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I would be interested in Lancer
i would also be interested in a servant

I will go for a Lancer spot then.
This is about to fall on deaf ears, but I do genuinely hope for the best for you in this RP. I know you don’t care, because you’re a group of friends, so of course any criticism is met with an eye roll. I genuinely pity someone who cannot take critique or criticism and has to resort to high school behavior. If there is an opportunity to learn and grow, no matter how it is given, then you should take it. Though I am preaching to a wall. You might call the person in question toxic and ugly, but you’d think talking behind their back, turning them into a joke, mocking them, humiliating them in their group of friends would be considered toxic - however it is evidently clear that these friends don’t challenge you on behaviors displayed, and these friends don’t challenge the way you think about the world. I do hope that one day you’ll look back at this scenario and go, all parties were in the wrong.

Ok this is epic.
I wouldn't mind going with False Lancer or Archer. Either or is cool with me. I am not really confident enough for a Caster.
Interested but not sure if I will be able to join, will keep eye on it either way
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