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... How in the world did you even get here? Privacy means nothing to you, huh?

Well, since you're probably with the NSA anyway, I might as well tell you what you already know:
I'm a 25-year-old male university student from Germany. As a German, I take everything very seriously and have no humor. At all. Does not compute.

I'm not saying I'm a terminator but let's just say that there's a reason they picked an Austrian to play it - The German model wouldn't have failed. As an advanced roleplay machine, I do put a lot of effort into what I write and usually end up hating it later, but I do my best to keep it a high level of quality and quantity.

Of course, I'm joking. See? Germans have humor. Not when it comes to writing though - Roleplaying is no joking matter.

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@Kingfisher Boo! Boo, I say!

#1 Right now, I'm waiting for you and Lexicon. Afterwards, I'm looking to collaborate with DJAtomika and Wernher to make things more complicated (and put a little more focus back on the Somabra Slayer).

#2 I refuse to admit that I can kinda tolerate two or three Taylor Swift songs.

I've been a real Two Steps From Hell and Groove Addicts junkie these last few years and I absolutely adore video game and movie soundtracks. A really good one I've been listening to while playing a 4X game was the one from "Civilization: Beyond Earth", but the "Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty" soundtrack is also pretty dope. Not to mention "Super Meatboy", "Crypt of the Necrodancer" or other sumsuch brilliance - I have a lot of wonderful, inspiring and (a big factor for me to listen to something for more than half an hour without getting antsy) purely instrumental (or, at most, choral) music to choose from.

But if you're looking for something more mainstream-y in my audio diet, I guess the closest thing to that I can offer right now would be five:

1) Cage the Elephant - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
2) The Heavy - Short Change Hero
3) Jace Everett - Bad Things (These first three really did me in with their rhythm and tune)
4) EVERYTHING BY BLUE STAHLI (I like electro, I love metal, but I worship this man who manages to marry these two so effortlessly)
5) Literally every song that made its way into a "Fallout" soundtrack, plus all the swing you can handle (Dean Martin FTW)
Waiting for Atrophy and Lexicon to finish that collab. I hear I'm supposed to get involved at some point when those two are going at it... again.
So am I.
Thank you, thank you. Nothing's more exciting than laying the foundation for being miserable 40 years down the road. :P
Is everybody learning for exams? It's eerily quiet. I'm a little busy with girlfriend birthday stuff and university things, but I'm still waiting for that post or two that give me something tangible to react to.
Still taking that nap. XD

IRL, university started again last week, so I'm a little busier than before; other than that, my girlfriend turned 25 this week, so most of my free time this week and next is going towards preparing everything for a family celebration (this weekend) and a celebration with friends (next weekend). My liver's in for a wild ride...

@Atrophy (Is my girlfriend your sister? Cause we kinda, sorta got engaged, too.)
Glad you're feeling creative. My first week of uni after the semester break, pkus job, plus work around the house (now that it's actually getting warmer) had me busy, tired, but hoping for more to react to nonetheless.
Enjoying a nap while the city goes to shit.
Yeah... Looking forward to that post.
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