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Losing weight? Easy! Healthy diet, regular workouts and, I can't stress this enough, Heroin!
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Pecking order.
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Sometimes people don't think it be like it is, but it do!


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As for the image, not sure if you wanted someone who looked liked gambit or someone who playfully dabbles with cards. If you're interested, some alternative images: 1, 2, 3, 4

Devil Fruit is fine. Initially I was worried that it was just purely for stat boosting, but the Spade Spears made it more befitting of One Piece.

Also, since turning on Spade Surge is a prerequisite to use Spade Spears, it'll look like this.

Suit-Style: Spade Surge: House activates another sutsu-power to increase his speed and reaction times, enabling him to use the Spade Spears.
Suit-Style: Spade Spears: House's hands transform into a black spade shape, making them extremely sharp and durable, effectively turning his arms into thrusting weapons. The stem of the spade protects about half of his lower arm from damage as well.

Yeah, and like I mentioned in the OP, we always round down when it comes to Willpower.

Lastly, although the fruit grants stat boosts, even if you described it as "doubling them and turning his pupils into diamonds", stat-wise, it would translate to that exactly. I'll think of a fair value for now.

Massive increases would be considered different skills and not just a technique. Examples would be Luffy's Gears or the Mink Tribe's Sulong Form.

Otherwise, everything else seems fine.

I was struggling to find someone that combined the trenchcoat-Dad-vibe from Dante in DMC 4 with... basically everything Gambit. Really like your pic 4, but gonna stick with this one since it's kinda that, but WITH the Trenchcoat Most difficult thing was finding pictures without the Armor/Headguard Gambit has, since House definitely doesn't have that xD

Yeah I typed that up pretty late at night and forgot to remove the ",5" part. Considered it fixed along with the Spade Spear text formation.

And also lastly: yeah I wanted it to not be too stat-manipulaty, that's why I put the Spear in first :3. Also also, I didn't even think about it doubling the stat, that would get broken really quick. I can just remove that part of the sentence and the boost'll just be some small bump into the next tier or smth, but like you said, you'll figure the fairest numbers out. ^^

<Snipped quote by KrischKrisch>


Sorry I had to xD

Was hontestly kinda waiting for something like that xD
50 points to Ravenclaw

Gryffindor: 50
Ravenclaw: 100
Hufflepuff: 50
Slytherin: 200
Welp now the weekend almost rolled past, but I managed to get it done. Realized right before posting this, that I used the same colors for my Skills/Techniques as Saltwater Thief did... too lazy to change it now, will though if it'll be necessary. ^^

(Side note: It was impossible to find a character that looked the way I wanted my guy to look, but this pic conveys it best... just don't imagine a full on Gambit when picturing him xD)

You have a typo in the Will explanation, unless it's the art of blocking metal attacks :D That being said I'll probably submit a CS before the weekend rolls around as well^^.
Awesome, thank you so much. :D

Would you mind if I send you the backstory as a pm before adding it to the CS, just so you can look over it once? @pyroman
There we go! Just working on the backstory now, gotta shorten that sucker^^"

Mine is just about done, still missing a lot of backstory (Probably went way overboard with it length-wise^^"), but I'll post it within the hour.
Oooh this looks great! :D I'll try to get a CS in here sometime within the next 2 days.
I like the idea a lot and just wanted to ask a few things before applying, if I may.

1. Is the "Crush" from the CS meant to be about other characters? And if so, can it change over the course of the rp? (Same with Relationship I guess)
and 2. I just noticed, that that was my only actual question, so... whoops!^^"
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