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Every time I watch Infinity War I want to do two things. Cry like a fucking baby, and laugh at every pop culture reference by Tom Holland.
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If only I could remember my Netflix password to watch Agents of Shield...


Lady Lila || Fitz

Age: 22 Years Old
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Favorite Avengers Character: Captain America (because if it were Marvel I'd flip my shit)
Likes: Marvel, video games, action movies, roleplaying with people who actually want character development.

Caution... Bring up Agents of Shield and risk a never ending conversation. FitzSimmons are my children and Quake is my bae.
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RP Genres: Action, horror, romance, 18+, Sci-Fi, fantasy, slice of life

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Aspen Queen

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93): Main Area

Crying out in pain, Aspen felt fire fuel the rage she had after just being hit in the same area on her legs. These damn Sentinels calculate where people are injured as well? Although it hurt like hell, she was able to stay hovering on the ground, trying her best to not hit the leg or touch it. The searing burn would definitely cause a scar, but for now that pain was slightly suppressed by her urge to beat these buckets of trash senseless. She ended up looking over to find Carolina heading towards the staircase, a handful of kids in tow. She backed away from the current fighters, heading over to her. She looked injured, but weren't they all by this point?

She brought up the back of the line, yelling at Carolina a ways down, "I've got the back! Are you alright? You look like you want to kill those fuckers as bad as I do." She felt bad for leaving behind the people fighting, but was reassured when she saw Mira knocking some of the Sentinels out. Woah! She's probably the only one who made a mar- oof, that looked like it hurt. I didn't know she had powers like that.. Aspen's ripped yellow jeans showed that the wound was extremely mad at her. With a grunt, she said between gritted teeth lowly, "Gonna have to wait, buddy. But if I see the last of it, I'm going to rip those things to pieces. And if it was Jakobsen.. he better be worried for his life. That is.. if he's not dead already." The thought of such a thing brought a small smile to her face.

A kid in front of her tripped on the stairs, but she was quick to catch him. "Let's not, that would be a very long ride down to the bottom."

Aspen Queen

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93): Main Area

Aspen was quick to turn around and jump away from the window shortly before the Sentinels made their entrance. She blasted away the glass fragments before they hit anyone, and looked back to make sure everyone was alright. She was just turning her head back as a Sentinel blasted her leg, and she let out a muffled yell, falling to the floor- anything but gracefully. Luckily, she put her arms out just before hitting the ground, and didn't get a hug from the shiny squeaky tiling. "Where the hell did those things come from?!" She strained her neck, pulling up her jeans on her left leg, seeing a nasty big burn. Why do I have to be so small.. just makes injuries bigger.

The Sentinels were terrible at aiming, seeing as they didn't make any other marks yet. She shoved the pain out of her head for now and focused on her gravity powers, using the glass from the ground to shoot at the sentinels. She tried manipulating the ground, taking a Sentinel off its feet. She sent a few powerful blasts at it from the ground, but it seemed her efforts weren't making the biggest difference.. Even Scarlet's super powers weren't causing that much damage to the monsters! Is there any way they can make it out of this alive?

She watched as Dean left to find the others, and was worried for the safety of everyone but herself now. Granted she was injured and couldn't help anybody.. wait, maybe she can. She lifted herself off the ground, and hovered over towards Scarlet, immediately firing whatever she could at the Sentinels without moving her leg that much. Was it weird that right now she was thinking about kissing Dean? She couldn't get over the guy's eyes, and his head of hair. She was actually a little jealous.

Aspen Queen

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93): Main Area

Aspen watched as a chunk of the crowd dispersed, and wondered what she should do. Since they were stuck in this fun-free building, she'd have to improvise with her time. Before Dean left their eyes met, and he seemed.. worried? Concerned? Well, it's not like she was going crazy or anything. Sometimes it's good to be a kid. Even when possibly their lives are going to end soon, what could be a better time?

Thinking of back when she first started off at the mansion, Aspen realized that she got into something much bigger than herself, and maybe something that was bigger than all of the people here. Are things ever going to get better being here, with these people? What if I just up and left, would anyone even know I was gone? Kind of upsetting that one of my role models ended up being nothing what I imagined. The Scarlet Bitch -I mean Witch- always used to inspire me. I guess she's just like every other asshole out there.

Debating on whether or not she went off and explored, Aspen peered out the window, looking down. People walking, going about their normal lives, like nothing in the world was at stake. Is that what she wanted? Or did she want to be a crime fighting badass that might not ever get any real friends? Granted she had one, but they were dead now.. and might happen to any other person she decided to trust.

Aspen agreed with the other girls, surprised herself that she was actually paying attention. Lance was trying to keep everyone cool as well, and perhaps if everyone just calmed down and thought out a well strategized plan they might be able to carry it out.

"I don't know about you guys, but I don't like this place. I hope the others come back soon with some good intel on Jakobsen. Remember what happened at Stark Tower the last time someone was pissed off.."

Aspen Queen

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93): Main Area

Aspen stopped playing her harmonica after Scarlet's comment, and and instantly felt rage in her chest. She put the instrument away in her pocket, sending a glare over at the woman and rising a few inches off the ground. I don't care how strong your powers are, witch. You never treat your ally like that. Luckily, she stopped herself from saying something she would come to regret and lowered herself back to the ground. With a sigh, and after listening to Bellamy give out his little spiel, she turned to Damon and for once was actually terrified that he might try to attack Magneto. She walked over to him, taking hold of his bow and lowering it. "Dude, he is not the problem right now. We all need to focus. Can you handle that?" This Jakobsen guy is putting everyone on the end of their rope. I wish I could do more to help in the situation, but unfortunately for now I'm just a pawn. I wonder what could calm everyone down but also help us find some answers?

Looking at the group, Aspen nodded knowingly. "No matter what happens, all of us just standing here fuming at each other isn't going to solve any problems. I haven't quite been through the whole tower yet, but is there a training area? Perhaps burning off some of that heat will take the edge off. And then I think a nice big tub of ice cream would do. Chocolate," she gestured with her hands, "absolutely covered in fudge. And whip cream. And like, 5 cherries. Why do they only ever put one on there anyways. Like.. I need my cherries, man." She caught a few questionable glances, to which she smiled widely.

Aspen Queen

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93): Main Area

Aspen had her foot up against the wall as she listened to Pietro and Dean speak. She couldn't help but snicker. She popped the bubble gum she had formed into a balloon in her mouth, throwing it in the garbage can beside her, and walked up to join the conversation. "I think Dean's right. I don't believe Guin would have risked going over there to bring back no evidence. We just have to be patient and hope that they make it out of there in one piece. If Jakobsen is really the man under the mask of these crimes, he's going to go down eventually. Bullies never win. I will say though, he has to pay for what's he's done. What we had to witness.." Her gaze shifted from Thalia, to Lance, and back to Pietro.

She suddenly frowned at Wanda, instantly offended. These people? Last I checked, we're not as bad as they come. Who's she to say we're not smart?
Before she could keep her mouth shut, she responded, "Who do you think you are? Tony Stark has a nicer mouth than you."
She bit her lip, pacing back and forth, feeling herself get heavy as her density changed. Her feet pounded on the floor, causing a ruckus. When a small cracking sound came, she winced and stopped. "Sorry, I just.. was surprised you wouldn't let a small mistake slip. No one's perfect, you know." After addressing Wanda, she turned to Pietro. "Dean isn't always the brightest in the group, but he does try. And I'm sure he won't be using Guina anymore, as he respects both of you. Just both of you stop acting like kids, that's my job, honestly." She cleared her throat, narrowing her eyes as she stared at Dean.

Aspen rubbed her temples, getting impatient just doing nothing. She pulled out the harmonica that was shoved deep in the pocket of her tight orange jeans, and wiped off any little fibers or hair from the mouth piece. With a subtle intake of air, she lightly started playing the beginning of an Australian folksong that she was taught when she was growing up. Music always made her feel at home. It calmed her nerves, and she swung her head, enjoying the music while she played. They probably think I'm crazy for playing a harmonica right now, but why not? If I'm weird I might as well act like it.

@Morose Thanks for the info! I've made the above adjustments as requested, and look forward to joining the team soon! :D

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