again from her sleep; she murmurred, "I want Daddy. Where's Daddy?"

Viola hugged both kids tightly, telling them, "Don't worry, Daddy'll be at the end of the Tram ride to meet us, I promise."

Of course, Viola couldn't be certain of that for a multitude of reasons: first, Robert couldn't be certain that his family had made this particular transit on the Tram, thus he might not have any idea that they were up here; second, the family resided in and Robert worked in Greenville, the southernmost portion of Jersey City, which put both the Hudson River and the island of Manhattan between him and his family's current location; and, very obviously, the Blackout seemed to be affecting the entirety of the New York Metro Area -- including automobiles -- which meant that Robert couldn't use either the family car or public transportation to get to either the Manhattan or Roosevelt Island Terminals ... neither of which Viola thought she and her children were likely to get to anytime soon!

Links to Helpful Pages

A Synopsis of Our Story

Naomi Wilde

Physical Description (if you wish to post one):
  • Image
  • Black; she doesn't like the term "African-American".
  • 23 years old
  • 5'7"; 34B-26-36; tight, fit body; excellent physical fitness
  • Hair
  • Dark brown eyes.
  • Tattoos (to be described later)

  • Confident; potentially fierce if need be.
  • Compassionate; fair minded; liberal thinking.
  • Dedicated to law and order and equality.
  • Bisexual; not overly promiscuous, but she does like sex.
  • Changes to her personality from the Blackout:
    • Too early to tell.

Personal History (pre-Blackout):
  • (More coming)
  • Graduated from the Police Academy in 2018.
  • Assigned to a Queens NYPD Precinct (her hometown).
  • She transferred to Roosevelt Island the day of the Blackout.

Personal History (post-Blackout):
  • .

Possessions of interest:
  • 9mm Beretta service weapon; quantity of ammunition available to her through the PSD is unknown at this time (3 April 2022) but is presumed to be relatively plentiful.
  • Collapsible baton, handcuffs, whistle, and other standard police issue gear on her belt.
  • Currently non-functioning gear would also include her cell phone, police radio, taser, etc.
  • .
  • .

Simply "Quote" this page and fill in the spaces to create your character. I may find that I have omitted a valuable question or two; if I do, I will add them here and send you a PM telling you of the addition. If you see something you think should be added, PM it to me; I will add it and inform the other writers of your contribution and their need to add it to their profile. You do not HAVE to use my layout below; it DOES however make reading profiles easier if they are all put together with a similar format, though.


Physical Description (if you wish to post one):

  • Image
  • Age
  • Body type, shape
  • Hair
  • Eyes.
  • Other

Personality (add whatever you want):

  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Changes to their personality from the Blackout:

    • .
    • .
    • .

Personal History (pre-Blackout):

  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .

Personal History (post-Blackout):

  • 3 April 2022:
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .

Possessions of interest:

  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .

Once each of you begins posting your Character Profiles, I will put links to them here.

A Synopsis of Our Story

Monday, April 4 2022 -- 3am

Naomi Wilde was only 3 hours into her first shift at the NYPD's Roosevelt Island Public Service Department, and yet it was already the most exciting day of her 3 years on the job. After leaving Maria and Beverly at the luxury condo of the latter's one night stand, Naomi headed back across the street toward the PSD, just half a block away.

She found the sidewalk mobbed by at least two dozen people, a combination of Island residents, other New Yorkers, and tourists. On the sidewalk, two fires burned in metal containers, intentionally built to provide light to the area.

"What can I do?" Naomi asked her Sergeant once she fought her way through the crowd to the business side of the front desk.

"Hondo!" Helen Davis called toward a group of men and women standing off to one side. A large, rather intimidating man wearing a cowboy hat, denim jeans, and a leather jacket came nearer. The Sergeant tossed him a reflective vest, saying with an feigned apologetic tone as she waggled an extended finger toward his outfit, "Sorry it doesn't match your bad boy look."

"Reflectors?" he asked, chuckling. "Not sure there's anything out there to reflect off me, but..."

To Naomi, Hellen said, "This is Frank O'Connor. Round here, we call him Hondo"

Naomi smiled, saying, "You do look like him a bit ... only bigger still." When the big man didn't respond, she clarified, "John Wayne ... Hondo?" She shrugged, explaining, "Grampa was a big fan of The Duke."

"Hondo here is Coordinator of the Roosevelt Island Neighborhood watch," the Sergeant told Naomi. "Go with him. He'll introduce you to the Block Captains. You're filling in for our Neighborhood Watch Liaison, who -- wouldn't you know it -- just happens to be the Officer you replaced. Congrats. Now, go! Go find out what we're facing."

Naomi confirmed the order and followed Hondo and the others out to the street. By the time they got outside, they found Vladimir Federov speaking to the crowd. Vladimir was one of the other two Officers RIPs Officers on duty at the time of the Blackout. (The nickname came from the station's acronym, RIPSD)

From the park bench on which he stood, Vladimir was trying his best to explain how the current situation prioritized how the RIPs would deal with those situations, be they issues of life and death, missing persons, vandalism and/or looting, and more.

The crowd was talking over Vladimir for the most part; each of those surrounding him thought his or her problem was the most important one, of course. Hondo pushed through the crowd and joined the lean,5'8" Officer on the bench; his own barrel chested, 6'6", 270# size quieted some of the crowd immediately, but it was when he scuffed the end of a road flare, bringing the bright red burning flame to light and hollered "Shut up!" that silence finally reigned.

He chastised the crowd for the way it was acting, then told them, "We're all a bit scared ... and we're all a bit panicked. But trust me: the world isn't going to end tonight. We're not going to learn anything about what happened or solve anything acting like a mob of lunatics." He looked to Vladimir again, telling him, "Go ahead, speak your piece ... again."

The Officer once again asked people to move off in three directions: life and death emergencies into the PSD; missing persons to the left of the doors; and everyone else to the right. "We will get to each and every one of you in priority order."

Hondo said with a firm voice, "And if you think that your expensive quiche thawing out and getting ruined is a life-or-death situation and get into that line ... you're gonna find yourself tossed out into the street and not helped at all."

"Continue your good work, officer," the big man encouraged Vladimir as he descended to the sidewalk. He joined Naomi again, telling her, "C'm'on, I'll introduce you to the crew."

But a moment later the pair were cut off by a panicked woman: "The Tram ... it's stuck, hanging over the river. There's people in it."

Hondo and Naomi looked to each other with the same expression that came from the same thought: How come no one thought of that yet? Naomi's reason, of course, was that today was her first day working on the island; Hondo's was that -- despite having lived on Roosevelt Island for almost 5 years -- he'd never once ridden the aerial transport so it simply wasn't his first thought.
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