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8 mos ago
Current Sorry I haven't been on in a few days, guys! I'm feeling sick, so going to retire, but will hopefully have time after work tomorrow.
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8 mos ago
Plans for today: clean, reply to Guild messages, work on belated Christmas gift. Repeat. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon!
8 mos ago
Ah, 3a.m. We meet again. My sleep schedule's become really screwy, and it's messing with my ability to keep up with things. I promise I'm keeping a running tally of my PMs; responses may just be slow.
9 mos ago
Today's agenda: 30 minutes of cleaning, 20 minutes of crochet/reading/Guild time; repeat until either house looks less terrifying or it is dark outside.
9 mos ago
Yesterday, was dispirited because my interest check wasn't getting any hits. Today, bumped it and came back to three messages, TWO of them referencing The Princess Bride. [delighted cackling]
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This bio is a work-in-progress! For now, here are the basics:
  • Marcie
  • 25
  • Hamlet fixation
  • Lover of all things fantastic, supernatural, and just plain cool
  • Sucker for character-driven stories
  • Guild newbie; role-play addict
  • And, most importantly: very friendly, so please say hi!

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No, but seriously, I cannot tell you how genuinely tickled I am that, while my actual interest check failed to get any takers, I may have just made a new friend because we are both punctuation nerds. Our styles may be different, but our semicolon-loving hearts are true. *fist-bump*

Would you like to start a PM and toss some ideas around? Was there anything above that caught your interest? (And, even if we don't manage to start anything, I hope we can still be friends and wave hi to each other around the guild.)
I've edited and updated a tiny bit, so please say hi if you're interested!
But I'm just a dumb-dumb who needed to be in a special reading class in 3rd grade. xP

Hey, hey! There is no shame here in the Grammar Bunker. :)
Personally, I'm a huge fan of semicolons; I find that they connect two related sentences pretty well. (See what I did there? I know, I know; I'm not cute.) I like that they suggest more of a pause than a stop—when I want someone to stop, I use an em-dash. I feel like if you use punctuation carefully, it creates a lot of nuance and helps a lot with pacing.

I'm also a huge nerd who wants to be an editor when she grows up, so I know I'm totally in the minority. (Ask me how I feel about the Oxford comma. Go ahead.)
I do want to update this interest check (probably, as it says, in the morning), but I've been looking to dip my toes back into the Guild for a while, and I'm an impatient creature, so....bump!
Edit: Sorry, I was too slow!

Granted, but Hades rises from the Underworld, royally pissed off that he can no longer see his wife.

I wish that I would never again have a bad haircut.
@The Elvenqueen Your music tastes seem to overlap a lot with mine, so consider this my nudge of support if anyone gives you any grief. :P

And, without further ado:

  • "Beautiful Disaster" - Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
  • "Another Now" - Kate Alexa - H20 "Just Add Water" Soundtrack
  • "Make it Back" - Lesley Roy - Unbeautiful
  • "I Knew You Were Trouble" - Taylor Swift - Red
  • "Tennessee" - Sugarland - Twice the Speed of Life
  • "It's My Life / Confessions Part II" - Glee cast
  • "My Sundown" - Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American
  • "I'll Never Not Need You" - Boyzone - Where We Belong
  • "Teenage Dream" - Glee cast - Glee: The Music, Vol. 4
  • "Castle" - Halsey - Badlands

...And, wow, now I'm embarrassed. Shuffle was not kind to me today. Nothing left to do but own it, I guess. #NOSHAME
@Bandersnatch, welcome to the Guild! It's a pretty friendly environment, so please don't be afraid to jump right in! There are mods and admins who know this place like the backs of their hands who will probably swing by to say hi and offer advice, but if you have any questions in the mean time, I'd be happy to try to answer them. :) I hope you have fun poking around the site and getting the lay of the land!
-frantically clings to thread- Seconded! What @Austronaut said!

Also, congrats on starting your postgrad! That is big and scary, but also exciting! :)
[squeals at being poked]

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