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Magic Magnum said
If banning the extended universe wasn't enough proof, this trailer is unarguably enough proof needed to show Disney see's star wars as a 5 year old cash in. And has no intention to treat it with any respect or decency.


I don't think we can judge until the movie is out.
You have the whole World Wide Web at your disposal and you decide the best course of action is to act a barely active Spam?
XMAS 2014

Read this and weep. I certainly am right now.
Funny; I did a Lamb Heart Dissection around the time this was posted. Weird coincidence huh?
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I hope its an MMO simulator and not an actual MMO.
I have to say it was the best Space Film I've seen in a while. It was definitely ambitious, especially the Final Act, but I think Nolan pulled it off. The film is very good with it's science until the end (which pushes this film towards Science Fantasy rather than Hard Science Fiction) which is mostly based as far as I can understand on scientific theories rather than facts.

The sound on the film was a bit weird and at times I could barley hear the voices over the music. Might have just been my cinema but in a few reviews I've seen on line this was mentioned so I figure I'll say it. Considering the fact parts of this film need explanation so the layman can understand this isn't a particularly good thing.

Also the imagery of Space was amazing and made want to explore the universe, especially since the Wormhole and Black Hole in the film were based on real maths and are accurate models of what one would theoretically look like which is nice. The music and sound was outstanding, I especially loved the use of silence in this film to get across the fact sound doesn't travel in space. It was very ominous and accurately got that idea across.

All the actors in this film were very well cast; also a few surprise actors appeared I wasn't expecting. I didn't think something like that could even happen in a modern film, especially since one actor in particular is quite important, but I'm guessing we have to thank the advertising campaign for that. I have to mention the guy who played TARS, he was by far my favourite character in the film despite most of the characters being very good. Reminded me a lot of R2 D2. Also props to the very unique robot design, caught me off guard when I first saw it.

I do really give the trailers credit for not spoiling everything in space while still drawing me in, a few moments in space were spoiled but the vast majority of those moments were towards the beginning of the film still leaving the chance for us to be amazed by the most epic space imagery they could come up with.

Overall very good film and something I have to re-watch so I can process it all properly.
For some reason my family forgot to buy sweets this year meaning we had to immediately enter hiding (i.e. pretend our house is empty) for the majority of the night; all to avoid awkwardly disappointing a bunch of trick or treaters.

I really should have gone out this year.
I love these types of videos (i.e. Normal People attempting to be ''gangsta''); they are literally the greatest. I've spent so many hours on Reddit hunting these videos down. They truly are fucking hilarious.
It was pretty obvious what kind of film it was going to be from the first few scenes; Fury managed to perfectly get across the idea that War is Hell. Far more visceral, brutal and bloody than I expected considering the rating it got in the UK (15); to the point where the first few minutes of the film left me in shock as to how gory it was. It made me question everything I thought about World War II; it seemed far far too gritty compared to the way I thought of it in my head. Piles and Piles of Bodies and Injured.

I was impressed with the main cast, even Shia who I wasn't expecting to be that good. The Crew of the Fury really felt like they had been through shit together and were basically brothers in arms. I also liked how they portrayed the integration of Newman, the rookie soldier, into the Crew and the effects it had on the Crew dynamic.

I was slightly worried that they might portray everything in Black and White (i.e. Americans = Good, Nazis = Bad) but they managed to both demonize and humanise both sides equally so by the end it was clear both sides were far more similar than they'd each like to think.

The last thing I want to mention is how the film left me afterwards. I don't really know if this is a reflection of me or a reflection of the movie but this is probably the only War Movie ever to make me want to never take part in a conflict. It was a sobering experience which didn't take the issues of war lightly and honestly made me thankful I didn't live in an Era where I would have to go through something like that.

I wouldn't say there were any overall problems with the Film but a few scenes did feel a bit sub par compared to the rest of the movie however overall I would definitely watch it again and rank it as one of my favourite war films. If you like War Films then you should probably go see this.
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