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"You figured wrong." Noxious said, cutting any chit chat short. She, for one, was fully aware of all of their Quirks as they were recommended to her to be part of the team. Although she cared nothing for guessing games, she still remained silent - maybe because she didn't want to outright spoil this newcomer's fun straight away, remembering how bad she made a first impression...but probably more due to the fact that she didn't care enough to say anything more on the subject.

In the end, it didn't matter as Seith played her game. Noxious sighed and waved it off, continuing on talking. "As you guys have guessed, these here are your new friends. And this..." she said as she pointed once more to the screen as it displayed an accurate map of a part of the city with a big circle around one particular junction " where you'll stop the prison convoy. Free Animus, any other villains and whatever gets out of that truck will be diversion, at best. Once Animus is back in action, we'll kick things in second gear. The Helicopter is waiting for you on the roof. They will take you straight to the location where you'll wait for the truck. "

As she said this, Noxious closed the computers and everything and began walking out of the room. "Ah yeah. Before I forget - Anarchy Red, you're team leader on this one. I know you guys don't exactly stick to plans, but for what it's worth I figure it's best to have one. Don't forget - you'll be paid as you get back. For the previous job and for this one, plus extra. That's in case loyalty and the promise of an equal society isn't enough motivation for you." With these last words, Noxious took her leave once more, playing her cold, silent act.

Back at the School's Gym, there was a very short lived silence as Momo stared, surprised, at Gabriella's copy cat move. Then, progressively, life came back to her face as her lips and eyes went from surprise to happy in the blink of an eye.

"Wow! That's the Spirit! Erika, you see that? Those guys are cool !" To which comment Erika simply rolled her eyes and sighed, seemingly tired, before speaking up;

"Yeah, Momo, we know - you say that about everything that so much as looks at you funny." Then, she fell silent as this guy spoke up. Yi, the other one called him? Erika listened to him in silence, each seconds of which she looked ever so more tired. "Alright, alright" she said at the end of his speech "We are heroes and all that, I get it. So - you still want to train? Because I am all out for getting to know you all better." she looked at them one after another before adding

"Six of you, three of us - doesn't exactly seems fair, even if we probably are better." she said, crossing her arms and raising her shoulders as if ti was a fact. All the while, her more quiet friend looked nervously at them and the members of Class A, back and forth. "Tell you what - we probably can take four or fi--"

"What's this?!" the voice that cut Erika short was powerful and deep and, yet again, coming form the Gym's entrance. Almost exactly like it had happened before, someone else had made their way into the Gym - only this time this person was a beast of a man, quite literally, as he was nearly sever feet tall with shoulders and muscles to match and...a Moose head.

The man walked closer to the gathered student before crossing his enormous arms together, looking down on them with a disapproving look as he exhaled air from his nostrils as if venting his frustration. Maple King - for that was his Hero Name - was the teacher of Class C, and Momo, Erika and their friend's home room teacher. Mostly, he addressed them, but he message also went out to those of Class A.
"Picking fights on the School's grounds again, are you? Training is one thing, but I know you three - and especially you, Erika. Sparring is one thing, but full on team fights without the supervision of a teacher is forbidden, as you all should know!"

"But...Sir ! You are here now. Don't you think we could use this practice? Beside, we already made friends. Look!" Said Momo as she jumped beside Gabriella, trying to pass her arm around the larger girl...but soon realizing it was impossible, she instead lifted Gabby's arm and dropped it on her own shoulder "See?!"

The Teacher didn't look impressed...but nonetheless stopped a second to think, then turned to Renard, Freya and everyone else. "Sorry, but is this true? I am Sorry that my students caused you troubles...but tell me; were you willing to practice? I am aware that Mr. Hayes gave you free practice until your next class, so there would be some time to spare..."

He bumped his chest with one of his fist, laughing "...and now that I am here, it falls perfectly under School's regulations. So what do you think?"


This, wearing/looking like this, looking maybe something like this, but more muscled. Last drawing being graciously offered by yours truly, @LuckyBlackCat

Hey ! ^^ Right now, we lack exactly one Hero. D:

@Heartfillia BTW your character is accepted. Did I say it already?
@January Got it.

My bad, I forgot this detail... Would you prefer it if I changed my Crown then? Or the whole power set. I feel kind of bad for forgetting that Ethereals weren't supposed to be all about offense. Also, as you said Pride already went with the all in kind of build... I might just rethink the whole concept...Hmm...
@January Hey ! Thanks. Also, Third Skill tweak confuses me a bit...Basically you are telling me to get rid of the AoE attack and make it a AoE Buff? Also, she takes more damage, or everyone affected does?
I still need to find Themes and maybe put some colours, but I wanted to give it a start and see if my 'all or nothing' kind of magic / attacks would be accepted? Hehe...

Hello !
Straight to the point; this looks amazing. That depth, those overwhelming information... I'd very much like to try and throw a character at this if you'd be interested to have me.

Crowns are handed down, if I understand things clearly? The 8 main ones mentioned are; Wrath, Joy, Fear, Madness, Disgust, Grief, Contempt and Pride? Of which roles are limited, but only Pride was chosen thus far?
@Aviaire To me this is fine. Wait for Cat's Ok though!

Kaori was unwrapping the protective bandages around her hands while others walked in - keeping her eyes away from them. It was only when Dean spoke up that their pseudo-leader looked up; "What he said." she simply said, pointing her head towards Sharkman. Other had yet to arrive, but it didn't matter for now. Things were simple enough to follow even if they missed the start of the conversation.

"Don't be so greedy. You'll find your pay as you come back. In case you forgot, we left here last time as a team of 6, not 4. Ripper's gone and transferred to a high security prison. However...we've had info on Sana. She's going to be transferred - Tonight. You guys will break her out before that happens."

Orders. Again. Strange it was that she would give no news and say absolutely nothing about the mission that had done 2 days ago. The facility was destroyed for sure - they had been talking about it for the last two days - but what about Enterprise?

"You won't do it alone. I'm not coming, but I've recruited some fresh blood to help you free Animus."

By the door leading in the gym, three silhouettes quickly passed right past Eira and Renard.

"Well, would you look at that !" launched an extremely cheerful voice belonging to a student with bright blue hair.

"Heroes! In the flesh...Hahah!" as she proclaimed this, she did a small 360 during which she made a 'Peace' sign towards Renard and Eira, winking at the boy.

"Don't look so special from up close..." said another of the three girl. This one was speaking with a lower tone of voice and was a direct contrast to the first one; where her friend was vibrant and colorful, she seemed lazy and wore darker tones. This was also true to their personality, it seemed. The girl had long, dark hair and it was hard to say if those horns on her head were part of her quirk, or just some strange fashion pieces.

In the middle of those stood a slightly smaller student. This one had long, blond hair and looked...pretty normal compared to her friends. She even looked quite shy and clumsy.
"Girls...let's be friendly now..." she said with her low and shy voice - those further away might not even have heard her at all. Students from another class. Whereas Mr. Hayes' students were from Class A, these students were from Class C.

"Friendly? I'm always friendly, silly! Don't you know me ~ ?" the blue-haired one said as she struck a pose with her two fingers making the side-peace sign beside her eyes - then she jumped forward to extend her arm to Gabby, who was closest. "I'm Momo !" she had strange contraptions around her wrists.

"Well, that's Momo for you..." said the taller, dark haired girl with a sigh. "I haven't come to make friends though - especially with this lot. I can feel the defeatism and negativity oozing out of you like..." she marked a pause during which her arms fell back to her sides, obviously not being able to finish this metaphor. "...Well, like something. I don't know why everyone talks of you... it's not like you did much, from what I heard, and you even lost a class member, isn't that right?"

"Erika!" said the shy girl as an immediate answer to those harsh words. "C'mon! Don't be like that...Let's just go, we can train another time...!" she said, trying to push her friend away - but ended up having Erika's hand on her forehead, keeping her away, arms flailing.

"Hey! They're here to train, right? And us too! Can't we just train together ~ ?"
@Nyahahameha Multiple problems here.

1. You say she bends more easily than others, but she also has bones yes? So it depends where and how much you meant. She couldn't twist as much as a snake, let's say.

2. How could she fly? This would mean some exterior force is pulling the strings upward, and I think that's what you meant? I don't know how to explain this said that the strings function like real muscles, but on the outside. I am sure you know that even if you tried, you cannot actually 'Pull' yourself in the air, so I do not know how those wires could? Who's 'pulling the strings' ? Re-read you, it's all good. So she attach the strings to things and pulls from those? Like Spider Man? xD

The rest looks fine, and those two points can probably be worked on to make them possible.

@Pudding OK. So.

Your Sample Post is a bit small and doesn't feel like a post, but you did say you were tired. I checked your profile, I see you're coming back from a 2 Years break.

I like your character design very much, though. I would be willing to accept you as our last Hero spot and give you a shot? Do you have Discord?
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