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@EpicKDP I knew I forgot something. As for perks, here ya go.
  • Friend of the Forge: With the right tools and material, Muramasa is able to easily create various weapons and armour. Occasionally, when inspired, he is able to make high tier equipment.
    Repairman: Murmamasa is able to provide temporary repairs to most equipment. With ample time, he can repair higher tier equipment as well.

For the first perk, aside from the usual rewards, you'll be given the option to spend technique points to make gear. The more points, the better the gear.

For both perks, default would be common/normal weapons/armour. Higher tier gear would be named items or ones that are made from rare materials.
I know its full and all, but as a KHR fan, just wanted to wish this RP some good luck. I'll be stalking this thread to watch how this story unfolds.
@SimpleWriter Hmmm. The former is too much of a convenience from an RP standpoint, so I'd prefer the latter if you really want her to have some wealth to back her up. Still curious on what are these "companies" she'll supposedly inherit.

For the suit, family could have companies that focus on hero-based tech, so she'd have access to such things or at least have parents that might think along the lines of "Man, our daughter's got it hard. Society is rejecting her and shit. Maybe we could make her a suit that'll help her become a hero or at least someone who can co-exist with others without killing them."

Not saying that you would powerplay, just don't want it to be a possibility. Its kinda like a guy asking for superman-level strength but promises to only use a portion of it and not go full superman. Even if I could trust the guy, I'd prefer to avoid such a scenario.

@SimpleWriter Most seem fine to me; my only concern would be Kaori's wealth. I'm leaning towards avoiding such background, but it'll probably depend on the nature of her wealth. How rich she actually is, what kind of company did she inherit, and the like. As for her quirk, I'll reply to your PM.
@SimpleWriter Yeah, I agree that it'll be more active, but the amount of work of managing both heroes and villains would be too much for me even with others willing to help co-manage them. Hence me focusing on just villains.

As for the OOC, probably within the day.
I'll be backing out, so slots up for those interested? Good luck with the RP!
Updated the OP for those interested.


How do you find the world?  Do you find it to be the best of all possible worlds?  Truly, I have always been apprehensive.  It demands you to offer yourself upon the altar of societal standards and yet receive nothing.  It decrees that you smother your inner voice and accept the monotone ramblings of the masses as truth.  It destroys the best of us so that the rest might feel content in their own weakness.  

I rejected such a world and was rejected by it in turn.

An irredeemable sociopath is what they called me.  The actions I took to fix the world were labeled as criminal.  Yet, how could that be?  How could what I did be wrong if it felt so right? I wasn’t wrong.  This was not a case of good versus evil.  It was a matter of the prisoners judging the free out of jealousy for their status.  It was not me that they hated but rather the fact that they could not be me.  When I realized this I came to pity the sheep of the world.

I wished to free them from the oppression that society had placed upon them by destroying it on its most fundamental plane.  It took years to gather the resources to do it but finally I stood upon the threshold of success and came to the realization that the shackles were of their own making.  They were blind by choice and even if I were to shove the truth before them I could not make the blind see.  So I became their shepherd.  I would guide them out of pity so that they might not fall off the cliff or be eaten by the wolves at night.  

I ruled the world in all but name from the shadows.  Not that it mattered in the end for if you are reading this than I am already dead.

Death was an eventuality that I accepted.  The only true limitation on me was time but even this I could plan for.  This letter was foremost of those preparations.  You see, with my death a vacuum was created.  Which will only lead to a struggle for power as the various pieces of my empire cannibalize each other.  A war shall be fought in the shadowed places of the world that most “decent” folk have long since chosen to ignore.  They won’t be able to for long though.  The scale of this conflict is greater than the powers that be realize.

Which is why I come to you.  You who are free as I once was.  I’ve watched you for some and have come to understand you and in the knowing I have come to feel a certain connection.  Let’s call it affection.  I see the you that could be if only given the right circumstances and so I offer to give you them.

A gauntlet of challenges open to all who are worthy and to those most deserving I shall grant you all that I was.  What you do with it all is hardly my concern.  After all, lest we forget, I am dead and deadmen have no right to judge the living.

You are a person of questionable morals and boundless talent for crime.  You are what most would call a criminal, a villiain, a delinquent, or whatever you prefer. What is certain right now is that you are a person with potential and an opportunity.  A chance that comes but once in a lifetime but where will it lead you? Dangerous times lie ahead for you little villain.  

Be smart.  Be courageous.  Be free.
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@EpicKDP Everything seems okay. No real complaints from my side. Since the missions are already on-going, I'll see where I can sneak you in. Its either we wait for them to finish or form another group with another character.

@Nightwing95 Sure thing. We're still open.
Well, that's certainly something you guys can go for, but it'll probably best if your characters come to that conclusion in the RP itself. You know, finding a leader and planning on how you'll be addressing your goals as an organization.

Anyway, I think this has garnered enough I interest for me to start working on the plot in more detail. Hopefully we can start things off in the next fe
Definitely a fair point too. Might just go with that lol.
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