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Current Wanting nothing more then to dive into a good rp and create something spectacular
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going kinda crazy with out my rps lol.
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going alittle insane lol wish i was rping alittle more. but love the rps i have right now.
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feeling down and realy missing my rps lol


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Had some rps drop so if anyone is intrested or have rps that are similair that they think i would like im all ears would love to start one tonight.
yes pm me
Thank you for stopping in and checking out my ideas and plots. -Bows gratefully-

I go by Kilin it's an old nickname I was given and happens to also be the first character I ever made. She's an amazing character that if you are interested in I would be happy to fill you in on something I have in mind for her just let me know. I am not the best in my grammar but i am trying really hard to get better with it. I usually make sure my post is at least spell checked and minor things fixed. So if you think you can deal with that and are willing to give me a shot then let us continue on. Now on to the ones I have up, and what I am looking for in a partner.

Looking for

* Long term active partner (I am highly active on this site and check it a good amount of the day I realise not everyone is like that but I'm hoping to find an RP partner that can post at least a few times a day hopefully at least once at the least)

* Creative (i love expanding and talking idea's and more)

* More than a one-liner (I'm no million paragraph writer but I can post at least up to two full paragraphs and more depending on my partner)

* Another person that likes to have some darkness to the story or plot.

(Realy craving this story!!!)
Family Secret

My story is about two feuding families the McReiver's and (my partners choice), the lordly families have been at each other for generations over land, Though the real reason for the feud has been long lost it has been war after war until the king told them both that an end must come to the feuding. The families bitterly did as told but the feuding never stopped. the Mc'Reiver family was one with strong boys and men the wife of lord Dominic Mc'Reiver was a strong woman though had fallen ill in the last pregnancy which the lord feared for so far he had been blessed with nothing but boys. but that night as the mother passed away the cries of the 5th Mc'Reiver baby was heard. It was a girl beautiful with dark black hair and green eyes just like her mother, but in fear the king would make the family use her to end the feuding once and for all or that the __________ family would try and use that as well it was decided that the baby, disguised as a boy. So it was announced the 5th son of Dominic had been born and only the family and a few well-trusted servants were entrusted with the truth. Raised as a boy the king spared nothing on his youngest if anything he pushed her harder to keep the secret and kept her hidden from most still to be safe.

The story I have start's when my character is turning 16 she was sent off with her second eldest brother for battle and keep training, to make sure she was kept safe on one of their outer posts. it is then that either I was thinking a raiding party from, the feuding family shows to take the keep and the youngest son to use a ransom or they wait for the young McReiver one to be out on his own and take him then. It around here that we would figure out if our characters would clash or start to fall for another but also just how long can she keep her sex a secret from them.Though the lord of the other house is greedy his sons or son can be completely different but that is up to the one playing him.

New World
(would love to do his one with anthros but can be used for time travel or to a world of Viking like humans)

My character finds herself falling through a portal of some kind and waking in a new world that is nothing like earth that she left behind at all.

I even have a Few D&D story plots that I would love to discuss and even look at rping out with someone.

These are the main ones I'm wanting to talk and try and figure out with a partner. If interested please hit me up.

Here are some simple pairings if anyone is interested and we can come up with something fun.

Anthro ~ Human
Lord ~ Peasant
Princess/Lady ~ merc/ bandit
Highland lass ~ Viking
Master ~ Slave
Werewolf ~ Human
Hunter ~ Hunted
Demon ~ Witch
After the hiss and confusion mike had left when aria asked him to and had even tried to come over a few more times but he never stayed long. a day later she was back to work the week had gone well a few officers asked her a couple questions abou the man she had gave food to and she simply told them she didn't rember what he looked like honeslty and that he was very sweet not someone that would cause trouble.

Today had been a long day for her. she was exhausted and ready to do nothing more then take a bath and laydown ready for her weekend or well after one more day of work. Hauling her grocerys up the stairs and then fainly walking into her house she closed her door and was just walking into her kitchen when she saw a naked man with cat ears and tail? and stranger still he turned to her and said savior!!!????

Aria was shocked so much in truth she stood frozen for a minute before she suddenly droped her bags and started to back away. maybe she went into the wrong house? no this was her place. not thinking much and not sure what to do she turned suddenly and tried to bolt for her front door aiming to leave. she hadn't even relized it was the man from before yet all she knew was there was strange man in her house naked and going through her cabin
Mike looked at her and shook his head softly "Aria really I'm serious you need to stop being so trusting your going to get hurt you know I..." he paused in his words when he suddenly heard a meow and looked down to see the cat rubbing against arias legs.

"when did you get a cat?" he asked her curiously confused by this. she had never said anything about being a cat or animal person before but then aria was a bag of mystry at times.

"Oh this is issac I picked him up a couple days ago he was a stray" she told mike as she reached down and picked up issac and started to stroke his fur gently smiling as she did this. She felt happier when she was petting or holding him.

"You never said anything about likeing cats woudlnt you rather have a roommate then a pet" miked asked her, as he was seeming to try and hint at something. Mike had been trying to get with aria for awhile but aria didn't seem to get it and any chance he got to come over he seemed to take that as invite to get into her life. Mike reached forward to pet issac curious of the stray cat that seemed more then happy to let aria hold it.

"I do have a room mate issac here just moved in besides I don't get along that well with people in general " aria told mike and just stood there petting issac.
Hope your ok
I'm good with either way but maybe middle of the night cause if she just got home from work she might try and run where in the middle of the night he will have a better chance of stopping her before she takes off

yep can do we had agreed in the middle of the night he would reveal himself by accident.

sorry about that delay things went crazy and i forgot to check back on this but i will keep up with it more.
When he hadn't responded to those names she had a few more to go through and she blinked and smiled when he answered to Issac, picking him up and holding him gently his front paws on her shoulder she hugged him and smiled "well this Issac it is" she told him scratching behind his ear and nuzzling him before she let him down once more. "well today is gonna be one of those days I need to clean and such so your welcome to do as you please" she told him. but she wasn't moving from her couch just yet in truth she was resting a little before she worked at cleaning her place.

Aria's resting didn't last long as her doorbell rang shortly after and she blinked looking up, standing she walked over and was surprised to her friend from work. opening the door she answered "Mike good to see you is everything ok" she asked him as he walked in.

"I should be asking you that aria have you heard the news at all about those escaped people," he asked her

"well yes but" she tried to answer but he butted in

"the boss called the cops on that guy that had been at the window he could be one of them," he told her

"Mike seriously leave the guy alone he wasn't dangerous he was just hungry it didn't do no harm other than making a few people uncomfortable," she said to him.
Aria walked into the house to see the cat she had brought home sitting and waiting on her. this made her smile as her arms were full and she was more than happy to put things down and pet him once more picking him up into her arms. "Well hello handsome I didn't think you would be waiting for me again," she told him with a grin as she kissed his head and nuzzled him. Setting him back down she would close the door and start to grab a few bags.

"Well, I think I have everything and to be honest I looked at the cat food and I nearly gagged how people feed that to their animals I don't know but I did find out from this book that I can make homemade cat food from normal food. So, I guess you're going to be a pampered companion" she told him with a grin as she took out a cat food recipe book and even a litter pan she had bought as well as some groceries for the house. she was wet from the light rain outside but nothing as bad as last night.

"So, after all, I have been through today I couldn't come up with anything but onyx or Dominic for you" she told him as she walked past him and moved to sit down on her couch again "What do you think do you like Dominic " she seemed to pause as if waiting for some reaction "or Onyx" she asked him with a smile.
Aria watched the news with a sigh at the mention of the mental place. but made no comment on it, she wouldn't lie the thought of someone crazy scared her but she hadn't seen anyone harmful the only man that was acting strange she saw was that guy the other day. As the news started to go to sports she looked at the cat beside her "what do you think boy we still need to come up with a name for you, do you have any ideas?" she asked him as she pets his back softly enjoying the company in truth. She was already liking having him here with her and she really loved how cuddly he seemed.

Her attention turned to what the man started to say on the weather and she sighed some "well looks like rain the next few days but don't worry tomorrow i will go out and buy you a box to use though it would be neat to train you to used the toilet I've seen it done but I have no clue how to do that" she said to him speaking to him like a normal person in some ways. she sat her empty plate down and finished her drink before, she moved on the couch so she was laying down careful of him. Turnin the channel to a movie that was on she laid back and yawned. She was exhausted from her day and slowly started to close her eyes though she reached down for him and actually placed him on her chest and just started to pet him as she watched the tv.
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