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Honestly, was waiting for the first week, then just got swamped with work on the second.

Anyway, @GreenGoat@Saltwater Thief@Rai and @SubjectVision have posted. And @Solotros is about to post. I apologize, I actually didn't notice your message. As to your questions, yes, we can say that there's a river there.

I'll assume @KrischKrisch has dropped out and will allow @EpicKDP, the double poster, to take his place. The challenge is trying to explain where he was the entire time. Was he early and ended sleeping in the crow's nest? Or was he late, and ended up clinging on to the ship as it flew through the skies? Surprise me.
@King Cosmos Probs before the weekend.

CS seems good. Just need those juicy quirk details

@unicorgi I'd prefer having prior knowledge of the series, since it'll set the tone. You're better off reading the first few chapters.

@Zelosse Geyter#4952
@SimpleWriter I definitely like this background way better. And even though wealthy, her resources would now be finite. You're as good as accepted. I'll just take a look at that PM first.
@EpicKDP I'd prefer we just use the same tier levels to keep things standardized. And I'm not sure how you managed to double post with each post being a day apart.
@EpicKDP Well, aside from the named swords. We have other blades such as Kuro's Cat Claws, Hody's Kirisame, Arlong's Kiribachi, Hannyabal's Kessui, Katakuri's Mogura, Skypiean Weapons, and Vivi's Peacock Slashers. Then Krieg and Pearl had their special armor.

There are tiers to it but we'll get to that when we get there. Nope, the ones you make are common/normal tier-wise. Ones that require points maybe a tier higher.
@EpicKDP I knew I forgot something. As for perks, here ya go.
  • Friend of the Forge: With the right tools and material, Muramasa is able to easily create various weapons and armour. Occasionally, when inspired, he is able to make high tier equipment.
    Repairman: Murmamasa is able to provide temporary repairs to most equipment. With ample time, he can repair higher tier equipment as well.

For the first perk, aside from the usual rewards, you'll be given the option to spend technique points to make gear. The more points, the better the gear.

For both perks, default would be common/normal weapons/armour. Higher tier gear would be named items or ones that are made from rare materials.
I know its full and all, but as a KHR fan, just wanted to wish this RP some good luck. I'll be stalking this thread to watch how this story unfolds.
@SimpleWriter Hmmm. The former is too much of a convenience from an RP standpoint, so I'd prefer the latter if you really want her to have some wealth to back her up. Still curious on what are these "companies" she'll supposedly inherit.

For the suit, family could have companies that focus on hero-based tech, so she'd have access to such things or at least have parents that might think along the lines of "Man, our daughter's got it hard. Society is rejecting her and shit. Maybe we could make her a suit that'll help her become a hero or at least someone who can co-exist with others without killing them."

Not saying that you would powerplay, just don't want it to be a possibility. Its kinda like a guy asking for superman-level strength but promises to only use a portion of it and not go full superman. Even if I could trust the guy, I'd prefer to avoid such a scenario.

@SimpleWriter Most seem fine to me; my only concern would be Kaori's wealth. I'm leaning towards avoiding such background, but it'll probably depend on the nature of her wealth. How rich she actually is, what kind of company did she inherit, and the like. As for her quirk, I'll reply to your PM.
@SimpleWriter Yeah, I agree that it'll be more active, but the amount of work of managing both heroes and villains would be too much for me even with others willing to help co-manage them. Hence me focusing on just villains.

As for the OOC, probably within the day.
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