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@Prisk I uploaded the image to Imgur, hopefully that fixed it.
Great! I'll have a look a bit later. The image doesn't seem to work, though. You might have to host the image on a different website, such as imgur.

Alright nice. That's weird that the image isn't working though, I can still see it in the post on my end. I'll try to fix it when I get home.
Finally finished my character, sorry I took so long! I've been sick the past week and barely had enough energy to write. Let me know if I need to change anything. Character feels a bit edgy but I felt like I had to commit if I was going to use Bahamut, lol.

I really like the balance for the Aesir summons, Bahamut is a much more alluring choice now than he initially was and works perfectly for the character type I had in mind.
I'm interested, probably gonna start working on a character concept tonight.
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