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They are too conservative to update it. Everything was better back in the day don't you know.
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Hurt rather than help is the conservative motto
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Lurking intensifies...
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Tell me how many years you have been RPing baby, tell me so hard!


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Damn slave owning cops...
Sometimes reality beggared metaphor. Fucking Vampire Cops, as if the real kind weren't blood sucking parasites enough. Misty placed her pistol on the ground and straightened up placing her hands behind her head and interlacing her fingers, having no desire to be shot and or sabered having just escaped from being shot and or bayonetted by Aberlinne. She kept the buzz of arcane power alive in her mind, just in case a quick exit should be required.

"What seems to be the problem Officer," she said, unable to completely eradicate the urge to snark.

@RBYDark if you like we can hold off till an example presents itself
11... can I get these digital dice in physical form?!
@XxFellsingxX Misty enters. Laugh track plays.
Sorry my post is a bit messy will tidy up when I'm not on my phone.

@RBYDark how can I put Mitra in my debt?

Misty opened one eye, relieved that the dropped shotgun hadn’t gone off and done what Abberline had failed to do. Letting out a sigh she opened the other. She could at least hope the cops would be there in a few minutes. This was a bad neighborhood afterall.

“Other than an open invite to a sarcophagus, I’m afraid not. I can probably hole up in a motel for a few days though,” she replied to Kendra. Abberline had made it sound like he was going to take care of Trader first which meant she had a few days before he was likely to show up here. Maybe if she tipped Trader off he could exchange Abberline’s liver for a sack of kitty litter or something equally useful.

She gave the demon thing a long level look. She took the scroll from him and bounced it in her palm.

“No harm ever came from reading a book right?” she asked, not at all certain that becoming pen pals with Beelzebub was a good idea.

"There is a changing room back there," she told Mitra, making a gesture to the rear of the studio.

"Just don't use the one with tinsel on the door it's a por... I'm just don't use that one."

Figure out Mitra (11) -Hold 2

Spend 1 to figure out how I can put Mitra in my debt

Saving one for later..

@rush99999 can I use the magic clothes trope to get Mitra redressed or nah?

If not Misty has a fine selection of somewhat musty leotards and tutus
Grace drops a loaded shotgun on the ground. Everyone else holding their breath :P

“The enemy cannot pull a trigger… if you disable his hand,” Misty misquoted, bending down and picking up Abberline’s finger. She took a zip lock bag from her cargo pants and bagged it up before tucking it away.

“I fucking love that movie,” she admitted, then made a sensual growl in the back of her throat. “Casper Van Dien, damn!” The haze of gun smoke and the scent of ectoplasm hung heavy in the air and she looked down at her own smoking pistol as though surprised to find it there. Her hand was trembling slightly and she suddenly felt a desperate need for some chocolate ice-cream and a bottle of tequila. The approaching sirens didn’t afford her the option.

“I don’t want to seem ungrateful or a bad host,” she went on, hastily scooping up casings and shoving them into her pockets.

“But I can’t be here when those cops arrive, pretty sure my parole officer will take a dim view of me being found at the scene of a shootout,” she explained, then cast a glance at Mitra, “Not to mention, consorting with ‘ye olde powers of darkness’ or whatever the fuck is going on here.”

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