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I like it. It's refreshing. Simple. It has that MHA feel to it.

I stand by the others on this.

@LuckyBlackCat@Tenma Tendo@Heartfillia

Hey. I'll keep it short and sweet (I am a blunt person, no harm intended);

Negative Point - Too young, but that's an easy fix.

Negative Point - Forgive me for this but I absolutely have to ask this one Question; Have you read the other characters before presenting you idea. I ask this because, as you know now, Freya is Cat's character which already have a Quirk called Feline about basically being a Cat, without the physical features.

Negative Point - Now I got two big issues with your idea in general. First of all, you basically have the same Quirk as Freya, which might be Okay in it of itself, but boosted up to eleven. On top of that, you wrote that you have all those gadgets that furthermore boost your character. Back to my first question; if you had read the other sheets, you'd notice that no one have Hero gear or very, very few. Except for villains. If you HAVE read them and still wrote your character with a number of gadgets on par with Batman, then it's almost insulting.

Suggestion - I feel like you couldn't decide between two different ideas; Cat Quirk and Gadgets intensive character. Those two things feel different, and it's just weird that you'd give both to one character. The Gadgets alone could be the sole idea to build one character around, making your Cat Quirk just an added bonus. Or vice Versa. Like many persons we refused, you tried to make him too versatile, being able to do too many things, instead of having one idea and building solely around it. This is what I feel.

I suggest you go back to the drawing board and find one idea to stick too. Hero Gear is fine, to a certain degree, but don't forget that apprentice heroes aren't supposed to even have the right to have it until they have a permit, so this is completely out of MHA's lore, too. I might allow you to keep one gadget, such as the Cane, if it's inherently part of your character's persona. Say, your character has Cat features and you want them to look like an English Gentleman. The rest of those gears are too much. The only hero that has gear that I can think of is Yuga Aoyama, and it's only one simple thing that pairs with his Quirk, and not an added power in it of itself.

Does this make sense?
~ Ogasawara, Hitomi ~

Now that took Hitomi by surprise. Asking how she felt? She should have done that years ago, she immediately thought...but it also reminded Hitomi that she once saw Seika as something else than the stuck up girl she seemed to be today. There was a time when they had fun together, trusted one another and would worry about the other's well being...

...but that was before Seika showed her just how much all of that didn't mean so much to her, considering how badly she treated Hitomi after that. All evening, it was as if encountering Seika made Hitomi forgot all of her own problems and dilemmas. It was easier to be angry at her old friend than to worry or be angry at herself - not that she'd notice any of that.

"Since when do you care." were the first words she said all evening, as she slowly stood back up, her eyes finally meeting those of Seika's. They were cold, nothing like the Hitomi Seika knew before; Hitomi used to be full of life, full of joy - making jokes all the time and finding fulfillment in making others laugh and be happy. She seemed so sure of herself.

None of that was left in either Hitomi's voice or her stare, which seemed like it would pierce right through Seika's defense. She did her best to retain her composure, but the smallest of details on her face betrayed her; the tips of her lips, her eyes and such. She bore anger, resentment. It was childish, maybe, but it was there and it burned...and probably never stopped burning for the last few years.

"...You're--" but she was stopped mid sentence as the Manager walked in, surprised to see the mess Seika was cleaning up. "What happened here?" said the manager, more confused than angry. He may not have been used to this, considering Seika's more than exemplary work's performances.

Hitomi looked down, her hair covering her eyes as she walked to her things, grabbed them quick and headed for the door. As she did so, and as she opened it, she just stated; "I don't feel so good tonight. Sorry for the mess! I have to run." and got out in the pouring rain without a umbrella.

The manager and Seika were left to themselves. He scratched his head while letting out a deep sigh "Well...and we've been searching for someone for so long, too. Hey, Seika, what do you think...Should I keep her or search for someone else? What did you think after working all evening with her?"

One thing was certain, though. The manager may have missed it - and maybe Seika did, too - but in that last word Hitomi said before being interrupted; it was full of spite.

Erika Sommer VS Yi Helme

Yi looked slightly disapointed when Maple king pointed at him and said he couldn't be alone. But nothing was said other than that, not even when he said he didn't catch his name. He was then paired with Erika. studying her as she walked, He noted her laziness in her walk, could be she was truely lazy. But Yi learned long ago not to judge a person how they appear/ carry themselves. It could be a side effect from her own quirk, or a ploy to lower his guard...or that she was just lazy.

He simply rested his bo-staff on the ground behind him. He only armed himself as he was planning on fighting multiple people. But one on one, as the Maple then stated, he didn't want to have an upperhand. As she turned back towards him and eyed him. She didn't make a move towards him, to which he sighed. He would have preferred for them to make the first move as he liked to watch before acting.

So he decided to move towards her, taking no offensive stance. As if he was walking through the park. When he was close enough he suddenly sprang forward with suprising speed aiming quick jab to the left cheek with the back of his left hand.

By the time her opponent made it in front of her, Erika had her arms crossed, keeping the same bored expression. It actually wasn't so much a bored look as it was an uninterested, impolite way of looking at people, actually. His sudden burst of speed was impressive, but not surprising enough - he did look exactly like the close quarter combat type. His hit never landed, though, as something seemed to have stopped the hit. At the same time, Erika took a few steps back quicker than her usual pace, but still not 'battle fast' .

What stopped the hit was a shadow mass tendril thing that seemed to have sprouted out of nothing. That thing blocking the hit, Erika stepping back and her counter attack all happened in a very short amount of time, mind you, meaning that she at least wasn't just boasting. She had good control of her Quirk, whatever it was. Right in front of her, at her feet, two growing black spots seemed to grow on the ground until two balls of what could only be described as shadow came floating in front of her. She raised both her hands, the balls levitating around her arms.

"Momo stole the spotlight already for any kind of war cry like 'Hey, dodge this!...' or whatever." she sighed "She always steals the spotlight, but whatever. Catch this." One of the two ball suddenly sprung into action and headed straight for the opponent

Yi's eyes opened slightly as his fist was stopped by mist tendril. With an inquisive look, as if he was more interested than annoyed that his attack didn't hit. Yi didn't move when Erika took a few steps back, his eyes never leaving her as he remained focused on her. He shifted only slightly when two balls of shadow rose from the ground, only to prepare himself for the next logical attack.

Erika then went on to say the other girl always steals the spotlight, to which he raised an eyebrow. She then changed up the 'phrase' and sent one of the balls towards him. He twisted slightly, and raised his right arm to bat away the ball just enough to deflect it away from his body. "Why must one yell a 'warcry'? It is a foolish thing. You are litterally giving your opponent notice that you're about to do something."His voice was calm and inquisitive as he quickly moved forward, realizing this ball that he batted away could come back he would take this moment to push her back.

He then attacked her with two punches, first aimed to her face and the second towards her belly. If blocked or hit, it didn't mattter, he would then continue with a swift twist, lifting his right leg and aiming his knee for her side.

Right as Yi was charging her, Erika moved with speed she didn't display up until now; the remaining floating ball went above her head and both her hands joined up inside of it, only to back down in a fighting stance, the shadowy ball seemingly split in two now having 'enhanced' her hands. "I know!" she yelled at no one before managing to dodge the head hit. She blocked the stomahc's hit with both her hands - and surprising strength. Yi would noticed that not only was her block stronger than she should be, but the energy wrapping her hands felt something. It was...heavy, thick.

Despite her best efforts though, Erika failed to notice her opponent's incoming third attack. "Damnit-- !" she spit as she took the hit, jumping away yet again. This time however, the aura spread a bit around her. It took the form of a pinkish semi-transparent mist. "Wow! He's fast AND strong - isn't that totally amazing?!" said a loud voice coking from Erika's location. Erika's eyes rolled to that statement as she mumbled something along the lines of 'Annoying'.

"...Yeah, he's faster than I thought, but doesn't look that smart. Gosh, such a pain...Come on, let's finish this now, Lee. Or whatever your name is..."

With an impressive lack of motivation, Erika raised her arm and a misty tendril launched forth from the mist's mass to to go straight for Yi. It came from the left, hopefully forcing him right - where another tendril was launched along the floor as to be harder to spot. Her hope was to get him in a pincer attack.

Yi only smiled when she managed to block his first two attacks. She was very quick to be able to actually catch those punches. Alot faster than he first saw. She was clearly stronger as well as he could feel her hands did not budge at his attack. Was this because of the quirk covering her hands? Possibly, it did feel thick and heavy, perhaps absorbing the impact of them. Though it could clearly be she was just already enhanced with out it, only using it to cover that fact.

While she jumped back, he moved back as well...hopping a few steps back on the balls of his feet. Suddenly another voice appeared out of nowhere. Completely opposite of the girl who stood infront of him. At first he thought it might be Momo, but it clearly came from Erika's direction. She spoke to the voice and attacked lazily once again. He found it odd she would move so slowly in this attack. He realized her first ball that he dodged hadn't come back. It must be what she was planning! He jumped to the right flatting out his body horizontally and corkscrewed, looking back back to see if the ball was coming towards him. He didn't see it.

Cursing under his breath he landed, lookingforwad just to see another tendril coming towards him, and knocking his feet out from under him. He grunted as he twisted again, using the momentum of his feet now knocked behind him to use in a somersalt roll towards Erika. A smirk on his face, as he wasn't at all irritated she outsmarted him. It only spurred him on to try even harder.

As he rolled to his feet. He sprang forward even more launching a punch for her face with is right hand. However he aimed just left of her face, not wanting to even punch her. He stiffened his arm to prepare for a swiping block if she did. His true goal was to get his left leg behind her own, then to grab her shoulder with his arm that he 'missed with' and push her to her left, using his leg to trip her. Leaving his body open but prepared for any body hits befor then.

The smirk on her opponent's face removed any smile from Erika's.

"Damnit." she thought when Yi was backing off for a moment. "This guy feels nothing... no anger when he got hit or outsmarted. So damn annoying...

"Eyes up, here he comes!" The voice answered out loud to her thoughts. She would be annoyed, but he was right - Yi was on the offense again. She evaded the first punch with ease...or so she thought. Before she could get back to safety or say any witty comment, she spotted his leg going behind hers and it was too late to block it; she's been feinted. "Ahh!"

Her body tipped over and, with the force of Yi's push, hit the ground with a great thud.

Yi's body seemed to be joined with Erika's as he twisted with her and fell to his left knee. His calf and thigh pinning Erika's leg between them as he followed up with a left handed Jab aimed at the girl's temple. Erika raised her hands mid punch. "Stop!" Erika spat just before Yi's fist stopped a mere inch from her left temple. "I forfeit, alright? You win...". He held it there for only a moment before allowing his soft smile to come up again. He stood up, twisting as he did to unlock her leg. I appreciate the match. He said calmly as he bowed his head to her in respect.

He then offered a hand to the girl, wanting to help her up. I admit you tricked me with the first ball you sent and never used again. I thought for sure you were going to bring it back at that moment."

Erika looked up and crisped internally at Yi's smile, looking away and denying his help. However, the pinkish mist - which earlier felt as if it was tangible - actually grabbed it. The mist was still lingering around Erika, kind of like an aura that englobed her body and anything close to it; which included Yi's outstreched hand. It felt as if the mist suddenly tightened around his hand and, gradually, a form started appearing. From Yi's hand going upwards, the mist took the form of what looked like a torso with two arms, the rough shape of a head area with two bigs eyes and a wide smile. The entity looked like something out of a halloween decoration store, kind of like one of those ghosts with those pointy teeth - but pink in colour. It was floating above Erika, she ebing where it's legs would be.

Happy Dusk, the name of Erika'sq quirk, shook Yi's vigorously with both of it's hands. "Nice battle, mister no-smile. You truly fight with guile! Pow, Bing and ding, you gave her a good whopping, Hahaha!" The entity bursted out laughing, finally letting go of Yi's hand and mimicking as if it was holding it's non-existent stomach.

Erika quickly stood back, cursing at the pink cloud and waving both her arms around as if trying to disperse smoke. "That's enough! Ok, leave now, please!" Happy Dusk looked around some more before it'S face disappeared back into the mist, then the mist dispersed entirely as Erika turned off her Quirk and turned to Yi, visibly bothered. "You didn't even use a quirk to defeat me, did you? Geez...You really were a pain from start to finish. Next time, though, we'll see if you can pull it off again." she said before walking back towards her friend Alex and their teacher.
@Nate1008 Hey ! It's not dead, but we did hit a slow patch for a bit hehe - but it's picking up.

Wait for @LuckyBlackCat's answer before to be sure, but I think we were about to look for one or two persons.
~ Ogasawara, Hitomi ~

Seika's comments were either met by a deep sigh from Hitomi or by almost complete silence. At this point it was clear that it was obstinate silence. Frankly, it was childish at best...and Hitomi was well aware, but the part of her that felt bad about it was dominated by her resentment at her old friend.

Still despite all she seemed to be following instructions, even if she was a bit clumsy. She smiled at customers and did her best to sound cheerful - but it was painfully obvious she was forcing herself. By the time Seika came to hand Hitomi a tray, she was blatantly sat at one of the table right near the employee's space, looking bored and waiting for the time to go by. She gave a deep sigh when she stood up, rolling her eyes at Seika's advice and taking the tray, turned around and slipped on the floor, throwing the lemonade upwards while she came plummeting to the ground.

The scene was preceded by about a second of clam during which Hitomi was struck by a moment of saving grace, quickly crawling her way backward right as the glasses and liquid came back down.

Right on Seika.

Hitomi stood up - it was silence for a moment, but then... a smile made it's way, for the first time of the evening and quite possibly a long while, on her lips. And she couldn't keep herself from giggling out loud, almost full out laughter. During which the last customers, smiling, decided it was time to leave and left money on the table, exiting with a 'Good Evening...and good luck!'
~ Ogasawara, Hitomi ~

For a second there, Hitomi thought she had stumbled upon her old childhood friend, Seika. She remembered her cheerfulness and her smiles. There was a time when they were inseparable, even. Hitomi remember that time - but the person in front of her turned out not to be that Seika. It was made clear when the momentary surprise disappeared and Seika's face relaxed back into coldness.

In answer to this, Hitomi's face crisped a bit, clearly uncomfortable. She wasn't nowhere as good as Seika at controlling herself, so she turned to the only form of defense her lack of discipline allowed her to have; turn away and stare at the oh so interesting wall. Seika would notice that she, in fact, didn't really meet Hitomi's gaze. Nor did she really hear her speak apart from low mumbles of understandings when Seika would explain to her how the till worked, or the coffee machines or anything else in the Cafe.

She made mistakes; spilled coffee on the table when serving customers, was a bit slow, mumbles more than talk and often dozed off staring outside the window. Things that could easily be blamed on this being her first day, although Seika might blame it on something else. The evening was awkward, to say the least - rendered even more so by Hitomi's stubbornness not to say anything to Seika.

Closing time was fast approaching by now, and only one table of two customers were left, sitting by the window's table. Hitomi's eyed her things, waiting for the first opportunity to grab them and dash out of the Cafe.
~ Ogasawara, Hitomi ~

Somewhere in one of the many Osaka's park was sitting a young girl with black hair. She was looking down at her phone, earbuds plugged in, listening to music. A seemingly usual sight, but that intent with which she stared down her phone betrayed something else; Apprehension.

Maybe Fear - maybe both? A few drops of rain landing straight on the cellphone's screen was the only thing that made her wake up from her virtual torpor. "Of course..." she said, getting up with a sigh as she began to make her way out of the park and down the street.

She still carried with her her school bag, full of books, among other things. Hitomi didn't bother going back at her apartment. Truth was, her rent was overdue. Every time she'd walk through the doors she'd try to make a dash for the stairs, but there was always a risk of being stopped by the landlord, Nagamasa Chiyo. Some old lady who was as sweet as can be - but it only made it worst. She didn't push Hitomi, she didn't threaten her. The conversation always happened the same way;

"Oh!" said a shaky, welcoming voice "Osawara-san, welcome back. How was school?" she would say, boasting a wide and honest smile. At that point, Hitomi would stop dead in her tracks, one foot usually on the second or third step of the stairs and, holding back her sigh, she'd put on a smile and slowly pivot towards the lady.

After an exchange of small talk, lady Nagamasa would ask if she had the money today, to which Hitomi would answer that she was still searching for a job...and each times, everytimes lady Chiyo would just nod it off, saying something like 'Oh well, focus on school, that's what's important.' or some such.

It was far worse than threats, because it made Hitomi feel so bad that she couldn't pay such a sweet lady. So, she avoided her. Which made her feel worse... Shaking her head, Hitomi burst into a building, closing the door behind her, with a sound of it's bell that signified someone entered the cafe. The rain had just started to pour quite a lot more, and she had no umbrella. Luckily, she had reached her destination before the worst part.

She felt the eyes of the customers on her, which made her feel incredibly insecure. Surely she looked like a mess. Some clumsy girl who got caught by the rain...
Still, she made her way through the Cafe - after removing her shoes - not even realizing she used the customer's door. She hesitated a few seconds before entering the back store. Hell, she almost walked right back out of the building, and it wouldn't have been the first time. Although, she really needed this job...and the place looked really nice, and not too busy. It was too perfect to stress out now.

Finally entering, she immediately bowed down, apologizing for her last minute arrival.

"Please forgive me for being so last minute!" Standing back up, her eyes fell on the Manager first. The man, she recognized as the one that passed her in interview. The girl, though, she never seen before. Or...did she? It took a few seconds, but upon realization, Hitomi's eyes widened - and this despite her usual self restrain when it came to expressing emotions externally.

"...Seika-chan...?" she didn't even realize she just used her long, lost childhood's friend surname.

Ogasawara, Hitomi



  • Sweets
  • Being 'in her things'
  • Music
  • Drawing


  • Noisy Places
  • Crowds
  • People in her Bubble
  • Outdoors (Wilds)

Has originally studied in Arts and Music. Now goes at University in Sound Development. Wants to create musics and sounds for Video Games.


Lives in a cheap appartment complex mostly rented and used by students. The building shows it's years and the price is a bit more than the University dormitory, but at least this way Hitomi has her own place. Even if it's still pretty small. Basically, a one large-ish room with a bathroom. Half of it is filled with her bed, a TV and some game consoles. The other is filled by the kitchen and it's appliances.

"Haha!" loudly laughed the teacher, arms still crossed on his massive chest. "Now that's the spirit of a hero in training! Battle might not be the go-to solution - but training's always handy!" Taking a step forward, he dropped his hand on Gabby's shoulder as he said this, loving hers and Momo's attitudes.

With Freya and Renard gone, it still left one too many person. "Hmph..." Lost in thought, Maple King was brought back by a small person pulling on his arm to get his attention. The small girl couldn't be more than 5'2, at most. Long and frizzy blond hair falling mid back along with a band-aid on her nose bridge and other few scrapes and bruises spoke tons to her personality; a bit shy and very clumsy. "Teach'...if it's nothing, I'll stay out of today's training." she said, one hand holding her arm behind her back, uncertainty in her voice and shaky smile.

If Maple King minded, it sure didn't show one bit as his next move was to land his massive, furry hand on the girl's head with an exclamation of approvement "Ah! Always the fair player you are, Alex. So be it! You there..." he said, pointing at Yi who was coming back with a staff "...Sorry, I think I've missed your names. Although for sure you can't be alone, so you'll team with Erika. It's decided !"

Gabby would be teamed with Momo
Kerianne and Breeze would be another team.
Yi was put with Erika, only...

"Alright, here's the training. Every pair will...face one another in duel! Ah! The Gym is large enough for three duels to be held at the same time. Let's make it quick, but give it your all!"

"Alright!" yelled Momo, as she ran a bit to distance herself from the others before planting her feet firmly on the ground, looking at Gabby with a big smile. "Let's dance!"

Erika, as for her, sighed. She was more than just a bit annoyed that Alex stepped out, but it was what it was. Slowly, she also made her way a bit further in a lazy manner before turning to look at Yi. Out of all of them, she had to fight this guy...
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