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2 mos ago
Current Check out S.Y.C.E.P - The Adversary! A RP about normal parents of supernatural children being the actual heroes in this story! What can you do when you're only ordinary?
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3 mos ago
That baaaaad feeling when you're craving a Carmilla roleplay. Oh my Creampuff.
4 mos ago
If you want to RP with me, in a group or 1x1, you can always hit me up. Love xx
6 mos ago
RPing in PM at the moment :)
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8 mos ago
Be the person you look up to, because whatever they do you can do as well.


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@Sierra I'd rather @Congee replied first actually. Since Rowan is more or less expecting Philomena to say something about Rowan's answer to her previous question :)
Are you people still in for this? Is this still happening?
Does anyone wanna post? I don't think I can before @Congee.
I'm sorry. I'll have to step out. I tried to think of a reply, but I don't think that the 'free' section of RP is working out for me somehow. I wish the best of luck with this and much fun! *bows out*
@Congee Hey, are you still with us in this? :)

@ everyone else: anyone up for bringing this back on track and writing up a post?
@PrincePierce Yes please !!
So who is still with us? How many are we?
Good to know that some people are still around :)

Soo... anyone up for a post?
Oh well. I thought I would get to play a vampire who's 300 years old. I am not interested in playing any of the allowed characters, so I'm out. I wish everyone the best time here! Good luck to all.
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