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Why… Why do these realms tend to just offer up nothing but disappointment after disappointment? A question that never tended to have a solid answer, the newer gen of warriors tend to just amount to nothing more than experience points for this game we call life. A question that never fails to get pondered on, for a question like this? There was only one place to go, and it wasn’t so much that he wanted to go here, but the “Stars Aligned” and his destiny was already written. Senko had saw something in him, for was it his power or his attitude? Another question that failed to have answer, but what was given was a role to play in not just Vehemente but upon the greater universe. For what his father offered to the Stars is what Senko offered to her family and organization. Order. It was why he was here, worlds between his homeland but he still felt familiarity to the environment, the sentient life vibrated towards him and it was as if he one with it. His movements concealed , he was but a ghost pon nearly all radars, and he moved like one.

A commander within Vehemente, but for this mission it was simple to execute. He understood the assignment as he fully geared upon in his attire that resembled his lineage and loyalty to the Scarlet Moon Empire. His was fitted for the Crimson Knights, the elite of the kingdom. Such holds a blend of masterful craftsmanship and elegant design along with an infusion of Solizur. The armor is forged from a rare celestial alloy known as Sanguine Starsteel, and such is infused with the essence of the celestial trees of beginning, granting it a near indomitable resilience and a deep crimson hue that shimmers with celestial energy. The armor consists of perfectly designed plate mail, adorned with engravings depicting moons, stars, and symbols of the empire's rich history. The chest plate is emblazoned with the emblem of the Scarlet Moon, signifying the unity and strength of the empire. Such armor has sleek and slim form as it allows for ease of movement without compromising protection, enabling Yuske to swiftly navigate any battlefield.

Their helmets are sleek, yet formidable, featuring intricate designs that incorporate celestial motifs, with a visor that can be retracted. Such visor aids with blocking out toxins. Embedded within the helmets are specialized visors displaying an HUD, enhancing the knights' situational awareness during combat. His arms were coated in the similar material crafting the Luminous Gauntlets. These intricately designed gauntlets are etched with runes and feature a a built-in energy reservoir. On his back attached to the armor were his Aegis Cloaks. These lightweight yet resilient cloaks are woven from a unique blend of Sanguine Starsteel fibers and celestial silk. On his back was the stellar bow and his dawnshield was hinted with a baby blue runes on the back of his right hand. He was adorned with runes and celestial tablets that hinted at his metaphysical powers.

He arrived around the same time as his captain and leader Senko far west concealed neath the planetary ambiance of natural energies though he felt his companions, he remembered them all from the summit. He was on the second floor looking out the weapon where he held a full view of the environment, the jungle was wide but yet another playground for him personally. He reported to Senko and his companions “ Ima need a plate after this Shin”
Yuske Tenyu “X-Star of Vehemente”
Age-His celestial states makes age and time a non factor to him, but he looks to be in his young twenties
Title-Commander of Vehemente
Celestial Guardian-Due to ascending to a similar ascent as Zukio he's able to fully tap into his celestial powers. He since "ate" his eldritch netaru absorbing its powers.
Meta Game?
Because Yuske was born when Zukio had already ascended past a Star Deity, he borrows characteristics from both his Star side and Celestial side not to mention the powers from the a Dragon rune. Being one of the rarer Tenyu’s where he was born under the mantle of a Celestial Dragon
Celestial Birthright: Star Deities are often born with a celestial birthright, bestowed upon them by the cosmic alignment of the stars during their birth. This birthright signifies their connection to the celestial energies and grants them innate celestial abilities even before acquiring True Runes or Netarus.
Spatial Manipulation-His celestial birthright granted him the ability to tap into the"Astrafold Convergence." Those born under this celestial alignment possess the extraordinary ability to manipulate space and dimensions. Astrafold Convergence allows him to fold and bend space at will, creating pockets of alternate dimensions within the fabric of reality. He can traverse these dimensional folds, enabling instantaneous travel across vast distances or accessing hidden realms invisible to ordinary beings. Furthermore, he can manipulate the size and shape of these folded spaces, altering distances between objects or compressing expansive areas into compact forms. This power grants him strategic advantages in both combat and exploration. He also summon temporary portals, connecting different locations across the cosmos. These portals, adorned with the shimmering radiance of celestial energies, serve as gateways between worlds. The mastery of Astrafold Convergence evolves with the understanding of cosmic energies, allowing them to peer into the multiverse and access fragments of alternate realities. This insight aids them in foreseeing potential futures. Such birthright grants him innate dimensional awareness and perception.
Astral Projection: Star Deities have the ability to project their consciousness and presence into the astral plane, allowing them to traverse the celestial realms, communicate with celestial beings, and gather celestial knowledge. Astral projection serves as a means of guidance, exploration, and acquiring new insights.
Celestial Ascendance: Through their trials and accomplishments, Star Deities can undergo a process known as Celestial Ascendance. This transformative journey enables them to ascend to a higher plane of existence, attaining an even greater connection to celestial energies and unlocking new depths of life their celestial powers.
Planetary Affinity: Star Deities often develop a deep affinity with the planet they reside on or protect. They draw strength and inspiration from the unique characteristics, elements, and energies of their respective planets, further enhancing their abilities when within their chosen domain.
Celestial Harmony: Star Deities have a natural affinity for celestial energies and possess the ability to harmonize with the cosmic forces around them. This allows them to attune themselves to the rhythms and vibrations of the universe, granting them heightened senses, intuition, and the ability to perceive and manipulate celestial energy in various forms.
Stellar Manipulation: Star Deities can manipulate and control the power of stars. They can summon and command celestial flames, harness the energy of supernovas, create gravitational fields, and even control cosmic radiation. This power enables them to unleash devastating attacks or create celestial shields for defense.
Cosmic Teleportation: Star Deities can traverse vast distances through the fabric of space using cosmic teleportation. They can instantly teleport themselves and others to different locations within the universe, appearing and disappearing as streaks of celestial light. This ability grants them unparalleled mobility and the element of surprise in battles.
Celestial Healing: Star Deities possess the ability to channel celestial energy for healing purposes. They can mend wounds, cure illnesses, and restore vitality to themselves and others. This healing power is particularly effective in rejuvenating and replenishing celestial beings and entities.
Cosmic Perception: Star Deities have an enhanced perception of the cosmic energies and celestial forces at play in the universe. They can sense disturbances in the celestial balance, detect the presence of other celestial beings, and perceive the hidden connections and interdependencies of celestial phenomena.
Celestial Resonance: Star Deities can establish a profound resonance with the celestial bodies and energies within their domain. By attuning themselves to the cosmic harmonies, they can amplify their powers, draw strength from celestial alignments, and unleash cataclysmic celestial phenomena such as meteor showers, solar flares, or lunar eclipses.
Passive Celestial Blessings: Star Deities are blessed with passive celestial blessings that enhance their physical and mental attributes. These blessings may include increased agility, enhanced senses, heightened intuition, and resistance to celestial or cosmic influences. These passive abilities enable them to excel in various aspects of combat, exploration, and celestial manipulation.
Celestial Perception: Celestial Deities possess heightened senses that allow them to perceive and comprehend celestial energies, divine phenomena, and cosmic forces beyond the capabilities of ordinary beings. They can sense the ebb and flow of celestial power, divine auras, and otherworldly presences.
Divine Resilience: Celestial Deities have enhanced physical and magical resilience. They possess a natural resistance to celestial and magical attacks, making them formidable opponents in battles against both mortal and celestial beings.
Ethereal Presence: Celestial Deities emanate an aura of divine energy, giving them an otherworldly and ethereal appearance. They may exhibit features such as radiant skin, luminescent eyes, or glowing markings that reflect their celestial nature.
Celestial Manipulation: Celestial Deities can harness and manipulate celestial energy. They have the ability to shape and control celestial forces for various purposes, such as creating celestial barriers, conjuring celestial weapons, or channeling celestial energy into powerful spells.
Cosmic Projection: Celestial Deities can project their consciousness or essence into the celestial realms, allowing them to traverse cosmic planes, communicate with celestial entities, and gain insights from celestial wisdom.
Divine Blessings: Celestial Deities have the power to bestow blessings upon mortals, imbuing them with temporary or permanent enhancements to their abilities, protection against celestial or magical threats, or guidance in their endeavors.
Astral Travel: Celestial Deities can traverse the astral plane and travel across vast distances in the blink of an eye. They can use astral projection to explore other realms, communicate with celestial entities, or gather information from distant corners of the universe.
Cosmic Empathy: Celestial Deities have a deep connection and understanding of celestial beings, cosmic forces, and divine order. They can empathize with and commune with celestial entities, forging alliances, gaining insights etc
Celestial/Divine Aura: Celestial Deities emit a radiant and awe-inspiring aura, signifying their celestial nature. This aura manifests as a luminous glow, often encompassing their bodies, and serves as a visible representation of their connection to the celestial realm. It also acts as a symbol of their authority and grants passive benefits tailored to their capabilities
Celestial Singularity: A Celestial Deity possesses the ability to create a small pocket dimension known as the Celestial Singularity. Within this space, they have complete control over the laws of physics, allowing them to manipulate time, gravity, and even alter the fundamental properties of matter. This ability grants them immense versatility and power in battles and allows them to create sanctuaries or training grounds inaccessible to ordinary beings.
Celestial Domain: Each Celestial Deity is granted a celestial domain within the universe of Solace, over which they have governance and responsibility. These domains can be vast regions, celestial realms, or even entire planetary systems. Celestial Deities work tirelessly to maintain order, balance, and protection within their domains.
Elysion Rune
Luminara Rune: The Luminara Rune, an enigmatic and coveted true rune, possesses an innate power that surpasses the scorching intensity of the Sun. This rune possesses the ability to harness and manipulate the essence of celestial radiance, granting its chosen bearer extraordinary command over luminous flames and a unique form of pyromantic sorcery known as "Luminamancy." However, the Luminara Rune's power is not without consequences, as it exacts a toll on the sanity of its wielder.
Yuske has mastered the rune’s fire and its sanity toll, enhancing the flames and giving it a new ability called CoronaFire
This ethereal fire not only burns with an intensity surpassing that of ordinary flames but also harbors a subtle, corrosive essence that can erode both physical and metaphysical elements.
Physical Corrosion-Coronafire has the ability to eat away at physical structures, metals, and even magical barriers. Its touch leaves behind a trace of luminous residue that continues to corrode the affected material over time. This corrosive quality makes the Luminara Rune particularly effective against armored foes or fortified structures.
Metaphysical Erosion: Beyond physical corrosion, the flames of Luminamancy can also erode magical defenses and disrupt ethereal constructs. When Coronafire engulfs magical wards or protective barriers, it weakens their integrity, making them more susceptible to subsequent attacks or even causing them to unravel.
Coronafire also leaves residue by lingering flames. Objects or beings touched by the Coronafire may retain a faint luminous residue, serving as a mark of their encounter with the Luminara Rune. This residue not only continues the corrosive effect over time but can also act as a beacon, allowing the wielder to track their targets through the lingering celestial energy.
Radiant Inferno:
Through the Luminara Rune, the bearer gains the capacity to conjure flames of unparalleled brilliance and heat, surpassing the intensity of any ordinary fire. These scorching flames burn with a white-hot fervor, capable of incinerating anything they touch and leaving no trace behind. Luminamancy further empowers the bearer, allowing them to shape these radiant flames into laser-like beams, plasma projectiles, and explosive magical bombs, all bearing the searing brilliance of the celestial realm.
Luminal Resonance:
Embracing the power of the Luminara Rune, the bearer becomes cloaked in a protective shield of pure luminosity known as the Luminal Resonance. This ethereal shield burns with blinding white flames, offering formidable defense against physical and magical attacks. The Luminal Resonance not only grants enhanced resistance but also imbues the bearer with heightened agility and reflexes, allowing them to swiftly maneuver amidst the searing radiance.
Twilight's Embrace:
Luminara Rune is accompanied by two complementary runes: the Dawn Rune and the Twilight Rune.
The Dawn Rune, a blade of ascending power, enhances the wielder's abilities, amplifying the intensity of the Luminara Rune's flames and augmenting their speed and effects. The Dawn Rune also bestows supernatural sensory prowess, enabling the bearer to perceive hidden enemies or concealed energies, a technique known as "Dawnbringer." He can now create projections of the dawn blade
Twilight Rune- a blade of calming influence, enables the bearer to reduce and manipulate various aspects of their surroundings, including temperature, gravity, and grants the user light manipulation via the rune. The Twilight Rune's power grants the ability to cloak and conceal the user, rendering them invisible to the naked eye and allowing them to move stealthily amidst light, a technique known as "Moonlighter."
Eclipsis Blade:
Upon achieving the perfect balance between the Luminara Rune and its accompanying runes, the bearer can combine the Dawn and Twilight blades to form a legendary weapon known as the Eclipsis Blade. This awe-inspiring katana, measuring over seven feet in length, unleashes blinding flashes of light with each swift strike. The Eclipsis Blade intensifies the brilliance of the Luminara Rune's flames, enveloping opponents in a scorching radiance and unleashing shockwaves capable of shattering eardrums.
Suspending Nova:
In its most potent form, the Eclipsis Blade, when infused with the Luminara Rune's power, attains the ability known as the Suspending Nova. This extraordinary technique enables the bearer to seal one aspect or power of their opponent completely. By concealing the essence of the opponent's ability within the blade, the Suspending Nova harnesses the compelling heat of the rune, devouring and nullifying the targeted power. It is rumored that this is how the Luminara Rune sustains itself, as the only sentient true rune ever created. Some whispers even suggest a fragment of The Contact's soul lies within the rune, driving it to choose a vessel and igniting partial madness as The Contact's will seeks to live again through its chosen host.
Zodiac Rune
Pisces Rune: The Pisces Rune possesses a subtle yet profound uniqueness that distinguishes it from other runes. It harnesses the essence of the Pisces zodiac sign, focusing on its enigmatic and mysterious qualities rather than raw power. The Pisces Rune enhances the Star's intuitive and empathic abilities to an extraordinary degree. They can perceive and understand the emotions and thoughts of others with exceptional clarity, allowing them to navigate complex social dynamics and uncover hidden truths. grants the Star the power of illusion and illusionary manipulation. They can create realistic illusions, both visual and sensory, that can deceive the senses and confuse their adversaries. These illusions serve as a tool for misdirection and psychological manipulation, allowing the Star to gain an advantage in various situations. provides the Star with an inherent connection to the realm of dreams. They can tap into the collective unconsciousness, entering and influencing the dreams of others. This ability allows them to offer guidance, provide solace, or even induce vivid visions and prophecies. The unique aspect lies in its ability to merge with bodies of water, becoming one with the fluid element. This grants the Star enhanced agility, the ability to breathe underwater, and the capacity to traverse bodies of water with ease. It also enables them to commune with aquatic creatures and gain their assistance or wisdom.
Celstial Runes
Void Rune: Taps into the power of nothingness, granting the ability to create vacuums, nullify magic, or erase matter from existence.
Rune of Celestial Silence (Enchantment):
This celestial rune, when inscribed or activated, enables the bearer to silence or dampen the energies around them through a sacred chant. By invoking the power of the rune, the bearer can create an aura of tranquility that suppresses magical vibrations and disrupts spellcasting within its vicinity. It is particularly effective against verbal spells, rendering them ineffective or greatly reducing their potency.
Celestial Tablets
Powers-Conjuration, Storm Manipulation, Transmutation,
Celestial Tablets:
Celestial Tablets are divine artifacts that can only be used by Celestial Deities, unless they are inscribed onto a gifted individual. These tablets are activated through the ancient language known only to the Celestials. They act as evocation devices, allowing the users to inscribe their unique language onto reality itself. Once inscribed, the tablets form intricate tattoos on the wielder's body, with the size of the tattoo representing the strength of the tablet.
The tablets provide various abilities and powers to the users, depending on their inscriptions. Smaller tattoos may offer buffs and affinities in specific environments, while larger tattoos grant the ability to manipulate elements within those environments. Masters of these tablets can manipulate their effects, enabling transformations and evocations that grant the users greater versatility in battle.
The source of the Celestial Tablets comes from a higher-dimensional being, summoned by the user's will. Each tablet has its own internal source, making it difficult to negate or counter as it possesses its own code of defense. Users can channel their own energy into the tablets, but their true power stems from the combined will of the user and the Netaru fused within them.
The Celestial Tablets and the abilities they grant serve as potent tools for the Celestial Deities, allowing them to harness the power of the celestial realm and manifest their divine influence upon the mortal realm of Solace.
Creation and Inscription: Celestial Tablets are ancient artifacts crafted from celestial materials and infused with celestial energies. They are created by skilled celestial artisans, who use specialized techniques to shape the tablets into intricate designs. Once created, the tablets are inscribed with celestial symbols and glyphs using the ancient language known only to Celestial Deities.
Link to Celestial Powers: The Celestial Tablets serve as conduits to access and channel celestial powers. They establish a direct link between the Celestial Deity and the cosmic energies of their domain. By activating the inscriptions on the tablet, the Celestial Deity can tap into a wide range of abilities and unleash their celestial might.
Active and Passive Abilities: Celestial Tablets possess both active and passive abilities. Active abilities are consciously triggered by the Celestial Deity during combat, while passive abilities provide continuous benefits and enhancements to the Celestial Deity's physical and metaphysical attributes.
Tablet Inscriptions: The inscriptions on the Celestial Tablets are versatile and customizable. They can be tailored to the Celestial Deity's individual preferences, combat style, and affinity to certain celestial aspects. Each Celestial Deity can inscribe unique combinations of symbols, granting them access to specific celestial powers and granting them a distinct set of abilities.
Tablet Transformation: A notable feature of Celestial Tablets is their ability to transform and change their appearance and functionality during battle. As the Celestial Deity becomes more attuned to their tablet and taps into their celestial powers, the tablet may undergo visual transformations, such as glowing brighter or changing color, indicating the intensification of its power.
Adaptive Abilities: During the heat of battle, Celestial Tablets exhibit adaptive abilities. They can sense the changing dynamics and needs of the Celestial Deity and adjust their abilities accordingly. For example, if the Celestial Deity is facing a formidable opponent, the tablet may enhance their offensive capabilities or grant them temporary invulnerability as a defensive measure.
Elemental Manipulation: Some Celestial Tablets grant the Celestial Deity the ability to manipulate elemental forces. They can conjure and control fire, water, earth, or air, unleashing devastating attacks or creating defensive barriers using their celestial tablet.
Celestial Fusion: In advanced stages of mastery, a Celestial Deity can achieve Celestial Fusion with their tablet. This state involves merging their consciousness, energy, and physical form with the tablet, amplifying their celestial powers exponentially. Celestial Fusion grants the Celestial Deity unparalleled control, immense energy, and access to celestial abilities beyond their usual limits.
"Nebula Mirage" double barrel shotgun, a of celestial engineering with two distinct sets of bullets: "Dream Bullets" and "Time Bullets." The Nebula Mirage empowers its wielder to choose between these two sets of bullets or combine them for even more unpredictable effects. The dual nature of Dream Bullets and Time Bullets offers a dynamic and strategic advantage in both combat and manipulation of the cosmic tapestry.
The Nebula Mirage shotgun is a celestial masterpiece, forged with a sleek and luminescent design that echoes the brilliance of distant stars. Its twin barrels are crafted from a cosmic alloy, adorned with intricate constellations etched along the gun's surface. The stock and grip are made from a celestial wood that seems to capture the essence of the astral realms. The Nebula Mirage's barrels exhibit a soft celestial glow when loaded with either set of bullets, emphasizing the dual nature of its celestial ammunition. The shotgun itself acts as a conduit for the cosmic energies, making it not just a weapon but a work of celestial artistry that harmonizes with the vast mysteries of the cosmos.
Dream Bullets:
The Dream Bullets appear as crystalline orbs infused with prismatic hues, resembling miniature galaxies encapsulated within each round. When loaded into the Nebula Mirage, these bullets emit a soft, iridescent glow, pulsating with ethereal energy. As the trigger is pulled, the Dream Bullets release a faint, melodious hum, further enhancing the otherworldly experience. Dream Bullets- These bullets give off the perception of them being ethereal projectiles but this was due to an purple aura that covers the special bullet. When fired from the Nebula Mirage, create a symphony of illusions that transcends the senses. The sound of the trigger pull distorts reality, convincing the mind that a barrage of bullets is unleashed when, in truth, only one is fired. The illusion extends to sight, touch, and even smell, creating a multi-sensory mirage that overwhelms the target's perception. The mind becomes ensnared in a dreamscape, causing confusion, disorientation, and, in extreme cases, inducing a temporary cognitive shutdown.
Time Bullets
In stark contrast, the Time Bullets exude a metallic sheen, with a surface that seems to ripple like liquid mercury. Their core holds a swirling vortex of energy, indicating the temporal distortions they harness. When loaded into the Nebula Mirage, the Time Bullets emit a subtle, pulsating glow that hints at the dynamic forces contained within. As these bullets are fired, a subtle temporal shimmer trails in their wake, leaving a momentary impression of bending reality.
Time Bullets, the second set of ammunition for the Nebula Mirage, manipulate the fabric of reality in a different manner. Upon firing, these bullets initiate a dimensional lock that expands outward, creating a localized distortion field. The bullet itself can traverse space at an astonishing speed or even teleport instantaneously. This gives the wielder unparalleled agility and the ability to strike from unexpected vantage points. The dimensional lock doesn't hinder the bullet's teleportation; instead, it forms a protective bubble that prevents interference from external spatial distortions. Targets hit by Time Bullets may experience a temporary displacement effect, feeling as though they've been momentarily transported to a different point in space.

The uniform for the Crimson Knights, the elite protectors of the Scarlet Moon Empire, is a striking blend of celestial craftsmanship and elegant design. The armor is forged from a rare celestial alloy known as Sanguine Starsteel, and such is infused with the essence of the celestial trees of beginning, granting it a near indomitable resilience and a deep crimson hue that shimmers with celestial energy. The armor consists of perfectly designed plate mail, adorned with engravings depicting moons, stars, and symbols of the empire's rich history. The chest plate is emblazoned with the emblem of the Scarlet Moon, signifying the unity and strength of the empire. Such armor has sleek and slim form as it allows for ease of movement without compromising protection, enabling the Crimson Knights to swiftly navigate any battlefield. Their helmets are sleek, yet formidable, featuring intricate designs that incorporate celestial motifs, with a visor that can be retracted. Such visor aids with blocking out toxins. Embedded within the helmets are specialized visors displaying an HUD, enhancing the knights' situational awareness during combat.
"Celestial Halberds," crafted from the same Sanguine Starsteel as their armor. These halberds are infused with the essence of the celestial tablets, allowing the knights to channel their celestial powers through the weapons. Each halberd is adorned with intricate engravings representing the virtues of honor and loyalty, reflecting the ideals of the Crimson Knights.
Aegis Cloaks: These lightweight yet resilient cloaks are woven from a unique blend of Sanguine Starsteel fibers and celestial silk, granting the wearers enhanced agility and protection. The cloaks bear embedded enchantments that offer resistance against magical attacks and provide an additional layer of defense in close combat.
Luminous Gauntlets: These intricately designed gauntlets are etched with runes The gauntlets also feature a built-in energy reservoir, allowing the wielders to channel celestial energy for additional reserves
Additional Weapons:
Lunar Blade: This blade, forged from enchanted Sanguine Starsteel and imbued with the essence of the moon, grants the wielder the ability to harness lunar energy to enhance their striking power and speed. The blade emits a soft, silvery glow, allowing the Crimson Knights to cut through magical barriers and disrupt the flow of energy with ease.
Dawnshield: The Dawnshield is a formidable shield crafted from reinforced Sanguine Starsteel, enhanced with intricate celestial engravings that radiate a warm, protective aura. Infused with solar energy, the shield has the unique ability to generate a blinding light that can temporarily disorient adversaries and provide a vital advantage in battle. Can also cast illusions and mirages
Stellar Bow: The Stellar Bow is a masterfully crafted long-range weapon that harnesses the power of celestial alignment to unleash devastating energy arrows. Constructed from a combination of Sanguine Starsteel and celestial wood, the bow's string is infused with the essence of stars, enabling the Crimson Knights to launch precise and powerful shots that can penetrate even the most fortified defenses.
Solizur-Energy(Infused with his Crimson Knights armor)
The radioactive energy present within Solizur ore seems to be the source of its space and mass-warping abilities. Experimentation and research have led to the extraction of this energy from its source, which we have dubbed "Solizur Energy" for ease of identification. This energy behaves like a vector field and exhibits properties not unlike those seen in conventional physical systems, such as possessing kinetic energy, force, and subatomic particles which make it up. However these particles appear to have no rest mass(or charge) whatsoever(until physically bonded into ore), causing Solizur ore to be classified as the first ever naturally occurring form of negative matter discovered in the universe, though this is only true of atomic Solizur. When forming together as a solid compound Solizur ore is lighter than the air, but loses its negative mass. That said, it has a strange altering effect on the masses of other objects it interacts with through creating subtle fluctuation in the Higgs Field caused by its translocation through a point in space, expanding and contracting masses(and in celestial scales can alter gravity accordingly) of nearby systems near freely. Through sophisticated Solizur-based Intelligent Systems(or other applicable support technology), this and many other effects can be granularly controlled.
Cold Solizur
Solizur, when divested of its radioactive energies gains new properties. As it would seem, Solizur's pliability and effective negative mass were direct emergent properties which rose out of its marriage to Solizur-Energy. The removal of this power source seems to bring Solizur more in line with conventional material physics, although it is still incredibly impressive. When divorced from Solizur-Energy It gains incredible mass and density very swiftly as the energy affecting these things are removed, and in turn hardens far beyond its normal isotope, gaining a GP rating of 3.5x that of tungsten. When creating cold Solizur, the process which strips the ore of its radioactive energies is the same process which also removes any Ethercure upon the ore, which in turn removes its pliability, but vastly increases its tensile strength.
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