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~ Ogasawara, Hitomi ~

Seika's comments were either met by a deep sigh from Hitomi or by almost complete silence. At this point it was clear that it was obstinate silence. Frankly, it was childish at best...and Hitomi was well aware, but the part of her that felt bad about it was dominated by her resentment at her old friend.

Still despite all she seemed to be following instructions, even if she was a bit clumsy. She smiled at customers and did her best to sound cheerful - but it was painfully obvious she was forcing herself. By the time Seika came to hand Hitomi a tray, she was blatantly sat at one of the table right near the employee's space, looking bored and waiting for the time to go by. She gave a deep sigh when she stood up, rolling her eyes at Seika's advice and taking the tray, turned around and slipped on the floor, throwing the lemonade upwards while she came plummeting to the ground.

The scene was preceded by about a second of clam during which Hitomi was struck by a moment of saving grace, quickly crawling her way backward right as the glasses and liquid came back down.

Right on Seika.

Hitomi stood up - it was silence for a moment, but then... a smile made it's way, for the first time of the evening and quite possibly a long while, on her lips. And she couldn't keep herself from giggling out loud, almost full out laughter. During which the last customers, smiling, decided it was time to leave and left money on the table, exiting with a 'Good Evening...and good luck!'
~ Ogasawara, Hitomi ~

For a second there, Hitomi thought she had stumbled upon her old childhood friend, Seika. She remembered her cheerfulness and her smiles. There was a time when they were inseparable, even. Hitomi remember that time - but the person in front of her turned out not to be that Seika. It was made clear when the momentary surprise disappeared and Seika's face relaxed back into coldness.

In answer to this, Hitomi's face crisped a bit, clearly uncomfortable. She wasn't nowhere as good as Seika at controlling herself, so she turned to the only form of defense her lack of discipline allowed her to have; turn away and stare at the oh so interesting wall. Seika would notice that she, in fact, didn't really meet Hitomi's gaze. Nor did she really hear her speak apart from low mumbles of understandings when Seika would explain to her how the till worked, or the coffee machines or anything else in the Cafe.

She made mistakes; spilled coffee on the table when serving customers, was a bit slow, mumbles more than talk and often dozed off staring outside the window. Things that could easily be blamed on this being her first day, although Seika might blame it on something else. The evening was awkward, to say the least - rendered even more so by Hitomi's stubbornness not to say anything to Seika.

Closing time was fast approaching by now, and only one table of two customers were left, sitting by the window's table. Hitomi's eyed her things, waiting for the first opportunity to grab them and dash out of the Cafe.
~ Ogasawara, Hitomi ~

Somewhere in one of the many Osaka's park was sitting a young girl with black hair. She was looking down at her phone, earbuds plugged in, listening to music. A seemingly usual sight, but that intent with which she stared down her phone betrayed something else; Apprehension.

Maybe Fear - maybe both? A few drops of rain landing straight on the cellphone's screen was the only thing that made her wake up from her virtual torpor. "Of course..." she said, getting up with a sigh as she began to make her way out of the park and down the street.

She still carried with her her school bag, full of books, among other things. Hitomi didn't bother going back at her apartment. Truth was, her rent was overdue. Every time she'd walk through the doors she'd try to make a dash for the stairs, but there was always a risk of being stopped by the landlord, Nagamasa Chiyo. Some old lady who was as sweet as can be - but it only made it worst. She didn't push Hitomi, she didn't threaten her. The conversation always happened the same way;

"Oh!" said a shaky, welcoming voice "Osawara-san, welcome back. How was school?" she would say, boasting a wide and honest smile. At that point, Hitomi would stop dead in her tracks, one foot usually on the second or third step of the stairs and, holding back her sigh, she'd put on a smile and slowly pivot towards the lady.

After an exchange of small talk, lady Nagamasa would ask if she had the money today, to which Hitomi would answer that she was still searching for a job...and each times, everytimes lady Chiyo would just nod it off, saying something like 'Oh well, focus on school, that's what's important.' or some such.

It was far worse than threats, because it made Hitomi feel so bad that she couldn't pay such a sweet lady. So, she avoided her. Which made her feel worse... Shaking her head, Hitomi burst into a building, closing the door behind her, with a sound of it's bell that signified someone entered the cafe. The rain had just started to pour quite a lot more, and she had no umbrella. Luckily, she had reached her destination before the worst part.

She felt the eyes of the customers on her, which made her feel incredibly insecure. Surely she looked like a mess. Some clumsy girl who got caught by the rain...
Still, she made her way through the Cafe - after removing her shoes - not even realizing she used the customer's door. She hesitated a few seconds before entering the back store. Hell, she almost walked right back out of the building, and it wouldn't have been the first time. Although, she really needed this job...and the place looked really nice, and not too busy. It was too perfect to stress out now.

Finally entering, she immediately bowed down, apologizing for her last minute arrival.

"Please forgive me for being so last minute!" Standing back up, her eyes fell on the Manager first. The man, she recognized as the one that passed her in interview. The girl, though, she never seen before. Or...did she? It took a few seconds, but upon realization, Hitomi's eyes widened - and this despite her usual self restrain when it came to expressing emotions externally.

"...Seika-chan...?" she didn't even realize she just used her long, lost childhood's friend surname.

Ogasawara, Hitomi



  • Sweets
  • Being 'in her things'
  • Music
  • Drawing


  • Noisy Places
  • Crowds
  • People in her Bubble
  • Outdoors (Wilds)

Has originally studied in Arts and Music. Now goes at University in Sound Development. Wants to create musics and sounds for Video Games.


Lives in a cheap appartment complex mostly rented and used by students. The building shows it's years and the price is a bit more than the University dormitory, but at least this way Hitomi has her own place. Even if it's still pretty small. Basically, a one large-ish room with a bathroom. Half of it is filled with her bed, a TV and some game consoles. The other is filled by the kitchen and it's appliances.

"Haha!" loudly laughed the teacher, arms still crossed on his massive chest. "Now that's the spirit of a hero in training! Battle might not be the go-to solution - but training's always handy!" Taking a step forward, he dropped his hand on Gabby's shoulder as he said this, loving hers and Momo's attitudes.

With Freya and Renard gone, it still left one too many person. "Hmph..." Lost in thought, Maple King was brought back by a small person pulling on his arm to get his attention. The small girl couldn't be more than 5'2, at most. Long and frizzy blond hair falling mid back along with a band-aid on her nose bridge and other few scrapes and bruises spoke tons to her personality; a bit shy and very clumsy. "Teach'...if it's nothing, I'll stay out of today's training." she said, one hand holding her arm behind her back, uncertainty in her voice and shaky smile.

If Maple King minded, it sure didn't show one bit as his next move was to land his massive, furry hand on the girl's head with an exclamation of approvement "Ah! Always the fair player you are, Alex. So be it! You there..." he said, pointing at Yi who was coming back with a staff "...Sorry, I think I've missed your names. Although for sure you can't be alone, so you'll team with Erika. It's decided !"

Gabby would be teamed with Momo
Kerianne and Breeze would be another team.
Yi was put with Erika, only...

"Alright, here's the training. Every pair will...face one another in duel! Ah! The Gym is large enough for three duels to be held at the same time. Let's make it quick, but give it your all!"

"Alright!" yelled Momo, as she ran a bit to distance herself from the others before planting her feet firmly on the ground, looking at Gabby with a big smile. "Let's dance!"

Erika, as for her, sighed. She was more than just a bit annoyed that Alex stepped out, but it was what it was. Slowly, she also made her way a bit further in a lazy manner before turning to look at Yi. Out of all of them, she had to fight this guy...
@pkken Sorry for the long answer. Got busy & distracted.

If you are still interested, I'd be inclined to accept this CS. Just gotta wait for @LuckyBlackCat

"You figured wrong." Noxious said, cutting any chit chat short. She, for one, was fully aware of all of their Quirks as they were recommended to her to be part of the team. Although she cared nothing for guessing games, she still remained silent - maybe because she didn't want to outright spoil this newcomer's fun straight away, remembering how bad she made a first impression...but probably more due to the fact that she didn't care enough to say anything more on the subject.

In the end, it didn't matter as Seith played her game. Noxious sighed and waved it off, continuing on talking. "As you guys have guessed, these here are your new friends. And this..." she said as she pointed once more to the screen as it displayed an accurate map of a part of the city with a big circle around one particular junction " where you'll stop the prison convoy. Free Animus, any other villains and whatever gets out of that truck will be diversion, at best. Once Animus is back in action, we'll kick things in second gear. The Helicopter is waiting for you on the roof. They will take you straight to the location where you'll wait for the truck. "

As she said this, Noxious closed the computers and everything and began walking out of the room. "Ah yeah. Before I forget - Anarchy Red, you're team leader on this one. I know you guys don't exactly stick to plans, but for what it's worth I figure it's best to have one. Don't forget - you'll be paid as you get back. For the previous job and for this one, plus extra. That's in case loyalty and the promise of an equal society isn't enough motivation for you." With these last words, Noxious took her leave once more, playing her cold, silent act.

Back at the School's Gym, there was a very short lived silence as Momo stared, surprised, at Gabriella's copy cat move. Then, progressively, life came back to her face as her lips and eyes went from surprise to happy in the blink of an eye.

"Wow! That's the Spirit! Erika, you see that? Those guys are cool !" To which comment Erika simply rolled her eyes and sighed, seemingly tired, before speaking up;

"Yeah, Momo, we know - you say that about everything that so much as looks at you funny." Then, she fell silent as this guy spoke up. Yi, the other one called him? Erika listened to him in silence, each seconds of which she looked ever so more tired. "Alright, alright" she said at the end of his speech "We are heroes and all that, I get it. So - you still want to train? Because I am all out for getting to know you all better." she looked at them one after another before adding

"Six of you, three of us - doesn't exactly seems fair, even if we probably are better." she said, crossing her arms and raising her shoulders as if ti was a fact. All the while, her more quiet friend looked nervously at them and the members of Class A, back and forth. "Tell you what - we probably can take four or fi--"

"What's this?!" the voice that cut Erika short was powerful and deep and, yet again, coming form the Gym's entrance. Almost exactly like it had happened before, someone else had made their way into the Gym - only this time this person was a beast of a man, quite literally, as he was nearly sever feet tall with shoulders and muscles to match and...a Moose head.

The man walked closer to the gathered student before crossing his enormous arms together, looking down on them with a disapproving look as he exhaled air from his nostrils as if venting his frustration. Maple King - for that was his Hero Name - was the teacher of Class C, and Momo, Erika and their friend's home room teacher. Mostly, he addressed them, but he message also went out to those of Class A.
"Picking fights on the School's grounds again, are you? Training is one thing, but I know you three - and especially you, Erika. Sparring is one thing, but full on team fights without the supervision of a teacher is forbidden, as you all should know!"

"But...Sir ! You are here now. Don't you think we could use this practice? Beside, we already made friends. Look!" Said Momo as she jumped beside Gabriella, trying to pass her arm around the larger girl...but soon realizing it was impossible, she instead lifted Gabby's arm and dropped it on her own shoulder "See?!"

The Teacher didn't look impressed...but nonetheless stopped a second to think, then turned to Renard, Freya and everyone else. "Sorry, but is this true? I am Sorry that my students caused you troubles...but tell me; were you willing to practice? I am aware that Mr. Hayes gave you free practice until your next class, so there would be some time to spare..."

He bumped his chest with one of his fist, laughing "...and now that I am here, it falls perfectly under School's regulations. So what do you think?"


This, wearing/looking like this, looking maybe something like this, but more muscled. Last drawing being graciously offered by yours truly, @LuckyBlackCat

Hey ! ^^ Right now, we lack exactly one Hero. D:

@Heartfillia BTW your character is accepted. Did I say it already?
@January Got it.

My bad, I forgot this detail... Would you prefer it if I changed my Crown then? Or the whole power set. I feel kind of bad for forgetting that Ethereals weren't supposed to be all about offense. Also, as you said Pride already went with the all in kind of build... I might just rethink the whole concept...Hmm...
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