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I am a 29 year old male. It has been a while since I posted to this site, but I want to get back into it. I enjoy RPing fantasy mostly, with some interest in Sci Fi and certain fandoms. I am more likely to maintain an RP if my partner is skilled in RPing and posts at least once every few days. I have an active imagination and tend to post casual to advanced. I am looking forward to RPing with many different people, and I thank you for taking the time to read my bio. :)

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Lionel Gift

Mr. Q was turned his head to face the door, “It seems they have started the plan before schedule, oh well humans have always been so impatient.” Turning to face Lionel keeping his unnerving smile on his face, “It seems we will be escaping sooner than we anticipated, isn’t that exciting!” Exclaiming like it was the best thing to happen since sliced bread. Rubbing his chin thinking of what they could do while waiting for the others to spring Lionel out, The baby villain was for the time being indebted to Q. Something that he would have to keep in over his head, to make him follow whatever his plan was after escaping. “If I may ask, were you born with your abilities to manipulate others via touch, or was there some incident that caused it? Are your abilities connected with your long lifespan?

Lionel's small blonde eyebrow popped up once again as Mr. Q. informed him of the goings on in the other parts of the prison. His cell wing was supplied with its own generator and security systems, so any disruption to the main system would not affect his own circumstances. He shook his head in dismay. Genius went truly unappreciated in a place like this. No one could ever wait to execute a well thought out plan. It always ended up in brute force and a riot. So uncivilized. Still, he couldn't really complain. After all, if all went according to plan he would be able to finally be free of this accursed cell so that he could resume his good work. "I suppose it is exciting, though I must say, if they are this unruly when they are all focused on a single goal, how do you expect to keep them in line once they are free?"

Lionel's face bore a slightly condescending smirk as he questioned the dark figure, but it vanished from his small lips as the man began asking questions about his abilities and their origins. "Curious about me are you? While I can understand your fascination, surely you don't believe me so foolish as to divulge potentially sensitive information on the nature of my capabilities so soon after we've only just met?" He pulled his hat from his head and clutched it tightly to his small chest, suddenly wringing it nervously as his eyes opened up into wide, fearful innocence and his voice trembled as he said "Please sir, I'm not supposed to talk to strangers. I just want to find my mommy and daddy. Can you help me?" He dropped the facade with a childlike giggle and placed his hat back atop his head, smirking at the imposing figure once more.

"I'm suprised a man of your...capabilities doesn't already know the information you seek. Forgive me, but I do not think my debt to you warrants disclosure of my past. At least not yet. After all, I know nothing of your own past, now do I? So why should I offer that which is unlikely to be reciprocated. Quid pro quo, Mr. Q. But not yet. For now, I believe you have a riot to direct and I must practice my speech for whichever of your little pawns is the one to release me."
Lionel Gift

Mr. Q lightly tapped his long finger against his chin while listening to Lionel’s questions; “Well to answer your first question; this whole conversation is happening in your head. Unfortunately, I am trapped by the runes and spells which is why Amelia Beauchamp is also essential to our plan. She knows the words to break my shackles. My abilities vary depending on the situation and how it could help with my goals. “You do make a good point; which is why I have asked Abby to bust you out first. They may be wary of you because of the rumours, but I have reassured her that you would be a valuable assist. And if anything you could also use your abilities to sway them; Abby will be the easiest to manipulate. I have the upmost fate in you to complete the task at hand.” Mr. Q leaned his head in to stare Lionel in the eyes. His eye sockets looked empty like his eyes were replaced with black holes. There was something moving inside of them, but Lionel could not make it out. A quick glance made he could see moving faces with permanent expressions of agony; His smile widening moving from ear to ear. “Once the others break you out of your cell; then you will get me out of my own cell, And I will help you through the rest of the security above.” He leaned his head back. “Then after we are safe and away from this place; we can start with the next part of the plan. Does that sound good?”

Lionel did not flinch in the face of Mr. Q.'s unsettling eyes, though he did raise an eyebrow in suprise and interest. The sockets in the man's face seemed to depict trapped souls in excrutiating pain. He wasn't sure whether it was a trick of the light or a reality, but he had a feeling that this man was every bit as capable and fearsome as he'd suspected. There was a darkness in him so deep it would swallow the hope and courage of lesser beings and leave them in despair. Lionel's smile widened, his baby teeth flashing neatly. This man could very well be the most Unworthy soul he'd come across in his many years of living. In fact, looking at those twisted faces in the deep pools of blackness where the man's eyes should be, Lionel got a distinct feeling that their goals would weave in and out of synch in the future. On the one hand, Mr Q. was an ally now and Lionel owed him a debt. Furthermore, what better instrument of hellish chaos could be unleashed so deservingly on the Unworthy than this being? On the other hand, Mr. Q's formidable nature did not seem to be the sort to restrict itself towards the tormenting of the Unworthy. How many Worthy might be lost into those hollow pits of suffering and hopelessness if he went unchecked? That was unacceptable.

That problem would have to wait for another day. For now, the man's plan seemed to sound enough. Lionel would play along as long as it benefitted him. He would take no action against Mr. Q. for as long as his debt remained. He withdrew a small hand from behind his back and offered it to the being before him saying,"Very well, Mr. Q. I accept your proposal and do here by give my word to assist you in this endeavor you have concocted to the best of my ability. If nothing else, I consider myself a man of my word." He looked down at his childish body for a moment before looking back up at Mr. Q."So to speak. I shall await my release with baited breath."
@LukasVolkov I will amend Lionel's second post to include his assessmemt of your character.

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Lionel Gift

While the others were having a conversation about escaping; Mr. Q had gotten the letter from Lionel. Having received the letter from a guard he was manipulating; Picking up the letter as it floated into his cell. Reading the letter feeling excited reading that Gift was interested in his plan. And was equally excited that there was someone on his wing that could be easily manipulated. “It seems i will have to finally make an appearance.” Snapping his fingers his clothing changed to a bright blue suit, white loafers, a white dress shirt; and a Stahlhelm helmet on his head. “No; i need to impress him this will not do.” Snapping his fingers again to change his clothes into a black suit and shoes with a bowler hat. “Much better.” Smiling to himself before closing his eyes. Soon everything around Lionel started to slow down before finally, everything froze.  Standing in front of the doorway stood Mr.Q wearing his ensemble; “A pleasure to meet you Mr. Gift; My name is Mr.Q or Q  to my friends.”  The tall anemic man moving closer towards Lionel. Something Lionel could notice was Q’s feet not touching the ground. “Now then shall we talk strategies?” His mouth contorted into a smile; showing off his yellowing rotten teeth. Explaining to Lionel how Abby and the others were going to start a riot and work towards releasing them. “Once we are free; i will be able to easily transport us far away from the asylum.” Q was sure Lionel had a million questions; something he would gladly answer.


Lionel had spent the last few hours mulling over this latest developement brought on by this Mr. Q. His ponderings turned inevitably towards his own plan of action once he was free of his cell. He had to be careful. His isolation from all of the other inmates was both a hindrance and a boon. On the one hand, none of them would have any knowledge of his true goals and would be susceptible to the illusion of his face, possibly even enough to allow him to get close and ensure himself a few temporary allies. On the other hand, he lacked the rapport they would have built, whatever form it took, and might be viewed with suspicion due to his unfamiliarity.

Lionel was suprised when he opened his eyes from his musings and found that the world seemed to be slowing, then stopping. He stood up and a tall, thin man with yellowed teeth wearing a black suit and a bowler hat appeared before him. He introduced himself as Mr. Q. and proceeded to inform Lionel of the plan he had seeded amongst the other inmates. Lionel listened quietly, the gears of his mind turning, until finally Mr. Q. seemed to be finished.

Lionel smiled sweetly up at him, his face cherubic but his eyes shining with an unsettling intelligence. He had long ago learned that the key to manipulating others was found in the eyes. If he softend his look, widened or narrowed them just right, stared pointedly or began to cry he could almost always convey or illicit just the right emotions and intentions.

This time, with the sweet smile and sharp eyes, he was trying to convey two distinct thoughts. Firstly, he had every intention of complying and indeed being thankful for the assistance that Mr. Q. had provided. After all, he had voluntarily come to Lionel and offered him his long awaited freedom. Lionel was not so uncouth as to overlook that favor. Secondly, Lionel by no means trusted Mr. Q., nor did he intend to allow himself to be easily manipulated.

"I have just a few questions, if you would do me the kindness of indulging me. You see, I can't help but wonder by what means you are able to appear before me in this form. Are you some sort of astral projection in my mind, or have you really somehow transported into my cell? If the former is the case, why did you not simply communicate with me this way intially? If the latter is true, what is stopping you from escaping on your own? After all, my cell is not easily penetrated."Lionel clasped his hands behind his back casually, pacing a small ways away from Mr. Q. as he spoke, his voice even as he questioned the figure. "I also wonder why it has taken you this long to organize such an escape. You seem to have no small amount of capabilities regarding communication with other inmates and the influence you carry over the guards is something even I have not been able to achieve."

He turned around, his eyes full of suspicion and his smile twisting slightly in a malicious manner. "Finally, I would like to know how you intend to free ME. If your ragtag group of rioters springs you out, they are only assisting their benefactor. But my own cell is clearly marked. Cell XIII. They would have heard the rumors about me. Why would they trust me with such a rumor circulating? Even the most foolhardy of the lot would be highly suspicious and untrusting of the inhabitant of this cell number. So how do you intend to keep my anonymous status intact? After all, I cannot be of much use if no one trusts me."

Lionel had moved back towards the tall man, standing directly in front of him now, his hands still clasped behind his back, his head tilted far backwards in order to stare Mr. Q. directly and unflinchingly in the eye, his questions and suspicions made plain as he waited for an answer. This man believed himself very clever. Now was the time to see whether he had real promise as an ally.
Looking for a female partner to join me in a rather in depth RP about two young dragon riders and their quest to find themselves, fall in love and save the world together with their dragon partners. There will be tragedy, betrayal, adventure, friendship, love, loss, magic, monsters and above all, good roleplaying. The setting is im the style of the Inheritance Cycle books(Eragon) but not necessarily set in that world. I have a decent idea of how the plot can progress. We would be starting as inhabitants of an island where dragons are revered almost as gods, and our characters are being tested to see if we are chosen by one of the dragon eggs.

Anyone who might be interested, please let me know either by PM or by posting here. Thank you.:)
Interested. Was a bit worried when I saw the other thread had apparently died. Would be very interested in joining should a reboot come about.

Lionel Gift

Meanwhile, while Gift was having breakfast he would notice a note underneath his tray. An interesting thing as not many people had access to communicating with him. Inside of the note was the following written in pencil.

“Dear Mr. Gift

Firstly it is a pleasure to be speaking with you; secondly I am a big fan of your villainous work. I was wondering if you would be interested in being a part of my plan to escape this place. Your help would be greatly appreciated, and you will be smelling the fresh air in a couple of days; if you accept my offer. Please get back to me by writing on the back of this note.

Yours’s truly


Lionel raised an eyebrow at the message he'd been given. So then, there was someone in this place with more than a little bit of influence over the guards. Most inmates could only hope to bribe or convince guards to allow minor indulgences at best, such as his suits and vegetarian meals. To not only have enough sway to allow secret notes to be passed but for them to allow it to be passed to himself of all people...this Mr. Q must be quite formidable. Lionel's cell was far removed from the others, having been built specially to hold him. Ever since his first year here, where he'd nearly caused an uprising by manipulating a guard and then a fellow inmate, his security had been taken extremely seriously by the staff here. The guards who brought his meals were the same ones to escort him to the research chambers, the only time he was allowed out of his cell. They were also not rotated nearly as often as the other guards, the staff preferring to keep them on primarily only in his wing in order to familiarize them with his tricks and minimize the rumors about him. These guards were forbidden from discussing him openly, even amongst themselves. Regardless of these precautions, rumors tended to persist in a place like this. He had heard of whispers of a dangerous monster in cell XIII. He was rather flattered, but ultimately his reputation didn't matter much. Only his work mattered.

Lionel had a keen interest in any knowledge of his fellow inmates, storing up the overheard gossip, pieces of rumor and fearful murmurings in his memory in order to form a fairly accurate picture of each of his fellows.

Lionel returned to his corner of the room with his papers and crayons, which had initially been given him when he'd first arrived here as a sort of entertainment. They'd likely expected him to draw or color on them, but instead he'd found a much better use for them. He used them to amuse himself by keeping records of his thoughts on the other inmates. This wasn't particularly necessary, as his memory was infallible, but it served to pass the time during this long incarceration. He flipped through each of the papers one by one once again.

Ameliya "SHC". Pyrokinetic. This one was Worthy. Despite her quick temper she was rumored to have a soft spot for those weaker than herself and a certain moral code. She could possibly be a useful tool due to her volatile nature, if manipulated properly. However, she posed a high level threat due to her ability. Immolation was a painful death, and his own powers wouldn't be able to respawn from them quickly. Therefore, though she was a candidate for salvation, she should be handled with caution.

Körbl Meier. Enhanced physical capability and prowess with blades. This one was Unworthy and not useful as a tool. His focus on strength and penchant for confrontation made him too single minded and quite imbecilic. He would pose only a low level threat and was beneath further consideration.

Randolph "The Ghoul". Enhanced physical prowess, animalistic form and necromantic diet. This one was Unworthy, yet Lionel believed respect was due to him because of his obvious intelligence and the fact that he was one of the only other inmates older than Lionel himself. He could possibly make a useful tool, though Lionel believed manipulating him would be difficult and risky. He posed a mid level threat due his tendency to eat his victims corpses. While Lionel had never had his body eaten before, he imagined it would take several months to respawn from.

The Devourer. Alien life form with enhanced appetite and capacity for consumption. Lionel had not learned the proper name of this inmate from the guards, only the nickname. She seemed to be singularly driven by her appetite, which would make her a useful tool if properly motivated, though perhaps slightly unpredictable. She was Unworthy, due to a distinct lack of suffering. She posed a mid level threat for the same reasons as The Ghoul.

"Arc Dragon". Electrokinesis. Another inmate known to Lionel only by her alias. She was Unworthy due to a seeming lack of mental acumen, though she had potential to awaken as Worthy should she suffer greatly or overcome her inherent apathy. She would not be a useful tool due to her reserved yet unpredictable nature. She was a high level threat for similar reasons as the pyrokinetic. Lionel would likely avoid interaction with her if he could help it, as it seemed unlikely to produce favorable results.

Brock Jameson. The guards he'd overheard called him "that spider dude". Apparently his abilities had to dp with adopting some arachnid traits and being able to communicate with and, to a degree, control the creatures. He was a bit of an enigma. He had suffered somewhat, but not much. His ability was such that it could be utilized for or against society, but he seemed more content in isolation. He leaned toward Unworthy, but only due to his erratic nature when upset. He posed little threat, but could perhaps be a valuable tool.

Julia Kray "The Black Death". Possessed a touch that was quickly fatal. The exact nature of her death touch was unclear, but it seemed most similar to some rapid onset poison. She was currently Unworthy despite having suffered, as her ability seemed incapable of allowing her to be anything but a danger to those around her. Still, there was always room for improvement. She posed only a low level threat.

Mary Vincent "Iris": Kinetic Energy Manipulation. Her unpredictable and uncooperative nature meant she would not make a useful tool. She alone amongst all of his fellows had he yet to decide whether she was Worthy or Unworthy. She had certainly suffered enough, but her influence on others was widely varied. He had decided he needed to observe her in person before making his decision. Either way, she posed only a low level threat. If it came to it, she would be fairly easy to save.

Alfred Gunther "Frostbite". Possessed of an Entity of primordial cold. This was a bit of a tricky one. The man Alfred was Worthy, but otherwise unremarkable. The Entity, however, was Unworthy yet deserving of respect. The power it wielded was quite impressive and it was probably the oldest consciousness here. It would not be easily manipulated. Yet, if successful, it could be a very useful tool. Lionel hesitated to attempt salvation, but that too was possible, if difficult to attain. He would likely need help on this one. Still, despite the impressive nature of the Entity, this one posed only a low level threat. Being frozen preserved his body rather than destroying it.

Hemlock "Digital Ghost". Technopathy and EMF manipulation. This one was Worthy and quite intriguing. His abilities would make him an excellent tool, though he seemed to be difficult to manipulate due to his paranoid nature. His threat level was relatively low, though the diversity of applications of his abilities made this assessment rather fluid. It would be wise to handle him with care. He was a prime target for salvation, as his projects if left undisturbed could be of great benefit to mankind. He was likely the second most enticing target amongst all of the other inmates.

Marina Montressor "White Fang". Wolfish transformation. She was Unworthy due to her selfishness and lack of restraint in the face of adversity. She was not one to respect, but perhaps one to be wary of due to her intelligence and manipulative nature. She was unlikely to be a useful tool and was more likely to be an obstacle. Still, she ultimately posed only a low level threat herself. However, if she successfully manipulated another more dangerous inmate against him... He believed it would be best to eliminate her quickly if she became a problem. She was simply too much of a wild card.

Abigail "Atom Bomb". Radioactive. This one was probably the most Worthy of all of the inmates here. If there was one inmate he desired to save more than any other, it was her. Just the thought of her salvation filled Lionel with joy and he trembled in anticipation. She also had potential as a useful tool. Her kind nature and mild suffering made her easy to manipulate. However, she posed quite a high level threat due to her abilities. Those would require a long time to respawn from if he was exposed to them too long. Longer than he could afford. So while she was the most tempting target, she would require careful planning and flawless execution. Lionel could hardly wait.

Rueyn "Grimm"- Demoness Reaper. This was easily the most dangerous of all the inmates. Though her immense suffering and deeply buried kindness made her Worthy, she was a catastrophic level threat due to her soul reaping ability. Singularly among all of his fellow inmates that ability alone had the possibility of permanently destroying him. He planned to avoid all interaction with her if possible. No attempts to manipulate her would be made. The risk was simply too high. If interaction could not be avoided, placation and passivity would be the best course of action. Lionel had never groveled in his life, nor was he used to affecting a submissive demeanor. But in the face of true death and the threat to his salvation of others, he would do whatever he must not to antagonize that particular individual. She alone amongst his Worthy fellows was not a target for salvation. Besides, a demoness was unlikely to be able to be redeemed anyway. She was likely already lost.

Simone "Gremlin". Sangromancer. Erratic and utterly insane, this inmate would not make a useful tool and was entirely Unworthy. That said, from what Lionel had heard he possessed a singular cleverness despite his insanity thst could prove rather troublesome. Lionel disliked him already. He would avoid the nuisance if possible. If not, bugs like him were best exterminated. His abilities made him a mid level threat, however, and Lionel would likely need to choose his moment with some care.

Hauta "The Storm." Wind manipulation and demonic blessings. Lionel had not been able to gather much information on the past of this individual, but from what he had been able to glean he was long lived, lethal with a blade and his wind powers and somewhat haunted by his past. He was presently Unworthy due to his fearsome reputation, yet Lionel had a feeling that more information was needed. He could possibly be utilized as a tool with the right prompting. His abilities were unlikely to cause too much damage and therefore he was only a low level threat, unless he got creative with his wind abilities. Lionel didn't plan on giving him a need to do so.

Interestingly enough, Lionel hadn't heard of this Mr Q. before this note came to him. He'd thought he knew of every inmate in the facility yet somehow this one had remained unknown to him. He was a complete mystery. This was more than a little suspicious. Perhaps this was some sort of trap set by Dr. Novis? But no, Novis wasn't clever enough for that. The note mentioned "villainous work" which brought a frown to Lionel's small brow. Dr. Novis would also know better than to imply his work was evil somehow. Perhaps this Mr Q. needed to be educated on the beauty of his purpose.

Lionel turned the note from the mysterious Mr. Q over and began to write with one of his crayons in a flowing script unusual for such a childish medium.

"My dear Mr. Q,

I must confess, you have me at somewhat of a disadvantage, knowing of me while keeping your own identity hidden. This is not a feat that many can claim. I admit, I am both intrigued and impressed. You appear to be a man of intelligence and means. I see no reason to refuse to hear your plan out. I do ask that you not refer to my salvation of others as "villainous". I can see why you might perceive it thusly, however this is a misunderstanding born of ignorance towards my true purpose. I would be glad to educate you further in the future, should you desire. Now then, assuming we understand each other, I am willing to hear whatever plan you might have. As a matter of interest, I have noted that one of the guards in my wing is quite green to the facility. You may be interested to know that he suffers from a trauma in his past regarding a child who was killed, either by him or by someone he couldn't protect the child from. I thought I'd mention it in case the information might prove useful to whatever clever scheme you are concocting. I look forward to further correspondence. It is such a pleasure to have someone to converse with after all this time.

Yours respectfully,

Lionel the Adjudicator."

Lionel slipped the note back where he'd found it. The guards would return after breakfast to collect it. Lionel grinned to himself. Finally, his time would soon arrive. If this Mr. Q could influence the guards to pass him notes, then the prospect of escape was not nearly as far away as he'd thought. Oh, he'd planned on escaping soon anyway, but this new development could expedite his plans exponentially. His work was out there, not in this cell. It was always waiting for him, a comforting certainty. He could almost taste it already.
Lionel Gift

"So, did you hear about our newest scumbag? Supposed to have taken out an entire assault team before they got him."

"Whoa. I mean, I guess plenty of these guys would have been capable of that, but not many would actually do it. That guy gives me the creeps more than any of these other freaks."

"Yeah. He's certainly one of the craziest of all these fucking psychos. But despite how nuts he is, he isn't much of a threat in that cell of his. And believe you me, there are plenty of guys here who are more dangerous."

"Really? That can't be right. I mean the guy's a raging makeup wearing maniac. What could be worse than that?"

"Look man, you've only been here a couple weeks so I'm gonna give you a break. But you have to learn who the real threats are down here. It's precisely BECAUSE clownface is so unhinged that I'm not as worried about him. Some of these other guys, despite how fucked up in the head they are, are pretty damn smart. Scary smart, some of 'em. The worst ones have a habit of trying to get in your head."

"What do you mean, get in my head? Like literally? Or just that psycho analyzing bullshit that the ones who think they're smart try to pull?"

"Trust me, you don't ever wanna find out the answer to that question. Here, this one, Cell XIII. Did you notice how there wasn't a cell with that number among the general population? That's because this guy has been here for years. The nature of his abilities also mean he needs a special cell, with it's own special amenities and power cell. He is also one of the most dangerous of all of our inmates. I'd advise you not to speak to him, do not answer any questions he poses you, and don't even look at him for too long. His appearance may be shocking, but trust me, he can use that as a weapon as skillfully as that blade wielding freak uses his knives. Just give him the food and get out. Oh, and whatever else you do, do not under any circumstances let him touch you."

"Oh..o-kay man. Whatever you say. Make it sound like there's a fucking monster in there but hey, even monsters can go down from enough bullets, eh?"

".....You would think so wouldn't you? Go on in. I've got the entrance."

Lionel stood up, brushing the dust from the pant legs of his pants, his ear pulling away from where he'd been listening at the door. He heard the sound of the cell walls powering down. So, there was a new guard today? Marvelous. He would size him up. Decide whether he might be useful. Or perhaps whether he might be Worthy. It would be disappointing if he was neither, but then, Lionel prided himself on his patience. Besides, he could already surmise some things about the newest guard. Firstly, the guard was likely in his mid thirties by the tenor of his voice. Secondly, he spoke like a man who was used to violence, but did not revel in it. This suggested some sort of military or law enforcement background. Lionel was betting military, due to the way his voice had stayed even when talking about the violence, but there was a tremor in it when discussing the idea of someone getting inside his head. This was a man with some trauma in his past. Lionel was hoping he could use that.

He backed away from the door and sat down quietly in a darkened corner. This damn cell. The walls were all electrified with a high voltage of electricity. The floor was always cold due to the stones under his cell being kept frozen by liquid nitrogen at all times. His ceiling had a super heated metal coil in it, but that fortunately only activated if he tried to phase through it. Luckily, he'd been provided with a comfortable enough pillow and blanket. He'd also managed long ago to convince one of the guards to regularly provide him with a change of clothing suitable to his desires. There was no way he was going to let his standards slip just because he was incarcerated here. Had it already been 14 years? Far too long to let his work go unfulfilled. Who knew how many Worthy had needed his salvation while he was gone? No, remaining here would simply not do.

The door opened and the guard stepped through, a tray of vegetables, tofu and two hard boiled eggs in his hands. The door immediately closed behind him. At first he didn't see anything, then as his eyes adjusted to the gloom of the cell, he made out a small form in the corner. He immediately averted his eyes, focusing on the tray in his hands. They were already beginning to sweat from fear. What if looking at this guy could get you killed? He stared at the tray as he set it down, fighting the urge to glance back towards that far corner. He had turned to the door when he heard what was likely the most eerily out of place sound he could possibly have heard in that horrid place. "Mister? Won't you help me? They're keeping me locked up here. I miss my daddy. Why are they keeping me here?" The guard froze in place. A child. A little boy? It couldn't be. It just couldn't be. It had to be some sort of trick. "Mister? Please. Please help me get back to my daddy. I'm scared and hungry. They say I can't leave. I just want to go home." The guard's mind flashed back to a memory he'd never wanted to relive. He pounded twice high up on the door. The signal to let him out. It's not a child. It's a monster. It's not a child, it's a monster. It's not a child, it's a monster. It's not a child, it's a monster. He thought that as hard as he could, still not daring to look at whoever was speaking. However, the voice was now closer, standing behind him as he faced the door. "Are you leaving me? Here in this scary place all alone? Daddy!" The voice began to cry pitifully and the guard gritted his teeth, pounding loudly on the door now, abandoning any code and yelling to his companion. "Get me the fuck out of here, man! LET ME THE FUCK OUT RIGHT NOW!"

The door swung open and the guard dashed outside, the door slamming shut behind him. Moments later the familiar hum of electricity resumed its constant drone. Lionel stopped crying as soon as it did. A wide grin broke over his face. While that was one of his favorite tricks, it was far more useful a tool to gather information than to actually work as any kind of escape. He knew he couldn't risk trying to charm a guard outright. The last time he'd done that, Dr. Novis had had him burned alive. It had taken two whole years before his body reformed. They hadn't burnt him completely, merely down to a meaty char. Still, it had been quite painful and he wished to avoid those kinds of setbacks if he could. But this trick, it usually just caused the guards to go rigid and begin to second guess themselves. However, this new guard, he'd broken more thoroughly. That meant that the ploy was more effective because whatever trauma was in his past was brought back through his trick. If Lionel had to guess, he'd say the man either lost a young son or killed a young boy while deployed overseas. It didn't matter which. This guard would be a useful tool.

Making his way over to his tray of vegetables, tofu and eggs, his stomach growled. An onion today? Now this was a treat. He was particularly fond of onions and asparagus in particular. Any other green vegetable was also acceptable. The eggs, however, were always his favorite part. He had seen a movie, years ago, where a famous actor was portraying a businessman named Louis. Louis had a line about how many religions believe that the egg is the symbol of the soul, proceeding to offer another character an egg. When the character refused, Louis bit into it, staring the other man in the eyes. It turned out later that Louis was Satan. Lionel had always loved that part. Such powerful symbolism, despite the nonsensical religious aspects. Lionel liked to imagine himself redeeming those souls from Satan when he ate an egg. Though of course, the heart of a Worthy was far more desirable. Still, this was an acceptable substitute. For now.

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