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3 yrs ago
Current Seems as though I've already stumbled upon some fun, like-minded partners for my first RP in... well, a very long time.
3 yrs ago
I love how in 3 years this place hasn't changed a damn bit. :)


Originally joined in January 2009 and damn have things changed in nine years.

25 years old.
Social Worker.
Happily Married.

Excited to get to know all of you and to be reunited with old and dear friends.

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Hey guys! I'm here, but in the process of moving and my internet is very spotty. If it's alright, I can have Darcy come in later as having JUST moved into town - but if not, then I completely understand.
@lady horatio
Well, I'm pretty sure we're all starting in the same diner. I'm considering seeing if Mok would be willing to just make it The Fed Zone, but the point is that we'll probably all meet each other right at the start.

What kind of restaurant is The Fed Zone - Make me hungry xD
Hey guys, I just got to thinking and wanted to just shout this out there:

Darcy has been living in Duskwick her whole life (minus the several years she was away at College) so if any Duskwick natives want to build together some sort of plot together - let me know.

It can be as simple as "I went to pre-k with her and watched her eat glue. She was such a weirdo... but I also ate crayons so what does that make me?!"

Just something to try and start building up more of the RP early on. ^_^
I'm getting too excited for this.
I think the fall would be a very interesting time! Though, perhaps we could do Summer and as the story develops the seasons change. So when everything starts picking up and getting serious we're right in the perfect season!
Thank you!! I'm glad that what I was going for was achieved! It's been far too long since I've written anything, so it's good to know I'm not too rusty. Hahaha!

You should be a writer from Derry, Shwigg.
he really wants to find out what happened to Adrian, because OOPS OH NO SPOILERS he totally disappeared. Funny enough, thats actually also what he really needs, so hey, at least his priorities line up properly!

I laughed way too hard at this! I love Jerry (>.>) already.

The idea floating around in my head for a character is a girl who grew up in town but moved away (be it college or other life things). Now she is back because she simply couldn't stay away from the town and while out with her sister, her sister suddenly disappeared.

I just now woke up, so I'm not sure if my thoughts are 100% coherent yet, but they will be when I start work on the sheet. ;)

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