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@TrivvalAlso, unless it's completely integral that your character starts off without a WV concealed carry license, I'd assume your character has/been given one. This goes for everyone.
@OppositionJjust had a duderino Drop. You still want in?
@Tenslashsixhey, man, no problem. Wish you the best!
@CowboyCommandoyo, my guy got fancy with it

I like it, man. You could go ahead and put it in the characters tab.
@TrivvalYour character only knows what they've seen.

Ergo- You know Steve Foster is the one who's recruited you, you are working for him and whatever gov't organization he belongs to(unknown to you, assume federal law enforcement)

You also know about the Blackriver Killer from Steve Foster and that news about such has somehow failed to reach across state lines to big news companies.

-The Blackriver Killer is active only in Blackriver County
-The Blackriver Killer targets those with the same black cauliflower-like welts on their bodies
-Your mission here is to investigate and apprehend the Blackriver Killer
-The FBI is not butting into the case so far
-The CDC's team sent to Blackriver County has seemingly disappeared
-That is it
@LeidenschaftSo since I probably wouldn't be in the safehouse, can I do some introductory stuff with just coming to a hotel and shit for now?

Yes, I’ll be setting up stuff just for you


So, I thought it best that the intro post be done in collaborative form, since all the characters have been gathered for a briefing and are in a small space together. Feel free to hop on and add to it at your leisure and have your characters introduce themselves to each other or otherwise interact how they would.


nah, it was lit
We starting this shizz soon?


I was just about to ask for a roll call from people. I've got the intro post done, but work is quite the beast. It is the weekend now though, so, we shall soon be on our way. Got an appointment at 2:00pm Pacific Standard Time, so once I get back from that, I'll be finally posting the intro and we can all meet each other's characters.
@Chrononautpost that shit in the char tab, BETCH
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