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Current going kinda crazy with out my rps lol.
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going alittle insane lol wish i was rping alittle more. but love the rps i have right now.
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feeling down and realy missing my rps lol


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Aria watched the news with a sigh at the mention of the mental place. but made no comment on it, she wouldn't lie the thought of someone crazy scared her but she hadn't seen anyone harmful the only man that was acting strange she saw was that guy the other day. As the news started to go to sports she looked at the cat beside her "what do you think boy we still need to come up with a name for you, do you have any ideas?" she asked him as she pets his back softly enjoying the company in truth. She was already liking having him here with her and she really loved how cuddly he seemed.

Her attention turned to what the man started to say on the weather and she sighed some "well looks like rain the next few days but don't worry tomorrow i will go out and buy you a box to use though it would be neat to train you to used the toilet I've seen it done but I have no clue how to do that" she said to him speaking to him like a normal person in some ways. she sat her empty plate down and finished her drink before, she moved on the couch so she was laying down careful of him. Turnin the channel to a movie that was on she laid back and yawned. She was exhausted from her day and slowly started to close her eyes though she reached down for him and actually placed him on her chest and just started to pet him as she watched the tv.
Thank you for stopping in and checking out my ideas and plots. -Bows gratefully-

I go by Kilin it's an old nickname I was given and happens to also be the first character I ever made. She's an amazing character that if you are interested in I would be happy to fill you in on something I have in mind for her just let me know. I am not the best in my grammar but i am trying really hard to get better with it. I usually make sure my post is at least spell checked and minor things fixed. So if you think you can deal with that and are willing to give me a shot then let us continue on. Now on to the ones I have up, and what I am looking for in a partner.

Looking for

* Long term active partner (I am highly active on this site and check it a good amount of the day I realise not everyone is like that but I'm hoping to find an RP partner that can post at least a few times a day hopefully at least once at the least)

* Creative (i love expanding and talking idea's and more)

* More than a one-liner (I'm no million paragraph writer but I can post at least up to two full paragraphs and more depending on my partner)

* Another person that likes to have some darkness to the story or plot.

(Realy craving this story!!!)
Family Secret

My story is about two feuding families the McReiver's and (my partners choice), the lordly families have been at each other for generations over land, Though the real reason for the feud has been long lost it has been war after war until the king told them both that an end must come to the feuding. The families bitterly did as told but the feuding never stopped. the Mc'Reiver family was one with strong boys and men the wife of lord Dominic Mc'Reiver was a strong woman though had fallen ill in the last pregnancy which the lord feared for so far he had been blessed with nothing but boys. but that night as the mother passed away the cries of the 5th Mc'Reiver baby was heard. It was a girl beautiful with dark black hair and green eyes just like her mother, but in fear the king would make the family use her to end the feuding once and for all or that the __________ family would try and use that as well it was decided that the baby, disguised as a boy. So it was announced the 5th son of Dominic had been born and only the family and a few well-trusted servants were entrusted with the truth. Raised as a boy the king spared nothing on his youngest if anything he pushed her harder to keep the secret and kept her hidden from most still to be safe.

The story I have start's when my character is turning 16 she was sent off with her second eldest brother for battle and keep training, to make sure she was kept safe on one of their outer posts. it is then that either I was thinking a raiding party from, the feuding family shows to take the keep and the youngest son to use a ransom or they wait for the young McReiver one to be out on his own and take him then. It around here that we would figure out if our characters would clash or start to fall for another but also just how long can she keep her sex a secret from them.Though the lord of the other house is greedy his sons or son can be completely different but that is up to the one playing him.

New World
(would love to do his one with anthros but can be used for time travel or to a world of Viking like humans)

My character finds herself falling through a portal of some kind and waking in a new world that is nothing like earth that she left behind at all.

These are the main ones I'm wanting to talk and try and figure out with a partner. If interested please hit me up.

Here are some simple pairings if anyone is interested and we can come up with something fun.

Anthro ~ Human
Lord ~ Peasant
Princess/Lady ~ merc/ bandit
Highland lass ~ Viking
Master ~ Slave
Werewolf ~ Human
Hunter ~ Hunted
Demon ~ Witch
awesome glad to hear and well I'm around so no worries.
She just pulling on a nightgown when he came flying into the room she caught his antics out of the corner of her eyes and smiled some at how silly he was acting. He probably had never been on a bed or such before with how he was acting. As she finished pulling on her nightgown she sat on the edge of her bed and brushed her hair out and started to braid it. Once that was done she felt her stomach start to rumble and then heard the thunder outside "Looks like its get nasty outside I'm glad we made it back before that started" She told him and stroked his fur gently enjoying the purring. "Come on I don't know if you're hungry but I am!" Ahe told him and got up heading for the kitchen once more.

It didn't take her long to make a ham sandwich and get a glass of milk for herself, as well as grabbing a piece of ham for him. She walked back out to the little front room/ sitting area she had and turned on the tv as she sat on her couch and pulled a blanket over her legs and lower half and started to eat. She found the news channel first and was watching it for the weather.
she looked at him as she washed and rinsed him, it was easy to see the cat was smart and really enjoying the bath. she couldn't help but smile down at him. when he left out she started to rinse her own body then felt drop lits hit her from him shaking. "Oh don't do that there silly" she said and without much thought to it she got out of the tub and grabbed a towel swiftly picking him up and wrapping him in it. "you'll get all dirty if you use the floor mat that is what these are for" she told him treating him more than just an animal but then she always thought animals were smarter than most people realised.

setting him down on the countertop she looked around and found a soft brush that she owned and then a hair dryer. "ok this is loud but it will dry your fur faster so let's see how you do" she said not paying attention to her being naked it was only a cat. she unfolded him from eh blanket and started the hair dryer and letting him feel the soft heat near his feet first. then if he didn't move she would start to blow dry his fur and gently brush him.

Once he was done being taken of she would smile "there now you are all dry and clean I bet that feels a lot better" she said smiling "now my turn to get dressed" she said with a laugh as he grabbed a towel and started to dry herself before heading to her room and finding some clothes to put on.
Soaking in the bath she had tried to come up with names but nothing seemed to fit in her mind. maybe after a few days, she could see what he was like and then she could come up with something really good for him. She was just lad to be home and the next few days she had off of work. It hadn't been fun today a few strange men had shown up and they seemed really off to her. she was laid with her eyes closed that was until she heard the door creaking open.

Then she heard that mew and opened her eyes to watch him. not wanting to scare him from the water she just stayed still but her eyes grew wide when he stepped in and onto her stomach in the bath water??!!!! as far as she had ever known cats hated water and yet this little guy was all about.... her thoughts gone when he suddenly rolled onto his back and she started to laugh. "of all the cats in the world I get one that likes baths" she said laughing and her fingers found his stomach and she started to stroke him gently. smiling all the while ok this she could get used to the purring and the companionship something she had been missing for a long time.

"so you wanting a bath?" she asked him softly "how about we try some soap and such come on me and you can suds up together and then rinse" she told him as she shifted some and grabbed up some shampoo and if he let her she would start to wash his fur in it. then would grab her body wash and start to wash herself careful of where he was. before soon rinsing both of them off. "feel better" she asked him.
Standing in her doorway with her wet clothes on the floor, she looked down as she saw the cat rubbing on her leg. "hey little one I guess your happy" she said reaching down and scratching him behind his ears gently. standing up again she walked into her kitchen in her underwear and bra only. "alright let's get you some warm milk and then I'm going to go take a nice warm bath" she told him as she warmed him up some milk then placed it on the ground.

once he was set up she went to her bathroom leaving the door open she started her bath and stripped down and got into the bath easying back and relaxing into the wonderfully warm bath. it felt great with how cold the rain had been. she couldn't believe she just brought a stray cat home. she wondered some he looked so handsome it was hard to think he was stray. she still needed to think of a name for the little guy. so she laid there and just soaked as she seemed deep in thought of what she would be doing.
Aria was so glad that the little one had let her pet him he seemed so sweet and such but when he suddenly jumped into her hiding her stomach as she landed on her back side as the thunder rolled in more. She looked down at him blinking and feeling her heart go out to this little cat. She couldn't leave him out here in this, not with eh way he was acting. she stroked the cat gently as she sat there "shh little one its ok " she told the cat in her lap and bit her lip nervously "alright little one how about you come home with me just don't freak out ok" she told him as she stood up her hand gently going under his body and holding him to her chest.

she knew this was crazy and if he spazzed she would likely get scratched and lose him and she had a way to walk home. she didn't have anything for a cat and that was gonna be rough but maybe she could leave him at the house and run to the store. but right now she was more worried about getting the little cat home. she hadn't had a pet ever in her life and suddenly the idea to have one was very well she wondered what it would be like.

it was a treck home but even as it rained she shielded the cat from the rain though that didn't save her as she was soaked by the time they made it to her house, but he was actually rather dry. sighing as he leaned against her door once in the side and out fo the weather she decided any thing he needed could wait till tomorrow. "well little one here's my house you're welcome to stay with me" she told it as she sat the cat down and started to pull off her wet clothes.
have some openings
Aria had thought about that guy again he seemed nice kinda lost but he really hadn't been any harm. She found herself actually a little sad she hadn't seen him the next day at work. She had even paused in front of work and looked to the park. she sighed a little she had wanted to make sure he was ok. Well, no use worrying now she had work to do and lots of it. Her boss was not letting up on her today and again she wondered why she worked here sometimes. No matter how much she worked or smiled to customers it was never good enough and she found herself growing tired of it. But the hours were good and she wasn't going to find a job better off the streets to help her pay for things. Sure she had money in her account that her Guardian sent her but she never touched it, other than placing it into a saving account. She didn't want their help she wanted to do this on her own.

As her shifted ended she gathered her things as well as a platter to go and walked out the back door, looking up at the sky it was looking grim like the weather was about to drop out. Suddenly she heard meow?? She looked down to see the, most gorgeous cat she had ever seen. Wouldn't you know it she had a thing for cats, "Hey there little one" she said softly as she knelt down and offered her hand out to it. she waited for it to sniff her before she would slowly try and pet the cat her fingers gently running over its head and to the side of its neck. "you are very sweet, I havent seen you around before" she told it as she looked around and flinched a little when she heard the thunder suddenly.
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