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Berserker of Red

Berserker moved from building to building, her surge forward was quick and without hesitation. There was no thought, only the target was in mind...

That store. The Candy Store.

It had caught Berserker's eye as she had been scanning the streets from a rooftop which she had previously been sulking on. The Ruler of this war had said things like 'No unnecessary casualties or damage' something like 'fight with honor'. Rules to keep the order of the war. There was no ill feelings towards Ruler. But to go against one's nature was not so easy a thing. Especially when one did not wish nor care to. Berserker was as they always were. If they saw a group of humans walking by... What they would do does not need to be said.

But again there is no ill will felt towards Ruler. Their wishes are kept somewhat in mind although mostly disregarded. Well, there is no need for Ruler to fret, Berserker has found their pray...


Hard candies are thrown into the mouth and broken by the teeth of Berserker. There is no savoring of the taste, they are consumed in a frustrated manner. Although fleeting, their taste is adored. A distraction, this seemed to be what this was. Well if that is the case. Berserker could be considered distracted.

Berserker made no effort to be polite about it, stands were knocked over, drawers taken out, sweets and chocolate and all sorts of sugary stuff strewn across the floor. Let the humans clean up the mess sometimes. Anyway all of those discarded treats that had been sampled were not really on Berserker's mind much right now.

She continued to chew away at the multicolored spheres. Gobstoppers, Jawbreakers, those were what the labels said. Well Berserker certainly felt no resistance as she scoffed them down.

But then...

There was one.

Only one left already. Berserker looked at it. She began to search the store to see if there was any others hiding around. There wasn't... There was plenty of other candies, but those did not interest her right now. She held a single red gobstopper in her fingers.

She sort of wanted to just eat it... But then there really would have been no more...

There was a thought. Caster...


Berserker moved from building to building in quick succession. A focused surge towards her destination. It did not take her long to arrive there at all. Good, for she did not feel patient tonight. Well since she was summoned she had not felt patient at all, not at all...

She entered the place that Caster had made his own. It seemed to be very low profile, a place of quiet and healing or something along those lines. Well without a regard for any of that Berserker trudged in holding up the red gobstopper once more between her fingers. She did not bother to make herself known until she was there right in the room with him. Well he probably knew she was there as soon as she stepped foot in the place.

"Caster. Make more of these?" A mix between a question and a demand spoken in simple words with a deadpan face. Perhaps there was a bit of a threat in there but then again... Even if they were on the same 'team' some might say her mere presence was always that of a threat...


Would definitely be interested in this!
Would be interested if spots are still open and you would have me.
Dragon-Slaying Saber

A small clearing, Outskirts

A voice called out, not with words but with song. A song that was not understood on the surface. But the heart of that song was understood. The song of a man who's life was so intertwined with death. A healer, a saviour from death. But also a killer, a bringer of death. His heart was good. 'On some level this man understands' is what came to mind. No matter who it was that called, an answer would have been received without a doubt. However, to have one such as this summon him. There was some relief in that alone.

A piercing flash of light signalled the agreement, and from within the circle Saber took form.

He saw his master for the first time. Unsmiling, he nodded.

"I am sorry master, I will properly introduce myself to you later if fate allows me to." Saber spoke with a voice full of sincerity, a voice of a kindhearted man who couldn't help to be disheartened by his own presence.

Saber moved swiftly in-between his master and the servant who had approached him so brazenly. With his own sword at the ready. Already his masters life was in danger. It might have been because you summoned me... Sorry master... No matter what he did, whether he was dead or alive, death would be caused by him. It appeared to be no different here. Well, that much was already known. As long as he could keep his master alive then maybe it would be worth it.

He saw that the servant had been pointing at his master with a sword of his own. Another Saber? Perhaps, there wasn't much to go off of as things were now. Battle itself should reveal more, if necessary.

"Your orders, master?"

Whether they leave or stand their ground, that was not up to him to decide.

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Tsumugi Matou

Matou Residence, Foreigner's District

The Matou Master closes their eyes in a relaxed manner as they are assaulted by the sudden light. Seems like the summoning worked well enough. Momentarily a hand was raised to provide a little more protection. Didn't want the risk of damaging them after all, but that worry was set aside the light quickly fled from the room. In some ways that was a bit more intense than she thought but in other ways relatively smooth.

Her eyes took a moment to readjust to the once again chamber of darkness. Ahh a light source might have actually been helpful for once, annoying. Well not all was bad about that, her eyes adjusted quicker than most would. Tsumugi now saw the servant that stepped forward from the circle. A young boy, a few years younger than herself she would guess. There was also a tail. And a pair of cat ears... There seemed to be something mischievous about him. Or perhaps mischievous was too tame... Malicious? No. Now it seemed to just be a cheerful young boy greeting a new friend. The cats I know would have scratched me by now, in that case so far so good.

"Oh, hi hi, Master~!" The boy, her servant spoke his first words to her with a playful wave. Seemingly enjoying himself.

Tsumugi nodded her head and gave a bit of a lazier wave in response although the intent of a friendly greeting was the same. "Hey there, pleasure to meet you." She was not well versed in greetings. So a textbook response should be fine no? Well chances are it didn't meant much one way or the other how she responded considering what was about to happen.

Her servant broke right through what one might call their 'personal bubble', while others might have been uncomfortable or awkward about it, Tsumugi just kind of stood there and let her servant do whatever it was he was doing. She did not mind watching him, it was quite curious after all. And it was doubtful he would mind her analysing him a little, after all that seemed to be what he was doing to her. She thought? That wasn't exactly clear to her. The sniffing was a little off putting. She was glad she had washed before the summoning.

"Ah, wait, hold on, I think I'm supposed to say something else, aren't I?" The boy stopped what he was doing and retreated, extending their proximity to a more reasonable degree. Tsumugi smiled pleasantly at him.

Her servant fell to a knee before her and said- "Archer, Parthenopeus. Just tell me who to kill, Master." That seemed to settle the contract, and also show her servants eagerness to participate in the war. Excellent.

Bark. Bark. the hounds barked at the top of staircase that led up into the manor.

Looks like someone has come to us. Just in time too. I wonder what they are up to...

"Of course," Archer continued before she had the chance to respond, well that might have been a little awkward on her part but she had a good explanation for that. Her servant stared into her eyes. "If you can keep up, that is."

Something along the lines of a sneer found its way to Tsumugi's lips, although it was not quite as blatant or rude as a usual sneer. She did not try to hide anything in her eyes. Let him have a good look and let him feel how he wants about it. Was the idea, no words were needed. In these eyes her servant would find a strong resolve to do just about anything. Maybe resolve was the wrong word actually. This human didn't seem to really care what it was they needed to do, they would do it without really thinking about it.

Bark. Bark. It was the dogs again. She hadn't meant to ignore them.

"Well Archer. Your first kill might be waiting for you outside my gates as we speak." Tsumugi spoke nonchalantly, it would be good to see what her servant is capable of sooner than later. She would have to trust Archer to be able to handle this situation.

"Although... If they are not necessarily hostile at least hear out what they have to say. If you don't like what they have to say you can go ahead and kill them though. If they happen to be interesting you can wait for me if are feeling patient. I will try to be only a few moments." Tsumugi gave out her orders confidently, she did not feel bad about relying on Archers judgement. This war was to be a team effort so trust in each other should be a given.

Tsumugi closed her eyes. She concentrated. She would gather some familiars, just in case. As the two of them stood in the dark chamber below the Matou manor, bug like creatures began to crawl out of the holes in the wall and make their way towards the centre.

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Tsumugi Matou

Matou Manor, Foreigner's District

Just like any other morning, there was silence in the Matou home.

In the dining room there was a setting of a low but comfortable light, the only source were a few of the candles from the two table pieces which allowed the room to be easily seen but would not offend sensitive eyes. The room was perfectly clean, everything was ordinary, the chairs were tucked in underneath the well made dining table. There was a couple of bowls set out on the table, with some spoons set aside for them. Despite this for now there was only one person in the manor. Obviously that person did not expect to be alone for long.

Tsumugi was in the dining room, pondering about what to have for breakfast (ignoring the fact she should be at school right now). More specifically what cereal to have for breakfast. Or maybe just some slices of toast? Despite all of the equipment and presumably free time at hand Tsumugi had never been particularly keen on learning to cook, of course there was times here and there where she got a bit adventurous and whip out a recipe book but for the most part premade meals and the such were the main bulk of her diet. There was also times where she would go out for a meal although that was mostly if her friends asked her to or if there was something in particular that was being celebrated.

She stretched out her arms feeling the stiffness from her nights sleep slowly be wrung away. I must have been lying awkwardly again... I really ought to work on that huh?

Slowly her fingertips drummed against the kitchen counter making a quiet but relieving rhythm, there was almost a cathartic feeling to hearing that quiet sound. Hmm that will do for today- She thought as he picked up a box of cereal at random.

With a calm smile on her face she peacefully closed the cupboard door, now turning she made her way out of the kitchen. The morning light managed to break its way into the manor through the kitchen windows, something that Tsumugi appreciated very much. Despite the manor having a fair amount of windows there was a sense of darkness about the place, now that was not a negative thing per se in her mind, if anything it was helpful for her 'work'. But there was still a nice feeling that came with the sunlight. Well there was that time over the summer where I was vitamin D deficient... On that thought, that probably wasn't the only time...

The once empty kitchen was now filled with the singular inhabitant. Well singular for now. Her family had left for either London or the States, and another well she wasn't quite sure where he was right now but he hadn't been at the manor for a while anyway. But anyway, Tsumugi placed the box of cereal on the table and quickly returned to the kitchen to retrieve the milk from the fridge which she definitely hadn't forgotten among her idle thoughts. First she poured the cereal into her bowl and then the milk, the correct way of course, before taking her seat. Her seat was not at what one would consider the head, or the opposite end, or even the middle. Depending on the day she would sit closer to the head of the table or further away from it. Today was one of the days she sat closer to it.

Tsumugi enjoyed her cereal in a peaceful silence. The morning had been enjoyable so far, she had woken up at around 7, gotten showered, gotten dressed for the day, and then she came downstairs and picked out her cereal. Perfect so far. More than made up for that troubled sleep and nasty dream. Nightmares were nothing to worry about though, that kind of thing happens to everyone.

Once the bowl of cereal was done with she took her now empty bowl into the kitchen and gave it a wash, then a dry, then put its back into a cupboard. Afterwards she returned to the dining room and retrieved the empty bowls and spoons that were set at the table, also putting them back with the bowl in the cupboard and a drawer for the spoons.

Alright then... I suppose now is as good as ever! She thought to herself optimistically.

Time for what? Well the summoning of course. After all how else is one supposed to get their hands on that grail if they do not have a servant! With a confidence and hint of excitement she strolled out of the dining room and into one of the hallways of the Matou Manor. Walking down the hallway she really took in her surroundings, she was prepared for anything to come and although there was a chance for things to go wrong in all of this. That did not seem to really bother Tsumugi. Turning into another hallway she continued her walk to her destination. A very particular place that led to a very particular room underneath the manor.

As the entrance was carefully opened up the already dull light from the hallways shined into the deep and dark room that she was now entering. It did not take long for her eyes to adjust to the room as she descended the steps to the bottom. This underground facility was not unfamiliar to her, and in the middle of the floor at the bottom was the summoning circle that she had prepared the night before. Tsumugi continued walking until she found herself standing before the summoning circle itself.

Momentarily an unprovoked pause. Was it hesitation? Probably not. For a moment she was at a loss for words but then again she hadn't uttered a single word since she woke up. Weird... That aside she was ready, there had been some reading done for an incantation but well, even then recital's weren't exactly her strong suit. Singing in the shower was one thing... Reaching out for a being like a servant was another. At least she was alone for both.

She started.

"Silver and steel be the essence.
Let the stones and the archduke be the foundation.
Come forth now to serve me faithfully.
And in return I too shall treat you in kind.
Together let us swear to retrieve the holy grail.
To fulfill your wish whatever it may be.!
Most importantly let's do what we want to while we can!
So come forth hero! Let's count on each other from here on out!"

That was good enough? Right...? For some reason she felt a bit embarrassed. Well, no do overs huh? Ok then let's try to move past this. Or so the young master hoped.




Here is my servant. Planned to get my master draft up too tonight but ended up falling asleep, well hopefully after a good nights rest I can try and get that done in the morning... fingers crossed.

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