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Current Taking a stand against the social security of children?
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Grown ass people giving a crap about the little mermaid lol


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Closed! Unless you can come up with something delightfully shocking ;)
Looking for 80:20 smut to story

Looking for some extreme kink!
Hello, I'm Candace, I rped a bit on the site back in the day but wandered off to chase something shiny. Now I have returned and amazed to see the place still operating!
Hello! Im looking for one or possibly two partners to write some sexy RP with.

I'm looking for someone who will be relatively active and can work at a casual level as a minimum but the more the better.

Given the nature of the RP all partners must be 18+

Kinkwise I am extremely open so dont be shy.

I'm female and tend to write females but I'm not necessarily bound to it.

All RPs will take place via PM.


A Finishing School for Young Ladies

The Gates of Hell have opened

Something goofy and Sci-fi

Free Use Adventures

Pitch your own - the worst I can do is say no (or twist it into something so unrecognizable you hate it)
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