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@floodtalon Alright, good enough for me. Accepted.

As Windel said, this completes the Roster.

Mila remembered the natural feeling of excitement - and missed it. She could detect it in her fellow team members, and it was enough to simulate it in her own demeanor once the transport brought them at landing destination. When it was her turn to drop to the ground, Mila approached the exit door and...clasping her rappel hook on the rope, she rappelled down just like they had trained to do. The heavy wind and rain made it a lot harder to do, but the equipment held on. She finally landed alongside the others with a heavy thud, grabbed Iron Saga from her back and got into formation, if formation there was.

Her entrance was less flashy than others...but there was protocol to respect, which Mila followed to the letter. All the Linkers available were present, including Subaru, which meant there was little to no reason for Mila to scan anything... but probabilities dictated that even if the percentage of chances any enemies bypassed the others scanners was low, it was best to be at the ready. Thus, she scanned the landing zone for anything others might miss.

Her team was left in charge - which meant Subaru was left as the leader of this mission. Thus, the frail Linker was rendered top priority asset in Mila's programming. Closely followed by other team members, Linkers first, then the missions rescue targets as they would find them.
Since some players have gone either missing or left the RP outright, we find ourselves able to accept two new players instead of just one, as the final members (for now) or this RP.

That being said:

@Krytavius Same as my two Co-GMs said ! I personally like the idea of the Quirk, but in a MHA setting I didn't see quite a lot of Mental Quirks. And as Windel said, this particular one would require almost constant OOC discussion to use against others. If you want to rely on Hand to Hand mostly, as you said, wouldn't it make more sense to pick a Quirk that goes towards that? otherwise you'll be left at a disadvantage.

@Heartfillia Love it. We already discussed it on Discord, and it seems to fall within that so I see no problem with it.

@floodtalon Another High temperature Quirk. I personally don't see anything wrong in it myself... Since she uses pieces of her bodies, like dead skin as you mentioned, it's safe to assume she doesn't have to wait to accumulate it, but can instead voluntarily 'create' it? As in, forces it off of herself, and regenerate it a bit faster, perhaps? This might be me just going wayyy too deep into this.

Villains Hideout

Nothing much about the masked villain moved except for her eyes when the others began entering the room. She met every questions with a simple and cold stare, waiting for everyone to be gathered. When that was finally the case, the purple haired apparent leader stood up and looked over everyone, her gaze landing lastly on Jack the Ripper behind her, lingering for a second more before moving.

"I am not impressed." she said as she slowly made her way to Ryan's place, taking the sheet from his hands as well as gathering the rest from the table, or anyone, having them before walking back to the tip of the table, laying them down neatly in a pile before her. Her mask had some electronic voice enhancer built into it, meaning that her voice was mostly unimpaired by the device - also meaning that this was no aesthetic device.

"You were all invited for your potential, so keep that in mind and leave any childish attitude and/or uselessly large ego out the door." Noxious tone was serious, commanding. Her eyes betrayed no traces of doubt, and the lack of half her face made it really hard to translate any emotions accurately.

"You all hate hero society for one reason or another. You all know that the League Of Villain's main goal is to destroy the symbol of peace. However... All Might left the country. He also left behind an echo of his twisted ideals; U.S.J.
A bastion of hypocrisy, bent on teaching a new generation of blinded and delusional youth. All Might's academy is led by an equally disgusting acquaintance of his; Enterprise."

As she spoke, the monitors displayed images of the academy including plans of the building and all sort of information such as accepted students and staff. An image of the Principle also appeared on screen. Among other things, she had been known for knowing the number one hero. These days, she was mostly known for being the leader of U.S.J, the country's most prestigious hero Academy. "Our goal is twofold; to destroy U.S.J utterly, one way or another and dispose of Enterprise. In doing so, All Might's stain will be removed from our Society...while we wait for him to disappear forever."

The monitors closed for now as Noxious turned back to her guests.
"An assault on the Academy would be foolish. As such, we will have agents on the inside. As for we."
She took another document that was on the console and threw in the middle of the table. It's content spilled across, revealing maps and plans of what looked like a high security building. A manufacture, actually. Hero's Gear manufacture.

"...we have other things to attend to first. Now; Questions?"
@Nyahahameha Also Fine ! Post up in the Character Tab and I'll update it.
That decision is backed up by all GMs after a discussion. I'll add a part in the OOC that says people need to be familiar with MHA before joining, as in having watched the anime or read the actual Manga.

Characters concepts are no good and would not fit the RP. We're going to have to refuse you for this one.

1. Well discharging it for punches and kicks is the primary reason for the whole quirk. Be honestly worthless without it. I can take out using it for far range attacks tho. Discharging in an explosive manner makes sense as in loss of.

I don't see why it would be worthless, but I get that you wanted kind of a melee hero that strikes with Lightning enhanced attacks. However, simply having electricity in your fists or kicks don't make them stronger, it take makes them a taser. If by "enhance" you meant exactly that, then no issue. If you also meant to upgrade the strength of, then the explanation of the Quirk is lacking. Regardless, it makes more sense if he learns to control it rather than start controlling it.

2. Never had the idea for him having an actual turbine on his body. Just another way his body processes air. As said power wouldnt work with an actual turbine on his body cause clothes.

If his body process air, then it's a mutation within a regular human body, agree? Because no one else can. Therefore, his Quirk is a Mutation type. If it was an emitter, he's just spew out electricity. Since it's a Mutation, there need to be an explanation as to how to body does it if he has no actual an easily identifiable way to show it. Noxious, the villain's leader, has Poisonous skin - although I didn't put it on the sheet, there's a biological reason for it. See what I mean? It's lacking in explanation. I need to know how it process the air, or at least how it transforms it into electricity.

3. Idk if im okay with Kaminari weakness of short circuiting the brain. Cause well powers arent the same technically. Prefer the weakness I placed.

It was an example from KoL.

Although I also think his drawback is too little to what potential he would have. Empowered melee attack, powerful AoE, Ranged attack versus limited energy. You go on about long lasting battles, but in MHA battles tend to be quite short compared to other stories of the same type. I'm ready to accept it, maybe, but under a watchful eye.
@Kal-El Power is Ok with me, although I also agree that the Quirk feels more like Mutation than Emitter. The physical alterations don't need to be major. Something like Iida's engines can work fine, but I,d expect some fort of Turbines or something somewhere on his body.

@Weird Tales Accepted for me as well. Watch the mistakes, though. Take it from someone who also makes a bit too much. ^^''

@Spike Accepted, too. Watch the rust. :3
@Spike I'll say the same thing as Windel about efforts. x) Quality over Quantity, as I said in the first OOC post, so I don't look at size much. Anyway, moving on.

Super Strength was a problem for me, but you seem to have edited it and now it's minor. So it's okay.

As for the weapon, I personally don't need to know where it came from or how he got it to eventually accept it, but it's true that it seems a bit random with he general theme. If he have a love-hate relationship with his Shark theme, you might want to write that down somewhere on his sheet. P.S; For a Shark, I would have imagined a Hammer as Weapon. Or a Saw. Or a Chainsaw. Because Hammerheads and Sawsharks. i know you wanted the Scissor theme, and I don't mind that you keep it if you can find a way to make the Scissors more relevant to the character.
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