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6 mos ago
Current All replies will probably have to wait until tomorrow, I'm just too stressed right now.
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6 mos ago
Needless to say I'm so pissed off right now replies are gonna have to wait until I've calmed down and can think logically.
6 mos ago
So about two weeks ago I broke up with my gf right? So someone decided to catfish as her and mess with my emotions. Just found out my "friend" was behind it and lying to me the entire time about it.
6 mos ago
Someone anyone roleplay OITNB or Fruits Basket with me ¬.¬
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6 mos ago
I had a dream once I was Willy Wonka, only the Johnny Depp version. That's the last time I watch that movie before bed...or simply watch that movie.
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@Ambra I'm leaning more towards a male Raichu currently, but like I said I have no problem changing to a female if the need arises.
So I don't know if you're looking for an even distribution of male and female characters. I have both a female and male image that I can use so no worries there I'll make what we're lacking.

That being said I'm really leaning towards an alolan surfer type personality with lightning moves.
@alexfangtalon nothing wrong with that, Wendy is an awesome character. Her fight with Chelia is one of my favorite fights of the entire series tbh.
@alexfangtalon is it bad that I totally forgot she had a sword *sweatdrop* I remembered the magic, forgot the giant weapon. It'll be interesting to see her grow thoygh, I can see her becoming quite powerful in the same way Wendy did...she kind of reminds me of Wendy a bit actually.
I'm itching to see how these magic types play off one another, as none of us have chosen any sort of weaponized magic with swords and stuff, no dragon slayers, this is by far the most unique Fairy Tail Roleplay I have been in magic type wise.

Thank you all so much for that.
@Ambra that makes sense, I think I'm going to go with my original Raichu idea anyways :) thanks for the update!
@Morgan Wren perfect thank you.

I think I will give it another day to hear back from everyone about Arc ideas and let the last two finish their characters. Once we get all that set we will be good to go.
@Morgan Wren do you have an image for your character? I personally like to have a visual image for imagination purposes, makes it feel more real. If you don't and want to just do a physical description that will be fine :)
@Demon Shinobi I'm just gonna legit look through all the Pokedexes of the earlier generations and figure it out on what I want to do. My mind is swirling with ideas and I can't stop it haha.

Okay, so ages yes. Are we going for older or younger here? I'd probably prefer making a character that was at least eighteen myself but I can work with whatever.

Edit:Giving it some thought I realized we don't have any electric type Pokémon, though most have not said what they're planning to do I think I want to stick with that type. Going from there, haven't decided which one yet though.
@Demon Shinobi there are really so many good Pokémon choices to choose from depending on the type of characyer you're wanting to use. It's so hard for me to settle on one >.<

Gengar is a personal favorite of mine though, Growlithe is also great.

I'm considering making an Umbreon and wondering if Eevolutions would be considered too rare? If so, I can definitely go with my Ninetails or Raichu idea. Is there a certain age range we're going for here? Do gijinkas have ages? Or are we going purely based on levels here?
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