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Hello, I am Knight and I would like one or more role-playing partners. But before you jump in and say, “I’ll Role-Play with you!” There are some things you need to know about me first.

My Role-Player Profile

OOC Chat & Communication: Absolutely! Communication is key and I love to communicate with those I role-play with. I also love getting to know my role-playing partners so our communication does not necessarily mean role-playing only, it can be a chat between two potential friends as well.

Format: One-on-One and small groups.

Favorite Genres & Fandoms: My favorite ones are Super-Heroes, Sci-Fi and some Fantasy (depending on the premise and the setting). I’m open to most other genres, as well as fandoms, and I will play in them if my role-playing partner is interested in them. It never hurts to ask.

Aside from the genre I am about to cover, I don't do Slice of Life role-plays. If I want that, I'll just live my life since that's basically all it is.

No Horror: There is one genre I absolutely hate and I will NOT play in it. If it’s 100% pure Horror, I won’t touch it. If the RP is going to be primarily about Ghosts, Zombies (I especially HATE zombies), psycho killers and anything else seen in horror films/TV then count me out. Now, if my RP with someone has some horror elements, creatures, monsters and crazy people (i.e. like the Joker) then I’m okay with that. Just so long as it’s not the entire focus of it, then I’m good to go. Otherwise, no thank you.

I’m okay with Vampires, Werewolves and other creatures of the night, just so long as you don’t change my character into a Vampire, or Werewolf, without asking me first. Speaking of which, I’m okay with some elements of the supernatural, like the creatures I just mentioned, but not all. It depends on the premise and the setting of what someone else wants to do with that.

Posting Schedule: Sunday through Thursday is my schedule for role-playing. I will not be available every Friday and Saturday. I will check PM’s, however, and make responses to Out of Character PM’s, but not In Character ones. I’m sorry, but Fridays and Saturdays are not very good days for me to role-play.

Posting Speed: I’ll try and post every day, but sometimes I will post once every other day if I feel uninspired or I get a case of writers block. On the other hand, if I’m waiting for a post from you then take as much time as you need. I will check in on you to see if your still alive or just to chat. For me, it’s not about how often one posts, but it’s about the quality of the post you can give me.

I don’t care how often you give me a post just so long as it’s at least once a week. Preferably more often than that, but I won’t make a fuss of it. If you cannot manage that, then please let me know and I’ll wait patiently. And if anything happens in real life that gets in the way, please drop me a line as I’d greatly appreciate being informed if you cannot post for any reason. In turn, I will do the same for you.

Writing Level: Intermediate to Advanced. I will consistently provide 2 paragraphs at minimum but I will always try to give 3 or more. On the other hand, I do respectfully ask the same from my role-playing partners. I hate one liners and short posts because I want content to work with. I realize that real life can get in the way, school, work, etc, and so a paragraph, or a few sentences, might be all you can manage, especially during a slow conversation. However, I would prefer my role-playing partners are able to give me 2 to 3 decent sized paragraph sized posts on a consistent basis.

Public Vs. Private Messages: Depending on where you want to play, I’m fine if we role-play in PM’s or on the forum. However, I will not role-play by E-Mail, Discord or any other method.

Mature Rating: I would prefer if our role-plays remain equal to what you see and hear in a movie that is rated PG-13. However, I will do 18+ role-plays. All I ask is that you please make an effort to keep the profanity to a minimum.

A Word About Characters: I’m perfectly fine with one-and-done characters where I create a character, role-play him/her and then once the RP concludes I never play that character again. But I’m also a huge fan of keeping my characters and having more than just one adventure with them. I like to continue their stories and continue their character development/growth. So, if you do role-play with me, please be prepared for the possibility of keeping your characters for future stories once one role-play concludes. I may wish to revisit the same characters with a brand new story/plot in the future.

Character & Gender Preference: I’m flexible with the types of characters I play because I’m equally comfortable playing men as well as women. I have even played teenagers and children. I have also played characters with an inhuman appearance. I have played most personality types from submissive to aggressive, from tough guys to strong women. I like to keep flexible so if you prefer a certain character type then please let me know.

Romantic Relationships: Male & Female only.

A Word about Character Pictures & Face Claims: I have no issues if you want to use anime, cartoon, real life, CGI or even a comic pic for your character. Use whatever you want.

Rules: Sorry, but I do have some rules if you want to RP with me. I have tried to keep them as simple as possible so please bear with me.

1. Please work with me. I love working with other people to bounce ideas off of them. I don’t want to run the entire plot myself and I’d rather not have you do it by yourself either. We’re a team, we are in this together so let’s work as a team.

2. I’m sorry, but I’ll need a sample of your writing. Many claim they can deliver what I ask only to deliver one liner posts.

3. I don’t do smut Role-Plays. I’m okay with our characters sharing a kiss, holding hands, hugging or even sharing the same bed. But if it goes any further than that, it’s always a black curtain and a fast forward for me. I’m not against romance, I just don’t play out anything beyond a kiss. If all you want is romance between our characters, I’m out. I’m not against romance or having my character fall in love with someone else’s character. But if my RP with you is going to be nothing but romance or heavy with romance and little else, then I want nothing to do with it.

My focus is story, action, drama, character growth and character development. Not necessarily in that order, but all of those things take the priority over romance for me. If romance happens, I’d rather let it happen naturally and not force it.

4. Please don’t control my character without my permission. If you want to do something because of the context of your post, then please ask me first. I will likely be open to it and say yes. And please don’t give your character knowledge they should not possess. For example: Just because you know my character is moonlighting as a super-hero does not mean your character does.

5. If your interested in role-playing with me, then please PM me. If you message me on the forum and say to PM you, expect to be ignored.

Now that the rules are out of the way, let’s get to what I am most interested in. All of these are just basic ideas to start us off so sending me a private message to bounce ideas off of me would be a good thing so that we can work on a plot & story together. I want to see what we both can up with because I don’t want to do all the work.

Amalgam: The DC and Marvel Universe have combined! It’s chaos! We can either play as canon characters or originals, doesn’t matter. If canon characters are picked, all I ask is you have a working knowledge of the character your playing so you can stay in character. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but please make an effort to know the character your going to play.

Original Super-Hero Setting: I’m open to an original super-hero setting that isn’t based in any known comic book universe.

Star Wars: Original characters only, set in a time period either long after the last movie or long before them. For this one I actually do have something of a plot in mind but it’s a simple one and not overly detailed so I’d love to bounce ideas off of you if your interested.

Star Trek: Set in the year 2409, this takes place in the main time line and several years after the last movie. Original characters only. I’ll play the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-F and some members of the crew. I would appreciate it if my role-playing partner is willing to not only play his/her character but also NPC some of the other crew members as well.

Original Fantasy Setting: This will take place thousands of years in the past on Earth (or in an original fantasy setting of our own creation). But this is not a historical setting since my character will have super-human strength like Hercules. But he/she won’t be a demigod or anything like that. I am open to the ‘gods’ existing if your into that. I’m also open to readjusting the time line of this setting if a later one works better for you, but I would prefer this setting is kept sometime in the BC era.

Mass Effect: This sounds fun. I can either take on one of the canon characters or an original if you like.

Other Genres & Fandoms: Anything I don’t have listed doesn’t necessarily mean I’m not willing to play it. It won’t hurt to ask me and see if I’m willing to to do it.

[Characters in Play]:

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