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Yo, added the rest of Reggie's Biography. I haven't spellchecked too well I'm afraid, so lemme know if you find any horrible mistakes. Tell me what y'all think!
<Snipped quote by Keepvogel>

I have a feeling that Reggie is in for a schock after the first cult murder he encounters...

Good to see someone read it so fast. Any tips on writing style, story or whatever else?
Updated Reggie's Biography. First part is done, maybe one or two parts left.
Idea: My character has an Adeptus Astartes-issue bolt pistol that (s)he uses like a rifle.

Yes, it is somewhat canon that Astartes bolt pistols are like freakin' rifles to regular humans.

Aren't Astartes guns DNA coded to their genetically enhanced owners? They also have a kick not so much like a mule as much as a industrial pneumatic ram. I think it might rip an ordinary arm right off.

Heya there!

I'd like to apply as well with this here CS. Although I do admit I went for a kind of comic relief character, rest assured his playstyle will be appropriately grimdark with a funny now and again. Biography is a WIP, need some more detail there (names, positions, timeframes). matter of fact, if any of you have criticism or funny/awesome/grimdark additions, feel free to comment.

Pls wreck my shit almighty GMs! @Hank @Jbcool
This thread pleases my sense of A E S T H E T I C. I´m interested.
Hey guys, Just coming by to say that i'll be dropping out, in case that was not clear yet. I'm noticing I can't get myself to actually start writing, even though I like where Salvius is going. Kill him off in a glorious way! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD. Have fun guys :P.
Now here was something quite exquisite. This... creature, Atella, was a marvel in so many ways. First, and most obvious, he or she oozed sex appeal in such quantities Salvius' had to do his very best not to lay a hand on them right this very moment. Female curves and male muscle beckoned him, hidden behind purple veils and silks. Second, they showed a remarkable appreciation of the situation, and tackled it in much the same way Salvius' was: smooth talking, lies and manipulation. Finally, Atella seemed to be rather more... dedicated... than either Sanath and "Thorn". Looking over the rest of the room he noticed others in either purplish clothing, or more often very little clothing at all. What kind of entity did these people adhere to?
Temporarily distracted, Salvius missed the first part of what the Marine was saying to him. "I am simply dying to know, Ersus". Ha. Unlikely. Clearly the Marine had noticed that " Ersus" was no true name. Based on his previous behaviour, Salvius deemed the Marine unsuitable as his tool. Too stubborn, too straightforward. Why reveal he was on to Salvius? No, Atella could possibly serve much better. Salvius spoke to the Marine in a distracted manner, all the while staring at Atella. "Dying for knowledge, eh? It might come to that for you in time. Please excuse me..."
Standing up and walking towards Atella and Sanath, Salvius paid close attention to his own body language and expressions. The fact that the Marine, and apparently Atella as well, had seen through a part of his facade had made him more careful. He would have to take his next deception a step further. He would construct this one on the ruins of the old one. He dropped the boisterous persona of Ersus completely, instead adopting a soft spoken, slightly steely manner of posture and speech. To give this character life, make it seem more real than Ersus had been, Salvius consciously used his repressed lust to infuse his mannerisms: Holding his glass slightly to tightly, a little sweat on the brow, slightly too long glances at Atella.
"True names can be dangerous to give freely, my..." Salvius let his eyes flutter over their appearance for a second, as if slightly unsure of himself. "Lady Atella? Something you are undoubtedly telling dear mister Marko right now. I have to admit, I am simply fascinated by you." Careful with the flattery now. Salvius did not want to overdo it. Arriving next to Sanath with Atella more or less draped over him, Salvius' lust told him he should put his hand on Atella's shoulder and give Sanath a little jealous glare. Salvius glared at Sanath, adding some slight disdain to his expression to make it fit his character, then caressed Atella's shoulder, ending in a firm hold. Looking back at Atella, Salvius makes his words slightly reverberate in the warp: "We should talk about how we can be useful to each other... Maybe ask mister Marko here to share his story." That should be enough to gain her attention, thought Salvius.

@Jbcool@BCTheEntity@Lord Coake
Hey guys, just giving a sign of life. I'm kinda waiting for another post in the conversation I'm in as I feel that Salvius wouldn't be the first to actively respond. Keep it alive guys :P.
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