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June surpressed a glare from sprouting on her face when the guy told her to be quiet, and instead a look of concern grew when he told her that the place was dangerous. She glanced at the setting sun that seemed to be moving unnaturally quickly, then looked back at him and nodded at him in a way that seemed to say "No shit." Nothing in particular had happened yet but she already knew the place was bad news. She was growing more and more uneasy by the minute and it was stressing her out beyond belief, but at least she'd finally run into another person, she supposed. He seemed a bit brash, but she still felt a little safer knowing she wasn't alone for the time being.

"Yeah...I saw that light too," she replied when the guy brought it up, "Ok, so it wasn't just me. I thought I was alone here this whole time, but it sounds like something brought us here...wherever here is. Look, I don't know how much you know but-"

It was at that moment that the street lights went out, interrupting her suddenly before just as quickly turning back on. Before June could question it, she heard what sounded like groans in the distance. Turning slowly to face where the noises were coming from, she soon saw the same mobs her new acquaintance had noticed as well, though they looked different to her just as they did to everyone else. However...

"W-What the hell are those things? Why do they look like me!?"

She took a few careful steps back as they approached. To her, she saw long stringy red hair that covered the creature's faces from view. Their arms ended in blunt cult-like hands that dragged across the ground as they shambled around. The scarce clothes they did wear looked tattered and torn, and scarily similar to her own wardrobe. The very sight of them caused her breath to catch in her throat, and she felt wobbly and weak.

This...this was just insane! They needed to get away! Now!

"Shit! Dude, ok, gonna need to know what's worse here!" June exclaimed as she shot him a terrified look, "These things? Or the shit you just ran away from?"


"This...doesn't feel like another dream..."

June found herself standing at a crossroads intersection, near where the library she worked at was located. She had been wandering the empty streets of her town for a little while now, not having met another single soul the entire time. Where ever she was, it certainly looked like Araminta, but it didn't quite feel like Araminta. However, something about it didn't make it feel exactly like a dream either; she'd had weird dreams lately and none of them ever gave off the same vibes this place was currently giving. Something was

She too had woken up in this anomaly after witnessing the purple light, just like the others, though that was currently unbeknownst to her. Up until now, all she had done was wander, aimlessly at first but then wondered how accurate everything was to the Araminta she remembered, so she decided to check up on places she was familiar with. The library had been one, and now that she was there nothing seemed any more off than anywhere else. But she didn't want to enter the building, not on her own. The idea made her feel uneasy, and now that she was noticing that the sun seemed to be setting much faster than was naturally possible, she really felt like entering the building on her own was a stupid decision. A sense of dread hit her as she turned and began to walk a little more briskly in a different direction. She'd seen a chasm earlier, maybe she should follow along it and see if there was an end point...?

It was then that she finally saw movement, causing her heartbeat to speed up for a moment since she honestly didn't expect anyone else to be around as well. Relief quickly washed over her as she saw a humanoid figure running down the street; some guy, maybe around her own height or a bit taller, and wearing clothes that didn't really seem to fit him well. She had no clue what he could possibly be running from or where he had even come from, but she knew she needed to flag him down and see if he knew anything about what the hell was going on.

"Hey! Hey! Guy, wait a second! Over here!" She called out to him as she waved her arms to try to get his attention.
Oof, plot's moving fast. Sorry I haven't posted yet, I'll try to have it done in a few hours.
Finally finished. She's still mostly the same from last time but I had to edit a couple things and figure out a power that worked and could actually be useful. What I ultimately went with feels a little too obvious, but I couldn't think of much else that wasn't convoluted or messy. Let me know if anything needs to be changed.

So I had a question: What age group did you all want the characters? Young, older, or any?

Either way the story still works.

I'm fine with either, but might make a character for both age ranges if that's the route we go. I did like the character diversity from last time though.
I'm down to try again.
Sorry I haven't said much of anything, I'm still interested but I've been dealing with some irl stuff. I'm gonna try to have my character posted within the next day or so.

Location: Outside the Break Room
Time: Morning
Mentions: @Liv
Interactions:Elena Kozlov; Open

Adrik nodded when Elena told him that referring to her by her first name was fine, and chuckled lightly when she joked about their workloads. Right, that was one thing that he was still getting used to. Not to say he hadn't had long nights before with other jobs, but teaching was turning out to be a whole other monster entirely. But it did keep him busy, and the more preoccupied he was with work, the less time his mind had to wander and focus on other things. Things he just didn't want to think about anymore.

"Hm?" Adrik hummed when Elena, surprisingly enough, asked for his opinion on a book. All things considered, they didn't really know each other too well beyond being fellow teachers at the university, and he didn't socialize all that much to begin with. But he also had no problem giving a recommendation if someone wanted one, so he nodded once more at her. Though it seemed she had trouble remembering the full title.

"No worries, it's understandable considering our workloads," he assured her, raising his coffee mug in solidarity before taking a sip. He once again grimaced, he had no idea why he kept trying to drink something he clearly wasn't enjoying.

"It's gone cold," he explained as he shook his head, in case she thought he'd made the face at her. But it didn't seem like she'd noticed anyway, as she was staring intently at her phone. He knew she'd taken it out look up the book, but something seemed...wrong. He only barely caught the startled expression on her face before she suddenly turned around to look behind her.

"Huh? Is something wrong?" Adrik asked curiously, looking past her but seeing nothing out of the ordinary. He looked back at her, but she seemed thoroughly off-put by something, and in a whisper he could barely make out it seemed she'd decided against looking up the book at all now and looked ready to leave. For a moment or so, he wondered if maybe he'd said or come across a certain way that pushed her away, and was prepared to apologize.

"I'm sorry if I- Elena?" He cut himself off partway through when she suddenly leaned against a nearby wall for support. He approached her quickly, unsure if he should take the initiative to help support her, but figured as long as he was close enough she could lean on him or hold onto his shoulder if she decided to. "You really are you need help? I can get you some water, the break room's right here. Come on, you should sit for a moment, catch your breath."

As he offered her a hand, he caught her expression again, and something about what she'd said clicked.

"I'm sorry, I--I don't know what happened just now."

She wasn't just confused, it was bewilderment towards something that was unnerving her. Something he knew all too well, as of recently.

"...You saw something."

It wasn't a question. It was a statement without a hint of doubt in it.
I've got an idea for a character representing the Hanged Man arcana.
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