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I'm a guy from the north east in the United States.

I grew up with an imagination but misplaced it when I stopped growing.

I'm trying to find it again.

Help me?

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@Prizrak I do not have the experience to run a DnD campaign. If any of you are qualified and would like to turn this into something like that, I am more than happy to hand the lead and step back into a character only role.

I was thinking of a floor clearing game with increasingly difficult levels/scenes to get through. I am aslo willing to work with people on traps and puzzles that we have to get through in order to progress. I'm also thinking that boss mechanics will become more important as we descend. I'm really shooting for a video game style dungeon dive. Everything is cake in the beginning, but by the end we are fighting to crawl past one enough to avoid the beasts gnawing at our heels.

One of my favorites is the original Diablo.

I am a strong believer in changing equipment and progressing as the story unfolds. When you enter the dungeon, you will not exit the same. It's also why I'm not placing a heavy emphasis on the character sheet, especially not the gear and weapons. It is going to change.

I need to figure out how we are going to determine what's "better", but I believe it will have a lot to do with the mage and a rip off of Diablo's Scroll of Identity.

Skills are going to be a little different.

The Mage isn't going to step onto level one and obliterate the floor with a meteor. I'm going to leave it to the players to decide what skills they use, but there will be limits.

Just like a Mage, a Rogue won't be able to turn invisible and gut the boss and steal all of the treasure for themself. Your Invisibility will wear off; you will get mangled; and, I may let you get impaled as well. If you play your character responsibily and wait for the right time to be a bad ass, you will probably make it past floor ten.

I'm also floating the idea of Reserve Characters, should someone die and we still enjoy playing with them. Players that lose their character have the option of playing a ghost until the players reach a checkpoint. At the checkpoint, if the living players want to, they may spend currency to ressurect the dead player. If not, the dead character, now playing a ghost, can become enraged and become an Angered Spirit. Angered Spirits may interfere during the dungeon and try and bring harm against the party. The only way to quell an Angered Spirit is to resolve the turmoil and ressurect the player.

I know this is disorganized and I promise I'll work on it. Just like any good game, battles reward experience and ability. The furthest I'm going to control your character's abilities are their power level. A level one ability will not one shot a boss. A level one ability that has been upgraded to the Max and is legitimately the character's signature spell? It's going to hit like a freight train.

Not every melee attack needs to have a name. If you're slashing, you're slashing. But if it is something extraordinary that is worthy of naming, do so. You don't have to shout out the name as you're doing the attack. The same goes for magic. If you're healing, explain what you're doing but you don't have to shout "HEALING CIRCLE" and slam your staff down. But that's kinda cool, so you might want to.

My best suggestion would be to use your knowledge of every fantasy game you have played and then apply it here. A hidden rogue attacking from behind does more damage. An archer that is well concealed and has time to aim their shot properly is going to have a better chance at a critical strike.

A battle mage is not going to be as effective as a true bred Elven mage that knows only the Arcane. A Mage that casts both Fire and Water will never master either.

Am I helping?

I am open to any other suggestions. This is not a " I am the GM, this is my story, enjoy" type of game. I want it to be the best it can be and I am but one person with one idea of how to do that. I urge people to reply with their suggestions here so that others have the chance to read them and add on to the idea as well.
@Prizrak Works for me. Send me a PM with your idea and/or a sheet. Remember though, it is your fault if the healer dies.
@Prizrak Right now, it appears that we still need a healer, mage, and tank. That's if I understood @EldarionI's post correctly. I will pick up whatever role we don't fill. I'm thinking we could do this as a four person, though I would like a full five person party.

The only way I would require that we wait is if everyone goes DPS and leaves both the tank and healer spots open. While I can play both parts, I really just don't want to. I think it would be more fun with everyone playing a single character and learning to work together (even though we've supposedly been doing it for years).
Then I shall play the Ranged DPS. probably duel something like a rouge shooter.

Lol. If I get stuck as the healer and we die, it's still your fault.

When you have time, flesh out the idea and shoot me a PM. There isn't going to be a strict character sheet, so you're name, age, class, equipment and some history on the character and how he or she or it came together with the group would be fine and dandy.

The same goes for the rest of you.
Well that's four. Sorry, yesterday was my birthday and I have a rule that I don't do anything on my birthday.

It has served me well for three decades now and I intend to keep it up. Anywho. Who wants what role?

@DTHar : You get first choice of Healer or Ranged DPS. If you go Heals, remember: Its your fault if we die.

@EldarionI : Pretty sure you sent me the sheet so I will update what you want here.

@Prizrak : Let me chck what EldarionI is going to be playing and I will update you with your choices. Gimmie a few. :)
There any interest in a small group (4-5)dungeon dive RP? I'm thinking the characters all start as a band of adventurers that have been together for several years and work well together.

It would begin as every normal dungeon picnic does but expand into a tale for the ages.

While I love intense, rich literature that takes hours to digest and truly understand, it's also nice to grind floors with your besties while joking about how a certain dwarf is getting a little thicker at the waist.

I'm thinking a classic party set up: Healer, Mage, two melee dps and a tank. I don't care what role I end up with, I'm flexible.

Feel free to comment and make suggestions.
This sounds fun. I'm interested in it as well. Plus everyone else seems really excited, so yea.
Thanks for the warm welcome folk.

I started RPing online back in 1999 on Yahoo Chat in Eden and Ayenee. I don't know if theres anyone around from those days still. I think I saw a familiar face from a previous forum but I could be mistaken. Most of my experience is with turn based stories happening in real time.

There are times when I find the forum based RP to be a little slow for my liking but I figured I should give it another try as I have developed more patience. I hope to see everyone on the flipside!
Are you accepting new characters?

Its a little upsetting that there are no gnomes being played.

I'd like to change that.
I used to write a lot online when I was younger. Life got busy and I got older and I stopped writing as much. I'm going to give it a shot and see if I cant get back into the swing of things.

I'm 31 and while I enjoy primarily fantasy settings, I have done more realistic roles as well.

Welp. I'm gonna go check out what threads are going. Catchya later.
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