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Current 'cholp cholp cholp URRMG. This If Fmafhing...'
2 yrs ago
Am I Not Pretty Enough?
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Aw geez, here we go again
2 yrs ago
Krysten Ritter is my spirit animal.
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Suppose I should finally write something here:

Hi I'm Mat, recent history graduate from the great university of Hull (Oxford's a complete dump). I want to teach English in China next, so I spend my days studying for that, or researching people from WW1 for the local museum. Do cross country running, and want to get into rock climbing. Spends far too much time on Grindr :/

Guess that's all.

You can go read my posts now I guess, don't judge me too harshly...

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Wolves are just fine tho
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Wash your dirty mouth out, the Puppetmon arc would be nothing without him
hi wots ur a/s/l

Nowadays we just send dick pics grandpa


Some men say that I'm intense, or unsane
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Modern TV shows are edging along the borders of being soft-porn sex tapes to corrupt society into becoming a deprived, debauched excuse of mortal life.

You may now realise the truth but you're far too late to stop the future that liberals want.
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Who would win in a fight: Godzilla or Frankenstein?

Which one has the best expanded universe backup?
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You joke, but it's possible. Kanye is a political outsider, a poor public speaker, and everyone has seen his wife naked. Par for the course.

Yes, but is he narcissistic enough?
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