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'cholp cholp cholp URRMG. This If Fmafhing...'
5 yrs ago
Am I Not Pretty Enough?
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6 yrs ago
Aw geez, here we go again
6 yrs ago
Krysten Ritter is my spirit animal.
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Fuck, I don’t remember the in jokes.
Wolves are just fine tho
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Wash your dirty mouth out, the Puppetmon arc would be nothing without him
hi wots ur a/s/l

Nowadays we just send dick pics grandpa


Some men say that I'm intense, or unsane
@Dinh AaronMk


Modern TV shows are edging along the borders of being soft-porn sex tapes to corrupt society into becoming a deprived, debauched excuse of mortal life.

You may now realise the truth but you're far too late to stop the future that liberals want.
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<Snipped quote by KnightShade>


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Who would win in a fight: Godzilla or Frankenstein?

Which one has the best expanded universe backup?
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