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Happy 10th Anniversary, RolePlayer Guild! Its been one hell of a ride (Definitely didn't misspell that as "help" the first time, and have to re-post it)
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Thank the lord for the Roleplay Guild. Otherwise I might actually have to pay attention in lectures
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"Remember the times you could have pressed quit - but you hit continue" Hope everyone's having an alright day. If not, I hope things pick up for you
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You shot Church, you team killing fucktard!
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My sister saw me watching the Co-Optional Podcast and thought I was skyping my friends. How ridiculous! I don't have friends.


The Dyslexia is strong with this one.

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Soooo am I free to get to work and set Cayne loose on Arcadia?

Yep, go nuts!

The shuttlecraft shot through the air, gliding effortlessly between the gleaming towers and spires of Arcadia. Inside the transport ship, Drake Squad prepared themselves for landing, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the claustrophobic metal cabin, as it bounced and rattled.

“Our mission is simple,” Cadell Robbins -the captain of Drake Squad, explained, from the front of the shuttle “we’re to assist corporation forces on the ground, and make sure that the objective is secured as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Robbins’ well-built form was adorned with state-of-the-art body armour -the kind that was only available to Osi-Corp’s private security sector- and a bulky gauss rifle was strapped to his back. Despite being just over seventy, the corporation had frozen the captain’s body clock at twenty five; which was the age that he currently outwardly resembled.

“Acquisition of the objective is paramount,” he continued “and nothing else matters here. Casualties, civilian or otherwise, are inconsequential.”

There were four other figures crammed into the tiny shuttlecraft, who comprised Drake Squad.

They were;

Salvador Jung, the weapons master. Jung was a lean man, clad in the same body armour as Robbin’s. A combination of training and neural implants had granted him finesse with countless short and long ranged weapons, making him a priceless asset to Drake Squad.

Valentina Trent, the physician. Valentina unerved Robbin’s. She was a thin, waif-like figure, with stale blonde hair, and sunken eyes. She was augmented with long, spider-like mechanical arms, which protruded from her back, and held a variety of surgical equipment.

Jax Hansen, the cyborg. Hansen reminded Robbin’s of the Awakened gangsters that he’d crossed paths with. What little visible flesh remained on Hansen was pale and lifeless, pulled tightly across a body of gleaming steel. Glowing blue optics sat in the gouged sockets of his eyes and he spoke with a mechanical echo.

And then there was the new guy.

The man that Robbin’s superiors had called “Knox” dominated the back of the tiny shuttlecraft. He was a huge, gargantuan presence; featureless in his full body armour, and was yet to speak, thus far. Robbin’s hadn’t seen him in battle, but he had come highly recommended.

“Any idea what this objective is, Captain?” Jung asked, scratching at this square jaw.

“Some sort of data disk,” Robbin’s replied “can you give us a visual, Hansen?”

A dancing blue hologram lanced out of the cyborg’s eyes, projecting the image of a small, simple circular device into the space in front of them.

“That’s rather unremarkable.” Valentina observed, her mechanical spider arms clanking and clicking behind her.

“Whatever it is, its stolen goods,” Robbin’s declared “and we are going to re-possess Osi-Corp’s property.”

Dack sat slumped in the back of the Black Brethren’s wheeled cruiser, separated from the rest of the passengers by criss-crossed metal bars.

He gazed morosely at the floor.

Jamila was gone.

Grendel was gone.

They were all-

“Don't look so glum, kid,” Aurora said with a sneer, watching him from her seat in the back of the cruiser “you’ve got lots to look forwards to.”

“Are you going to kill me?” He asked, his voice a hoarse whisper.

“Perhaps,” Aurora gave a shrug “but first I want to know how some insignificant little street rat managed to get his hands on the Golden Disk before me...what we me having invested a -LOT- of time and money in acquiring myself a map, and all.”


Before Dack could speak, an earth-shattering boom rocked the transport, throwing the passengers against its walls, as the cruiser was shaken back and fourth. Dack slammed, face-first, into the bars, his jaw cracking against the metal. He hit the floor with a thud, the wind having been knocked out of him.

“What -THE FUCK- was that?!” Aurora snarled.

“Looks like something just go brought down, not far from here,” said one of her henchman, checking his arm-mounted scanner “something -BIG-.”

“Fuck!” Aurora hissed “someone's on to us.”

“You think it's the corp?”

“Probably.” she growled, rubbing her temples in frustration.

“If it is Osi-Corp, then we can forget about slipping out of here unnoticed,” Aurora muttered “there’s an old club, a couple of streets over. Its called the rusted bitch. Get us there ASAP. We’ll shack up, and fortify our position, before we plan our next move.”

<Snipped quote by Kingfisher>

Welcome back, boss :P

Hi all!

Sorry that I was away for longer than I anticipated, but I'm back now, and can get stuck in to running the game. I've read through all of the posts, and will start work on my own tonight.

A massive thank you to Ezekiel for keeping things running in my absence <3


Both Damiran and Yos look fookin fantastic, dude!

I'm happy to accept whichever one you would rather play for now, and somewhere down the line I'll look at granting you two player characters, if you fancy, once things are underway a bit more.
@all of you lovely people

Due to some unfortunate circumstances in my real life, I'm being admitted to a clinic as an in-patient for the next seven days, where I won't have access to the internet.

I really appreciate the passion and enthusiasm with which you guys have taken to this game, and would love to pick up again as GM, once I've been discharged, if you all wouldn't mind waiting a little bit.

Much love and kisses

Really like the posts so far guys! Especially like the world-building around the trains which Decadent implimented.

I just wanted to quickly adress the point that was made about 102 years from now seemingly like a rather short time for technology to have leapt so far in advance;

This is a world where these mega-corportations have been able to conduct research, experiments, and what have you, with absolutely no moral or ethical restraints. From the shadows, players like Osi-Corp have been free to secretly conduct horrific experiments, and use their discoveries to forwards the advancement of mankind.

If you think about how long it takes for new medicines and technologies to be screened before they can begin human testing right now, Osi-Corp are able to just bypass any safety procedures whatsoever, and jump straight to human testing. Additionaly, earth is controled by one massive, single government. There is no large scale in-fighting between countries, because every country is a part of the UEA; and the UEA is essentially just a front for a gargantuan corporation who wants to churn out as much tech as is possible, so its owners can continue being ultra-wealthy and powerful.

I hope that that clears up any confusion. As always, I appreciate the feedback, and please feel free to raise any other points of confusion, or otherwise provide constructive comments.
Aaaaaaaaaaaand, its up! Have at ye!

“Oi. Dickhead. Wake up.”

Dack stirred from beneath his blanket, grumbling as a boot-clad foot prodded him in the face.

“If I have to poke you again, I’ll kick your teeth in.”

Sighing, Dack slipped out from underneath his makeshift covers, and up off of the old mattress which served as his bed.

“Sleeping beauty awakens.” Jamila smirked down at him, whilst he slowly floundered awake.

“You couldn’t have left me five more minutes?” Dack grumbled, scooping his boxers up off of the floor, and slipping into them to cover his nakedness, whilst he set about scavenging the rest of his clothes, before putting them on.

“Grendel wants you up and eager, before her majesty arrives,” Jamila explained “you’re front and centre today, hot shot.”

“I honestly think I’d rather have my fingernails pulled out.” Dack groaned, slipping into his oversized faux leather jacket. He was a short, scrawny kid; smaller than most of the guys in Grendel’s crew, and some of the girls. Nevertheless, he had an aptitude for getting into places he shouldn’t be, and his sticky fingers had made him indispensable to Grendel.

“Relax, it’s not like you’re going live on stream,” Jamila made her way over to him, giving him a quick hug for reassurance “I’m sure Grendel will do most of the talking. He’ll probably just want you there to big himself up.”

No sooner had she finished speaking, then a booming voice came thundering up from down beneath them.


Dack exhaled, rubbing his temples nervously.

“Come on,” Jamila slipped her fingers in between his, squeezing his hand tightly “lets go get this over with.”

Dack and Jamila, along with the rest of Grendel’s crew, had taken up residence in the shell of an old Osi-Corp warehouse, in the bleakest depths of Ghajotia; Mega-City Arcadia’s biggest slum. Ghajotia had allegedly been constructed to store affordable housing for Arcadia’s more destitute residents, but had quickly fallen into a state of neglect. With Osi-Corp showing no interest in maintaining the district, Ghajo had become a cesspit of crime and poverty; with many of Arcadia’s lesser gangs taking up residence in its crumbling ruins.

The pair shimmied down the ladder which lead to Dack’s “room”, and made their way downwards into the central chamber of the dilapidated warehouse. Grendel’s thugs were scurrying around warped metal beams and collapsed aisleways, clearing away what rubble they could manage, before the guest of honour arrived.

Even Grendel himself was moving rubble out of the way, heaving huge chunks of debris above his head, and tossing them to one side. He was a large man, but the payload he was lifting was beyond massive, and wouldn’t have been possible without the cybernetic prosthetics which had replaced his organic arms.

“Dack,” Grendel gave the boy a slight nod of his head, drumming his metallic fingers idley against one arm “how you feelin’?”

“Like I’d rather be in bed.” Dack replied, honestly.

“Cheer up, buttercup,” Grendel snorted, scratching at the stubble on his rock hard jaw “you’re about to make me very rich. You got the disk?”

Dack reached into his jacket pocket, fishing out the Golden Disk.

It wasn’t much to look at -a small golden circle, which was smooth and featureless to the naked eye- but Dack knew that this piece of metal was worth more to Grendel than every member of his crew combined.

Grendel’s metallic fingers shot forwards, snatching the disk from Dack in a blurr of movement.

“This little beauty is gonna get me enough ass and Trance to level Arcadia.” Grendel grinned.

Just then, the old mechanical warehouse doors slowly screeched to life, and a group of alien figures came striding into the light.

Grendel’s thugs stopped what they were doing, whipping out handguns, and brandishing them at the new arrivals.

“Put them away, you mangy fucking cunts.” Grendel snarled, hissing at his men.

“Just the sort of welcome I was expecting.” Aurora Baines said with a smirk, her hips swaying as she came swaggering over to Grendel, with her security entourage marching behind her.

Every inch of the queen of the Black Brethren had been meticulously sculpted to the very definition of perfection. She was deliciously curvaceous, tall but not too tall, and had the etched features of a greek goddess. Frosty white hair flowed over her shoulders, and she was dressed in the finest designer gettup.

Dack very much doubted that any of Aurora’s beauty was natural, but right now he felt like he was standing in the presence of excellence incarnate.

Baine’s muscle fell in to place besides her; a squadron of heavily-armed soldiers, who looked more like a paramilitary force than gangsters. They were clad from head-to-toe in jet black body armour, and each soldier was holding a rifle. Dack had no idea what lurked beneath their protective clothing, but he suspected that each of them had an arsenals worth of augmentations.

“Aurora Baines,” Grendel greeted the queenpin with a broad smirk “welcome back to Ghajota.”

“Not to sound ungrateful, but I prefer the view from my penthouse.” she said flippantly “show me the disk.”

Grendel unfolded his massive palm, revealing the golden disk.

“As promised.”

A cone of blue light erupted from the optic augmentations in Aurora’s eyes, bathing the disk in a soft neon glow.

“That’s a neat trick.” Grendel murmured.

“Just making sure its the genuine article,” she reassured him, as the light flickered out “I’m sure you understand.”

“Of course, Aurora, of course. Can’t be too careful,” Grendel gave an overly-enthusiastic nod “but I promise you, I’m a man of my word. Now, shall we discuss payment?”

Aurora Baines paused for a moment, her head tilting slightly. She turned, and her eyes fell upon Dack.

He froze, almost instantly.

“What’s your name, kid?” She asked.

“Dack.” said Dack.

“Ah, yes! I was getting to that. This is the one who got the disk for me.” Grendel explained, but the queenpin stared right past him, keeping her eyes fixed on Dack.

“Well then, Dack,” Aurora smiled slyly “I’m going to teach you a very important lesson about opening your door to strangers.”

Before any of them had time to react, Aurora Baines had pulled out a handgun, and fired a round straight between Grendel’s eyes. The back of the mobster’s head was blown out across the warehouse in a cone of dark red, as his body went tumbling to the floor.

In a fraction of a second, Baines’ security team had their weapons drawn, and were tearing Grendel’s crew to shreds in a torrent of gunfire. Jamila took a round through the neck, and was dead before Dack could even grasp what has happening.

She was one of the last to go.

Dack stood still, his heart pounding, surrounded by the lifeless bodies of his makeshift family.

“Grab the disk,” Aurora Baines instructed her soldiers “and throw the kid in a cell. I’ve got plans for him.”
@Kingfisher When are we starting Mr Fisher?

Please, Mr Fisher was my father's name! Call me King.

I'm just working on the introductory IC post now, and then everyone will be welcome to start getting their first posts up.
@Kingfisher I'm gonna hang back on making a character right now, gonna see if I can figure out what I wanna do first with this RP.

Sure thing, DJ! There's no rush. Take your time :)
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