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Sorry to dissapoint, but I feel like I'm going to be much more busy than I first anticipated. I've been occupied for the past few weeks though the work load was normally more manageable. Because of this, I'm going to put the RP on hold until I have a bit more free time; otherwise, I can still try to post, if very sparsely.
@Scarifar@Satoshi Kyou

Are you two posting any time soon?
I could say Kaiba World has a gold course but that'd just take away from the card games.
Though the CEO's speech was informational and Sir Michael M Thunderchild was a patient man, he could only spend so much time away from water. It was a 14 hour plane ride across the sea to the airport and another hour bus ride. He knew he was close to the ocean- just one hundred miles out- no more than a two hour drive- and he yearned for it. Antsy, Sir Thunderchild was staring at the sky through the entire speech, trying his hardest to pay attention.

The afternoon sky was bright. "Fifteen hundred" Thunderchild noted, looking at his watch. "Or three o'clock as these Americans call it." he mumbled to himself in a disdainful tone. He returned to zoning out, mouth opening, trying to taste the water from the misting fans. It wasn't salt water, but would suffice.

Finally, when the introduction was over and the crowd began to disperse and mingle, Thunderchild could not stand to stay any longer. He pushed his way out of the crowd toward the outside. The hotels were just a ten minute walk away from the Colosseum. The ticket, as he saw on the screen of his duel disk, said that he would stay in Hotel 3, and there he went. According to Kaiba Corp personel, his luggage was already put up there, in his room, as everybody else's luggage was put in their rooms by Kaiba Corp staff. "Hopefully there aren't any mix-ups" he mumbles, taking the steps up to his room. He flashes the bar code on his duel disk to the room door which promptly scans it, the door opening.

Without closing the door, Thunderchild disrobed quickly. He was a fast changer, thanks to his time in the Navy. He neatly placed his clothes on the table. Thunderchild was in a speedo. He has had it on for a good while underneath his clothing. Thudnerchild locked the door and headed down to the pool. He was alone save for the bored hotel staff.

"Good. No one here to ruin my day." He sighed, sinking into the pool water.

It's daytime. The locations are in the first post of the OOC.
<Snipped quote by KOgaming>

I haven't had the time to post in any RPs, and even if I did there isn't too much to go off of with your post.

Oh. Alright. Just tell me what you need and I'll give it to ya.
Is anyone else going to post?
Another thing is, if you guys haven't noticed, is that a post has been in the IC for a week now and even though I said Friday, I feel there is enough information to form an initial introductory post, perhaps even interact with a few of your fellow players. If you need any additional information though, I could make that little post 1 for that.

It also doesn't specify non-tuners as materials. Neither of these are actually issues in PSCT. It means that once per turn, the level of all WATER monsters are decreased until the end of the turn, and that he can use 6 tuners to summon his boss monster a la gottoms.
I guess 6 people is good. I'll start the game on Friday.
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