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Losing weight? Easy! Healthy diet, regular workouts and, I can't stress this enough, Heroin!
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Pecking order.
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Sometimes people don't think it be like it is, but it do!


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Also still alive :D
Post happened! Praise be upon me!
It had been a really exhausting week for Nathan. Fueled by the decreasing numbers on the signs pointing him towards Bell Reach, he had barely slept or stopped to eat a proper meal, surviving on street-side fast food and a maximum of 5 hours of sleep each night he kept skating towards the destination he had been waiting to see for almost 2 years now. The lack of sleep didn't matter much to him however once he entered the city, since finally reaching it had substituted his fatigue with joy and awe.

Nathan had seen a few bigger cities along his journey, but none of them were as impressive to him as Bell Reach. He stopped on a small square, stepping on one end of his board to hold it by the other, pulled his earphones out of his ears, put them around his neck and took in the atmosphere, his eyes beaming with excitement and his teeth showing in the biggest grin. It was amazing, the high buildings, the billboards, the huge amount of traffic and most importantly the people. Nathan had gotten used to being around large groups of strangers, but Bell Reach's famous attitude towards powers was immediately apparent just from where he stood. Floating grocery bags, a child with 4 arms and one guy walking on a wall 2 meters above the other pedestrians, perfectly parallel to the floor and the best part was: Nobody cared! He wanted to jump and punch his fist in the air, but was stopped short by the hole in his stomach. His celebratory dance would have to wait until he didn't feel like passing out from hunger anymore. Scanning his immediate surroundings for a place to eat without success, he plugged his music back into his ears, dropped his skateboard back to the ground and rode it down the road that pointed towards the ocean, as it seemed to be downhill for the most part and that would mean he'd have to do less work accelerating.

After passing by approximately 6 overfilled Starbucks, Nathan had almost given up hope on finding a decent place to eat. Turning left onto another road because of some road works, he saw a fire engine race across the intersection two corners ahead of him. Speeding up his rhythmic kicking of the street he managed to hit two consecutive green lights and turned into the street, in which the large red truck had been to see a burning building and loads of police and firemen securing the perimeter. Instinctively Nathan picked up his skateboard and fastened it onto his backpack, running up closer to see if he could help. That's when he noticed the amount of like minded people, that were already taking hold of the situation. He wasn't used to having other people around that could solve these kinds of problems from his travels, but then again, this was Bell Reach, the superpower-central, so he should've expected as much. "Fires are a pain to navigate with my shadow vision anyway" he thought to himself and, not knowing how common this things would be here, decided to focus on eating something in case he needed his strength for any similar situations down the line. He kept looking over to the chaos on the other side of the street as he walked towards the, now clearly visible, beach. "With the amount of actual heroes around I'd probably have gotten in the way anyway" He thought, glancing back one more time and seeing a purple figure landing in front of a policeman. Although Nathan could've sworn, that she looked familiar to some degree, he turned back towards the beach and decided to set his course for what he assumed to be the side of an Asian restaurant at the end of the street.

I actually didn't mean to drop out, sorry for that, life's been crazy this last month. Could finally post or step back and give @EpicKDP the spot for this mission, if it wouldn't work out with 4 people. Your ruling of course @Geyter^^"
I'm not dead either, just had the most terrible 2 weeks of my LIFE, sorry^^"! Still fully on board with this and post will happen within this weekend!

He had made it. He had become a member of the mercenary corps. House would have loved to celebrate it with a round of dice, but he couldn't find anyone around so he settled for a nap instead. Of course that decision wasn't a quick one, seeing as no one had bothered to point him towards a room to call his own. So for his first 3 hours as a true marine recruit House wandered around the marineford looking for a place to stay. In the end he made a wager with a Janitor he met and, after beating him fair and square, acquired a key to an empty room in the Naval Military's quarters. It was a single bed bedroom and even had a small desk. As far as he could tell, House had acquired a room in the far north of the building and he made the Janitor promise to keep their arrangement off the books for as long as possible. Sighing loudly, he tossed his trench coat over the small chair and threw himself onto the bed to finally take his celebratory nap.

About two hours later he was awoken by a flying paper crane, that was bumping against his forehead repeatedly. After unsuccessfully swatting at it for a second, House gave in, opened his eyes and sat up, grabbing the now patiently hovering piece of paper and unfolding it in his dazed state. As he was reading the note he yawned and looked at the small alarm clock on the desk, which was standing in front of the window. Half past eleven. He got up, still yawning and stretching his arms wide, before letting them fall to his sides and standing still for a moment. A second past. "Wait what?!" House exclaimed, suddenly wide awake, and looked at the used to be crane again. "That's thirty minutes from now! I need to get going!" He pulled his trench coat from the floor, as he had missed the chair before his nap, threw it on and ran out of his room, taking the time to lock it behind him and putting the key into the inner pocket of his coat.

House guessed that he took approximately 28 of the 30 minutes he had left, arriving at the Southern Port severely winded and struggling to catch his breath. He leaned himself on a small bollard next to his co-mercenaries to compose himself and raised his head again just in time to see a red-headed lady front flip onto the port side. He tried to straighten up and say something along the lines of "8 points, but the landing lacked style", but instead he coughed, leaned back down and admitted defeat to the shortness of his breath. Taking slow deep breaths, he resigned to waiting for what was to come next.
Mothering needs no acknowledgement.

Oh, if it's mothering it might be easier, since he never really had a mother-figure, like, ever.
@KrischKrisch As a smol shadow user, Zoey is claiming Nathan.

She can try, but there's a high chance it'll go over his head. xD
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